45 Balayage Blonde Short Hair Ideas To Make You Look Spectacular!


Balayage blond continues to be with us for a long time. However, still, it has the capability to mesmerize and surprise us. It originates from “French “term “to mop.” The concept behind this is simply to color your hair with free hand in order to give this a very organic look.

Therefore, while it grows again, it will not show any ugly or harsh lines. This will make it ideal for the present day lady, who is quite busy and constantly on the run, and also who simply does not have that enough time to check out her hairdresser. Listed below are 45 simple balayage blond short hair concepts to motivate you, classified by color. You can also read our most trending post “Top 47 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles That Will Make You Gorgeous!


What’s Balayage And Exactly How Can You Do The Balayage Hair?

We must admit that Balayage is actually a free-hand and innovative hair coloring method used to make a sun-kissed, natural look. Conventional highlights are usually somewhat more subtle or more dramatic.

Nonetheless, they include saturating your hair in “hair-dye” as well as covering them in the tinfoil. Based on the type of your hair and earlier hair treatments, the highlights may leave the tresses lifeless and brassy. The application of bleach will similarly enhance the damage. Here’s a short video for you.

The balayage has absolutely nothing related to tinfoil, the application of the bleach or continuous exposure to heat source. It is why the DIY balayage offers loads of benefits and can effortlessly be carried out at home. At the same time, this hair-coloring method implies softly coloring your hair strands manually. As such, the hair looks all-natural and hair colors tend to be easily kept in balance.

Compared to the ombre, balayage technique for coloring the hair is much more subtle. The ombre is utilized to gradually brighten the hair, usually having a “duo-tone” hair color. On the other hand, the dark color arises from roots to middle length, while brighter shade is used on the end of hairs. With the DIY balayage, you’ll find a more delicate, stylish, and organic hair color changeover as every strand is individually dyed. Without additional ado, listed below are the 11 steps to getting the ideal DIY balayage.


How Can You Balayage The Short Hair?

Things You should get…

  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Old Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Toothbrush
  • Clips to Section
  • Balayage Kit


  • Comb/brush your tresses to eliminate any tangles. Make sure that you’re working with the hair that has not been cleaned in a few days.


  • Wear your gloves as well as wear a well-used shirt which you would not mind getting the stains on.


  • By following the directions on balayage kit, blend the developer and lightener.


  • If you possess a lob or a bob, clip the “crown section” away of your locks and start dealing with lower layers.


  • Getting a toothbrush, begin applying highlights onto the hair.


  • Make sure that lights are weightier at tips.


  • Take evenly spaced and thin sections of the hair and then brush the “lightening” blend onto your tresses from mid-lengths for creating a swept-on effect.


  • In case you have very short hair, use the lightener just to “crown-section” of the hair.


  • For lobs or bobs, unclip “crown-section” and then apply balayage to all these layers.


  • As soon as you are done, it is time to leave the “lightener” on for the timeframe described on the Balayage kit.


  • Finally, shampoo as well as condition the hair.


Top 45 Balayage Blond Hair Ideas For Short Hair


  1. Green Moss Balayage Blond:

As much as we are crazy about the color for being quite glossy, rich and dark, something different has captured our eyes. This model has decided to add something special to the hairdo. It is a blue-streak at the rear of the head which makes this haircut look pretty architectural.

  1. Green Peacock Balayage Blond:

Undecided which tone of blue or green to pick? Do not worry. You are able to always choose peacock as well as wear all of them as well. Here is a pro suggestion – though. Make an effort to discover shades which actually work effectively together, for example, shades which belong to the same palette.

  1. Lime Green Short Hair Balayage Blond:

Simply as its name suggests, it is acid “lime-green” on a natural base of brunette. It appears like something from a comic book or from a superhero film, which we completely adore. We even enjoy the “carefree” beach-waves.

  1. Lowlights And Highlights With Short Hairstyles:

It is actually a “shoulder-length” bob having turquoise lowlights and green highlights. The foundation is a similar forest green that we saw previously. However, also it offers a “blueish” tone that you may miss until you look quite closely.

  1. Greens For Wins Balayage Blond:

Now we enter the important phase of this post, the “green-balayage” idea. This is a classic “dark-forest” green along with somewhat lighter tips and darker roots. You can practically feel just how cold this is and exactly how it odors of knotted and pine grass.

  1. Inky Short Hair Balayage Blond:

Where to begin with this particular look? All of us love almost everything regarding it. It is a long pixie or an overgrown cut, very asymmetrical and feathery, with the “side-swept” bangs. This is died in the “washed-out” inky purple having some darker lavender streaks bridging the fringe. On the other hand, the feather adornments on one part are likewise incredible.

  1. Shine Pearl Balayage Blond:

You will find all types of colors of purple throughout this look. On the other hand, one thing that we like the best is the mom of pearl “white-strands” that tie almost everything in jointly and provide a wonderful luminosity to the entire design of the hairdo. The bob just looks lighted from within.

  1. Long Lilac Pixie Balayage Blond:

This particular long pixie along with the “side-swept” bangs is truly giving us highest jealousy feelings as our hair does not seem like that. It is blended with a darker plum base. Just look precisely how well this takes the “deep-matte” red lipstick! Just fabulous.

  1. Purple Orchid Balayage Blond:

Meet the orchid purple. Once you have done, bid farewell to almost every color in the world because it will be your amazing color ever and forever. Of course, it is that gorgeous. Ensure to use numerous shades of the orchid purple, to ensure that it is true balayage as well as not merely one block.

  1. Sandy Blonde And Grape Purple:

Now here is a mix we could truly get behind. However, this particular shade is known as grape purple as well as it is mixed with the sandy blonde. The end result appears like swirl of ice-cream but we can’t get sufficient of it. It is perfect for the short hair easy balayage ideas.

  1. Turquoise And Purple Balayage Blond:

If you are feeling slightly crazy and creative about your balayage blonde short hair, then you can usually choose a few “turquoise” strands in the purple hair. They’re going to brighten up your look entirely as well as highlight the tone of your eyes and skin.

  1. Blue And Purple Balayage Blond:

Real balayage indicates mixing several shades or tones so that you can get a natural and realistic look and feel. It is precisely what we are opting for here. However, this particular style combines blue and purple strands for additional dimension and depth.

  1. Regal Purple Balayage Blonde:

If you are feeling royal and do not know the way to express this, try the royal purple. It is an ideal color for winter holidays. Simply think how incredible you will look in the sparkly “New Year’s” party dress having this amazing purple hair shade.

  1. Short Hair Lavender Balayage:

Possibly the most cherished purple tone in history, lavender is a pastel girl around the globe simply can’t get sufficient of. In case you opt to try balayage rather than a strong block of the color, then it can look significantly natural and effortless.

  1. Purple Short Hair Balayage Blonde:

Now it is time for the purples, therefore, let’s see exactly how they tend to lend them to balayage. On the other hand, the most basic and easiest method you can make use of this particular color is simply by applying this over a darker brunette base. Also, you can use a number of shades for making it look considerably more organic.

  1. Red Comic Book Balayage Blonde:

What can be more fashionable and simpler at this time than read comic book? You will be your own Black Widow or Scarlet Witch with this incredible short hair balayage idea. The foundation here includes a mahogany and ends are the neon red.

  1. Summer Red Short Hair Balayage Blonde:

Blonde and red also go flawlessly well with each other in the summertime. They imitate the colors which you find in nature, letting you to mix into landscapes. Begin with a red deep base and make use of golden blonde intended for tips.

  1. Red Balayage Blonde:

Red blonde and mixing is always an excellent idea. Based on the colors you pick, the result will look like a huge scoop of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Let’s deal with it, who would not desire that? But, we recommend that you consult your hair stylist regarding this mixture and you don’t attempt this at home.

  1. Red Pixie Auburn Balayage Blonde:

If you have ever questioned what might a contemporary fairy’s hair be like, that’s it. This would be red pixie auburn with blonde ends and tangerine highlights. Don’t forget to have the roots somewhat darker compared to other hair to make almost everything look quite natural.

  1. Fiery Short Hair Red Balayage:

This mixture features a “cherry-cola” red base as well as a “fiery-shade” on the top. Once more, just twisting the top strands around the iron curler plus creating a few sweetheart curls can showcase them much better.

  1. Velvet Red Short Hair Balayage Blonde:

The motivation for this particular one was the “red-velvet” cake. Additionally, you can begin with a darker chocolate base as well as add a few “red-velvet” strands to the long bob. In case you layer your strands and make beach waves, then they will split from brunette and you’ll find them better.

  1. Twilight Orange Balayage Blonde:

At the other end of “spectrum” are the women who desire to show this world simply how brave they’re with the color of their hair. For them, we’ve discovered this incredible twilight “orange-red” shade. This descends in an attractive balayage from the top to the bottom.

  1. Pale Red Short Hair Balayage Blonde:

Only to demonstrate how extensive and exhaustive our study is, we also have a remedy for the women who love the red hair, however, don’t truly want to agree to it. Actually, it is “pale-red” on the brown base. However, you find the finest of both the worlds without any actual commitment.

  1. Tiger Red Short Hair Balayage:

Meet the tiger red. It is quite a modern red which has been mopping Instagram down and up during the past couple of years. It is called thusly as it mixes lighter and darker shades of the “orange copper” red in the pattern that resembles the stripes.


  1. Red Hair Balayage Blonde:

Let’s proceed to reds. You will find a lot of shades of the red available that it may become challenging to select from, particularly when you are going for the balayage “short-hair”. On the other hand, you can choose according to a particular event, season, and mood or just if you discover a shade that allures you most.

  1. Gray And Brunette Balayage Blonde:

Not simply any gray, obviously. This is the “mushroom” gray on an extremely dark brunette. However, as much as the balayage short hair concepts go, this is ideal for all those dreary and cold fall months that proceed the icy December while everything is colorful and happy.

  1. Jessica Alba Balayage Blonde:

Here is a celeb that could not resist this style and selected short hair brunette balayage herself. Still, Jessica Alba is sporting her signature chestnut dark hair color, simply enriched with a few barely noticeable highlights.

  1. Short Hair With Balayage Highlights:

This stunning asymmetrical bob will be the best choice if you are crazy about short hair balayage ideas. On the other hand, the “blonde” highlights depend on layers as well as make it seem like it features plenty of volumes simply by adding considerably more dimension and depth to the particular cut.

  1. Honey Brunette Balayage Blonde:

Another shade that you can consider if you simply wish to have some peek-a-boos or lowlights is honey. This works incredibly on brunette, particularly if you put them around your face. At the same time, they will light up your features, which make them look considerably softer and feminine.

  1. Subtle Balayage Blonde:

Well, let’s claim that you do not really desire to go radical with the hair shade or you have a particular dress code for strict office. Then what will you do? You choose subtle balayage, obviously. This, for instance, is a darker chocolate base having just a couple vanilla lowlights.

  1. Copper And Dark Balayage Blonde:

Speaking of the metallics, it is possible to choose the genuine deal with a few copper “peek-a-boos” on the brunette hair. Not to mention, they will certainly soften the features as well as attract light. Now pair this awesome color combination with a wine burgundy lipstick, and you have got yourself successful.

  1. Toffee And Dark Short Hair Balayage:

If the caramel is really not your particular color and even you desire to choose something more delightful as much as the highlights go, then how about the toffee? This has a shiny and silky finish to this and it truly plays into whole metallics style we are experiencing now.

  1. Caramel Brunette Balayage Blonde:

Not just is it a warm and gorgeous brunette with a distinct chestnut shine, but also it has the caramel highlights which sweeten the deal up. The roots tend to be smudged and dark to ensure that they are completely in tune and natural with your color.

  1. Blended Short Hair Balayage:

You may have heard of this edition of balayage. It is known as blended, and it is exactly what it will look like. Fundamentally, it provides a seamless changeover from a color to a different one. Consequently, as time passes and the hair grows up, you will not even observe the changes.

  1. Dark Short Hair Balayage Blonde:

Let’s check out the brunette concepts for short hair balayage. It is a smooth brunette that will work flawlessly if you require a unique look for the Christmas or even your Christmas party. This has some eggnog highlights that will certainly make you stay in tune in the holidays.

  1. Manhattan Balayage Blonde:

This is probably the more cosmopolite or newer shades of the blonde that you can easily use to build your short hair balayage blonde. It is called the Manhattan blonde. It is just as beautiful, luxurious and posh as you might expect this to be.

  1. Sandy Balayage Blonde:

Here is a classic which will never head out of the style, as per us. The sandy blonde is a sort of shade which simply looks great on everyone, regardless of your complexion or even the “color” of the eyes. Additionally, you can easily wear whatever color you desire with it.

  1. Golden Balayage Blonde:

Since the metallics are the rage at this time, replacing matte style in almost everything, from the lipsticks to hair colors to makeup, it is only natural which pure gold might have sprung out at some point. This is the golden balayage blonde.

  1. Silver Short Hair Balayage:

This “hipster” take on classic platinum blonde can be the thing of desires for a “New-Year” Eve party. However, the best part about it is that additionally, it functions in the mid of summer, particularly as the festival look. Here we arrive, Coachella!

  1. Copper And Caramel Balayage Blonde:

Here is exactly how you can do the short hair balayage the professionally. This particular blonde color is a blend of honey, copper and caramel highlights. They bond to make probably the most wonderful shades of the blonde we have ever seen.

  1. Fall – Winter Balayage Blonde:

Obviously, you will need a color of blonde which can make crossing between the seasons as well as take you easily from the autumn to snow season. It might merely be the ideal short hair balayage one. The back and top are exactly about the rich browns when the front will be pure “white-snow”.

  1. Nutmeg Short Hair Balayage:

If you do not like the pretty pronounced blondes, then you may keep this a little demure with the nutmeg blonde. It is a dark shade which truly borders on the brown over anything else that means you will have the ability to flee with it like a “fall” color. This nutmeg blonde will blow your mind definitely.

  1. Balayage For The Short Blonde Locks:

It is a gem blonde in the long bob or lob. The basis, now, includes a darker brunette that helps make the white much more shiny and prominent. The cut is very edgy and shaggy itself, with layer on layers of the strands everywhere.

  1. Short Hair Blonde Balayage:

We are on the end of this amazing list Balayage Blonde hair ideas. This particular shade is known as white honey, the cause is very straightforward. You possess a light brown, darker base or even undergrowth included in beige blonde or diamond white top layer.

  1. Dirty Balayage Blonde:

We end this list part of the short hair balayage ideas with the dirty balayage blonde. The wonderful thing regarding this is that it’ll need low upkeep on your side. Even though you have a few re-growths, this will yet look like it is a portion of original color.



To conclude, here are 45 quick short hair balayage ideas that we promised to offer. They have a number of colors that will be much simpler so that you can find exactly what you require. You have green, purple, red, brunette and blonde. Now you just have to determine which shade you are planning to get! All the ideas mentioned in this post are perfect for you. They will give you an amazing look so that you can turn some heads.

Thanks for your precious time. We will be happy to start a conversation with you in the comment box below. Let us know what you think about the short hair balayage blonde ideas. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends. Take care.










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