124 Pin-Up Gal and Suave Guy 50s Hairstyles to Try and Master


Style icons around the world still glam themselves up with 50s hairstyles. And why’s that? Because they’re so banging of course! Today we take a look at no less than 124 different snaps of peeps in glorious 50s do’s. We have 50s hairstyles updos, 50s hairstyles for long hair, 50s hairstyles for short hair, 50s hairstyles for medium length hair, bouffant 50s hairstyles, 50s hairstyles men, a quick 50s hairstyles for short hair tutorial, and plenty of 50s updo hairstyles for long hair.

It doesn’t matter how short or long your hair is or whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can make a 50s hairstyle work for you. Why? Because it’s easy to get the look right when you have enough hairspray – you can literally make your hair whatever shape you want with a back comb for teasing and a big bottle of spray!

Check all of our awesome 50s hairstyles out and see which style you want to get practicing on.

The basic tools that you’ll need to be able to create carefully crafted 50s styles include plenty of hairspray for setting your look, foam rollers for super tight curls, larger rolls for more relaxed curls, a curling wand for a different look, gel and metal clips for the finger wave, plenty of hairpins and bobby pins, hair accessories like headscarves, headbands, and pretty bow clips. A few styles will need a little something extra, but with a list like this you’re just about ready to conquer any 50s style looks that you please.

50s-hairstyle1. 50’s Curly Pin-Up Up Do

For these tiny little curls up top you’ll either need to be blessed with them naturally (if so, just use mousse) or will need to use your small foam rollers overnight then set with hidden pins and hairspray in the morning.

2. Carefully Coiffed Curls ala Rachel McAdams

3. Pin-Up Babe Headscarf With Front Pouffe

The headscarf is an essential piece of kit for any aspiring 50’s pin-up babe. Often headscarves will be in bright red which can match your lipstick and nails to really complete the look. Scarves are cheap and they mean you can spend less time doing your hair in the morning.

4. Big Curls With a Short Fringe5. Curls With Hairspray and Backcombing6. The Sporty Curled Pony

Ariana Grande is the master of this sporty top ponytail at the moment. Use a large curling wand to create these big curls, then tie hair back and twirl your curls together to create this bouncy look.

7. Sleek n Shine8. A Real Throwback 9. 20’s Glam Bob Modern Update

If you have naturally wavy hair, sometimes it just needs a helping hand to be exquisite. Let hair dry naturally which adding serum to give it shine and enhance your natural wave. Carefully pin back your waves at the back of your head and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

10. The Full Curl Pouffe Front11. Go Grease-Style Glam12. Short on the Top like Sophia Loren13. Soft Curls and a Side Part14. Cute n Choppy Short 50s Hairstyles15. The Diva, Short n Big16. Curls Piled on Top

A 50s classic is the big pile of curls at the top of the head. For this look, you can use medium roller – either heated or leave in overnight. When your curls are ready, sweep hair up and to the back. Carefully finger curls into barrels, spraying each one to set it as you go and adding pins to keep in place.

17. A French Affair

The French style here seen on Penelope Cruz is a short, sweeping fringe in the front followed by a mini-bouffant at the back which gives the S curve and a kick out at the ends.

18. The Dual Top Curl19. Hairspray-Heavy Up-Do With Headscarf

Creating big bouffants can take a lot of back combing! Separate your hair into sections and go heavy with the back combing at the roots, spraying as you go with hairspray. Remember to not back comb the bits that will be on the outside to cover the mess underneath! Use a curling wand to get that curls effect at the front with your ends.

20. The Lob – With Curls21. Anne Hathaway’s Pixie Cut

Could you work a pixie crop? Anne’s piece-y but sleek pixie crop is on point.

22. The Rare Triple Top Curl

23. Spirals in the Hair

24. Tall on the Top, Tucked in at the Back

25. Loose Curls With a Fringe Curl

26. Full Ringlet Curls

27. Soft and Coiffed Waves

28. Soft Up-Do

29. Add a Sailor’s Hat

Not sure if you can be bothered styling a bouffant back? That’s where a hat can come in handy. This sailor’s hat is kitsch and retro, fitting perfectly with the 50s style.

30. Donut Up Top

And you thought the foam hair donut was just for top knots! Well, you’re wrong – why not try out a fringe donut style like the one above?

31. Modern Soft Tangle

32. A Little Bit Wild

33. Long and Soft Curls at the Bottom

If you don’t use hairspray to set your look, your curls will quickly fall so you get a style like this one. If you don’t apply hairspray at this stage it will fall out further until your hair is flat. Boo.

34. Triple Curl With Big Bounce

35. Sleek n Loose Curls

36. Hold the Phone the Up-Do

Headscarves can be tightly rolled up to make them look more like a little headband instead of a full scarf. Just make sure it’s neatly folded with no ends hanging out.

37. Carefully Constructed Wave

38. Teased Curls

To achieve a look like this, first use curlers or a curling wand to create tight curls. When unrolling each curl add a light spritz of hairspray then tease. Then more hairspray.

39. Long-Style Ringlets

40. Straight on the Ends

41. Headband Instead of Headscarf

Eschew the headscarf for a change and switch it up with a 50s themed headband with a big flourish like this awesome polka dot bow affair we have here.

42. Soft Lob

43. Side Curls

You don’t just have to do the tease and curl back on your fringe, you can also do it on the sides of your hair too – check out the styling on this awesome up-do. As always, go heavy on the hairspray to keep everything in place.

44. Pin-up Perfection

45. Old World Charm

46. Soft Short Crop

47. Purple Pin-Up Style

Purple is so in right now for the color of the moment. There’s no reason that you can’t mix a modern color with a throw-back 50s style do.

48. The Pin-Up Mullet

49. Carefully Crafted Up Top With Loose Pony

50. Go For Broke With Marilyn

51. Tousled Short Curls52. Big and Bouffant

If you don’t already have long hair, there are plenty of real-looking clip on ponytail options available on the market to give you the length that you crave. Simply tie your hair up into a high bun and then expand the hairpiece’s clips over your bun, securing your long pony in place. You can treat most clips ins just like you’d treat your own hair by curling and backcombing to add height as desired.

53. Hollywood Siren

54. Sleek Lob with Curls

55. Amping Up the Short Hair Volume

56. Dita’s Signature

Dita Von Tease is the reigning grand mistress of 50s styling with her always perfectly nailed 50s coiffure and outfits. Whether she’s sporting long locks or rocking a shorter style, it’s always beautiful in black with the perfect matching red lippy. Ms Dita we salute you!

57. Piled Small Curls Fringe

58. Late 50s Bounce Style

59. Swept and Pinned Waves

60. Dangerously Cool Purple Fringe

Looking for a way to make your 50s style venture into a bit more edgy territory? Why not try dying bits of your hair that you’ll separate in a different color? You could either go to the salon to get it done professionally or use something that’ll come out in the wash such as hair chalk if you don’t want the office to know you get your freak on on the weekend!

61. Housewife Glam

62. I’m Chuck Bass…

Who doesn’t love a bit of Gossip Girl? Chuck Bass’s coiff harks back to the 50s, along with his swarthy looks. Bit of a dreamboat, really.

63. James Dean Styles

64. Big Hair Up Top

Men don’t use hairspray. Ummmm… says who? For guys not getting enough height from their hair pomade, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a backcomb and spray. Your longer length locks will stay in place across the day without falling.

65. Slicked Back Old School Style

66. Combed to Perfection

67. Side Part With Just a Bit of Height

68. Vintage Boy Bander

69. Slight Wave to the Side

70. Combed and Gelled

With the right gel, you can Cary Grant’s iconic slicked-back look. Slick and comb your gel horizontally along the sides of your hair. Create a side part and comb over the top and to the side. Simple as that.

71. Super Shiny Locks

Serums and oils can help you make your hair looks glossy and shiny. A high-shine shampoo and conditioner can also help keep locks in tip-top shape.

72. Tight Wave Short Hairstyle

73. Ruffled and Full

74. Sleek Up Top With Barrel Curl Ends

75. Michelle Williams Pixie Cut

76. Super Beehive

77. Thin Hair, Don’t Care

78. The Subdued Pin-Up

79. Emma Watson Pixie Cut

80. Extra Height Up Top

81. All Over Curls Short Do

82. Accessorize With Brows!

Short 50s hair needs banging brows to go with it! Forget the style that’s going around right now and shape up with these killer arched brows – big and bold but not super sculpted. These brows are a similar width all along the brow line rather than tapering off after the arch.

83. Audrey Hepburn Pixie Cut

84. Statue or Best Hairspray Ever?

Yes, we know that we mention hairspray a lot here. But if you want that style to stick you’re going to have to get to spray. Don’t worry, Marilyn would be proud. Not sure she’d be so proud of a giant statue of her where people can look up her skirt, though.

85. Pin-Up Style Without Hairspray

Ok, on the flipside, sometimes you actually don’t need to use hairspray to get a 50s do. If you’re after something soft, you can just sweep back naturally dried hair and put in a few curls with your curling wand, like this style here. It’s easy and done in just minutes.

86. Pulled Back and Piled With Curls

87. Reece Loves Bouncy Hair

88. Braids to Section Off Your Pouffe

Instead of using a headscarf or a headband, you can also use braids to add a touch of pizzazz and section off different parts of your hair. No, you don’t have to braid long lengths of your hair yourself, you can buy prewoven braids in your hair color and just wrap them around and secure with bobby pins.

89. A Well-Placed Hair Clip to Match Your Lipstick

90. Crisp Curls Up Top

91. Soft Short Hair Do

92. Short & Curls

93. Pinned Back and Soft

This style has undergone a lot of styling to look like something so simple and easy. They’ll be plenty of backcombing underneath, the soft waves may have been crafted with clips or even by hand, and it will be sprayed to stay in place. A great look for brides.

94. The Dita Bob

95. Snow White Style

96. A Carefully Placed Wave

97. Easy 50’s Up-Do

98. Beehive Bonce

Got a few hours to spare? Why not try crafting your very own towering beehive hairstyle? There doesn’t have to be just hair behind your ‘hive – people use foam cutouts, ice cream containers, and other sneaky tricks to get the beehive shape going before sweeping and styling hair over the top.

99. A 50’s Wedding Look100. Upwardly Curled Ends

Check out Katy’s carefully upturned ends in her 50s look here. To replicate the look you will need to practice some expertise in wielding your curling wand. As soon as those ends are turning up, spray, spray, spray, or they will fall, fall, fall.

101. Short Curls With Liz

102. 50’s With Shaved Sides

Pink’s a bit of a 50s babe at heart but always with a modern twist. Her bleached blonde and coiffed look has shaved sides which give her that fiery look that we all love about her. Shaved sides go great with dangling earrings, as you can see in this red carpet look.

103. Ombre Red Curls

Curls take on a whole new look if you’re sporting ombre locks, like this chica here. Her ombre red ends which also frame the face take her 50s loose curls look to the next level. Next time you’re at the hairdresser, why not take a look into whether ombre is for you?

104. For Height at the Crown

105. Modern 50’s Style for the Prom

106. Throw a Headscarf On It

Don’t have time to do your hair properly, in a rush but still want that 50s look? Tie a 50s-look headscarf at the front of your hair, with plenty of material for cover up. Throw on something quick to wear, a slick of red lipstick and a neat winged eyeliner and you’re ready to roll.

107. Careful 50’s School Curls

108. Soft with Waves at the Ends

109. Curls With a Bit of Help

110. Dita Does Liz

Bling up your look by adding a costume jewellery clip with big bold diamonds in it. After all, that’s what the divas do!

111. The 90’s Pixie

112. Curls of All Shapes and Sizes

113. A Bouffant Short Fringe

Short fringes can look great with 50s style hair when they are just a little rolled in. To achieve this look you can either use a curling wand or rollers, just make sure that you are styling perfectly horizontally to get the look right.

114. Katy’s Earlier Signature Style

115. The Wave Done Right

116. The Perfect Pouffe Fringe

117. Tight Short Waves

118. Dream Curled Ends

119. A Bridal Favourite

120. Hair Artistry

Why not head to a photographer who specializes in 50s looks? They can get you a hairstylist and makeup artist for the day, plus have outfits to choose from. This way you can be pampered and have a fully created 50s look that’s picture perfect and will last forever.

121. Huge Barrel Curls

122. Big Hair With Soft Curls

123. A Far Side Part

124. La Liz

La Liz is iconic for her short 50s style chops and styles and this look is no different. Setting off your short crop with a neck hugging string of pearls will have you looking like 50s bliss.

As you can see, there are so many different 50 styles that you can wear your hair in. If you love the short crops but aren’t quite sure whether it would suit you, why not check out some celebrities that have a similar look to you and see if they’ve ever had the chop.

For babes wanting longer hair but can’t wait for it to grow, there are heaps of natural looking half head wigs and clip in pony tails on the market that will give you that length you’re craving.

Creating 50s styles is a work of art and takes time. These aren’t styles you can walk out the door in 10 minutes. That being said, the more you practice them, the quicker you’ll become in creating these looks. So happy styling1

Oh, and of course, don’t forget the hairspray!


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