108 Top-Notch Auburn Hair Colors That Will Make A Perfect Look


Auburn is the hottest hair color for the fall season. It is an extraordinary color that looks good on all skin tones. Auburn hair has a lot more variety than you would think. You can go for a dark and full-color look or just brighten things up with some Auburn highlights. Auburn hair usually gives you a healthy and natural glow.

When it comes to Auburn hair, there are so many options available that the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do. With so many shades to choose fun, you’ll have a hard time deciding on just one look. Regardless, you will have fun selecting a shade of Auburn that is uniquely you.

There are so many choices we’ve decided to provide you with an entire gallery of eye-catching options.

9 Things You Must Know Before Changing To The Auburn Hair

With a lot of red hues available, it is hard to determine which one complements the skin tone and you best. Here, the colorists Laurie Daniel and Marie Robinson reveal 9 things to learn before switching to the Auburn hair – as well as, their suggestions about how to display the spectacular hue. Here’s a short video for you.

Self-Tanner May Read The “Orange-Y” Against The Auburn Shades:

In case you have Auburn hair and lighter skin, Daniel suggests avoiding the self-tanner. It is for the reason that the “red hue” will highlight the “bronze-y” orange tone in the faux glow, which makes your complexion look pink.

There Is No Need To Match The Eyebrows To New Auburn Shades:

To ensure your brows stay looking natural and not excessively matchy (in terms of your hair), it is recommended by Daniel that preventing dyeing the arches Auburn will be a better idea. Instead, adhere to a natural to warm “brown-shade” with regards to your brows that Daniel claims has sufficient red in this without being excessively fiery.

Fall Or Spring Is The Best Time To Get Auburn:

Not to mention, Daniel recommends adding the Auburn highlights, such as Claudia Vergara’s, for the spring to freshen and brighten up the look promptly. Robinson recommends and agrees switching to strawberry, copper or Auburn in both fall and spring for a new take on the “red” hair color.

Avoid Color-Depositing Shampoo When Maintaining The At-Home Color:

As “red-hair” color is the hardest one to keep at your home, Daniel recommends avoiding the “color adding” shampoos: They may make the hair look excessively pink and even can produce a “purple” cast, she claims. Instead, she suggests using 2 boxes of the color: One which more closely displays the organic shade of the roots, as well as one which has a far more “Auburn toned” shades for the ends, much like the hair of Sarah Hyland.

Auburn Color Can Fade On The Brown Hair Nicely:

When the “Auburn color” is developed on brunette base, the vibrancy lasts longer definitely. That is because the brown hair has still hints of red and Auburn in it. Therefore, when it starts off fade, you may expect this to do this nicely for aforementioned cause, “it simply might require a “refresher” every couple of months to polish Auburn tones,” says Robinson.

Highlights Can Be An Excellent Option To Try The Auburn Hair-Color:

If you would rather dip the toe into “Auburn” tress trend, it is suggested to try out the highlights (or talking to the colorist regarding them), to get a multi-dimensional and gorgeous finish.

Blonde Hair Features A Tougher Time Keeping Red Tones:

You would feel that an organic blonde hue, such as Emma Stone’s, will be simple to changeover into Auburn shade, however, Robinson claims otherwise. The blondes possess a tougher time keeping Auburn and red tones vibrant since the “pigments” have a propensity of fading faster, she says. For that reason, blondes who choose an “Auburn” shade ought to expect the hair to need more maintenance, which means regular “reddish” toned, month-to-month glosses for keeping the “color” true.

Beginning With “Brown Base” Is Important:

As Auburn is actually a stability of brown and red, it is simpler to switch to the Auburn hair in case you are starting with the darker hair. Here is why: “Whenever you lift the dark hair, this has the red tones automatically which shine through,” says Robinson. “The darker your hair, the greater Auburn you will see.”

  1. Auburn Hair Matches Numerous Skin Tones:

Last but not the least, Daniel says dark and light Auburn shades have a tendency to look great on the majority of skin tones, which range from fair – deep olive. “The Auburn hair-color tends to neutralize pink tone in the fair skin which makes the skin appear creamier, while light-medium Auburn can warm the olive skin up making this look glowing,” she adds.

  1. Ombre Auburn:


Auburn Ombre styles are one of a kind. You can go from dark to light flawlessly with Auburn.


  1. Stunning:

The Auburn hair with the high lights give off a casual, yet glamorous glow.


  1. Layered Ombre Auburn:

This Ombre style flows nicely from dark to light. Add a couple layers and curls for volume and you’ve got yourself a stylish new look.


  1. Auburn Flair Hair:

Take on a rich deep Auburn color with some red highlights for this kind of flair hair.


  1. Chic Auburn Hair:

This chic look is perfect for anyone who wants their inner supermodel to shine. The deep Auburn color gives you a sense of depth and the cut is classic.


  1. Fiery Auburn Hair:

This red to auburn coloring is a look that will stand out. Add in some waves and layers for depth and you’ve got yourself fierce look.


  1. Deep Auburn Layers:

Let your inner beauty shine with this uniquely deep Auburn hair color that has dynamic layering adding depth and beauty to your hairstyle and color.

  1. Subtle Auburn Look:

This wavy light Auburn hair shows that you can have beautiful Auburn locks without it being too loud or bold. iI you want a subtle look then this is for you.

  1. Fiery Auburn Waves:

Show off your inner glamour girl with these deeply colored fiery auburn waves. This style is properly layered with deep tones to show off your inner beauty queen.


  1. Deep Painted Auburn Hair:

This is the kind of hair that is between light and fiery, it is a good combination and dare I say, the best of both worlds? With this look you will glow.


  1. Layered Auburn Curls:

Adding auburn highlights to your curls is a fantastic idea and creates the appearance that your hair is gold and glowing.


  1. Short Fiery Auburn Waves:

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. Add a fiery auburn color to your short waves for a powerful look.


  1. Sleek and Shine Auburn:

This is the perfect auburn combination of perfect color along with a sleek and shiny look that is salon ready at all times.


  1. Long Deep Auburn Colored Hair:

This deep auburn works very well on light skin tones add in a bit of twist and turn to it and you’ve got a look that is Covergirl ready.


  1. Quirky Auburn Look:

Add some bangs to add some fun to your new auburn hair creation. It’ll definitely make you stand out from the crowd in a good and proud way.


  1. Layered Auburn Locks:

These beautiful layered auburn locks will really shine and stand out in the summertime.


  1. Short Layered Locks:

Just like #16 these will stand out in summer too, they are just a bit shorter!


  1. Fierce Straightened Auburn Look:

This bold auburn style gives off the sense that the person behind it is a strong and beautifully fierce individual.


  1. Bold and Beautiful Auburn Locks:

These bold and beautiful Auburn locks are a sure crowd pleaser whether your just haning out with friends or are one a date, this look will grab attention.


  1. Basic Auburn Blend:

It’s okay if glitz and glam just isn’t you. You can still have amazing auburn hair and blend into the crowd. This look will accomplish just that while still maintaining its trademark auburn color.


  1. Style it Right Auburn Glow:

Nothing screams a perfect like a deep auburn color that flows and has a light styled curl at the end of it. This wavy hair is the definition of glitter and glamorous perfection.


  1. Flowing Locks of Auburn:

This curled style is so much fun to play with. Getting a black to auburn ombre is a daring choice that captures your boldness.


  1. Full Auburn:

This full auburn look shows off the depth of the color while maintaining volume for this picture perfect hair.


  1. Embrace your Inner Auburn Goddess:

Be kind to yourself and embrace your inner Goddess with this flowing style of Auburn hair that is hard to deny.

25. Cool-Auburn Curls:

A few believe that the red hair needs to be very warm and would not look great on particular complexions, but that is not the case always. A “cool toned” color is often accomplished with a “purple-brown” color as base and the Auburn as “balayage” highlights. This may be tough to do it by yourself, so unless you’re an expert, it is better to make an appointment to salon.


  1. Enticing Auburn Wave:

An enticing “dark-chocolate” blended with a smooth cinnamon hue? However, this look provides a wonderful mixture of nuances which creates the perfect “dark-Auburn” hair color. Hint: cinnamon hues often fade away quicker, so ensure that you provide yourself with high quality “color treating” items.

27. Blonde Highlights with Red Pixie:

Fed up with rocking “single-color” locks? Become an ally of new innovative hair concepts and get the strands dyed “dark-copper” with the blonde highlights. This combination of blonde and red looks wonderful against the light skin tone and blue or green eyes. So, are you all set to try this elegant “reddish-brown” color?


  1. Merlot Tips with Brown Hair:

Two-tone color and mixing much more shades can be an excellent idea whenever you wish to put dynamics to the locks as well as make them appear extra-voluminous. Exactly what pairs ideally with chocolate? Some Merlot! No, “Merlot dyed” tips if we’re talking about the hair.


  1. Marvelous Colorful Waves:

Now level up! Highlight your “Auburn” hair simply by adding the “strawberry-blonde” highlights. Test out warmer and richer hues to get a vibrant and younger appearance.


  1. Sparkling Smooth Brown Curls:

The pale complexion can look excellent with the “warm-Auburn” shades such as amber, copper or caramel. Pair the color with shoulder length or short haircut, and you will have smooth “bouncy” curls framing the face. In case you do not want to clutter with the highlights, then choose a shine treatment to ensure that your hair appears shiny and healthy for months.


  1. Dark Red for the Thin Tresses:

You can pick a “dark-Auburn” hair color if you possess excellent hair. The beautiful tints of the copper on base of dark “plum-red” create a classy hair hue you will love to showcase in the “free-flowing” downdos.


  1. Deep Wine Color Bob:

Needless to say, this particular hair color appears so great because it is saturated fairly but not bright extremely. It is a famous choice of adult women and young girls as well. Consider using a “solid-hue” or break this with some caramel or Auburn highlights.


  1. Dark Copper Color:

The light Auburn “hair-color” is certainly not for all. If the skin tone isn’t very light, then you are prone to look more attractive with dark or medium Auburn shades. On the other hand, they put a shiny and fresh pop of the color as well as are guaranteed to be a head turner.


  1. Medium Glossy Auburn:

The Auburn “red-hair” looks gorgeous in hairstyles for the long hair. In case you have the “thicker-hair” texture, then you can easily go away with solid color, however, for better hair, we certainly recommend including the highlights.

35. Auburn to the Orange Fade:

Now you don’t require layers to bring movement and bounce to the “orange-red” hair. The wavy hair will work and highlight the color. To get a greater impact, pick a darker “red-hair” color for roots and get this faded to “copper-hue” which you have chosen.


  1. Auburn Highlights with Long Hair:

Long hair needs lots of care, and sustaining the color properly is a hard task always. If you enjoy your natural “hair-color”, then leave roots with the native hue. This is because a “deep-Auburn” base and caramel or orange highlights are actually the important elements to a stunning, long hairstyle for brunettes.

37. Blue Contrast and Auburn:

For breaking all the standards, experiment with this special combo. Pick a dark “Auburn” hair color to get the roots as well as disperse a few electric “blue-highlights” through faded ends.


  1. Medium Tone:

This is an excellent example of the medium tone.


  1. Braided Tousled Crown:

Create 2 low “pigtails”, and after that wrap them all over your head as well as pin in position. The messier is the better!


  1. Sleek Red:

An excellent shade for all those that wish to keep this natural looking.


  1. Natural Look:

In case you do not want a considerable change after that keeps the “Auburn-hair” looking gorgeous and natural.


  1. Highlights:

This is an awesome example of exactly what Auburn “highlights” appear like with the natural shade.


  1. Shocking Red:

It is a light shade of the Auburn, and it is truly gorgeous.


  1. Delicate Style:

You do not need a vibrant shade for making an impact although. This Auburn color style is amazing.

45. Deep Red:

An amazing red on the Rihanna and it is an ideal example of exactly what a wonderful Auburn shade appears like on the dark skin tone.


  1. Vampire Shade:

This Twilight celebrity knows the way to pick a red that is all set to make her face illuminate. This particular shade is really gorgeous.

47. Bright Red:

It is amazing to know that Drew Barrymore looks great always no matter exactly what color she is wearing, but the red suits her certainly. The brighter compared to red you select, the more head-turning this will be.


  1. Many Shades Of Emma:

Emma has a variety of shades of the Auburn, and each of them looks superb on her.


  1. Kristen Stewart:

There’s no doubt that she is a gorgeous celebrity, and this particular “Auburn shade” looks extraordinary with her complexion. It warms her “cool-skin” up and even makes all those eyes go crazy.


  1. Fiery Auburn:

We must admit that this “fiery” shade genuinely reveals the warmth hidden in the skin of this actress.


  1. Stunning Shades:

One more superb example of the worthy shaded for “Emma Stone”. Simply look how the shade warms her skin up and reveals those gorgeous freckles.

52. Ashley Simpson:

The dark Auburn tends to be a trendy color option, and here Ashley is simply pulling this off perfectly.

53. Red-Carpet Reds:

This Auburn “hair-color” is definitely a well-known choice on red carpet as well as it is an awesome shade as revealed by “Scarlett Johannessen”.

54. Subtle Shades:

Here’s “Emma-Watson” trying the blonde out with the Auburn hair. There’s a good contrast between blonde and Auburn.


  1. Hot Reds:

Not to mention, Emma Stone always has been a “fiery” redhead. She pulls the color off perfectly. This bright “Auburn” trend is shockingly wonderful. It is ideal for her complexion and makes the eyes pop.

56. Warm Reds:

Fiery style is always gorgeous. Rachel McAdams is looking the “red-carpet” ready with the fiery style.


  1. Adding Highlights:

It’s a superb example of exactly what it appears like whenever you add the highlights to darker natural shade.


  1. Emma Watson:

Undoubtedly Emma is one particular lucky lady who is an all-natural redhead as well as she truly knows the best way to rock her look.

59. Celebrity Style:

We all know Rachel McAdams. She looks gorgeous as a “redhead”. This particular shade truly warms up the complexion and provides perfection to her unique style.


  1. Hot Shade:

We simply love this alluring color, and it’d be ideal for summer sun. It is not a “full-color”; however, there are lots of “highlights” involved.


  1. Great Shades:

It is an ideal example of the full color which is not drastic in any way.


  1. Darker Design:

This darker shade of the Auburn is definitely one which is certain to turn a few heads. It is spectacular and will be ideal for a person with a darker natural skin color or hair color.


  1. A Delicate Change:

In case you wish to try out Auburn but do not want a major change, then it is an incredible example to suit your needs. It looks great with the dark hair too.


  1. Ombre Trend:

If you are not searching for a large shade, then this “ombre style” here looks quite natural. It is not abrupt or shocking.

65. Striking Color:

This “bright-shade” looks amazing with the “pale-skin” and look just how it helps make the eyes pop. An attractive shade.


  1. Medium Shade:

A superb shade if you’re trying to find something amazing for pairing with the pale complexion.

67. Flowing Auburn:

Jasper Conran is just looking gorgeous with this “Flowing” Auburn color. This Auburn color is something to turn the heads of others.


  1. Copper Auburn Just For Fall:

It is an exciting yet vintage, fall-motivated look. The best thing about this is actually the “dimension” in color with rich “chocolate-brown” base as well as “copper-red” ends.


  1. Mahogany:

This mahogany color particularly goes well with the matte skin as well as light skin tones with freckles. Use caution, the darker skin or darker must choose mahogany which doesn’t pull excessively on red for bringing the light. Prevent on the skin vulnerable to redness, or else they can be highlighted.


  1. Short Style:

An incredible color for brightening your lookup.


  1. Brown “Hair-Color”:

This particular Auburn brown “hair-color” is a warmer and dimensional, more fun option to the blonde or caramel highlights intended for ladies who are darker naturally. It is fine enough for office, but edgy and bold still. The best thing is that it is a smooth blend between levels of the lightness and the tones connect the look with each other for a standard seamless blend having a lot of dimensions.

72. Red Naturally:

If you desire the all-natural look after that adhere to this particular shade.

73. Fair Skin:

One more excellent example of best color which looks superb with the fair skin.

74. Painted Beauty:

An amazing shade which can warm up the pale skin. It is the ideal tone for the fair skinned women.


  1. Golden Caramel:

It’s a warm “dark-brown” Auburn with the subtle “golden-caramel” balayage to have an Auburn influence. The best part is that this particular look is way too natural. It is quite low maintenance that is exactly what all of my “clients” are searching for.

76. A Couple Of Pieces Just:

Take a couple of pieces just and then convert them “Auburn” and you’ll be as pleased as possible.


  1. Natural Design:

A wonderful look which is completely natural.


  1. The Style Of Karen Elson:

Simply add some mascara to master the “blue-eyed” beauty look of Karen Elson.

79. Lob Cut Layered Auburn:

I would explain this particular style as a vintage layered lob; having a little spice and full fringe! What most people will adore about this Auburn is the fringe as well as how it goes with other cuts. This Auburn color simply makes the look and feel completely gorgeous.


  1. Brighter Pieces:

This is another gorgeous color style. The brighter pieces throughout truly brighten the look up.


  1. Bright And Hot:

This stunning color will absolutely blow your mind. If you’re looking for a light and lovely color then this is a great example for you.


  1. Copper Color:

Not forgetting, Copper is an extremely light edition of Auburn, and it is bright as sun towards the bottom.


  1. High Fashion:

The fashion reds tend to be very well-known for summer; you cannot make a mistake with these stunning colors. This gets brighter while it reaches the bottom.


  1. Different Highlights:

This is a great illustration of how varied shades of the Auburn look wonderful together.


  1. Deep Ombre:

Ombre can begin from dark reds or bright reds. This is an awesome fashion trend if you’re searching for drama.


  1. Fashionable And Bright:

A fantastic color which demonstrates that “red” is quite stylish. You won’t manage to go anyplace without turning the heads if you have this gorgeous color. It is spectacular and will truly raise the BP of others. Too funny, huh?


  1. Creamy Color:

This unique color is definitely divine.


  1. Fashion Red:

You will not find an even more gorgeous red than it; it is exceptional.


  1. Deep And Bright:

A “deep” red is obviously a great option to brighten your face up.


  1. The Style Of Rockstar:

This particular shade of the Auburn will probably give you a sense of feeling as great as a “rockstar”.


  1. Dark Red Shade:

A “red-color” choice for all those that possess dark skin tones.


  1. Different Reds:

That’s the amazing one. This look features several shades of “red” in this.


  1. Add Some Red:

This is undoubtedly an ideal example of utilizing multiple “reds” intended for highlights.


  1. Gorgeous Coloring:

This “light-Auburn” is definitely a gorgeous color. If you’re trying to find a gorgeous shade for summer, then search no more than this.

95. Brighter Highlights:

In case you desire to bring some “drama” to your gorgeous look after that add some brighter highlights to accomplish this beautiful style.


  1. Dark Shades:

This is a superb color to select if your “natural-color” is dark. However, the bottoms will have to be properly bleached.

97. Multiple Shades:

It is a spectacular Auburn style which has several colors in this.


  1. Amazing Red:

This impressive red is a head-turning color without any doubt. Gorgeous in each and every way!


  1. Impressive Ombre:

This is another superb example of ombre in Auburn shades.


  1. Warm Colors:

We must admit that a “warm-shade” always looks wonderful on the medium skin tone.


  1. Light & Dark:

This particular Auburn is obtained from the “red to blonde” rather swiftly.


  1. Stunning Reds:

If you’re searching for a major change, after that you’re guaranteed to adore this particular fashion red.


  1. Fashion Shades:

The fashion shades tend to be great always for highlights since they provide a look an authentic pop. I simply love how vibrant the “bottom” is.


  1. Soft Auburn:

It is a “soft-Auburn” that is in “red-brown” family by definition. It is not a severe red; however, it definitely features the “warm-undertones” with a touch of red and copper which peak through the highlights. The best thing which made me go crazy is the subtle “hints” which leave you asking what color the eye is catching actually.


  1. “Sun-Kissed” Auburn:

It is a “sun-kissed” Auburn. What most people wonder about this is the particular look and people ask how the “copper-highlights” give this such an organic dimensional look which also reveals the “rich” depth of colored deeper Auburn hair.


  1. Auburn With Two Tone:

This particular look is the most favorite one to me. This is actually a “Balayage” with 2 tones of the Auburn as well as a dark base at root. Exactly what I appreciate most about this is that it’s super “low-maintenance” for the clients. If they’re a very neutral shade normally but desire an “Auburn” look, then they can easily have the “root-color” be near to the natural shade, therefore, outgrowth is certainly not a problem. Balayage is definitely a stunning technique. I undoubtedly favor this over the regular highlights due to the all-natural look and even the point that it’s a lot less for maintaining.


  1. Subtle Delight:

If you’re looking just for a simple change, after that it is here to suit your needs.


  1. Natural And Warm:

It is a natural and warm Auburn base which includes “Balayaged” honey heading through it. Balayaged highlights assist create dimension and movement.




In summary, Auburn hair just has sufficient options available to choose from to enhance your “skin-shade”, to suit your individual tastes, and even to assist you to merge with your environment regardless of what it is. The above mentioned Auburn hair colors and styles are just awesome. Hope you enjoyed this post.


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