112 Banging Balayage Blonde Looks From Platinum Through to Soft Brunette


Balayage is hot right now! That’s why we’ve created this list of banging balayage blonde looks for you try this year. Bayalage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint and that’s exactly how the hairdresser applies the dyes. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this list of fine bayalage styles.


A Gradual Gradient

A fine example of a very natural balayage beautifully tapering down to an nice auburn color.

Golden Brown Texture Like Sun

This balayage brown to blonde optimizes the lyrics to the famous Stanglers song released in 1984. The waves on the tips add to the texture and highlight the blonde.

Drastic and Fantastic

This lady has gone for a more prominent balayage blonde highlights and the hints of black accentuate the blonde.

Sun Kissed

Balayage brown to blonde give that look of a surfer who has had fun in the sun. This style looks great tied up in a pony or flowing and free.

Shimmering Beauty

This light blonde balayage displays a beautiful done gradient of greatness.

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Wild and Wonderful

The wavy unkempt look works wonderfully. Dirty blondes have more fun.

Dark Hair Dreams

Belayage doesn’t have to be vivid. In this picture we see a more natural result that looks amazing and highlights the beauty of dark hair.

A Steep Gradient From Dark to Light

This model has gone for a more dramatic effect instead of tapering her belayage gradually. This is a great style for really accentuating her curls.

To Chop or Not to Chop

This a stunning blonde balayage straight hair is a smooth transitions from one extreme to another. The questions is is whether she wants to keep the length or get the chop.


Creating Texture

This balayage blonde long hair has focussed from mainly on the outer folicles. This technique fuses the two colors together.

A Winning Streak

This model is sporting a spectacular example of a streaky balayage that creates a horizontal textured effect and how could I not mention those luscious wavy locks.


The Center Point Cascade

As you can see, this models balayage has started from her crown and cascading down and the under layers reveal the depth texture.

Color Creates Texture

Texture can liven up the most dull boring hair and give it a layered effect without even getting the chop.



The Fire Burnt Beauty

This balayage is mesmerising like the flames of fire. The intricate interwoven colors and curls create a textual marvel and a feast for the eyes.

Graduation to Style Queen

Balayage can be done in different graduations and gradients. If can be done gradually to form a nice blended gradient or a more bold color convergence.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

If you look closely this balayage has very intricate and subtle pink, purples and blues not necessarily formed by the those colors but is a result of the blending of blonde and brown.



The Golden Main

Balayge is not only reserved for the young and the trendy. Why not take mother along for the ride and make a day of it.

This is a perfect example of balayage blonde straight hair. It’s a nice gradual gradient that will look great tied up or flowing free.

Wavy and Textured

This woman was blessed with these thick lucious and even more blessed by the amazing the job of the colorist. The end result is close to perfection and no doubt she will be turning head wherever she goes.


So Vibrant So Chic

This is one piece of work. The colors compliment each other creating texture, volume and down right beauty.


Eye of Tiger

The balayage blonde bob is a cute take on the conventional style and adds a bit flair and radiance.

Long and Illustrious

Balayage works well on all styles of hair but seems to be more noticeable and prominent on the long locks. Its better to have a more subtle gradient for long hair.

Brunettes Do it Best

I may be biest but brunettes with balayage seem to do it better. It looks more natural and the finer details seem to shine through.

Goldie Locks

Balayages don’t have to be oposing colors. Sometimes different shades of the same color work just as well and add slight contour and texture as featured in this models hair.

Dirty Blonde Surfer Girl

The dirty blonde surfer girl embodies the carefree spirit of a confident woman and this use of balayage truly encapsulates that persona.


The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind

This lady has gone the full spectrum of from blonde to auburn in a very natural progression and looks great foot loose and fancy free.

Dark Hair Lightly Dusted

This lady has light hair and has opted for a lightly dusted multicolored balayage that has amazing results and creates a rainbow effect.

The Natural Affair

This balayage has a natural dirty blonde appeal that offer amazing vertical draped texture. It just goes to show that balayage can work with any type of hair.


Cute and Curly

I’m loving the waves and curls a lot in this style. The audacious coloring makes her stand out will make her stand out from the crowd.


Dirty to Clean

This style starts out super dirty blonde and end up as pure and clean as it comes. It’s a nice contrast and looks cool done up in pony.

Subtle as if Gets

I love the style. It works perfectly with this models facial features and her choice of brown to black balayage competes the looks.

This balayage blonde bob is an absolute stunner. The intricacies of the subtle color differences create a wealth texture with the help of this beautiful wavy hair.


The model is sporting a melange of different light colors with a backdrop darker tones. The dark tones really set off the highlights.


An Absolute bombshell with the bomb locks and balayage to boot The straight fringe paired with curls just work and work well.

Classic Beauty With No Fuss

This is a look that many strive for and can be easily achieved with some simple balayage. The waves are little more difficult but I’m sure hairdressser will sought you out with that.


Quintessential Sunkist Blonde

Who says you have to be near the beach achieve that sun kissed look. The eyesbrows could be toned down a shade but you live and learn right.


Messy and Magnificent

There hair speaks volumes and has volume and texture. There is a lot going but it seems to gel well.

‘The Many Shades of and subtleties of blonde from sandy and to candy

Wear it or Surf it?

When going for the balayage look it’s the under color that is really going to highlight the lighter features.


Only on the Tips

This beautiful brunettes has had her balayage done on the tips for amazing results. This works best with long hair well below the shoulders.

Goldie Locks

This model has opted for subtle shades of blonde rather than going for contrast. The caramel colors intertwined with the classic blonde create a cascading effect. If your not sure if you want to try balayage this might be the option for you. Dip your toes in and test the water.

The Many Shades of Blonde

This model is sporting the many shades of blonde from dirty to clean with tinges of red. The beauty of balayage is that messy hair only enhances the texture making for a cool look.

Straight Laced

A nice balayage blonde straight hair


Silky Smooth

This ladies luscious long locks has benefitted from some subtle bayalage.

Absolutely Stunning.

This balayage works so well. It’s subtle and works so well. Her hair is vibrant and full of bounce and body.


A Wavey Goddess

This balayage works from sandy blonde to a nice clean blonde. The waves only add to the magnificence.

Polar Balayage

This balayage goes from dark brown to golden greatness. It works well on this ladies perfectly straight hair.

Nice and Natural

This is a simple natural look that works well on thinner hair.

A Show Stopper

This work of art is multi layered and the curls are absolute fire. The gradual colour gradient is superbly done.

White as the Driven Snow

This lady is sporting some bright blonde that is almost white. If you look closely you can see the subtle and intricate work the colorist has done with bayalage.

Blonde on Brown

This model has some seriously dark hair. The blonde balayage on brown hair has some interesting effects and this is one of them.

Long and Lovely

Wow this model is lucky enough to have a long and lovely set of hair that is accentuated by the bayalage.

The Classic Blonde

The just below shoulder straight blonde hairstyle that is a go to and looks especially nice with that little black dress.

Vertical Beauty

Bayalage is versatile and looks good on most styles of hair as you can see by the above picture.

The Wild Child

Long unruly hair blowing in the wind looks great with multi colored balayage.

The Lioness

This model has a proud and pretty main. The brown top and the golden curls are a girls dream and this lady was lucky enough to make it a reality.

A Fine Example

This is another perfect example of how balayage can work well on dark or light colored hair.

White Witch

The contrast of the brown peering through the blonde really accentuates the highlights.

Fit for a Princess

This is a perfect example of how balayage can really enhance the beauty of well braided and styled hair.

The Waterfall

The waterfall effect that balayage creates works amazingly well with wavy hair.

Simple Yet Hot

Balayage can be as subtle or as prominent as you want. This lady has gone with a more subtle balayage allowing her natural color to shine through.

A Hint of Strawberry

If you look closely you can see hints of light pinks and pastels.

From Front to Back

This model has opted for a lighter front that graduates to a darker blonde towards the back.

To the Extreme

This is some extreme coloring and the results look amazing and the colors although quite brash meld into something beautiful.

Nice to Naughty

Another fine example of how belayage can turn an average hair do into something a little more interesting.

From one extreme to the other.

A Balayage Blonde Bob

This bob has been enhanced with a nice balayage over brown hair to make it appear a dirty blonde.

Texture, Tonal and Terrific

Wow, this model has spectacular hair and if you can achieve something like this congratulations to you.

Cute and Subtle balayage tied back in a loose pony. It works well for casual occasions.

Oh So Shiny

These locks look they belong to a character out of a fairy tale. All I can say is that they are simply breath taking.

Balayage and the Bob

Balayage doesn’t have to be only reserved for long hair. As you can see it looks great on this ladies brown bob.

A nice sublte balayage of blonde on brown that is enhanced by the beautiful flowing waves.

Blonde on Black

Sometimes the most dramatic shifts in color can create amazing looks and this a fine example of this method and is gaining popularity all over the world.

Super dark to a sunburst orange.

This is a super cool effect and looks amazing on darker hair. It’s a testament to the colorist ability. When you decide to get your balayage it pays to find a good hairdresser.

Another example of a sun kissed queen letting her locks flow in the breeze.

Caramel Creams

This lady is sporting the caramel color in different shades and tones that really give it texture.


Thank god it’s Friday and this woman is ready with drink in hand sporting a very contrasting bayalage.

Now that’s a mop of hair looking good in platinum and brown.

Surf’s Up

This is the quintessential beach babes hairstyle and color achieved by the bayalage technique.

Great gobs of golden hair. My eyes can’t comprehend what is going on here but I love it. The color patterns are mesmerizing.

This is an interesting effect using fiery reds and strawberry blondes that intertwine and work well with the wavy hair. Wild and loose or tied up, this is a great look.

Flowing Rivers of Blonde

This is a very nice and flowing blonde bayalage on brown hair. It really suits that length of hair.


I love this style. Textured, messy with a multitude of different shades of blonde. The jagged look is very rock and roll and in fashiion this season. Pair with your favorite pair of jeans and jacket and your gig ready.


Balayage for Any Occasion

One of the best things about a balayage hairstyle is the sheer versatility. It can be glammed up and worn to formal occasions or thrown up in a simple bun or pony for when you’re kicking it with friends.


Holding onto to what is Golden

This goddess has some seriously golden hair and the subtle shades of blonde really set it off. That pout with her big luscious lips is worth a mention also.


Freshly Done

This lady has just had a fresh trim and color. This a great style for short to medium length hair.

Golden Waves

Check out these golden waves of a princess. You definitely can’t surf them but you can admire her amazing genetics and great choice of a hairdresser.

Amazing Gradient

The subtle yet seamless gradient echoes various shades of blonde throughout her lovely locks.

Another classic straight balayage blonde.

That’s a lot of hair compared to anything or anyone. That’s the main mayne if you know what I’m saying.


So as you have probably noticed from the pictures balayage is all about texture.

Work with the natural colour and flow of the hair and don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Experiment with lowlights and highlights at the roots then work your way up.

As you can see in the picture above the use of dark lowlights to really accentuate the light and playfulness of the highlights.


Then create volume and even more texture by giving it a bit of your flair.

Or wear it down for that rock chick chic.

This softer more gentle balayage is simply stunning.

I can’t decide which one I like better the bag or the hair.

This color and contrast method makes this hair look like a blonde wild fire. Check out the texture! A perfect example of balayage blonde.

There it is! The bangin bayalage short bob. This is a classic style if you can pull it off.

Curly wurly cute and surly. This sassy number has some edge. Don’t get too close she might bite.

Despite looking amazing in real life balayage blonde’s are great for taking selfies in beautiful locations.

This is a fine example of balayage blonde on brown hair.

Some people like to go to more extremes than others. Buts thats totally ok. It’s all about personal choice.

Here is a nice close up to give you more of an idea of the finer intricacies of balayage.

A nice balayage blonde rocking the ginger tips.

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your balayage blonde.


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