145 Inspirational and Glamorous Big Box Braids


Big box braids are “boxy” or square-like hair parts. This hairstyle is a favorite for African American women and has been for many years.

Box braids are essential for women who require versatility. For this reason, box braids are popular among familiar famous women. Celebrities like Patra, Brandy, Janet Jackson Soe Kravitz, and Solange, have all had their hand in making the look incredibly popular.

Box braids allow you to extend your hair and wear a variety of hairstyles. These types of hairstyles don’t take a lot of work to do and are exquisite looking. Box braids also protect your natural hair and are famous for being low maintenance.

Different Box Braid Styles:

  • Buns are likely the most popular way to style box braids. Buns will transform your box braids into a chic updo. This type of style is versatile. Higher up buns can be bulky or compact, tight or loose, or simplistic. They all have the braiding aspect to them which spices up any updo and give is the glam wow factor.
  • Ponytails are another popular box braid style. You can do a high ponytail and wrap it using a silk scarf or just attach a hair flower. No matter what you already look incredibly stylish just with it pulled up.
  • Twists are awesome because they are another element you can use in conjunction with other styles for something creative. For example, just twist your ponytail and viola, you are sporting an innovative new look.
  • Braids can be asymmetrical from the original box braids. For example, French braids are perfect for box braids. Using a braid on top of your box braids can make for an impressive, bold, and glamorous look.

#1 Long Box Braids with Extensions

Extensions are common with box braids. With extensions, you can get long luscious and stunning braids.


Pro Tip: If you’re feeling creative add in some color with your extensions to give them that “wow” factor.

#2 Long Big Box Braids

With this low maintenance look, you can protect your natural hair and look classy all at the same time.

#3 Side Swept Box Braids

This look is easy to achieve and will make you look like a queen. Justpart your braids on the side and viola, you’re done getting ready for the day!

#4 Long Box Braids with Bangs

Box braids with bangs add an extra creative and fun dimension to an already stunning look. If you can pull off box braids with bangs, you’ve got it made.

#5 Big Box Braids with a Hat

Top off your big box braids look with a hat. Using a hat with your braids is a great way to assert your style and exhibit confidence.

#6 Exquisite Jumbo Box Braids Side Swiped

Jumbo box braids swept to the side gives you a little extra “oomph” to work with. This is the kind of look that screams, “red carpet ready!”

#7 Box Braids with Hair Piece Up-do

This fabulous look is ideal for anyone rocking box braids to begin with. Adding an updo to your box braids gives you that simple and demure hairstyle and look.

#8 Long and Colorful Side Swept Box Braids

Adding a pop of color to your side swept box braids is one way to show off your unique creativity.

#9 Pigtail Ponytail Box Braids

Pigtails aren’t just for kids. With box braids a pigtail ponytail inspired look gives you a simple and demure hairstyle all while looking fabulous.

#10 Half Up, Half Down Tie Knot Box Braids Style

Show off your inner goddess with this half up, half down tie not box braids look. This look is the kind that makes you feel good about yourself.

#11 Updo Box Braids with Bandana Accessory

Hats aren’t the only box braid accessory! bandana’s also can add a creative dimension to your already stylish look.

#12 High Ponytail Box Braids

High ponytail box braids are great and can be accessorized with a unique scrunchie. A high ponytail keeps your braids fashionably pulled back and out of your face.

#13 Long and Tight Box Braids Princess Style

Tight box braids take a lot of work and pain to achieve. Regardless of that upon completetion, this look is stunning and has a princess vibe to it.

#14 Long and Tight Box Braids Vogue Look

This look makes you look like the fierce queen you are. Unleash your sense of style on the world and step out from the shadows with this incrediblely piercing look.

#15 Long and Jumbo Box Braids Vogue Style

Jumbo box braids are the quintessential box braid look. Refresh your style and consider going for jumbo box braid like these.

#16 Photoshoot Ready Box Braids

Get ready for your close up with stylish box braids. This simple knot is chic and gorgeous.

#17 Short Half Up, Half Down Tie Knot Box Braids Style

Smaller half up and half down tie knot box braids are another great way to style your hair. It’s easy to do.

#18 Stylish Colored Short and Tight Box Braids

If you’re confident enough to do box braids with a short haircut, more power to you. Also, if you’re feeling really creative go ahead and add some color to your braids to make them really stand out from the crowd.

#19 Skater Long Box Braids Side Swept

Have fun with these side swept styled braids that keep your hair out of your face, but make you look good no matter what you’re doing. Even if you’re making funny faces!

#20 Stunning, Long, and Tight Box Braids

This stunning long and tight box braid style is perfect for any working professional. They’re chic and low key enough that they are perfect for any professional in any industry.

#21 Pretty in Pink Side Swept Jumbo Box Braids

Let your wild side shine with these pretty in pink jumbo box braids. This is the kind of look for a bold and sassy personality. More importantly, the pink coloring is beautiful.

#22 Everyday Jumbo Box Braids Side Swept

Sometimes color and wild styles aren’t appropriate. Tone it down iwth regular side swept jumbo box braids that are more ideal for a working professional.

#23 High Top Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids

Be red carpet ready with a high top ponytail. This look is ideal for anyone who wants to look amazing and keep their hair out of their face.

#24 Everyday Tight Box Braids With Side Parting

#25 Popular Electric Blue Jumbo Box Braids

Rock it in paradise with these electric blue braids that will have everyone talking and saying, “wow!” this is a look that cannot be ignored.

#26 Magazine Ready Side Swept Long Box Braids 

This side-swept luscious and long box braids look is a perfect choice for a working model. However, You don’t have to be a model to pull of this look. You just need to get the look.

#27 Snow White Jumbo Box Braids

Unleash your inner Snow White with these metallic silver colored box braids. This is a look that is sure to make people stop and ask you who your hairdresser is.

#28 Classic Box Braids Style

Stay classy with a short box braid cut that is sure to impress.

#29 Queen Bee Half Updo, Half Down Box Braids

This is a look fit for a queen. The updo is done up as if you were wearing a crown. This look is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

#30 Surf Friendly & Short

If you’re the type to hang out at the beach then this short side swept box braid look is perfect for you. You can enjoy the surf without worrying about messing up your hair.

#31 Casual Side Swept

If you’re feeling like enjoying your day off then this is the kind of look for you. This is a casual side swept box braid look with jumbo braids.

#32 Extra Long and Flowy

You can have long and flowy box braids by adding an extension to your hair. This look is fun and fantastic.

#33 Inspirational Half Up Knot, Half Down Box Braids Style

This is the kind of hairstyle that catches peoples attention. This half up, half down bun box braid is beautiful and impressive.

#34 Multi-Color Updo Knot

This bun screams, “fun!” Pun intended this look is what anyone needs to show off their fierce, fun, and colorful sense of style, fashion, and pride.

#35 Short Box Braids with Bling Glam

Spice up a short box braid style by adding some bling to it. the clips are understated just enough to pass in the workplace while maintaining your sense of individuality and beauty.

#36 Double Box Braids Pony Tail

Using your braids to make a scrunchie is a brilliant idea. Not to mention the pop of color adds another dimension to an already in-depth style and look.

#37 Half Up, Half Down Box Braids Bun

This is your classic half up and half down bun. This look is easy to achieve and maintain.  Paired with glasses this look is very smart!

#38 Side Knot Box Braids

This sophisticated side knot box braids with a pop of metallic gold is breathtaking. With the extensions for added length, you can show off your inner beauty on the outside too.

#39 Box Braids Half Up, Half Down Style

The metallic gold weaved carefully into this half updo is really impressive. This is the kind of style any hairdesser would be proud of.

#40 Laid Back Box Braids Partial Ponytail

Pull your hair back into a partial ponytail to keep the hair out of your face while you get stuff done. This look along with the highlights is easy and chic.

#41 Box Braids Full Ponytail

This high pony tail is stunning. What’s even more incredible is how easy it is to pull off this look. All you have to do is pull all your braids back into a chic ponytail.

#42 Stunning Blonde Box Braids

These blond highlighted box braids are ideal for warm weather. Enjoy your beautiful locks all summer.

#43 Artistic Box Braids Updo

This inventive updo is impressive and easier to do than you would think. It’s a great way to style your hair for the day to keep it looking good and out of your face.

#43 French Braid Inspired Box Braid Look

Pulling your box braids back into a french braid is ingenious. This kind of look usually requires someone to do it for you, but as long as your stylist knows what they’re doing it’s easy enough to get the look.

#44 Box Braids Classy Knot Updo

This knot updo is one way to creatively express yourself. The metallic gold highlights add depth an already impressive hairstyle.

#45 Slicked Back Box Braids

This box braid style is fabulous. Unleash your inner beauty with some slicked back box braids.

#46 Princess Box Braid Style

This is another look that screams, “princess!” The back pulled over braid is stunning. Not to mention, the gold highlights are an added bonus.

#47 Princess Ponytail with Box Braids

Dare to show off your inner princess with this ponytail style of box braids. This is another easy style that looks glamarous and is functional.

#48 Adventurous Box Braid Style

These red oragne braids are fierce and firery. Let your adventerous side shine with this style choice.

#49 Box Braids With Bling

Nothing glams up box braids more than adding a little bit of bling to them. These hair clips are stylish and practical. They look good and keep your hair out of your face. They are the perfect accessory to any box braid look.

#50 High Box Braids Ponytail

This high bun flows right into a braided ponytail. It is absolutely remarkable how casual, yet sophisticated this look is.

#51 Read Carpet Ready Box Braids

Box braids will always have you ready for your close up. This kind of look is ready to rock the red carpet. You are bold and beautiful.


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