71 Cute Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies [Fascinating Styles to Choose from]


Hairstyles are not just a way to show your fashion sense but also allow you to change the structure of the hair. Many women have a soft spot for the blonde hairdo because of the unique look that comes with it. Whether you are rocking short or long hair, this hairstyle can change your looks for good.

There are many ways to achieve this classy look. Our collections comprise amazing blonde hairdos that you can make out of your natural hair. Do you want to go from dark natural hair colour to platinum blonde? Discover the styles that can transform you through the process.

Platinum Blonde

Your transformation through the bleaching process of a dark natural hair colour starts with adorning the platinum blonde look. The secret to achieving this is to apply yellowish tints to the strands while neutralizing the yellow tones between salon visits.

Blonde Hair with Brown Hues

Consider rocking a full-blonde hair and style the strands to the sides. The brow hues take a central position in the same line as the surgical line at the middle of the hair.

Honey Blonde

Make the look dazzling when you apply honey-hued highlighting while the darker roots in the same way they are. After the colorist does his part, you may want to toss the hair to the sides in a curvy manner.

Weaved Back

This style is ideal for women that have some volume at the top. Weave back some of the strands while keeping brown hues at the top of the hair.

Silver Look

Apply some good hair products (such as a gel) before slicking back the hair. Even when you are sun-shy, you can still achieve the silver undertone to this look by choosing the right colours.

Bronze Creamy Blonde

The bronze creamy blonde hairdo entails the application of varying tones of honey highlighting at the top with light brown base at the top.

Buttery Blonde

Allow the warm hues to splash over the honey-yellow of this hairstyle. It can make many positive impressions if you have a pearly skin complexion and a stunning eye colour to go with it.

Cropped Blonde

Bring the blonde-coloured hair to the front while leaving some for the sides. Consider adding brown hues over the hair.

Messy Blonde

Whether you love adventure or simply want to try something new, you may want to bring in some variations to the blonde hairstyle. Let this hairdo be your guide!

Golden Blonde

You will certainly love the natural looks on this hairdo. Consider adding a mix of gold and honey hues to pull off this multidimensional look.

Brown and Cropped at the Front

Allow your hair to grow to a considerable height before taking a swipe at this hairstyle. When due, toss enough volume to the front, crop it a few inches above the forehead and toss some to the sides.

Natural Blonde

Achieve a baby look when you spot the right blonde colour variation for this hairstyle.

Messy + Side Sweep

While the hair looks messy on its own, you may want to reduce the density of the fluffy look by tossing to the sides.

Ash Blonde

This can be a choice when you have dark natural skin and eye colour. Rock it with style by tossing to the sides and maintaining dark hues on it.

Sandy Blonde

This can be an option when you have graying hair. A darker and natural hair is also a good fit for this hairstyle.

Slick Back + Dark Hues

Roll back the strands while maintaining dark hues in the same proportion.

Exquisite Blonde

Make the best out of those shiny eyes when you settle for a blonde hairstyle with texture. Spread the hair evenly across the sides of the face to maintain a clean look.

Brownish Blonde

This hairdo makes the list of blonde hairstyles and is unarguably one of the best to come out of the dark brown hues. Achieve a rich, contrasting look by adding dark-blonde bases.

Stylish Blonde + Middle Part

Consider a middle part to go along with this look for a fascinating appearance.

Honey Hues on a Messy Blonde

Make the looks shiny when you add honey hues to the messy blonde hairdo.

Light Ash Blonde Hairdo

The secret to this style is adding an ashy tint to the strands to achieve a whiter shade of blonde hairstyle. Finish the job with a middle part.

Side Swept Blonde

Throw the shades to the sides while maintaining brown shades at the top of the hair.

Dark Base + Light Ash Topknot

Combine the best of both worlds by rocking dark-coloured strands at the base. You can then create a distinction by adorning light ash hair tied in the form of a topknot.

Creative Blonde Hairdo

While the light colours make their way midway into the strands, the top brings up the rear with brown highlights.

Honey Hues + Middle Part

Rock this unique style to the fullest when you bring in parting at the middle of the head.

Beige Blonde

Apply dark hues at the base while you maintain light highlights at the top for a warm look.

The Pompadour Style

Disrupt the stage with the men-inspired pompadour hairdo. Slick it back afterward.

Resplendent Blonde Hairdo

Style your natural hair this way and you’re sure to leave people guessing how you achieved the feat.

Dirty Blonde

It’s not really dirty! This creative blonde hairdo is something you would want to miss. Achieve it with tons of wheat colour spread through the strands.

Creative Hard Part

Bring the parting style into the hair to make it look creative.

Short Side Sweep with Silver Tones

Toss some volume of the strands to a side after achieving a silver/suntanned look on the hair.

Blonde Hair with Spirals

Take the look to the next level when you style your voluminous hair to the sides.

Ash-Coloured Blonde with Volume

Integrate the ashy hues into the hair while incorporating a side part.

Copper Blonde and Weaves

The luminous dark golden hues really look good when you apply it on wavy hair.

Pompadour with Spirals

With short pomp at the top, you can toss it to a side to bring out the spirals.

Messy Blonde Inspiration

Throw caution to the wind by getting this blonde-inspired hairdo.

Innovative Fringe

It doesn’t cost much to look good, and this fringe-inspired blonde look is a testimonial to that fact.

Side and Back Sweep

If you’re blessed with long hair, you may want to add the golden highlights before tossing some volume to the side and back.

Textured Fringe

Integrate texture into the hair while maintaining golden highlights on the hair.

Caramel Blonde

This light golden brown hair is all shades of awesomeness. You sure wouldn’t want to miss out on the intriguing colours.

The Jelly Look

Make use of a styling product (preferably gel) to weave back the golden hues on the hair.

Chocolate Blonde

The shade of caramel blonde comes in here to create a warm and stunning look on golden highlights.

Classy Blonde Hair

It wouldn’t be a daunting task to achieve this when you transition your natural hair to a blonde look.

Stylish Blonde Hairdo

The smile on the face is an indication that the wearer is happy with the colorist’s work. Do you want the same smile to spread across your face? Consider transitioning your natural hair to this format.

Silver Highlights

Integrate the right colours by maintaining silver hues at the tips of the hair.

All White

The whitish colour here is a testimonial to the glamorous look of the blonde hairdo.

Side Fringe + Surgical Line

Toss a good volume of hair to the side and retain a surgical line at the other.

Blonde Hair with Style

The blonde hairstyle offers you the opportunity to make the most out of every situation and this is one of the ways to achieve that.

Side Sweep with Dark Highlights

Integrate dark hues at a side while maintaining the silver version at the other. This creates a dignified look.

Fabulous Blonde Hair

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The middle part and the dark-hued strands combine to make this look intriguing.

The Rihanna Look

Whether Rihanna is your favourite artist or not, you wouldn’t mind taking up this style.

Blonde + Fringe

Incorporate the blonde look into your fringe hairdo using this style as a yardstick.

Blonde Look for the Red Carpet

This blonde hairdo is tailored for events. You’ll certainly look dazzling when you hit the red carpet with it.

Arresting Blonde

The colour of the eyes combines with the golden and silver hues of the strands to create an arresting look.

Ashy Blonde at the Tips

Not everyone may want to transition from a natural-looking hair to a full-blown hairdo. However, a few ashy hues at the tips of the hair will make a lot of difference.

Blonde Weaves

Having voluminous hair is the secret to achieving this look. When the colorist is through with adding the right set of hues, you may want to weave back the strands for a dignified look.

Front Weaves + Hard Part

Consider bringing the weaves to the front if you have enough hair to spare. While you’re at it, it’s important to integrate a hard in the middle of the hair for a classy look.

Golden + Silver Hues

If you love adventure, it’s important to add both golden and silver hues on the hair. While the golden colour holds sway from the top to the middle of the strands, you have to bring the silver hues to take the baton from the middle to the tips.

Blonde Hair with Dark Highlights

Dark hues are quite impressive and you wouldn’t regret styling your hair this way. To bring class into the style, you may want to toss a good volume to the left-hand side while using an invisible part to demarcate it with the short length at the other side.

Messy Comb-Over

Combing the hair over to a side can be a good idea when you have enough hair to spare. While you’re at it, you may consider adding ashy highlights to the comb-over and the strands by the side.

Cops’ Blonde Hair

Take the colours to the next level by adorning strands with golden highlights with the beret concealing the top of the hair.

Honey-Yellow + Weave Back

You may consider tossing the strands to the back after integrating the honey hue into the hair.

Long Blonde Weaves

Bring the weaves downward with dark and golden hues running from the top to the middle.

Hard Part with Highlights

While the dark and silver hues make highlights on the hair, you may want to bring in the hard part to demarcate the strands.

Flashy Blonde Hairdo

This style is flashy and there’s no doubt about that. Remember to integrate the honey-hued and silver highlights to complete the look.

Blonde Hair with Volume

Make the best out of your voluminous hair by asking your stylist to give you this style on your next visit.

Impressive Highlights

The varied colours on this blonde hairstyle are the reason why it looks catchy.

Daring Look

You can dare for more when you have this style sitting on your hair.

Chestnut Blonde

Mix the colour by adding darker and golden highlights.

Highlighted Weaves

Recreate your natural hairdo by adopting this style of wavy hairdo with the colourful highlights that go with it.

Auburn Blonde Hair

The dramatic hue in this blonde hair colour combines with the tangerine twist to offer you an exquisite look.


Colour Guide for Blonde Hair

There’ll be no hassles when transitioning from a natural to a full-blown hairstyle. With the right blonde hair colour shades, you won’t find it hard to go blonde. Below are some blonde colour guides:

  1. Buttery Blonde

This involves the use of honey-yellow hues to achieve a warm hue on the hair.

  1. Creamy Blonde

You can achieve this by white shades of blonde hues. It also goes the extra mile to bring some white into your darker roots.

  1. Natural Blonde

This can be a great idea because it helps to rock the blonde hairdo as if you were born blonde.

  1. Light Ash

This combines a whiter shade of blonde hues with hints of ash or gray colours.

  1. Silver Blonde

A silver-blonde hairdo features an ashy shade that converts your hair into a sterling hue.

How to Style a Blonde Hair (Essential Tips you must master)

Styling the hair to take a blonde texture and colour can be tasking if you don’t know how to go about it. These tips will help you:

  • Decide on the type of look you want to have. Do you love the suntanned or natural formats? Make your decision!
  • Note that your eye colour is a determinant to choosing a blonde hairdo. Some styles tag along with dark eyes, while others prefer sky blue, hazel, or green eyes.
  • Most importantly is your skin colour/tone! Women who want to be favoured here must have dark, medium, or fair skin tones.
  • Keep your blonde look within two (2) steps of your natural hair colour. This makes the look to be natural and not like something out of the blues.
  • Remember to use a purple shampoo at intervals to neutralize the yellow tones.


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