128 Images of Brad Pitt Hair to Make you Drool and Stare


Brad Pitt is an American actor who can be considered Hollywood royalty. Ever since scoring a role in the classic film Thelma and Louise, his career has sky rocketed and he has reached the dizzying heights of fame and fortune. Not only does he get the ladies gushing from his good looks and charm, he is also one of the best actors of his generation. Brad Pitt doesn’t shy away from challenging roles such as Micky One Punch in Snatch or his character in interview with a Vampire.

If Brad Pitt’s name is on the DVD cover you know it’s going to be a good film. He seems to only get involved with worthwhile projects. In this post, we take a closer look at Brad Pitt’s ever changing hairstyles. Get ready to be Brad Pittified as you scroll.


Brad Pitt Hair

Here is the man of the hour sporting his race car attire and a cool hairstyle. Brad has a grown out fade with some blonde streaks. I’m not really sure what movie this picture was taken from. Hit us up in the comments box if you know.

This hairstyle would suit a middle aged man who is trying to look younger. It’s a man of leisure of style haircut. It would go well with a white linen suit while cruising on your yacht with your much younger girlfriend.

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Young Brad Pitt Hair

These next few images are of Brad when he was first starting out in the acting game. This hairstyle is typical of the fashion in the early nineties. Everyone from boy bands to famous actors were rocking the fade with long hair parted to one side.

The image below is from Brad’s break out role in Thelma and Louise. This small part got him noticed and he then went on the become the superstar that he is today.

Long Brad Pitt Hair

Brad was first seen sporting long hair on the big screen in the film Interview with Vampire in which he played a vampire lord with the ethical dilemma of having to kill people for food. He starred along side a young Tom Cruise and an even younger Kirsten Dunst who played the young girl vampire.

This long haired look was many years past Interview with a Vampire. This was more than likely from the film Oceans 12 where he plays a dapper career thief. Brad and his merry band of criminals take on the enormous task of robbing one of the most high security casinos in Las Vegas. Along the way team run into a series of problems, a love interest, and a whole lot of fun. Needles to say they pull it off in the end and get away with millions of dollars worth of casino takings.

The are four movies in the Oceans series and it’s definitely worth seeing. The entertainment factor is well up there and I highly recommend these films.


Awards Night Brad Pitt Hair

He scrubs up pretty well doesn’t he folks. Here is Brad all done up and attending the an awards ceremony in Hollywood. Over the span of his career Brad Pitt has been nominated 167  different awards including best actor in a feature film. He has taken home statues for 57 times.

That’s fifty seven different thank you speeches. I wonder if he’s sick of writing them by now. This is a tremendous effort and not many actors get this many accolades in their life time. Brad Pitt is still acting so I’m sure this number will grow as he gets older and better at his craft.


Dapper Brad Pitt Hair

He is a man of many faces and styles. Over the years Brad Pitt has seamlessly reinvented his look time and time again. In the above image he is going for the dapper slicked back look. This one is easily achieved at home. All you need is some of your favorite styling gel and you’re in business.Then all you have to do is rub the gel into your hair and comb it back.

This hairstyle is great for people with medium to long hair and need to step it up a notch for a formal occasion such as wedding or dinner party.

You can tame your unruly hair for the night and look like a respectable member of society for a few hours at least anyway. Then when your done you can go home, change into your food stained robe, smoke weed, and play video games. Be a social chameleon and adapt to your environment effortlessly.


Crew Cut Brad Pitt Hair

The above image is Brad Pitt with crew cut. He adopted this hairstyle when he played the role of Leutenant Aldo Rain in the film Inglorious Basterds. This was such a great film and followed around a troop of US soldiers who’s primary objective was to kill Nazis.

They would kill Nazis and torture them but they would always leave one man alive to tell the tale of he Inglorius Basterds and bring fear to the heart of the Nazis. Brad played the leader of the Basterds that consisted of a star studded line up.

One of Eli Roth’s most famous performances was the bear Dew. He was called upon to destroy Nazi’s with a good old fashioned American baseball bat.


Rockabilly Brad Pitt Hair

Here is Brad sporting some Elvis or rockabilly quiff styled hair. This hair cut is synonomous with the greaser look. It was made famous by the Elvis and a bunch of other high profile musicians from that era.

Rockabilly or greaser culture consist of cars, dancing and leather jackets. There is probably a lot more to it but I never really was interested in that sort of thing. We would love to hear from any Greasers out there in the comments. Maybe even send in a picture of your amazing quiff.

This look is great if you plan a trip to Vegas with the lads. Imagine how much fun you will with your buddies if you are all impersonating Elvis.


Interview with a Vampire Brad Pitt Hair

Brad grew these long luscious locks for his role in Interview with a vampire. As you can see here that Brad is quite young in this photo.

Interview with Vampire shot Brad to heights of stardom and cemented his career as a influential Hollywood elite that could fill cinemas and the bank accounts of thirsty film producers. To his credit he has taken roles in indy films that don’t pay so well. This is a clear indication that he is man of the arts and values his craft.

If the script is decent Brad will give it a go regardless of the reward. The reward to him is creating masterpieces.

Blast From the Past Brad Pitt Hair

This is Brad Pitt’s look from the film Twelve Monkeys which he picked up a best supporting actor award. Twelve Monkey’s was a cool film about that starred Bruce Willis about a group of animal activist that get into hot water after they release a monkey with a virus that is detrimental to mankind.

It was one of the top films in it’s day and still stands up today’s standards. The superstar combination of Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt made it a box office hit and the screen play was a cut above the rest.

Brad played a cray dude that was behind the animal rights group and he tormented Bruce Willis on a regular basis. It was one of those classic duo’s on screen. Who would you like to see pair up in a film for a classic combination. Hit us up in the comments box below and let us know.

I think I would like to see Johnny Depp and Joaquin Phoenix. These two actors are up there with the best and they have played a myriad of diverse and challenging roles throughout their careers.




Fight Club Brad Pitt Hair

Fight Club is a film based off the novel of the same name by Chuck Palunuik. It was about a guy with split personalities. The first personality was a shy do gooder office worker that used to take whatever life gave him. Never outspoken or bashful and always submissive. His alter ego named Tyler Durden was the exact opposite.

He cause shit wherever he went and eventually formed fight club. A club where men could go and relive stress by beating the living daylights out of each other. The club expanded to larger numbers and then to an anti est\establishment movement.

They run around the streets causing havoc and acts of terrorism against the system. The whole time the main character is unbeknownst to his split personality. Brad plays his alter ego, which he thinks is a separator entity to himself the whole time until he finally realizes at the end.


Lumberjack Brad Pitt Hair

Has Brad had enough of society? This look suggests he’s been in hiding in a cabin in the woods surviving off whatever he could forage like acorns and squirrels.

He chops wood throughout the day to keep in shape and ready for a call from his agent to star in the next box office hit. Well, not really but it’s a nice thought. The lumberjack look is the pinnacle of manhood.

You can rock this look even if you haven’t swung an axe in your life. All you have to do is let all your hair grow. The beard, the chest hair, the armpits and of course on top of the head. Then you will be in fine form to rock the look. The next step is to dress in flannel and learn some survival skills although it’s not essential. You can just pretend or you could even call it acting.



Roman Soldier Brad Pitt Hair

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is Brad in the film Troy which also starred Australia’s very own Eric Bana. Eric Bana is now a Hollywood star but he first started his acting career in an Australian comedy skit show called the comedy company.

He then went on to play Australian gangster Mark “Chopper” Brandon Read in the biopic called chopper. This role made the Hollywood execs pay attention to the wealth of talent in the land down under. He then went onto to play Hulk and a slew of other high profile roles which made him one of the most success Aussie actors of all time.

From memory Troy wasn’t the best movie but it wasn’t the worst either. Brad is rocking the long unkempt hair of Roman soldier making all the ladies flock to the cinema to get their glimpse of Brad with long hair being super masculine.




Bleached Brad Pitt Hair

This is the look you go for if you want to be a hit man or a drug dealer at the beach. Bleaching hair is a great to completely 180 degree your look unless your blonde already.
But be careful. Bleaching your hair can have a negative impact on the health of your hair.

If you do happen to bleach your hair make sure that you use a high quality conditioner to replenish the natural oils that bleach pulls from your hair. Hair masks or treatments are also a good practice to partake in when dying or bleaching your hair.


Did you get  your Brad Pitt fix? Wow this list has been a huge one of the same dude in every picture. It may have been all of Brad but my hasn’t he changed his look dramatically over the years. He has almost covered every different style known to man and you can be sure that one these looks will suit you.

You could be the next Brad Pitt with a haircut like these mentioned in the list. Well, maybe not but you can pretend to be. Your girlfriend will be all over you when you sport one of Brad’s looks. Learn a few lines from one of his movies as well and you’re partner will be in heaven. I can’t guarantee it but it’s worth a shot.



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