125 Braids For Black Women That Will Blow Your Mind!


Upon the first glance, you would be pardoned for considering these were only cornrows but just before you go on you must know these aren’t just latest cornrow styles, they are goddess braid hairdos. Those are little something different. Braids for black women are just awesome!

Consider for being one of those trusted styles, simple to endure, low-maintenance, and so on, it is an excellent design to choose when you are attempting to give hair that has been chemically treated or over-treated and a break for some time. Let’s have a look. Here’s a short video for you. Also, check our another post “255 Chicest Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Make You Look Awesome!

Top 125 Braids For Black Women!

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles For The Black Women:

For the black females out there, there’s undoubtedly no need to shave your hair off when you desire to experiment with the popular Mohawk hairdo. As we see from above picture hair is perfectly pulled from sides for making it seem like it is shaved off as well as braided beautifully in the center of head.

Not to mention, her “cornrows” are after that braided from middle of hairline to the backside and we definitely appreciate how this hairstyle appeared, not forgetting how neat this is all the way through.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles For Children:

With this hairstyle, your young girl will unquestionably be the focal point everywhere she will go. The excellent detail of this style that includes “cornrows” facing in various directions and various patterns with a lot of multi-colored accessorizing beads that help make this amazing look the dream of the little girls out there.

Apart from making your kid look overly stunning this hairstyle additionally keeps her gorgeous hair well shielded. I am very much crazy about how “moisturized” this young girl’s lock is. This is an indication that the hair is properly handled and of course with love.

  1. Mohawk Black Braided Hairstyles:

In whatever way you sport your Mohawk, you should be confident that it can emerge looking wonderful. With the cornrows on sides as well as a “curl-top”, there is simply no way you’ll go wrong. It is an extremely stylish and chic look and if you prefer to try this out on the natural hair, then it is recommended to make use of a medium or large sized “curling-iron” for all those alluring curls on the top.

  1. Grey And Black Braids With Bun:

To get a charming and youthful look these grey and black braids are exactly what you require. Besides the extremely elegant “grey” detail this hairstyle additionally offers a ponytail and “half-up” bun which altogether looks seriously sexy. I can’t avoid mentioning that a “touch” of the golden beads did not do this hairstyle any bad.

  1. Side Swept Long Box Braids:

Amazing layered length, deep side-swept as well as a soft touch of the color, clearly I can say this hairstyle has everything you’ll get excited about. Also with the size of all these braids, the shape of her face still stands apart through them as a result if you’re trying to find style, then this hairdo is precisely what you are looking for.

You will not go anywhere unseen whenever you appear this gorgeous. Any shape of face will look excellent with these side parted long braids.

  1. Braided Updo Best Black Hairdo:

“Lupita Nyongo” is a celebrity and definitely celebrities are supposed to look as incredible as she appears with this hairdo. Her perfectly created cornrows are generally secured to her crown with braid as well as in case she was having this appearance to red carpet, I’m more than confident that she turned out as one of the most exceptional ladies that day.

  1. Black Braided Hairdos For Prom:

The prom night always will be probably the most unforgettable night in your life, therefore, you will have every purpose to appear the perfect you possibly can and that’s why we recommend this amazing upheld as well as braided hairdo for you.

Not to mention, in this hairstyle locks from the back, front and sides are completely taken up to your crown and kept into a really big round bun which is later encircled with the braid. At this point, all you’ll have remaining to perform is to get the wonderful outfit to fit your stunning hairstyle.

  1. Small And Big Black Braided Hairstyles:

The times of sporting plain “ponytails” are gone long; it is definitely the trend in which even the easiest hairstyles are provided lots of details exactly like in this picture above where ponytail is taken to a completely new level.

On the other hand, the blend of big and small braids is quite interesting, it tends to make the ponytail a lot more flexible than already it is. However, the braids happen to be held up using some braid strands which makes it suitable for work periods but you can too hold this in place using a more vibrant or even more accessorized “puff” holder for giving it an increasingly thrilling finish.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles With Low Bun:

Every female wants to look stylish and even the most exciting aspect about being stylish is that you do not need to do excessively to grab the standard of beauty you are searching for. However, in this image, we see the songstress “Brandy” sporting box braids having a middle part as well as behind the “low-held” bun. It looks so easy but it’s really impressive how she appears so classy and beautiful.

  1. Best Exceptional Black Braided Hairstyles:

Going to show up at a formal function this weekend break and you do not know which hairdo to sport? I can guarantee you that the braided updo having a “side-swept” bang will exceptionally have you definitely sorted.

On the other hand, being “black” in the color, you do not have to bother about this not being ideal for your complexion. A few of the “braids” are usually held to the “crown” into a larger bun while the others are usually braided to front side to make the bang.

  1. Best Braided Black Long Hairstyles:

The extremely beautiful Solange arrives looking all gorgeous with the super long “box braids” styled in a simple updo. This particular style is undoubtedly very stylish and will certainly take you the places however we appreciate the “length” of braids a lot more because they are very attention catching.

The style fits all kinds of faces however only to avoid your tresses from having any type of damage, you’re advised to just keep such longer braids in approximately 4 to 6 weeks not any more than that.

  1. Best Gorgeous Black Braided Hairstyles:

With the well treated and sleek hair, you’ll superbly accomplish this “back-held” braided bun hairdo. Making this hairstyle is extremely simple as you just need to brush the hair behind making sure that there are actually no “strands” flying as it is extremely neat style, just before you finally hold the curly hair to back and protecting it with the braid.

At the same time, rounding the bun up with the braid won’t just secure the design but also provide it details. This kind of hairdos looks perfect with the neutral make-up much like on the image here.

  1. Best Crotchet Black Braided Hairstyles:

These truly big black “medium-sized” twist braids tend to be another strategy to be noticeable. The shiny appearance and large size are exactly what we appreciate most about crochet braids. The crotchet braids can be a wise decision when you’re not all set to wait for a long time for your complete head being braided as they’re “stitched” not plaited.

On the other hand, for all these braids, actually you have to begin with the big “cornrows” and after that, the crotchets will be stitched on carefully, the biggest benefit about crotchets is they look excellent on all the face shapes.

  1. Black Box Braided Hairstyles:

On this picture, the amazingly beautiful woman showcases her amazing braids in the form of a “half-held” side-swept updo style. Not forgetting, her amazing braids are usually parted from side as well as held just to one part making her lovely face be noticeable very well. For “round face” shaped women out there, it is the best-braided hairstyle which you can’t afford to skip. This is an extremely simple but quite eye-catching look to sport on those informal days.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles For The Little Girls:

While you stay looking all fantastic it is significant that you additionally make the little princess appearing her best. We must admit that the hairdo will make the little one appear very fashionable while not making her uneasy at all cause being on sides tresses is braided aside to the backside of the head and also in the center some braid strands tend to be left to “hang-down” somewhat towards the face devoid of tapping onto the skin.

She is able to take this hairstyle to her school and even other children’s events; therefore, you will just be kept with the battle of having the ideal dress for wherever she’ll be going.

  1. Best Fashionable Black Braided Hairstyles:

The box braids can allow you to taste your creativeness in a number of different ways, so you can be practical with these like you notice in the picture the braids tend to be used to produce a super exclusive yet very complementing bang.

Whenever the braids are usually long sufficient you can effortlessly pull off them into a number of styles, however, they have been folded into thick bang which hangs only above one of the eyes and anybody will certainly acknowledge that she looks absolutely marvelous. Besides her appealing earrings, I additionally love the way the color mixes beautifully with the skin tone.

  1. Top Three Strands Black Braided Hairstyles:

Rather than those intricate and numerous braids which take a relatively long time to make, you can pick to look for these 2 braids and yet look completely flawless. These are usually completed in your natural locks or you can add the extension braids in case your hair isn’t that long. It is an innovative way to test out the middle part and maintaining hair totally away from the face. For beauty the braids should be left to “fall” upon your shoulders and obviously not to backside, it is quite simple but additionally very beautiful.

  1. Intricate Black Braided Hairstyles:

In case you believed you were not creative enough, then with the braids, I guarantee you that you’ll turn out to be the most innovative person ever, there’s just a lot to test out in terms of braided hairdos.

These might have been easy braids which they are given simply that little intricate detail for making the whole style turn completely amazing. In the front, the hair is actually plaited into the cornrows as much as “half” way the “head”, as well as the braids, tend to be left to dangle. This style is going to make you become the core of attention in the office for days.

  1. Side Swept Black Braided Hairdos:

When “Melanie Fiona” presents herself looking this amazing with the side-swept as well as braided hairstyle, this is quite obvious that lots of girls are going to be motivated to try out the look. Of course, we know that the “side-sweep” is constantly stunning but with exclusive French braiding on the side, it’s extremely spectacular.

On this amazing look, braided side holds a lot of focus but just how the hair curves aside right above the eye lets us also to notice her gorgeous makeup. This is the high time to move away from all those old designed side ponytails to try out this beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyles For The Teens:

How will I possibly discuss braided hairdos and not involve a hairstyle for the teens? For all the stylish teens that wish to keep this super style, you must try these beautiful braids out. Wash your tresses thoroughly, ensure that it is moisturized perfectly and you’ll have the braids appearing as incredible as they look within the image above. Exactly what tends to make this hairstyle so outstanding and loveable is just how each large braid is implemented up with small braid, this looks so divine.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles For Ladies Above 40:

Just for the stunning ladies who are over 40 but aren’t frustrated by the age and desire to flawless, here’s a braided hairdo which will certainly keep you appearing effortlessly wonderful. These “twist” braids aren’t very long and even are they are not too short that makes them to be weather friendly.

For adding some style to this particular look, a few of braids are usually put on the shoulder “one-side” and also thrown at the back conversely offering a very womanly look. Sometimes being easy is the proper way to be elegant actually.

  1. Fish Tail Messy Black Braided Hairstyles:

Needless to say, long hair will be very fantastic however it appears very boring and plain with no detailing and for that reason here’s a braided hairdo which will let you have a great time with your truly natural long tresses. It is an extremely classy look but I individually love the way the braid is made messily, it tends to make the entire look considerably sexier.

Therefore whenever you’re not in the spirits to work the curling irons for twisting your locks and even flat irons for straightening your hair, then it is preferable to look for the particular style highlighted in this image.

  1. Curly Black Braided Hairstyles:

Look outstanding, very unique and chic with this gorgeous curly braided hairdo. The front portion of the hairstyle has superbly curved braids as well as all of that other hair is usually left curly and unbraided, as we perfectly know that curls are extremely sexy and attractive. For curls at back, you may use a little size “curling-iron” and take advantage of the fingers to put more texture and definition to your curls.

The hairstyle is detailed already by itself, therefore there’s no reason to hassle yourself with the accessories otherwise it is going to be an excessive amount of everything.

  1. Best Free Black Braided Hairstyles:

Take pleasure in your freedom and simplicity in these “free-box” braids, as I said that braids are everything you desire them to become. In the image we see the lady taking pleasure in her 3 strand braids when she makes them to freely fall to various parts of the head. Whenever you are opting for the ice cream, the movies, buying or on all those truly tiring trips, the braids will unquestionably meet your needs.

They need quite little maintenance possibly oiling the head each week to avoid it from heading dry and also keep the tresses soft even if it is “covered” in the braids up.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun:

With the braids you are able to stay simple but still accomplish an edgy and chic look as well as the above image proves exactly what I’m saying now. This hairstyle is a blend of the “free-flowing” braids along with bun critically placed on the temple to perfectly fit her long “face-shape” nicely.

The braid strands in front are folded to front side to generate that truly exclusive bun while other braids are usually left to dangle on both the sides of the shoulders. It is the way you sport braids to all those formal occasions that people often call improper for braids as well as leave everyone glancing.

  1. Sleek Black Braided Hairstyles:

The mixture of braids as well as long “side-swept” bangs is completely amazing, there’s something exciting about this particular braided hairstyle which makes it get noticed as attractively as it can. On the right side, the hair is actually “braided” behind into little and truly neat cornrows whereas, on left side, the hair is usually brushed towards her face making this cut-through her face to make a very stylish “side-sweeping” bang which drifts completely down to her shoulders in larger waves. It is the type of hairdo you rock those days whenever you need to be completely different and even do something innovative.

  1. Black Braided Hairstyles With Colors:

There is unquestionably no doubt regarding the truth that “Rihanna” can effortlessly accomplish any look as she is gorgeous naturally but this dual lace braided hairdo is simply something else. The process starts with very stylish middle part and after that hair is completely kept away from face with dual lace braid which is completed up in a fashionable and long braid.

At the same time, the “side-braid” is extremely womanly but the dual lace braid makes such a spectacular touch on her look. There is unquestionably no requirement for accessories with this hairstyle, it is incredible on its own already, simply match this up with perfect dress and you’ll be great to go.

  1. Simple Black Braided Hairstyles:

Needless to say, “Keri Hilson” is extremely sexy and hot yet the key reason why she is on this list is actually her beautifully and neatly done braids. On the other hand, being quite flexible, all these braids can take you through work and directly to that unique evening dinner and night out in case you choose.

The braids will be left to “free” their way right down to back with some braid strands drawn from sides and hooked to backside to keep the lovely face shape being noticed. It is an extremely feminine hairstyle however the most exciting thing about this is it will just need you a short while to make.



To conclude, black women are the symbol of beauty and thus they need the best braids. The best braids mentioned above are perfect for black ladies. You just have to try this out.

If you have any queries in mind then don’t hesitate and let us know in the comment box below. Make sure that you spread this post on social media with your friends so that they too can get the awesome braids and look gorgeous!








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