120 Best Braided Style Ideas for Black Women


Are you stuck looking for ideas for your hairstyle? That must be really annoying, especially if you can’t come up with anything that suits your tastes. You need something that will be beautiful enough to make you feel like a queen. And as vast as the Internet is, you can’t always find something that’s appealing enough.

Worry no more, because with these braids for black women that you’re going to find in the paragraphs below, you will grab everyone’s attention and you will feel like a goddess.


  • Long Braids

Braids are amazing, which is why only getting a few ones doesn’t seem to be enough. So, why not go for a full head of braids that will flow on your shoulders and back like a river? It will make you look like a goddess, especially if you decide to add the proper hair accessories to decorate it.

It might take very long to be able to achieve it, but it will be worth it in the end, given the number of compliments you are going to receive. It’s also a look that would fit multiple occasions when done properly.

  • Half-Braids, Half-Crochet

As beautiful as braids can be, sometimes you don’t want to have them all over your hair. Moreover, you might fear losing the hair volume that would compliment your facial features, while possibly hiding the parts you feel insecure about.

There’s no need to get rid of the hair volume, as you can settle for a hairstyle that includes braids, as well as a crochet. It might sound strange at first, but it’s achievable, and it will take you less than it would take you to braid the whole hair.

Basically, this style involves braiding the roots of the hair, whereas the flowy part will be made in a crochet style that will add a lot of volume. It’s certainly a unique way of using this style, and the best part is that the crochet can easily be put into a ponytail or topknot. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

  • Top Knot Braids

You don’t necessarily need to keep your braids flowing on your back or shoulders. Even if you’ve already braided the hair, you can still create something else from it. A top knot made of braids would look just amazing, especially if your hair will be braided from the roots to the ends.

Also, this style is very elegant, making you stand out wherever you go. Therefore, if you want to look like a powerful princess, don’t refrain from trying this unique hairstyle.

  • French Braids

Your mother probably used to braid your hair when you were a little, settling for two long braids that would usually fall on your shoulders. It offers an innocent and cute look that will never grow old.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the two braids during your adult years, and if you take this style to the next level, you’re going to look quite cool.

This hairstyle involves two twin French braids that will start at the top of your hair. In other words, the braid will start at the root of the hair. You have to create three-strand braids and add a little more hair per section while you keep moving down. This way, you will successfully braid your whole hair and achieve the look.

In addition, if you braid the rest of your roods as well, you will look even cooler, and surely make an impression wherever you go. So, these braids for black women should definitely be taken into consideration.

  • Braided Ponytail

Turning your whole hair into a sea of braids is an amazing idea, especially if you have long hair and you are sure you’ll rock the style. At the same time, keeping them normal may either become boring or you’ll be angry at the hair getting in your way. So, you might want to change its style a bit.

A ponytail is a great way to do so, and if you make it out of braided hair, it will look even better. If you use the right accessory to tie it up, you will make it look even more beautiful. It will be a simple yet chic style.

  • Crown Braid

Crown braids are the perfect hairstyles for queens, and if you’re going to an important meeting or event, your hair won’t go unnoticed. It’s suited for special occasions and will make any woman look like she owns the world.

The hairstyle is made starting at the roots and braiding the hair in a circular way around the head, making it resemble a crown. It might be difficult to make and you’ll need help from someone else to obtain the look, but you won’t regret it. In the end, the results will please you as you will keep grabbing people’s attention and be showered with compliments.

  • Side Knot Braids

Braids don’t have to be kept normally flowing on your back (unless you want to). One easy way to style an “army” of long braids is by keeping them on the side – in other words, a side hairstyle. It is unique, and very noticeable.

However, if this is not enough to satisfy your need for a cool hairdo, you could take some steps and turn it into some of the best black women braids you will find. That being said, what you could do next is tie it into a knot. It will add style and you’ll surely make others’ jaws drop. Moreover, if you have different colored braids, this hairstyle will look even better.

  • Cornrows

You’ve most likely seen cornrows before. They’re basically a traditional African hairstyle. What makes them so special is the way they’re done – the braids start from the scalp and they are made through underhand-upward movements to get that continuous row.

Whereas there are multiple hairstyles that include cornrows, one you can consider for multiple occasions is a simple one, where the braids are just flowing on your back. Instead of making very small braids, you can opt for having four big cornrows that will not only look cool but will also feel comfortable.

It might take hours to make this hairstyle, but you will end up with a look you’ll be proud of.

  • Box Braids

Many women have considered box braids, especially given the versatility they offer. Basically, they represent an amazing way to provide your hair with protection against over-styling and the damage that comes with it. Not only that, but they will look great for any occasion, regardless of what you choose to wear.

Furthermore, there is a size for every preference. In other words, whether you want your box braids to be bigger and fewer in number or smaller and too many to count, it’s up to you.

What makes these braids for black women even better is the vast amount of hairstyles you can create with them. So, if you don’t want to wear them normally and you’d rather take it one step further, you can easily do so.

  • Side Braid

A style that will add a touch of elegance to your hair and overall look is definitely this braid. Starting at the top of your hair, it goes around your head, “gathering” all the flowing hair and creating one single braid that falls on your shoulder. It’s a simple look, but it’s feminine and delicate.

In addition, it’s perfect to wear when you go to a big event. You’ll definitely look radiant.

  • Side Braids

Do you know what looks really beautiful? A sea of braids that will naturally flow and draw everyone’s attention. However, do you know what makes them look even better? If you wear them on one side.

While these types of braids look great however you decide to style them, there’s something very feminine about wearing them on one side. They will highlight your best facial features and give you an air of power. Also, you can accessorize them by adding some beads, which will surely not go unnoticed.

  • Cornrows with Curly Ponytail

Cornrows seem to offer you plenty of alternatives when it comes to the multitude of hairstyles you can create with them. They surely let you create the best braids for black women while combining them with different styles – this way, you can end up with something new and unique.

As you’re already aware of, cornrows are so popular because they basically start close to the scalp and advance to the length of the hair. This particular hairstyle, though, will stop them at the top of your head. As such, you will have your hair roots braided, then at the top, the rest of the hair will start flowing down like a river. It takes less to make compared to full cornrows, since you don’t braid the full hair.

Adding a curly ponytail will make the hairstyle look more beautiful and if will fit any occasion. You will look like a goddess for sure, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ll consider this style again in the future.

  • Braids and Curls

One of the many hair problems that women deal with is lack of volume. It makes the hair look very flat and might even decrease your level of confidence.

If you love a hair full of braids but you’re afraid this will end up in a lack of volume, you don’t have to braid all of it. In other words, you can add some braids, while the lower part of your hair can have some unbraided hair that is curly and adds style. You will look amazing and feel more comfortable. In addition, this style can be worn casually, as well as for special meetings/events.

  • Side Cornrows

If you have short hair, you may be really happy as you don’t have to struggle to make it look good. However, you might be a bit upset whenever you see girls wearing beautiful cornrows.

Well, just because your hair is short, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear some of these braids. You don’t even have to braid your whole hair – making some cornrows on the side will do the trick. You will look very cool and classy, and these braids won’t even take that long to make.

  • Zigzag Cornrows

So, you’ve decided to get some cornrows – but do you have to settle for the usual, straight ones? You’re probably tired of seeing the same ones over and over again, and would like something different, and out of the ordinary.

You can achieve that and here is how. Basically, you can add some smaller straight cornrows, while you add some zigzag ones in-between. They will all go to the top of the head, where they will end in a ponytail of braids. It’s not a style you see on a daily basis, so you’re sure to receive some admiration stares from people on the street, as well as compliments from your close ones.

Given the shape of the braids, it might take longer to create, but at least you’ll end up with a very cool hairstyle.

  • Braided Bun

Buns are amazing, and if you like wearing your hair in a bun, you’re going to love this idea.

Just because you want to get braids, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your beloved bun altogether. In fact, buns are some of the best braided styles for black women.

You can create this vibrant look by braiding all of your hair, then making it into a bun on top of your head. It’s going to look way more attractive than a normal bun due to the volume and texture it’s going to have.

Furthermore, there is no better way to show others that you have your life in order than using this braided bun. You will look stylish, powerful and mature, so you should definitely try it.

  • Colorful Braids

Something that would make your braids look even more radiant would be a colorful hair. Regardless of the color you end up switching to, it can definitely make you shine once you turn your hair into a box braided heaven.

With such a look, you will shine wherever you go, and other women will wish they were able to have that hairstyle.

  • Twisted Braids

Braids come in many types, but have you ever heard of twisted ones? If you don’t and you happen to see them for the first time, you might wonder how it is even possible to create them. Still, they’re not as hard to make as they seem. If done correctly, they will look regal, and you’ll have the power to impress everyone, including your friends/co-workers, etc.

If you have thicker hair, you’re lucky, because it’s stronger and has a lot of volume. Therefore, the twisted braids will look even more amazing, regardless of the hair length. If you style the braids on the side too, you will add more volume.

  • One Side Cornrows

You’ve most likely seen hairstyles that included one half of the hair being styled differently than the other. One of the best braided ideas for black women would be turning half of the hair into cornrows while leaving the other half very curly and with a lot of volume. This works amazingly especially if you have shorter hair.

The roots are braided going to the direction of the other half of the hair, where they stop and continue as the normal, curly hair. You’ll certainly make some jaws drop with this look.

  • Half-Braids, Half-Curls

If you’re considering box braids, you should know that you don’t have to braid the whole length of the hair. One hairstyle idea would include creating a big amount of braids starting from the roots, while leaving the lower half curly, thus adding some sweetness to the look. Those around you will most likely be impressed and comment on it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of hairstyles that include braids, and regardless of the hair thickness, length or color, you can find something that suits you and makes you look more confident. In this article, you’ve read about the best braided style ideas for black women. Therefore, next time you’re looking for a new hairstyle, this guide should come in handy.


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