99 Burst Fade Hairstyles That Will Have You Bursting Onto The Scene


What is a burst fade? A burst fade is similar to a temp fade except the back of the hair is left longer rather than cut off. The burst fade is gaining in popularity as people as rappers and other folk in the media spotlight can be seen sporting the hairstyle. We compiled a list for to give you some ideas and inspiration when it comes time for your next hairstyle. So sit back, relax and scroll through these amazing burst fade hairstyles.


Burst Fade and Beard

Burst onto the scene with your burst fade and beard like this chap in the image above. The burst fade is a relatively new addition to the fade family and has been recently adopted by some serious players in the art world. The haircut is usually left a bit longer behind the ears and if you have a round face it’s good news. It has the tendency to elongate the face.

Burst Fade with a Wave

Boost your burst fade with a wave. This is the classic style of yesteryear when all those charlatans and hip cats were running around looking fine and swing dancing to the triple beat. If your looking to get dapper and look fine go with the burst fade with a wave. You will have to get your hands on some hair product so you keep it up there. If you know what I’m saying.

Subtle Burst Fade

Here is a classic example of a subtle burst fade hairstyle. It’s ideal for the office if you have to keep your image a little on the conservative side. This young chap in the image above looks like someone you could take home to your parents so if you are going for that look you might want to consider one of these styles. The burst fade works will all different lengths of hair. It doesn’t matter the color, style or weight of your hair this style of fade is so versatile you can’t go wrong.

Fade with Mustache

Check out this blue steel looking homie with his model gaze and beautiful burst fade hair. It reminds me of that film Zoolander and he’s the blonde character that Owen Wilson plays. Who is your favorite character in the movie? Hit us up in the comments box below and tell us what you think. We love hearing from you.

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Burst Fade with Quiff

That’s one serious quiff. If you had a board you could ride the wave on home. The burst fade is a fully versatile haircut that supports all shapes, sizes and hairstyles.

Burst Fade with Flat top

This burst fade is busting out with the flat top and really accentuates this guys hair. As I said before the this hairstyle works well with a variety of different styles and the difference between this image and last is proof of that. These hairstyles are such contrasting do’s yet both look great with the burst fade.


Burst Fade with Color

Get creative with your hair and your fade and put some color through it. As you can see from the picture above this guys has frosted his tips which adds depth and dimension to his hairstyle. It’s a part on top and business on the sides. Kind of like a mullet but not. Something like that anyway. It looks cool regardless of what you call it. This guys has wavy ringlets in his hair and the fade still looks cool.

Spiky Hair with Burst Fade

This chap has gone with the spiky top and the fade. The barber has done a great job of shaving in some sharp tight lines and the beard grooming is next to perfect. The barber is the real hero here, these guys are just lucky to have found a good one.


Usher in the House with the Burst Fade

Who’s in the house? Usher is in the house sporting this super cool burst fade. He has made a u-turn and went back to the barber to get fade. His back up dancers thought it was sweet do and if you look at some of his video clips you will see. The burst fade is the new do, it’s the hair hat that’s happening. If Usher has one, then it must be cool. Am I right or am I right?


The Burst Fade in Action

Here you can see the different stages of a barber crafting a beautiful burst fade into this guy’s head. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly this guy has had major transformation all at the whim of the barber’s shears.¬† As you can see from the top image the barber uses two different gauges and shaves a circular pattern into this guys head and then like a master craftsman blends them together to create the perfect burst fade. It kind of looks a the solar flares of the sun. It’s fire, it’s red hot, it’s the burst fade.




Burst Fade Mohawk

Remember Mr T from the original A-Team. Now that dude rocked a serious hawk. So is this guy. His hawk paired up with the color and the burst fade is one kick ass hairstyle. Add a neck tattoo to that and you have yourself a winner. Oh and he has a beard too. Oh my god he a quadruple burst fade threat. Look out Broadway here comes the destroyer, the eliminator, the fade master general.

Tight Lines Burst Fade

This guy has some seriously tight lines shaved into his head. You have to wonder how the barber does such a straight job. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got out the steel ruler and sheered along it. That or the barber has a real steady hand and has done it a million times before. This is some really tidy work and credit should be given to the person responsible. So if you are out there and you see this image we thank you for you are a true genius.

Low Burst Fade

The low burst fade is a fade that gradually tapers up and sits low towards the ear. This guy is rocking the low fade with style. It’s a very tidy do that will suit the office or when you are cruising the streets with your friends or even going to see your favorite hip hop artist around the town. The burst fade is the real winner in the end and we are just lucky that we get to wear it.


Girl with Burst Fade

Check out this chick who’s rocking the burst face. It’s not only a men’s haircut as more and more women have been seen sporting the look as the world melds and becomes an androgynous melting pot where all humans are free to do as they please when it comes to self expression and creativity. Get among¬† it and have some fun is my only advice for you.


Oh Yes Burst Fade

This dude really has it going on with his burst fade. He’s sporting a very long back piece which suits his long head. It’s kind of like the new generation mullet. The golden tips turn this good haircut into an amazing one. The burst fade really suits this style of of hair. So if you have wavy tight ringlets you might want to consider a fade.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

As you can see from the last three images, the burst fade looks good in a variety of colors. So don’t be a square and get funky with it and get some color in your fade. Don’t fade into the shadows and be the light. The light of color that shines through the rain and makes a rainbow.

Little Homie Rocking the Burst Fade

This little dude is rocking a sweet burst fade with an inverted cross. The barber is a true master of his craft to be able to achieve such a sweet look. The tight lines around his forehead and his ears represent the work of a true champion.

Mushroom Top

This guy is getting funky with the fungi style. The one up, the mushroom and it’s big and bold and a hell of a lot of fun. I wish I had hair like this so I could get one of these haircuts. He must have had a mighty boosh to start off with. It’s another fine example of how a fade can amplify your look.


The Golden Rays of the Sun

Here is a creative take on some hair art. This little dude has some sun rays around his ear and what a perfect spot for them. What would you get shaved into your head? I would get a mandala shaved around my ear. Of course I would have to find a barber with the skill of a ninja to do it.

Sideburns Anyone?

Do you consider yourself an Elvis fan or perhaps you have a penchant for the burns. Either way check this guy’s massive sideburns out. They go all the way past his ears and then some. It’s a unique take on this type of hairstyle.

Carve it Up

Check out the do on this dude. It’s banging. He’s got so much going on. The golden top the big fade and the cross sheered into the side of his. Maybe I should get his barber to do my hair. If you did this haircut and you are out there comment in the comment box below. You deserve props and respect. Great job mate.



Unlike the other waves we have seen on the list this wave is has been carved into this guy’s head. Well, not exactly carved but you catch my drift. It goes well with this style of hair and he looks like he’s ready to hit the club. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to be adventurous when it comes to your hairstyle. Your image is a physical manifestation of yourself so wear it loud and proud and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You catch my drift.


Short and Sharp

Short and sharp is an understatement. This guy is rocking a very tight haircut that has been with the precision of a stealth pilot. As you can see the beard fades into the hair and so does the mop on top. It’s a very creative angle to take on the conventional short back and sides. Pair it up with some bling and your in action for a big night on the town. The ladies will be falling at your feet, well hopefully. Good luck. If you have had any luck let us know in the comment box below we would love to hear from you.


Another Simple Fade

This is a less dramatic fade and suits people with thin hair. If you don’t want to go the whole hog and get a high fade you can always chill it out a bit and go for a something like this. It’s a simple fade but it does the job nicely.

Simple Yet Effective

This hairstyle is simple yet effective and the marks on this guy’s head prove that. All it is, is two stripes and it really makes a huge impact. Super cool, super styling.


Rock some bling and a cool fade like this guy and you will king of the disco in no time or king of the club. King of the disco sounds a bit lame. The earrings and other trinkets look good with the fade because they really accentuate the ear.

Well that’s the list folks. The burst fade bursts onto the scene with mighty bang. Almost as banging as this list. We hope you have enjoyed having a little scroll through and it’s given you plenty of motivation to get up off your backside and get a fresh new look. You only live once, so live well and live free. Get on down and get into it.


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