195 Crew Cut Hairstyles that Will Give You the Edge


The classic crew cut. The crew cut was the hairstyle of choice for rowing teams from Harvard and Princeton back in the day. They adopted this hairstyle so hair wouldn’t blow in their face while they were rowing flat out down the river. It has been around since the mid 18th century and is still popular to this day. In this post we take a look at the wide world of crew cuts from side swept to crew cut fades. So sit back relax and get ready to enter into void. Well, not really the void but a post filled with different styles of crew cuts.


Side Swept Crew Cut

This is the classic side swept cut. The crew cut is traditionally short around the sides and gradually tapers up to longer on top. Not too long though, then it is a bit longer at the front. The haircut is kept generally short as it is the hairstyle of choice for service people such as firefighters and the forces. It has also been adopted by sports men and women across the globe although it is typically a men’s hairstyle. But in this day and age the crew cut is embraced by all humans.

Short Crew Cut

This man is rocking it out with a short cut. Look at those dreamy eyes gazing off into the distance. I wonder what he is looking at. If I had to guess, I would say he’s looking at a photographer who is giving him commands on how to pose for the camera. That is the boring answer. A more exciting answer would be that he just woke up from a dream where he was being massaged by a bunch of ladies in a cloud in the sky while wearing all white linen. What do you think he gazing at? Hit us up in the comments box below and let us know. We love hearing from you.

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Even Shorter Crew Cut

This hairstyle is pretty much standard issue if you ever go to armed forces. As you can see above this service man is rocking a very close shave so he is ready for battle against the evil forces. What evil forces you may ask? I don’t know if there is any. The television says there are evil forces everywhere but we all know that the television is not a reliable source of information now don’t we.

Crew Cut Fade

You will often see the crew cut with a fade. A fade is where the hair is cut so the length gradually and evenly tapers into the longer top. You will see this in many images throughout the list and it’s quite common. Check out this handsome gentlemen above with his sweet hairstyle and really big chin. Boy that is a big chin. He reminds of the cartoon Roger Ramjet. Roger Ramjet he’s our man hero of the nation. Who remembers that cartoon? Or am I just showing my age here. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Roger Ramjet takes a proton energy pill and gets all his strength. It’s kind of like he’s taking drugs but his drugs are accepted by society unlike ecstasy pills and steroids. By the way we do not condone or condemn the use of drugs.

Ryan Kwanton Crew Cut

This is the good old Aussie actor Ryan Kwanton who was in that show vampire show. I can’t remember the name because there has been so many of them. True Blood, yeah that’s it. He’s rocking the crew cut with some nice golden coloring in there. It looks like he’s off to an awards show, not that he would have won a trophy because the True Blood just wasn’t up to scratch if you ask me. It was just an excuse to put nudity and gore on television. Were you a True Blood fan? Of course, each to their own, and try not to take my meager opinions personally.


Ivy League and the Birth of the Crew Cut

The crew cut was first adopted by rowers from ivy league schools such as Harvard and Princeton by the rowing team. At the time the footballers had were long hairs or mop heads. Sounds weird doesn’t it, long haired footballers. But when they saw the rowing swooning around with their short hair they decided it would be more practical for the game and also adopted the crew cut. Then the only long haired men in town were the artists who refused to join the masses.

High Fade Crew Cut

The high fade is where the hairlines abruptly meet rather than being tapered up gradually. As you can see above Brad Pitt and the other guy who’s name escapes me are rocking the high fade cut. It’s great for formal occasions such as work, formal dinners, and maybe even film and television awards if you’re in that industry.

Crew Cut Hair

Crew cut hair comes in many different shapes and styles. Check out my dude James McAvoy on the right sporting the close shave. I just watched the movie Split which was written and directed by M. Knight Shymalan. McAvoy killed it. His acting was so good. He play a person with 23 different personalities and each personality would alter the genetic make up his body. One them even had diabetes and had to inject insulin. If you haven’t seen that movie you should definitely watch it. It’s the second in the series, the first one was called Unbreakable and starred the good old boy Bruce Willis. There is a third one called Glass joins the two up and see McAvoy and Willies side by side on screen. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard it’s an absolute cracker.


J Crew Cut

J crew is a clothing label. J crew cut is Jake Gylenhaal with a crew cut. That was a really bad joke and you will have to excuse me for having such bad taste. It’s hard to make a good joke about hairstyles. If you have any jokes about hairstyles hit us up in the comments box below. We would love to hear them. One of the most important things you can do is make someone happy and when people are laughing they are generally happy even if it is only for split a second or two. Happiness resonates so that’s why it is so important to be happy because it will spread to other people like a disease. A good disease that it.



Long Crew Cut with Beard

This old chap is rocking out a longer crew cut. The hairstyle is usually short and that is why so many people in the sports industry have. It’s no mess, no fuss style that is ideal for the adventurous or sporting types. But that’s not to say you can’t get one a little longer, depends on your preference. As you can see the longer cut looks dapper and paired with a beard looks even more dapper if that’s even possible. The longer crew cut makes the statement of “I like to party, but I do sports as well”. Something like that anyway. Caption this image in the comments box.

Crew Cut with Wavy Hair

The good thing about the crew is that it suits pretty much any style of haircut. Wavy, straight, curly and smooth. The crew does not discriminate and will have you looking like champion athlete in no time at all. As you can see from this guy’s wavy hair paired with the crew, it works and it works well.



Crew Cut for Formal Occasions

Do you have a wedding, party, award night or formal occasion on the horizon? Does your  shaggy hair need to be presentable? Are you going on a date at a formal occasion? Do you wish to make a solid entrance? The crew cut may be the hairstyle for you. It’s ideal for all occasions from formal to sporting events and will have you walking with a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye. Think about the chewing gum commercials of the early 2000’s where the chewing gum falls perfectly out of the packet into the man’s palm and he goes on to be the best he can be. Well the crew will do exactly that for you. Batteries not included.


Close Shave Crew Cut

Are you tired of being a long haired hippy? Sick of people calling you a long haired lay about? Well the crew is for you. It will instantly convert you from being a hippy to a tax paying pillar of the community. Well, may be not if you don’t have a job but at least it will look like you do with a close shave. You will have the hairstyle of a successful business man, meanwhile you can sit at home and smoke pot, play X Box and eat Cheetos all day and no one will be the wiser. They will think you’re an upstanding citizen, paying taxes, grinding the nine to five and doing your bit for society.


Side Part Fade with Crew Cut

The crew cut is a versatile haircut and can be combined with a number of different looks. As you can see above this man has gone for the side part with a fade. He looks pretty handsome don’t you think? This haircut is ideal for those who need to make a good first impression. If you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time you might want to get one of these bad boys so you they think you’re a good person. Meanwhile you can carry on playing stoner rock in the garage with your friends and rip bongs all day long.


Spiky Crew Cut

I will take you to the danger zone. This chap looks like he has been hanging with Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. He’s been strapped in and he’s ready to fly on into battle with his super cool spiky haircut. Tom Cruise hasn’t got anything on this man, and with this hairstyle he will be leader of the pack in no time at all.


Colored Crew Cut

The beauty of the crew is that it is so versatile and you can mix and match as much as you like. The above image is a perfect example. He was feeling a bit sassy one day so he decided to put add some color to brighten his day and the day’s others around him. What color would you put in your hairstyle? Hit us up in the comments box below. I think I would go blue as a tribute to the boys from Green Day. Remember when they first burst onto the scene with the classic song “When I come around”, all those years ago. If you don’t get on the Google machine and look it up. It’s an absolute cracker.



Messy Crew Cut

Here is a classic example of what you can do with the crew. It’s a messy style with platinum blonde coloring in it. This guy has got bling all up in his face and it looks a bit punk, a bit rock and roll. It kinda even looks like he could be a back up dancer for Britney Spears. It’s so hard to tell these days or am I out of touch with reality. Only time will tell my friends, only time will tell.


Greaser Style Crew Cut

Summer loving had this dude a blast and it happened so fast. Where did Sandy, his love go? Nobody knows. Here is a classic example of the greaser style that was popular in the fifties and sixties. Greaser’s were typically into cars and if the movie Grease is anything to go by they were dumb and misogynistic. But just because you adopt the greaser look it doesn’t mean you have to be like ones in the movie Grease. Remember that was a fiction, just a movie and if you start copying people from the movies you will end up like one twisted individual two steps away from being thrown into a loony bin.



Platinum Blonde Crew Cut

If in doubt, go platinum blonde. I don’t think that’s a real saying or even good advice for that matter. If you are in doubt about something, sit down, close your eyes and meditate on it for a while and the answer will come when you least expect it. Meditation is also good for restoration of the mind, body, and soul. There are many ways to meditate and one method could even be getting your hair died platinum blonde. Stranger things have happened.


Dreamy Eyed Male Chimps with Crew Cuts

This a clear evolution from the male chimpanzee. You can tell by his hairy face and palms. According to some science type folk human’s evolved from the monkeys. Other people say that we were created by god but to be honest I don’t think anyone actually knows. When did man first become self-aware and realize ones self? This age old question has been baffling minds for generations and the real answer will probably never be know. That is why it’s important to forget about the answers and live your life as full as you can because you never know when an asteroid will hit the earth and wipes us all out. I’m not sure that last statement is really relevant but it’s good advice none the less. Oh, yeah back to crew cuts. This chap is sporting the crew with a fade and spiky hair.



The Enlisted Crew Cut

This guy looks like he’s ready for battle. Which battle I do not know. Perhaps he is getting ready for the tennis match of his life. Maybe he is joining the army. All this speculation is making me thirsty so I think I might have a drink. A cool refreshing drink as I sit here and ponder about this young man’s future and why he needs such a cool haircut. Where ever he is going, I’m sure it will be straight to the top. Perhaps you can help me on this one. Where do you think this man is going and why does he need such a refined, streamlined haircut?


The Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is the man. He is an ex junky turned film star and he really kicks some ass on screen. He first came to fame when he played a British gangster in the movie Bronson. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s about a psychotic British gangster who goes to jail and becomes an artist. That’s putting it mildly, Bronson causes an absolute shit storm where ever he goes whether it’s prison or on the mean streets. Then of course Mr Hardy played Batman’s nemesis Bain. It was another great role that Tom Hardy killed in. His most recent role was Venom which got mixed reviews, although I enjoyed it immensely. What did you think of the film?


What Are You Looking At?

These models seem so vacant and pensive. What the hell are they gazing so dreamily at? This guy looks disgusted yet content at the same time. He’s probably looking at a big old pile of money burning, torn between capitalism and humanitarianism. It’s time to make your choice bro. What will it be? For the people or for the money. Which would you choose?


Straight Fringe Crew Cut Fade

This man has the triple banger going on. He has the crew, the straight fringe and the fade. It’s what we call a triple threat in the business and the ladies will be falling at his feet where ever he goes. Check out the sweet texture in his hair that he has achieved using some product. That’s the fun thing about hair styling is that it give you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and gloop it up with some product.

Marine Crew Cut

One, two, three, four, high five to the marine core. This enlisted man looks like he’s in the marines. This haircut is pretty much standard issue if you ever join the armed forces. So if you like that sort of look it might be right up your alley. But I always say make love, not war. It’s much more fun getting intimate with a lady than it is getting intimate with guns don’t you think? Ladies are softer and way more pretty and they will kiss you back.


Film Stars Love a Crew Cut

Check out our main man Ryan Reynolds rocking out a serious men’s crew cut. This dude has really stepped it up a notch since his early days of acting. The Deadpool series of films were top notch and Ryan was actively involved in getting produced. Word around the camp fire is that after filming of Deadpool he walked straight out of the set with the costume on. He wasn’t supposed to take it but he did anyway like a badass. Go Ryan. Which was your favorite Deadpool film.


Baby Face with Crew Cut

This man has the face of child. One day he will grow up and look back on this picture and wonder where the boy has gone.

Crew Cut with Temp Fade

Temp fades are banging hairstyles and a sure fire hit with the ladies. Pair that with a crew and you will be a lean mean lady pulling machine. The image above features such a hairstyle. What do you think of it? I’m more of a close shave action hero style crew cut man. Kinda of like a mix between the toughest man in the world and Tom Hardy in the Batman.



There is it is ladies and gentlemen a list of the best crew cuts on the internet. You’ve seen it all from high fades to the side swept motif. Hopefully the list has given you some ideas and inspiration to for your next hair do. I know it has for me. I hope you have enjoyed scrolling through and reading my comments that are full of wisdom. That’s debatable but they are definitely full of something.


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