175 Cool Curly Hairstyles That You Must Try


Curly hairstyles never get old. Whether we’re speaking about some romantic curls on your big day or relaxed hairstyles for regular walks in the park, those ringlets are always there! And who can blame you for wanting them every day?

Curly hairstyles have been present since forever! Yes, it’s true that sometimes, girls who have natural curly hair tend to get bored easier and opt for a hair straightener, but once in a while, it would be best to try living with it – as it is truly a gift!

The versatility of curly hair will impress you in a matter of seconds, as there are numerous looks you can try! Think about celebrities such as Shakira, Beyonce, and Halle Berry. Have you ever noticed how many different styles they’ve used? Short, medium or long hair can be styled in numerous ways! And the good news is that you don’t even have to think about expensive or complicated products. With basic tools and the courage to make changes from time to time, you can have it all!

You might have a natural curly hairstyle or simply look for one that will provide you with the look change you plan to have. For all these cases, there is always a cute curly hairstyle waiting for you. All you need to do is decide what style you want to adopt. Since there are so many, we’ve decided to narrow it down a bit to help you figure out which one to choose for different occasions!

So, check out the following hairstyles for curly hair. From Afro to Loose Waves, you will find out everything you need to know about them. Combine them with a smile and enjoy every minute of your day!

short curly hairstyle

  • Shoulder-Length Layers

One of the most adorable curly hairstyles you can opt for is shoulder length layers. Even if it is a classic, it provides symmetry from all angles. This is because it frames your face nicely, allowing you to have volume and look stylish. It’s easy to style and it is suitable for any occasion. It’s one way to shine no matter the location!

By using conditioner and styling your hair a bit, you can obtain this fabulous look. Your curls will make the perfect frame and will definitely offer you the mood you’re looking for.

  • Big, Loose Curls

One hairstyle that goes well with all types of hair is this one. Big curls are always trendy and stylish and they never get out of style. You might choose to style your hair this way when going out with the girls or simply for a formal occasion. It’s easy to do, stylish and when it’s combined with a long bangs, you will get that cute look you desire.

Do not forget to use a hairspray that will keep the ringlets under control. When they’re loose, it’s easy to… lose them (pun intended). With extra care and creativity, you’ll get the perfect look and smile.

  • Textured Bob

Your curly bob hairstyle does not have to look neat all the time. You should always be open to change it a bit into a playful, messy bob. The curls will look amazing and you’ll get the nice, relaxed look you need.

After doing your curls, you can brush them a little, by using a hairspray and a large brush. In this way, they will get softer and looser and you’ll benefit from a relaxed and easygoing look. Do not forget about the bangs also. Covering your forehead or showing only half of your face can be done easily. Sometimes, it is better to keep the mystery, right? You can definitely do that with this amazing curly hairstyle.

  • Long, Kinky-Curly Layers

If you’re lucky enough to benefit from a natural curly hairstyle such as this one, then go for it every day! Such beautiful curls cascading past your shoulder never go unnoticed.

With great volume and texture, you can shine on any occasion. The layers will open up your face and add movement to your hair, allowing you to always have a secret weapon: your gorgeous curls.

  • Straight and Curly in One Hairstyle

You might not have a natural curly hairstyle, but that does not mean that you can’t combine the straight style with some ringlets. You can definitely add texture to any daily hairstyle by waving the tips of your hair. A combination of a calm sea and some nasty waves can be easily depicted in your hair as well. Who would have thought you can combine both styles in just a few seconds?

Not only will it look amazing on your back and shoulders, but imagine doing a boomerang with a hair flip! Gorgeous!

  • Lush Layers

Who doesn’t love lush layers? Big or small ringlets will frame your face perfectly if you style them correctly: some products for boost and shininess will be enough. This curly hairstyle probably makes you think about famous celebrities such as Blake Lively. It is, indeed, her iconic hairstyle. But who can blame her? Easy to do, easy to maintain and it makes you look good in an instant, right?

This hairstyle is definitely among the ones you’d want to choose for a formal event. As one of the best hairstyles for long hair, this one will make you stand out of the crowd. Also, think about the hair flips you can do with your amazing waves – especially if you have an almost-waist-length.

  • Wet-Looking Curls

Sometimes, extra shininess can make your hair look even more stylish. When it comes to a long curly hairstyle, you might think that your possibilities are quite limited. But with products that will enrich your hair with lots of shininess, you can get that relaxed, summerish look.

This wet-looking style is not new – but it’s definitely not old-fashioned. It might remind you of the natural black curly women in the the movies or music videos. It’s true. They’ve inspired not only fashion brands but also hairstylists all over the world. And for a good reason!

Try it out when you’re out of options. Letting your hair down has never been so easy and enjoyable, right?

  • Buoyant Banging Curls

A voluminous soft curly hairstyle is definitely not for anyone. Yes, it might distract your eyes from seeing the roundness of someone’s face, but if the curls are bigger, their face will look bigger as well.

So, if you have a round face, but you still want to adopt this style, try adding a slight bangs. It will cover some of the flaws you might want to hide and give you the confident and stylish look you need.

  • Corkscrew curls

Fantastic tight curls are definitely desirable for most of us. The good news about corkscrew curls is that you can also get them for a black short curly hairstyle. They go well with everything.

Their shape will make your face look more narrow and consequently, you can obtain more versatility. Of course, it will also emphasize your best features: your eyes, lips, and jawline. When combined with a cute tattoo on your back or neck, it’s even more impressive.

The good news is that you can even separate the curls if you desire. You’ll get a sassy look that will simply keep the monotony away. You can opt for big ringlets or very small ones. The choice is always up to you!

  • Double Highlights

If you’ve opted for an ombre or cute highlights, that does not mean that you cannot add even more style to your hair. One option would be some soft, long curls for your tips. The blonder they are, the better!

These soft curls will look amazing on your shoulders, and will highlight the different on your tips. They will frame your face beautifully and make you feel and look special.

  • Tousled Bob

Designed especially for oval-shaped faces, tousled bobs are a great way to keep it nice and simple. Wavy hairstyles are suitable for everyone, easy to maintain and – believe it or not – easy to style.

They give volume to the overall face, drawing attention to the eyes and enhancing the cheekbones. Yes, this type of hairstyle is summerish and relaxing, but also suitable for the best adventures. You do not need to worry too much about the amount of spray you have to use. You do not even have to worry about your hairstyle being ruined by a hat. It’s versatile, smart and it looks amazing!

  • Curls Tied Up

There might be days when you don’t feel like letting your hair down. In such cases, hairstyles for long hair include tying your hair up in piglets. Stylish and neat, this style gives control over your hair and makes people curious about the look of your curls. Are they natural? Do you have big or small ringlets?

I guess some people will never know. Keeping mysteries from time to time is fun and you can do that with this curly hairstyle.

Another good aspect of it is that you can keep it messy all the time. If you have a natural curly hairstyle usually, thin strands will definitely come out of your piglets. But you don’t have to worry. With all the conditioner in the world, we all know that curly hair is difficult to keep under control sometimes. And why would you want that?

  • Soft & Scrunchy

Your curly hair does not have to look neat at all times. One of the ways in which you can look relaxed and free while enjoying the comfort of a cozy hairstyle is scrunching. This is the major key to an air-dried look followed by a lustrous finish. Such a technique can make you get out of many unpleasant situations when you’re not content with your look. Scrunch it up and get going!

You can wear it on your shoulders or side-swept and you’ll still look amazingly relaxed and fun. If your curly hair needs a boost, this is the way to obtain it.

  • Curls and Braids

Curls and braids are a deadly combination. Why? Because you mix two of the most fashionable hairstyles in one. It will definitely be a cute frame for your face and it will emphasize your best features.

It is advisable to go for big, loose curls, that will give you the relaxed style you probably desire. In this way, when you combine the two elements, you do not risk adding “too much” texture to your curly hairstyle. Also, it looks like you didn’t put too much effort into it.

  • Just a Little Bit Wavy

Another great possibility to style your medium hair is adding soft, small curls to the tips of your strands. It goes well with medium hair and even better with curly bob hairstyles. Neat, nice and a little bit childish, this look will give you the softness and innocence you might be looking for on a spring or summer day.

  • Long Beach Waves

This long curly hairstyle might be perfect for a day on the beach, but it fits any occasion really. These soft curls will make you look relaxed, free and amazing. You’ll look your best, as they narrow your face and soften your chin – making you look like a supermodel.

You might not even be a fan of curly hair and still love this one. Effortless and stylish, this Blake Lively hairstyle will give you the easygoing look you dream of.

  • Classic Pixie-Cut

Short curly hairstyles are thought to require high-maintenance, but this is just a myth. Cute and feminine, this hairstyle – combined with crochet or simple waves – will make an oval or round face look amazing.  Just think about Halle Berry or Pink. Now imagine yourself daring to make such a big change. Do you have what it takes?

Believe it or not, such a short curly hairstyle is easy to create. It saves time, products and patience. You do not have to be a master, as there’s no strict recipe. Just scrunch it a bit and enjoy every minute of it. You’re definitely worth admiring and this hairstyle allows people to do that more often.

Or maybe you want it to be longer on top, in order for your curls to fall better. All you have to do for this is dry it naturally and use products for shininess and separation.

  • Cascading Curls

You might not have small ringlets or a natural curly hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this look. Cascading curls are a must, especially if you have straight hair. A little change will never get unnoticed.

You can have that lioness vibe if you style your hair with beautiful weaves such as these ones and master this fierce style. How? By sweeping layers around your face and emphasize your eyes. The look and the curls will definitely make you stand out.

  • Curly Ponytail

Curly hairstyles are among the most popular choices when it comes to a woman’s big day – her wedding. And we see why. Elegant and fancy, this hairstyle gives you the mood you need to feel special. Those curls on your shoulders sometimes feel like a soft hug.

Moreover, when you go for big curls, you do not have to worry about them getting flat by the end of the night. They can dance with you all along, allowing you to enjoy every minute of this amazing moment. Tying the curls in a ponytail or a tail on your left shoulder is definitely advisable as it’s cute, easy and very elegant!

  • Long Curls

Suited for wavy, fine hair, long curls get you out of trouble on any occasion. This look goes well for long hair, but medium hair can also be styled this way. Just ask for a layered haircut and mention getting the short, angled layers at your jaw. You will have a side-swept look in the front that will allow you to control frizz and enhance your nice features.

Also, your bangs can be tied up and you can simply show your nice features to anyone who wants to take a glimpse. All in all, this hairstyle is comfortable and it does not require many techniques. Long curls are the way to save the day, once again!

  • Crochet

We couldn’t have crossed crochet off the list of these cutest curly hairstyles. Fit for so many different hair textures, crochet comes in handy especially when you do not have natural curly hair. The style options are endless with this one.

Believe it or not, crochet is not very difficult to achieve. There are many tools you can use to style it and many products you can purchase to keep it curly all day long. Wear it on your back or tie it in a ponytail – everybody will love your cute waves.

  • Long, Loose Waves

If you’re looking for some smooth and bouncy weaves, this hairstyle is for you. It is one of the must-have styles for curly hair this season and for a good reason. The width in the hair will provide you the movement and shininess you need.

Like a golden field, your waves will move slowly and shine like the sun – getting everyone’s attention. So, long, loose waves are the perfect solution when you’re out of options. Whether you’ve got natural curly strands or you use a curler to get them, this hairstyle is definitely easy to achieve.

  • Curly Buns

Whether we’re talking about messy buns or elegant buns – the ones that brides choose for their wedding day – the truth must be spoken: they look better when combined with curly hair.

Curls will definitely make your hair look nicer, whether you have a natural curly hairstyle or you “borrow” one for the day. Hanging curls, as well as those used for your bangs will offer you an elegant look on any outfit. And why not enrich your bun with some cute weaves coming out of it for a more romantic vibe?

  • Pinned Curls

The slight side part that helps to separate the curls works best for special occasions. Still, you can also style it for a more casual outfit. By creating a polished look, your cheekbones and eyes will be highlighted and your curls will look amazing.

This hairstyle is designed especially for medium curly hairstyle – as it gives you the little frizz you sometimes need. You will definitely not want to wear it on your wedding day, but nice walks in the park with such a cute hairstyle will bring you the joy and comfort you desire.

  • Modern Afro

The Afro hairstyle has changed in the last years and it has changed for the good. The iconic ’70s style can now be applied to medium hair or long hair as well. Loose curls, round at the top and tapered at the ears can be combined with other styles.

This look will complement a round or square face very well with the right rules applied: conditioner and the teardrop cut must not be forgotten! These are the only small steps you need to take in order to have a wonderful hair. Apart from that, just enjoy the nice feeling given by this look!

  • Long, wavy Layers

If you want to obtain a natural softness that will keep your look nice and simple, go for long, wavy layers. This style goes well for long curly hair, but you can use it for medium hair length as well. The weave will look amazingly natural and the texture of your hair will slightly change for the better. With a light spray gel, you’re ready to enjoy a nice, long and wavy night!

This one is one of the most common curly hairstyles for long hair, but that does not mean that you cannot personalize it. Add braids, highlight your hair, add a nice hairpin and you’ll be unique.

  • Fringe and ‘Fro

The good thing about Fringe and ‘Fro is that it puts emphasis on your eyes. This short curly hairstyle frames your face so nicely that everybody will love it! Combined with the bangs, you’ll get the cool, stylish look you desire. Depending on the size your fringe has, you can use it to add more mystery to your look. Maybe hide your forehead, one eye or why not – half of your face.

However, you must know that this hairstyle needs regular care, though. A regular trim from time to time will allow you to keep your fresh look. Wear it with a smile and prove everyone that fringe and afro represent a deadly combination that must not be forgotten.

curly hair

  • Rich corkscrew curls

Corkscrew curls might be adorable, but sometimes they can be too much. Depending on the shape of your face, you can choose such a curly hairstyle – but there are some things you should consider.

Medium hair asks for a rich bunch of corkscrew curls only when you’re sure you can handle them. What does that mean? Having a small, oval face looks amazing when covered by such a rich bouquet. But when you have a round, chubby face, it is not advisable to cover it with such curls.

  • Rich Afro

For this look, you definitely need to have a natural curly hairstyle. This is because no tool in the world has managed to make a straight medium hair look close to this one. Lucky curly girls!

If you dare to opt for such a cute and interesting style, you should be aware of some things: you need to have a small face, but with bold features. This hairstyle tends to cover more than you’d think. Some call it “bushy”, others envy people who have this kind of hair – but they all agree on one aspect: it’s definitely unique and attention-grabbing.

Like a piece of art, it needs proper care and it definitely stands out of the crowd.

  • Curly Shag

A loose curly texture is probably the nicest way to get on well with your natural curly hairstyle. It’s the compromise it does for you to have calm ringlets once in a while. Pay attention to the conditioner you use and combine it with a nice hairspray to keep your curly strands under control. Such steps will help you shine and feel amazing!

Therefore, this hairstyle is like controlled chaos. Shaggy, frizzy and loose, it will make you look relaxed and comfy, but also elegant and neat. And isn’t that the win-win situation when you want a small change? Try it on and see how it suits you!

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Final Thoughts

We know you’re amazed at the possibilities you have when it comes to styling your curly hair. Standing out of the crowd has never been easier with these amazing curly hairstyles.

All that is left to do now is choose the one that will best put emphasis on your unique features. Highlight your cheekbones and your eyes, make sure that everyone sees those awesome ringlets and you’re all set to enjoy a nice day or night out!

With such an impressive number of curly hairstyles, you can look cute and trendy at all times! And the good news is that most of them are easy to do and to maintain. Match those waves with a nice smile and enjoy every minute of it!


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