51 Short Curly Hairstyle Concepts To Make You Stunning


Usually, whenever you hear these words curls and short together, you envision impending doom. Of course, the haircut may look superb while you leave hairdresser, however after a couple of days, you may end up getting “triangular” mess. On the other hand, with a couple of simple tips, you can make the curly short hairdos do the best for you too! Once you go through our recommendations, we have a number of excellent inspiration photos of the short curly hairdos, therefore you can easily embrace the short curls regardless of which way the hair curls!

Ideas For Healthier Curly Hair!

There is no doubt that the healthy hair looks always better, and it is doubly accurate for the curly hair! In case you follow the tips listed below then your short & curly haircut is far likely to look incredible on you.

  • Keep the curly short hair moisturized, therefore those curls can be shiny and strong. Use the “hair-mask” in shower, and apply hair oil (silicone-free) regularly.
  • Avoid sulfates such as the plague. SLES and SLS based shampoo “strip-oil” for scalp and hair, which can significantly contribute to the hair resembling “frizzy-mess”.
  • Wash the curly short hair much less. For many people, the curly hair probably can be washed simply once per week or perhaps so.
  • In no way use a massaging motion while towel drying the hair – it can trigger both breakage and tangles. Carefully press towel against the hair, or even make a move to utilizing a softer piece of cloth made of the cotton instead.
  • Avoid the heat – rather than straightening your curly short hair on a daily basis and damaging this, embrace the natural curls!
  • Stay away from blow-drying the curly short hair too much, and if you choose, make use of “heat-resistant” spray and a diffuser. It will ensure that your hair gets a good amount of mild heat which will not dry this out.
  • Stop trying the hairbrush as well as utilize a big-toothed comb rather. It is better to brush your hair while it is damp and soaked in the conditioner positively.

Can You Or Is It Good To Go Short?

Well, if you have the curly hair, then you may question if short-hair would look great on you and how short will be good to go. Listed below are a couple of things to consider while making your final decision:

  • Your Body:

Not to mention, your hair must balance all your body. The curvy ladies look wonderful with short curly hair as the volume brings balance greater than the straight-stick hair.

  • Your Shoulders And Head:

Short hair which hits at the chin or perhaps above can absolutely look gorgeous on a lady with long neck. It is almost sculptural. However curly, short hair on a lady with short neck is not as complementing as hair which falls to shoulders or simply above it.

  • Your Way Of Life:

Are you actually a “Wash & Go” kind of lady or even do you prefer straightening the hair using a flat iron or blow dryer, or pulling this into ideal place?

  • Your Personality:

So, can you “rock” a short curly? Do that bursts forth from the head like the fireworks? How would you like to show yourself? Unique? Edgy? Sophisticated? Funky?

Generally, it is best to seek advice from a stylist regarding these aspects. Both of you will make a great decision depending on your look, style and the hair you are going for.

Top 51 Curly Short Hairstyle Ideas For You

Are you yet not sure about which size of the short curly hairdos you want to rock? Take a look at these gorgeous photos of the curly short hairdos , and maybe they will motivate you!

  1. Natural Delicate Curls:

With small curls, a “grown out” pixie appears clean, charming and not awkward at all. These delicate natural curls fall over the forehead as well as frame your face attractively.

  1. Wild Curls And Baby Bangs:

These beautiful small bangs are a part “playful” and the 2 parts “do not mess with me”. To put it differently, hella saxxy, particularly thanks to the light wave. At the same time, they offer a great contrast to large “bottleneck” curls which just burst with the edgy beauty.

  1. Professional Pixie Balayage:

Not to mention, this wavy curly short hairstyle is ideal for the type of lady who is all set to dominate the entire world while wearing comfortable heels and pencil skirt. The dark roots in the blonde balayage will amp up volume of the lush waves.

  1. Volumized Top-Knot With Curled Ombre:

It is one other way to design curly short hairdos which combine romance and casual. These curls likely were achieved by rotating slim strands of the hair across a thicker curling iron, leading to curls which have an exclusively romantic form. In case worn down, it will be a party-ready look, however, like this; it’ll work for any informal occasion.

  1. Curly Faux-Hawk With Hair Tattoos:

Contrast between the tightly trimmed sides as well as a lush “coiled” faux-hawk is memorable and beautiful. The 2 lines shaved as hair tattoo also closer to the crown of your head add much more interest and texture to the contrast.

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  1. Curls With Balayaged Bob:

Therefore maybe you cannot exactly balayage the ultra curly short hairdos, yet with a “bob” there’s really no cause – not to! This balayage adds many dimensions to the already lovely and lush curls.

  1. Hippie-Beach Bob Hairstyle:

Plenty of layers in the unkempt bob ensure that even “un-brushed”, it is still among the most flattering curly short hairdos. These messy and wild waves are ideal for wearing a tropical beach.

  1. Wild And Pale Pixie Cut:

These types of coily ultra curls really work well with the short pixies as they truly make the look soft and also give a touch of volume. At the same time, pale blonde-shade to hair can make this “take-on” curly short hairstyle extra unusual and feminine.

  1. Post Apocalyptic Curly Short Hairstyle:

It is a mixture of grey and red curls, particularly with badass-shaved sides as well as careless fringe which hints at the lady who is all set to not simply survive, but totally have a harsh “post apocalyptic” landscape as well.

  1. Smooth Platinum Curly-Side Fringe:

Side-swept fringe can be a beautiful addition to curly short hairdos, as it is flattering and cheeky. Here, this hairstyle is raised by a beautiful and pale shade of the platinum.

  1. Burnt Side-Swept Red Bob:

Burnt red is actually a subdued means of heading ginger that nicely offsets feathery curl in the side-swept long bob.

  1. Teased Out Curly Mohawk:

Therefore this may not be precisely a Mohawk, however, we guarantee that with a few styling gels, this could get really close. However, there’s no cause not to allow these gorgeous red and pink hair do their job, and also to “tease” them a little bit, therefore, they truly go all around the place.

  1. Tight Parted Pixie:

The extremely tight curls properly pair with pixie curly short hairdos. Exactly what shines and makes it look special is the noticeable side part that adds some additional elegance to hair.

  1. Blonde Curls With Semi-High Ponytail:

High ponytails, no matter if semi – or else, are an excellent way to gently style curly short hairdos similar to this “bob”. A little bit of glam will come to this particular look through blonde curls along with volumizing darker roots.

  1. Frizzy Is Charming Bob:

Needless to say, this bob shows that even slightly frizzy, natural curls can also be “hella sexy”. All these curly-cue curls go every way, which makes this the messier curly short hairstyle on our list.

  1. Flexible Pixie Curls & Long Top:

There’s a funny thing about maintaining the locks on top of headlong, in curly short hairdos, is actually that you may brush this down to get a “face-framing” effect, or simply let this stay-up in an attractive as well as fearless style.

  1. Feathered End On Blue And Black Ombre Bob:

Additionally, a blue and black ombre can turn into an extremely severe choice of color; so pairing this with curly short hairdos can easily take this down a notch for creating a beautiful and classy look with simply a touch of an “avant-garde” edge.

  1. Natural Side-Swept Chocolate Curls:

A number of things are usually as astounding and wild as curly short hairdos with naturally pure curls. This way the natural curls can go every that way in this particular chocolate color long bob can’t be duplicated with hair rolls or curling iron!


  1. Side-Swept Lavender Pixie:

This fiendish elegance of a pixie-cut works fine with the ethereal effects of loose “lavender” curls in the whimsical and soft “take-on” the curly short hairdos.


  1. Rose Gold Curly Bob:

The rose gold is probably the lovelier color we are viewing this season which skirts the edges between wild and natural. Here it mixes well with the loose curls as well as an intimate pull-back.


  1. Platinum Grown Out Pixie:

It is one more of those curly short hairdos along with a “flattering” face-framing fringe as well as a platinum curly hair color. This shows what “brushed-out” curls on the grown-out pixie appear to be (Hint: effortless and beautiful).


  1. Haphazard Curls With Top Bun:

Contrary to well-known belief, curly short hairdos can undoubtedly let you mess around with the fun styling, such as this informal top-knotted bun. This look continues to be glamorous because of blown-out, large curls, and also a beautiful blonde “dye” job.


  1. Black And Purple Soft Curls:

Again, this charming bob features truly large “bottleneck” curls which enhance the elegance of purple streaks via the darker black hair.


  1. Gunmetal And Romance Layered Cut

Large curls and layered hairstyles have a lot of dimensions, particularly if the hair is colored a shiny metal shade similar to this impressive grey gunmetal hair color.


  1. Feathery Curls On Lavender Long-Bob:

The long bobs can pair so perfectly with curly short hairdos! In such cases, we see the feathery curls probably accomplished with a little curling iron. This feathery effect really goes well with the metallic blue and pale lavender roots.


  1. Platinum Fringed Pixie Queen:

It is the ideal take on curly short hairdos for somebody who desires to go extremely short but is not quite all set for the effects it may have on the face. Maintaining a curled, long fringe frames your face perfectly, and platinum curly hair color will be a meaning of chic.


  1. Monroe Marilyn Curls:

Monroe Marilyn is the evidence that curly short hairdos are popular! 1950s design platinum blonde along with big curls in an attractive bob may require a lot of work; however, it is undoubtedly worth it.


  1. Ice-Cool Wave:

Wavy hairdos can have an additional sleekness while swept back, devoid of losing the light curl. This icy-gray shade brings extra coolness, along with dimension showing up because of the darker roots.


  1. Sorbet Peach Curls:

The lush and color curls in the beautiful take on curly short hairdos show that the short hair will be extremely feminine. Extra dimension and dark roots help to increase this gorgeous peachy look.


  1. Coiled Dual Toned Afro:

It is all about double toned “hair” colors with short curly hairdos nowadays. This attractive look features a good amount of spiral curls which explode from the head in grace and beauty.


  1. Tight Curled Dual Colored Beauty:

Shaved, dark sides, as well as a stunning ginger fringe, can be fun “take on” curly short hairdos with best autumn shades.


  1. Bottleneck Charm:

Bottleneck curls tend to be extra romantic, however, they will look dated. On the other hand, the way in which they fall against forehead here, and all those other cut is fairly kept short; it’s simply modern and cute.


  1. Feathery Round Pixie:

It is a kind of short curly hairstyle that is so chic and cute, particularly if you possess the ideal features for this. It is lovely, short, curly and simple.


  1. Afro Caramel Chic:

Afros aren’t clichéd curly short hairdos – there’s lots of room for the cool styling, particularly if your hair stylist has an “architectural” eye. This particular curly style has a lovely shape which flatters your head, and light color is extremely flattering.


  1. Side Fringe Limey Angled Bob:

Bright and chic, lime green can be an excellent solution to inject some edge into curly short hairdos. A side-swept curly fringe is amazingly flattering, and also keep this layered therefore the back will be shorter is incredibly simple to style.


  1. Finger Wave Pixie:

With some gel and blow-drying, tightly curly locks can all of a sudden get a finger-waved effect. Concentrating on those “finger” waves around temples features a particularly retro and cool effect that is offset nicely by a somewhat mussed crown.


  1. Mop O’ Fiery Curls:

Needless to say, a fiery “temper” suits curly short hairdos, as do the fiery colors. It is also an excellent example of exactly how to “rock” double toned short hairdos – enjoy shaved darker sides as well as a dyed brightly wirey top.


  1. Temple Curls With Pixie:

It is one particular short curly hairstyle which can assist you to channel the inner Rihanna. Volumized, feathery curls on the top of head, and also some curled will strand right at temple are equally chic and romantic.


  1. Icy And Tight Short Curls:

To start with, let’s discuss the outstanding styling here – small sides, and lots of curls on the top of head which give plenty of length to your face in such a way which is highly fashion severe. Now pair that along with an icy gray avant-garde shade, and then the outcome is unforgettable.


  1. Cool Ocean Wave:

Purple, teal, blue and green gets together in the messy, lovely take on curly short hairdos. This particular style offers an “undercut” dyed neon-green as well as a “fun’ mop of the loose curls on top.


  1. Soft Afro Elegance In Auburn:

Darker auburn curls get noticed in this awesome touchably smooth looking Afro. At the same time, an Afro does not need to be a kind of clichéd curly short hairstyle, when you perform it well.


  1. Romantic Curly Straight Cut Bob:

Typically, layers will be the easiest way to highlight the dimension and texture of curly short hairdos. However, it is an illustration of how: provided that the curls tend to be hydrated properly, a bob which is straight cut across can completely work devoid of looking triangular.


  1. Short Messy Curls With The Baby Bangs:

Hi girls… go for a walk on wild “curly” side! Neatness is unquestionably not necessary, so avoid the hairbrush as well as let loose! All these baby bangs and messy curls may not display poise, but they will certainly be a part of curly short hairdos which show playfulness and adventure.


  1. Dark Luxe Short Curls:

Whether or not, you have kinks, coils or spirals, your curls always will look ideal if you maintain them moisturized perfectly. Curly short hairdos will match any type of bang, which includes these curly and fun feather strands.


  1. Mini Blonde Spirals With Severe Side Part:

There’s something so stimulating about the spiral curls, particularly when they are “lightened” up to the summery blonde. Undoubtedly, this exciting look offers an attractive edge because of a severe side part worthwhile of any kind of femme fatale.


  1. Natural Caramel Chocolate Tones With Curly Pixie:

These are usually the types of “hair colors” you may expect to find on a long balayage; therefore it’s such a delicacy to view these natural “highlights” paired with beautiful curls. However, in this “take on” curly short hairstyle, plenty of hair on the top of head brings flatters and height to the face.


  1. Gently Wavy Blonde Ash Bob:

An ash or platinum blonde bob will likely be styled smooth straight, therefore it is fun to view this dressed up as curly short hairstyle. This keeps an “icy” coolness, however, there is also some whimsy added.


  1. Shiny And Curly Faux Hawk:

It is a feminine and cute take on faux hawk which gets a feel of romance because of the shiny and healthy looking “mop” of the curls. It is a complementing yet creative choice for short hairdos for the curly hair.


  1. Tight Short Orange Curls:

Short tight curly hairstyles and vibrant hair colors can definitely brighten up the “mood” on a darker day. In case you challenge to be daring, then choose this extremely curly cute pixie cut along with vibrant darker roots and orange curls!


  1. Chin Length Coil With The Side Bangs:

Curly short hairdos along with the bangs are “Oh so flattering”, similar to these side coiled bangs which perfectly frame your face. One more thing to like about this particular style is exactly how much “volume” there’s – something which is frequently lacking in the bobs.


  1. Messy And Lush Short Volumized Curls:

All these short voluminous curls provide a lot of height and texture. Because of the curls, this is much simpler for playing with the length at front and crown of head, in such a way which is flattering and fun.




To conclude, the top curly short hairdos mentioned in this post are just trending right now. All the hairdos will definitely make others say WOW! You can simply choose the best hairdo with meets your needs to a great extent. As soon as you find your best match, then you’re all set to rock!


Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed it and found quite helpful. We will be happy to see you share your thoughts about this post in the comment box below. We highly value your opinions. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends so that they too can find their perfect match. Now it’s time to enjoy your hairstyle with the lovely short curly hair. Bye for now. Have a great time.




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