125 Amazing Drop Fade Hairstyles To Try This Year


If you are looking for a fresh new look that will have heads turning wherever you go, then you can’t go wrong with the drop fade style. There are many variations of the style that can be done with curly or straight hair. You can have a low drop fade or a high drop fade, it all depends on your personal style.

The drop fade doesn’t even sound like a real hairstyle but we assure you that it is. It’s a legit hairstyle and one that is very popular right now. The great thing about them is that they work with all hair types regardless of length or texture. You can even style these looks in many different ways so that you don’t always have the same look. The look is precise and sometimes dramatic so it’s a look that can be tailored to your own personality.

The look has popped up everywhere. We see it in menswear blogs, football, and even in hip-hop. Aaron Ramsey and Jamie Foxx are two celebrities who have rocked the look flawlessly.

You don’t even need to go to a top stylist to achieve the look. They are easy to achieve on your own as long as you can maintain it regularly. We always recommend going to a barber when it comes to starting a new style so that you don’t have to worry about mistakes being made. We have a ton of styles to choose from.

Check out these Amazing Drop Fade Hairstyles To Try This Year:

A Nappy Top Look

there is no reason at all to hide curls especially in an age where there are a ton of products that can control them.


What Exactly Is A Drop Fade?

We are going to go to the professionals to explain this one.

“A drop fade is similar to a regular fade haircut, but it gradually lowers at the back of the head and around the front hairline,” says Katie Conlon, a stylist at Topman’s resident barber, Johnny’s Chop Shop. “This allows for more depth around the crown, and a sharp outline to the face.”

The style itself is reminiscent of the faded short back and sides but there are subtle differences between the two.  “A short back and sides is generally symmetrical all the way around, and doesn’t drastically dip in any area,” says Conlon.

Although having a neat and tidy style may be important to you when it comes to a drop fade you will see a noticeable difference in the tapering. This isn’t a subtle blend, you will actually notice the difference in the fade.

The fad can certainly go with many different styles out there. Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can pull off this style.

Brushed Back

A style like this is truly unique in many ways. The hair is noticeably longer on top compared to the sides. You can do a lot with this style. You can have the hair brushed back or to the side or even straight up if it suits your personality.

Coifed Looks

You can really notice the drop fade in this style. There is just a noticeable difference in the middle. It’s a distinctive look that anyone can appreciate.

Razor Edges

There are so many styles that you can choose from with a drop fade. Here you can see that they have added a serious shaved part as well as razor edges along the forehead. These are the kinds of styles that you will want to go to a barber to achieve. They usually require a skilled barber to achieve.

Does The Drop Fade Suit Anyone?

Good question. Like a lot of different hairstyles, the drop fade suits a certain face shape and you want to make sure that you are getting a hairstyle that really suits you. This is a style that typically suits a round or square face the best. If you have a boxier type head, then this style will suit you the best. If you have a flatter crown, then you are also in luck with this style. If will give you volume where you don’t have any.

Unfortunately for anyone that has a longer face, the style will not suit you in the same way. The reason for this is that the dip in the back will likely accentuate the long face instead of hiding it. You could easily end up looking like Bert from Sesame Street if you aren’t careful. You have been warned.

Think Before You Drop Fade

You might think that this style is the best thing you have ever seen and although you may be right, there are some things that you should consider first. One thing to keep in mind is your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your style. The other thing to consider is your hairstyling plans in the long run. “The drop fade is great for those trying to grow out length on the top while keeping the sides sharp. Plus, it keeps your crown fully intact,” says Conlon. “We’re seeing a move towards longer styles, and the drop fade is one way of accommodating these.”

Having a beard with a drop fade is no problem either as long as the beard is blended to zero. That way you can have a seamless edge with any hairstyle that you desire. First, you would need to assess the length of the beard and then have a shorter graduation from the sideburns form the cheekbones. Then from there, it’s blended into the hairline.

The drop fade is a high-maintenance style and that’s why you will need to assess your budget as well. You will find yourself in the barber’s chair pretty often with this style. That’s something to keep in mind for the long-term.  The trim is lower in the back so it’s likely it is going to grow out quicker than the rest of the style. It’s not a big deal if you don’t mind being a regular at your salon. It could easily be a weekly visit.

How Are You Going To Get The Style

Firstly, you need to be clear to your barber what exactly what you want. This is not the hairstyle that you can be muddy with. The first thing you can do is ask of something that is low around the edges. You have to make a decision on whether you want the fade to hit the skin which would be a 0, 0.5 or a full 1. This is going to indicate how close of a shave you want your drop fade to be.

Now we see the look in Hollywood quite a bit but these guys also have stylists on standby whenever they need them. If you want a stark skin fade, then you better believe that you will be in the salon a lot because it’s going to grow out quicker and will obviously be more noticeable. The longer the hair is in the fade, the less you will have to go into the salon. In order for a skin shave to stay razor sharp, you have to be in the salon getting it done. If you have a career that leaves you tight on time or low on cash, then this is probably not the look for you.

A quality hairstyle isn’t all about who your barber is. They are going to give you the foundations, it’s up to you to take care of it every morning and make it look awesome. The right product selection will be important here.

Slight Wave

A great style like this has an eye-catching look. If you want something that speaks of confidence then try the slight wave in the front here.

True Drop Fade

This is a great example of a true drop fade. We can see that in the fact that it looks like you are dropping off a cliff with the fade on the side. It goes from one dramatic length to another. The sides are quite short in this photo and there are a few short lines shaved into it. The top is a free for all in the sense that it’s long and just left there. It doesn’t appear as if he has styled it at all which is a style in itself. He can choose to style it if he wants or he can leave it messy, either way, it’s in style. Look into the style for yourself, especially if you like the style that is easy to manage and one that you don’t really have to worry about in the morning.

What Products Are Best

It, of course, will depend on the length of your hair and the texture that you are working with. If you have a longer look, you might want to use a textured salt spray along with a matte clay so that it allows you as much movement as possible. Usually, people with long hair prefer a messier and looser look, so these products will help to get you there.

If your hair is shorter, then you may be looking for more hold and a tighter look. You will have to try different products like pomade. This will help you to achieve that classic 1920’s look that everyone wants these days. It’s that wet, slick finish that gives you that polished look that you want.

It’s always best to go to a barber with a picture in mind so that they know exactly what you want and you are ensured that you will get the desired look.

Cute Curls

Another great look that you are sure to love no matter what. Try it out and see how much you like it. There is no reason to shy away from natural curls. You can embrace them and roll with them.

Cool Waves

The tops of the hair can be styled in many different ways, just like this wavy style. You have a lot of options when it comes to the top. The drop fade as well can be styled in many different ways. We see a design shaved into the head here and this is a classic example of why you will need many trips to the barber because this look will grow out quickly and you probably want to rock it out longer than a week. In the same way, if you find you don’t like it, it also won’t take long to grow out.

Colored Options

A great way to make your look pop is to add some color and why shouldn’t you. It’s amazing and it’s sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

Classic Look

A cool look that is also classic. This is a style that isn’t over the top and you can wear it anywhere.

Sleek Look

The perfect part can help you achieve just the look that you want. In this case, the part is not shaved in but it’s perfectly placed. This is one of the slick looks where you will need a product with some hold to it. This is a professional style that will certainly take you to the top.

Nappy Buns

It can be hard to control curls especially for this type of textured hair. Oil can be your best friend here especially if you are putting it in a bun because you will have the softest hair around. It will also control frizz and allow you to have a style that is really put together. Why not try it out for yourself and see how you like it. The barber here was really creative when it came to blending in the beard and this is a great example of the cool styles that can be achieved with the drop fade.

Stunning Styles

Imagine walking into the room with a style like this. It’s cool and collected and bold in a very cool way. You are sure to love this style for many reasons, mainly because it’s cool and classic. You can take this kind of style to work or for play, it’s a very versatile style. The drop fade here gets quite close to the skin so you are likely to need frequent visits with this cut.

Shorter Styles

This style is much shorter on top than most of them. This is likely to control the curls. The sides are also very short which means you will be making regular visits to the barber. Try the style out and see how freeing it is for you.

Hidden Parts

With a lot of these styles, the part is usually one of the distinctive parts of the look. But here, that just isn’t the case. This is a style that would be perfect for someone who likes things a little messier. This style isn’t polished in any way which means you can have a looser look. Even the drop fade is much longer than we have seen in other styles and that is going to allow you a little more freedom when it comes to how often you have to go to the barber.

Pushed Back

This style is long on top and yet the hair is still pushed away from the face and back towards the back of the head. This is a very popular look right now and one that will give you a little freedom when it comes to how you can style it. It’s not polished so you can style it any which way.

Designing Stripes

The drop fade allows you to add in designs because it is meant to be a shorter look. You can literally shave anything into the sides of the head though the most popular seems to be crosses or lines like in this photo. It’s a cool look that is sure to make you the topic of conversation at your next party.

Softer Looks

There is a lot of shine to the look which leads us to believe that there is some form of gel or pomade in it but it’s also a looser look. This is a more casual look, it’s not as polished or held down as some of the others that we have seen here.

Badass and Bold

Here we see the beard once again being blended in perfectly. Obviously, you don’t want any obvious lines when it comes to having a beard in the style. The top of the hair is a lot longer than the rest but that’s okay because you have a lot of freedom in how you want to style it. You could do a polished comb over if you want or you can do something like this where your style is random and messy.  The drop fade is pretty impressive on its own and it’s definitely one that you should try out.

There are a ton of awesome styles here that you could easily try when it comes to the drop fade. We hope that you have enjoyed the article and the tips that we have offered here. Grab one and head to the barber.



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