30 Mind Blowing Faux Hawk Hairstyles You Need To Check Out


Literally the phrase “faux hawk” indicates “fake hawk”. It is because the “faux hawk” is similar to Mohawk, but provides more styling choices. To have a faux-hawk, as an alternative of energetic and/or shaving both sides of the head, talk to your hairstylist for a “narrow” fade on sides with top long hair.

No matter if you obtain an elevated or short fade fohawk, it is fully under your control and the same goes for exactly how small or extended you cut your hair on the top. The small and extended faux-hawk haircut below will provide you with some concept of exactly what style is going to look perfect on the head.

Find out 30 incredible faux hawk hairdos which everyone can easily try. The faux hawk cut with an advanced twist has seen an absolutely magnificent revival in the recent years. Get caught up with latest styles and also own the celeb-coveted trends. Here’s a short video for you.

Types Of Faux Hawk Haircut For Man

The faux-hawk hairstyle, also called the fohawk, quickly has become probably the most recognized lighten hairdo for males. The reason can be that faux hawk hairstyle is anxious and fashionable, but still great enough in an expert or formal office setting. Ultimately, the “fohawk” lighten is an absorbing and adaptable men’s haircut that epitomizes the modern manliness.

Are Faux Hawk And Mohawk Different?

It is a typical question that always rises in the mind of a first-fighter. The reply is “of course”, Faux Hawk and Mohawk are quite different. Faux Hawk and Mohawk have similarity only in the plot which the middle of head is exactly where the main style resides.

However, in Mohawk, complete head across the middle is shaved bald usually and also the locks are considerably straighter and longer in the middle. A lot like spikes just in the middle of head. On the other hand, Faux Hawk will not need you to utilize hard waxes and egg whites. This is similar to an “interception” of ends of the left side locks with ends of the right side locks in a rough/casual way. Be evident that the locks in the middle of Mohawk does not point at ninety degrees of the head, that is exactly what makes Faux Hawk simple to digest & attractive.

Tips On How To Get A Faux Hawk Hairstyle

  1. First, pick a molding item for your hairstyle. Ensure that it offers enough power for holding your hair (in case they’re longer, you may need hairspray as well), and doesn’t damage the hair
  1. Moist hair is perfect to help with, we suggest washing the hair and after that towel-drying them. Now run the index finger via the product which you select and also scoop up simply sufficient of it which will cover the first “joint” of the finger.
  1. Now, rub the molding product with the palms and gently but thoroughly rub the palm through the hair. Right after every stroke; make an “upward” directed stroke to ensure that the hair begins to remain up. In case you desire the front-side to point directly up after that run a few extra “upward” directed strokes there.
  1. Comb both the sides properly with the finger. The direction must be from start of the sides towards the cheeks, for getting a more superior look; you should direct the combing towards your nose and eyes also.
  1. At this point to get Hawk, you can find lots of techniques to this, yet the one which fits most the cases is the following: Run the palm deeply from your forehead through the center section as well as out from back. At this time, the hair is going to be standing upward and also you can easily make soft strokes from both sides for pointing the locks of both the sides towards one another.
  1. Stroke the hair on the back “downwards” completely to divide them from the Hawk. In case you’ve left a thicker patch of the hair which thins out at nape of the neck, after that stroke down your hair at the back based on that cut.
  1. Now, push forward thru top of the hair on Hawk to point them slightly ahead to offer them the touch of “David Beckham“.
  1. Finally, grab hair from your forehead and then shift them upwards in case you need a “triangular” look in front. Or even you can grab those locks as well as pull them outward, perpendicular from forehead that makes it seem like a “wave”, it is my private preference.

Getting Ready For Faux Hawk Hairstyle

  • Before you begin cutting them down, it is vital that you get acquainted with your hair. Know the hair’s silkiness and hardness to ensure that you can easily figure out the finest of Faux-Hawk hairdos for that special hair.
  • Wash your hair or spray water for getting them moist if you intend on trimming with scissors. In case you are using clippers, then make sure that the locks are dry.
  • Now comb any tangles down and get your hair in a downward position on every side. Combing the hair down will make this much simpler to create sections for trimming.
  • Make your mind up about the duration of the Hawk, the middle part of the hairstyle. At the same time, you can also scale your width up by “far-end” of an eye to far-end of other eye rule or even you can ask for the personal preference of your clients. Experimenting with width is an excellent practice as this might reveal you something which looks superior to other probable widths.
  • Beginning with Hairline, it is perfect to mark the precise width of your middle section and after that move downwards the nape of the neck when scaling the “width” proportionally while you go down to the “nape” of neck. Now mark the “sections” on both the sides of C-curves which you made just. These sections are going to be the sides which you’ll be cutting.
  • Now you can possibly bind the middle hair together by using clips or merely part them using a comb for separating the 2 C-sections cleanly from their particular side sections.
  • In case you consider lowering the “side-sections” to fades, this is a great practice to utilize multiple dimensions of the guards to clip and finish them with the touch of a scissor.

Scissoring The Sides And Back

  • Utilizing scissors is an unsafe process and needs a level of experience. Particularly if you are cutting your hair, it is highly suggested that you utilize clippers only.
  • Understanding how to trim the sides will be very significant. We will make the process simpler and explain this to you now. Hypothetically, mark the top of the ear and then sketch a line directly towards your eyes. The direction which you’ll be cutting is actually from the beginning of the sides down toward that “imaginary” line which you stretched. Easy, isn’t it? Ensure that you’ll start lowering in straight strips from hairline to your neckline.
  • Correct hand position for cutting the sides will be to hold the straight strip of the hair outward by your “non-dominant” hand in scissor-like grip utilizing middle and index finger. On the other hand, your hand must be in the position that makes the thumb point in the direction of the neck. That indicates for an appropriate handed hairstylist, fingers of the left hand must be directing upwards while cutting right side as well as downwards while cutting left side. In case you are trimming your hair by yourself, in that case, this rule will be turned into a complete opposite. Consider holding the hair strips using left-hand with the thumb directing towards the neck, therefore, you can easily comprehend this step.
  • How much and how deep you cut the sides down is completely upon your choices. You simply have to ensure that even so you trim the first straight strip, the rest of the straight strips ought to be trimmed with a similar persistence. Keep in mind, your center section is just marked by the C-curves; all those boundaries must be the “pickup” points for holding the straight strips. Another significant thing is always to ensure that both the sides are equally cut.
  • Cut the sideburns based on personal preference. At this point the sides are completed, if you’ve fastened your center section of back of neck with the clips, now will be the perfect time to totally free them.
  • For cutting the “lower” back part, hold the strips between the middle and index fingers, and then pull your hair outwards. Right now flip them slightly towards the middle of your head and then cut them. Now it is not strictly required to cut best vertical strips as now you are texturing the hair.

Top 30 Faux Hawk Hairstyles For Men!

  1. Side Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

This hairdo inches near to an “undercut” faux-hawk, but it is another example of an advanced take on the vintage style.

You will find so many methods in which modern day gents can easily rock a “faux-hawk” which it will be a shame not to try these hairdos for size. I hope, already you have discovered your inspiration.

  1. Hawk For Your Office:

The “sides” are taken to front side, the backside is soft and feathered top provides an “edgy” note to the blazer-ready hairdo that is perfect for office.

  1. Faux Hawk Hairdos For Men:

If you love longer hair just as Messy does, then don’t steer clear from making a “messy-do” amounting to the faux hawk having a twist.

  1. Spiky Trend Faux:

A long top can easily be designed in flawlessly upstanding spikes similar of 90’s more popular takes on Mohawks.

  1. Jensen Ackles Side Short Faux-Hawk:

Here’s another instance of exactly how “Jensen” rocks a side short faux-hawk. When you had to select Mohawk vs. faux hawk, would you choose the first or for the hairstyle of Jensen? We might be partial; however, the style of Jensen is our particular winner.

  1. Hairstyle Of David Beckham:

David Beckham should get a complete gallery for faux hawk hairdos he worn through the years. Hairdos emulating him, like this, are worthy of a gallery too.

  1. David Beckham’s Faux Hawk:

We will not certain if Mr. David Beckham is a gentleman who created the hairdo known as faux Mohawk, however, we can easily tell you without a doubt that he has a reference in terms of it. He has sported every single faux hawk trend there is. On the other hand, from short ones to long ones, to formal and sleek styles, and also more over-the-top ones, he has embraced all of them.

  1. Structure Cut Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

This hairstyle can be more challenging to pull-off. But bear in mind, you should admit that it is worthy of appreciation. The structures of sides are perfectly accompanied by feathered top organized in the messy style.

  1. Bun Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

Beards and faux hawks work well together, especially when you have got wealthy thick hair similar to this man. This is a style which we have spotted progressively often on streets and also in all cool areas. The best things regarding this faux-hawk haircut are it does not need any design to look superb whenever you want.

  1. Faux Hawk Blown Back Hairstyle:

The style and cut are perfect. The taper-fade side offers an extra design element: the “razor-defined” clear line which runs completely to the backside. The blown messy back top will be cool and relaxed.

  1. Faux Hawk Hairstyle With Twist:

Here’s a way of including avant-garde features to any kind of style which tends to rear its head in the world of fashion. Have a “cue” from this excellent styling concept for men’s faux-hawk.

  1. Long Top, Short Sides Faux Hawk Hairstyle:

Look for a few archive pictures of 50’s Havana and you will find males enjoying the higher life that put on similarly smooth hairstyles. This classic look with a modern day twist is accomplished by getting both sides and top of faux-hawk longer than normal. Feeling excited? Try this hairdo for males to get an awesome look.

  1. Punk Hairdos For Males:

The “Mohawk” had been the emblem hairdo of punk generation. It is a different strategy to the edgy “haircut” from which this only keeps upswept spikes.

  1. Side Swept And Taper Fade Long Top Hairstyle:

This man has gained quite some hairstyle credits for wearing a great contemporary take on faux Mohawk. Not to mention, the particular taper-fade changes quickly in a flawlessly designed “top-swept” to the side.

  1. Side Part Fader Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

A smooth swept back long-top cannot hide the “bad boy” attitude which arrives with this particular hairdo. The “faded” sides are flawlessly lined by razor defined separating lines. This fade is not too deep that may need special care based on exactly how fast the hair grows.

  1. Hairstyle Of Brad Pitt:

Darling of Hollywood Brad Pitt used this hairdo for some time too and also he rocked this (not that we’ve anticipated anything less). Short sides and side-swept hair-top are a great look for red carpet as well as for the next outing.

  1. Faux Hawk Messy Curls For Males:

This hairstyle values all the principles of faux hawk along with exception of shaved back and sides. While the locks are a bit longer here, it is still shortened to the back and also longer in front side, as the “top” is just a mess of the hair strands. Not to mention, the styling options for this haircut are limitless.

  1. Curly Top Men Hairstyles:

Men can easily get a curly top faux hawk as well. Just check out this gent sporting his curls a bit shorter on sides and also longer on the top. A perfect look intended for both casual and formal environments.

  1. Curly Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

This is a clear-cut faux style having a curly lovely mane on the top. Prepare yourself to invest a while in securing all those curls in tight top for revealing the flawlessly shaved side.

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  1. Faux Hawk Girl’s Hairstyle:

Did you believe this sometimes the outlandish hairdo is reserved only for style-forward men? Think again. It is a beautiful example of exactly how a Faux-Mohawk is worn with the attitude by ladies too. However, it is truly a “faux” style because the locks are just upswept and held in position with plenty of pins. It is ideal to attempt if you do not desire to renounce the “mid-length” cut, however, need an edgy hairdo for some time.

  1. Zayn Malik’s Faux Hawk Hairstyle:

If you stick to trend alerts, then you know that “Zayn Malik” is also a fan of this particular coveted men hairdo. Thus, if you are out of concepts on the way to style the faux Mohawk, then you can have a “cue” from Mr. Zayn. He has got lots of ideas. Here is one: a faux-hawk taper accompanied with a longer top designed in the messy upward fashion.

  1. Mens Faux-Hawk Hairstyle

This faux-hawk hairstyle is manly and simple. For a hairdo which gained a popularity for being outlandish and rebellious, it looks quite toned down right here.

  1. Faux Hawk Hairstyle – Fringed:

This is a smooth hairstyle appropriate for almost any occasion. The long sides are taken to the front-side, revealing a textured hairstyle. The top part is designed in an apparently effortless messy way. This may seem like it just takes you 5 minutes to undergo the routine. Believe us, you have to put a little effort into organizing each hair in position.

  1. Faux Hawk For Kids:

The best part about the faux hawk hairdos is that everybody can easily wear them. All of us adore the trend this child is sporting. A “spiked” top and faded sides that are cool and fun. Such hairdos are simple to pull-off for adults as well. Believe it or not, it is possibly one of the top styles which can be used by people who desire to help ease into this and step this up gradually.

  1. Jensen Ackles’ Faux Hawk:

He is adored by ladies worldwide. However, besides the “bad boy” meets the good boy looks and attitude, Jensen’s hairdo has also attracted him some significant credits. Now, he is sporting a “short side” cut having a bit longer top style.

  1. Faux-Hawk Fader Hairstyle:

It is a successful contemporary take on 90’s rap culture showcasing a higher fade as well as curly short top. This particular faux-hawk fader is quite simple to maintain.

  1. Faux-Hawk Fade Hairstyle:

A “taper-fade” as this man sports is perfect to draw focus on the watchful styling of hair top. The side-swept, it adds some significant cool factors to entire style. Observe that the “top” is actually sheared shorter to the back to stick to natural hairline without difficulty.

  1. Faux Hawk Deep Side-Part Hairstyle:

If you are sporting a long-top similar to this, after that it is the hairdo for you. You will have to spend some time as well as hair products for achieving the look; however, it is done easily. Comb up the hair, use the hairspray to repair it and include some design hair-wax to the “tips” for a wonderfully defined finish. Remember that the “top” should be combed towards your forehead rather than upwards.

  1. High Top Faux Hawk Hairstyle:

Long sides, higher messy top as well as a “blown back” front create a trend statement for style-forward man. Try this hairdo for a little bit edgy look throughout an official meeting or even a particular date with guys.

  1. Short Faux-Hawk Hairstyle:

Do you know that Mohawk extracts its title after “Native American” tribe, the people of which wore a frightening hairstyle supposed to scare the foes? From Mohawk “donned” by punk generation to faux-hawk of today, there is only a little step. Still, an excellent style gap sets apart the two. Not to mention, this short faux- hawk hairstyle is flawlessly suitable for a particular date and also for a company meeting as well.



Last but not the least, the above mentioned faux hawk hairstyles are perfect for you if you’re planning to amaze others. You can choose the best style for you. Also, we suggest you to keep all the tips in mind that we have described in this post to get the perfect faux hawk hairstyle.


Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed this to a great extent. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, share this post with your friends on social media. Have a great time.



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