150 Cool Feed in Braids Ideas and Tips for the Summer

Feed in braids. You’ve been hearing all about them lately, as we all have. You’ve seen them on Instagram sported by models and influencers, on Pinterest boards, at Coachella, and surely in tons of YouTube videos. But you’re not entirely sure what feed in braids are, how to get them, if they’re right for you, or how to style them. That’s where we come in because you’ve definitely come to the right place!

In this article, we are going to delve a little deeper into the history of feed in braids, what types are there and what kinds you can get. But you will also find out how to style them, how to wear feed in braids, and what the best ways to rock braids this summer are!

Feed In Braids

What Are Feed in Braids?

Of course, we are going to start right at the beginning, so to say with an explanation of what this hairstyle actually entails.

Feed in braids are considered to be a protective hairstyle. The second most important thing you need to know is that they are not natural, but faux or fake braids. Therefore, you (if you’re braiding them by yourself) or your hairdresser will have to use either organic or synthetic extensions to create feed in braids.

They fall into the category of cornrows because of their look, size, and the way they sit very close to the scalp. Apart from that, they are braided in such a way so as to give the illusion that they are natural or that no extensions have been added to the wearer’s natural hair.

The name ‘feed in braids’ comes from the very way the braid is achieved. A piece of extension hair is literally fed or braided into an existing braid of natural hair to make it seem longer or fuller.

Braiding hair in this way also allows women to get an entire plethora of hairstyles both short and long, as well as different textures of hair. Feed in braids have been so popular that a lot of celebrities have worn them too, as you will see below.

What Is the History of Feed in Braids?

As we’ve mentioned above, feed in braids are, in fact, cornrows to which extra synthetic hair has been added. Therefore, their history is one and the same. Cornrows are a traditional hairstyle belonging to indigenous African people and it signified their high status.

However, when they were enslaved by Americans and brought to the continent, they had to shave their heads for reasons of cleanliness and easier management of hygiene. But as their hair regrew, their continued to braid it in cornrows as a symbol of their heritage and roots. Apart from that, cornrows are a highly protective hairstyle and can keep the hair incredibly neat.

Later on, cornrows were also used as a symbol during the Black power resistance movement. In more modern times, they have permeated pop culture and are worn for esthetic reasons by all races not just African-Americans.

Feed in braids are simply a way of adding length, texture, and volume to cornrows for a person who has short or fine hair. It has become a super popular hairstyle because the braiding itself makes the adding of the extensions seamless. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to tell that the person wearing feed in braids actually has synthetic hair as opposed to natural locks.

Tips on How to Create Feed in Braids

The actual process of creating feed in braids is super easy. All you need to do is create classic cornrows as you normally would and then, as you move downward braiding your natural hair, start adding the extensions of your choice. They can be organic as well or you can go for synthetic extensions, which are cheaper and easier to find.

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If you want a more modern look, you can also try extensions made of yarn. They are usually very colorful and perfect for a summer or festival look that will excuse you of having to actually color your own hair.

So now that you know how to create feed in braids, here are a few tips to help with this process.

1.      Always use a rat-tail comb

It’s the small one that has a very pointy end. Hence the name, rat-tail comb. Don’t worry, you can find them in every supermarket, drugstore, hair supply shop or, evidently, online. Also, they are mega cheap so you won’t have to go out of your way to do this right. The rat-tail comb is crucial because it will help you divide the hair into equal portions or squares. It will also make it easier to work with the hair strands and extensions than a regular comb or worse, a brush.

2. Get the longest hair extensions you can find

It doesn’t matter if they are organic, synthetic or made of yarn. It also doesn’t really matter what length you want your feed in braids to be at the end. There are two reasons for that. First of all, when you braid the hair, it will tighten and ‘consume’ a lot of the length of the extensions. The process is similar to that of getting dreadlocks. You start with long hair and end up with a few inches of dreadlocks. The same goes for braids. That’s because they bunch up.

The second reason is that long extensions give you a lot of freedom to play around. You know what they say – better safe than sorry. Get very long extensions and start braiding. When you reach your desired length in terms of feed in braids, you can simply cut off the extensions and seal the braids. It’s a lot better than discovering mid braid that you’ve ran out of hair!

3. Use mousse after you finish

Once the feed in braids are done, apply mousse generously all over your head. Afterward use your dryer on heat to dry everything. The combination between the mousse and the heat will make the braids set and keep them in place longer.

4. Use colorful cords to finish off the feed in braids

Think of the vibe you want to give off and choose some cords accordingly. They can be neon, tropical, in shades of aqua, glittery, unicorn colors, pastels, you name it. As long as they match your attitude and personality. Tie them all around your braids starting about half way down.

5. Use edge-control gel

Don’t forget that the edges need to be taken care of. Otherwise your feed in braids will look unkempt. Plus, they won’t last that long and you will just have to start this process all over again. The best way to go is a conditioning gel to keep your edges laid as long as possible.

Maintenance Tips for Feed in Braids

We’ve seen how to get feed in braids. But what about maintaining them? Here are some awesome tips for you!

·         Don’t wear feed in braids more than six to eight weeks

The reason is that feed in braids are not very healthy. Yes, we know they look cool, but you also need to think about the healthiness of your hair and scalp. Every once in a while, your hair needs to be let out of its braid confinement so that it can breathe.

Apart from that, braids are very heavy. In fact, the longer and wider you make them, meaning the more extensions you add, the heavier they will be. This means that, in time, they start pulling at your scalp and at your natural hair follicles, damaging them. Therefore, it is not recommended that your wear feed in braids more than six to eight weeks at a time.

·         Cover your head while you sleep

Because you toss and turn at night, your feed in braids can get frizzy very easily or even damaged. Therefore, always wear a bonnet made of silk. Your pillowcase should also be made of silk so that you can make sure all your hard work and major investment doesn’t go to waste.

·         Always use leave-in conditioner

Braided hair, especially one that has been treated to a lot of mousse will get very dry over time. Therefore, it is your task to make sure you nourish it as much as you can. The easiest way to do that is by spraying your braids with leave-in conditioner. In this way, your hair won’t die or break while inside the braids themselves. And you won’t have nasty surprises when you unbraid them.

Celebrities Wearing Feed in Braids

As we’ve already mentioned, feed in braids are so popular that even celebrities couldn’t stay off this trend and joined in. So we’ve done our homework and gathered a few gorgeous examples that will surely serve as inspiration for you this summer.

First off we have the amazing Kelly Rowland who posted a selfie on Instagram to flaunt her brand new look. She sported, of course, feed in braids that ended in box braids. She also humorously captioned the pic ‘Braidy Bunch.’ Get it?

Mila J is another songstress who captured our hearts but also our interest. She walked the red carpet in 2017 with feed in braids that reached all the way down to the floor. But that was not all that made heads turn regarding her hairstyle. The beautiful box braids also had bright orange ends. And that’s what you need for a perfect summer!

Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix wowed everyone when she walked down the red carpet with gorgeous feed in braids that were tied at the back in an elegant chignon. But the detail that really made her hairstyle stand out was this. The braids were connected two by two with delicate golden threads which made her look like a princess. Love!

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn took feed in braids to the Met Gala. That’s right. Feed in braids are so popular that we even got to see them on the most talked about red carpet in the world. She wore a fantastic scarlet gown, emerald earrings, and, of course, this one of a kind hairstyle.

The Coolest Feed in Braids Ideas

Feed in braids are a magnificent way to express your personality and style. They are super versatile and easy to transform into any hairstyle you want. So here are some cute and cool ideas you can use!

Purple and Pink Ombre

This is a perfect way to spice up your feed in braids. Add a little color to the ends by getting a gorgeous ombre job! This one is purple and pink ombre.

Vanilla and Caramel Box Braids

Nothing goes better than vanilla and caramel and this is exactly what this hairstyle suggests. Light up your caramel box braids with a few vanilla blonde ones!

Feed in Braids Ponytail

The 90s called and they want their ponytail back. Except we’re keeping it for a few more Instagram selfies because it looks that good!

Feed in Braids High Bun

One of the simplest ways to wear your feed in braids in the summer is by putting them in high bun. Don’t forget to decorate it with golden embellishments!

Back to School Ponytail

If you’re looking for a simple hairstyle for school or the office, you’ve just found it. This smart and classy ponytail for your feed in braids is perfect!

Classic Cornrows and Feed in Braids

This hairstyle exemplifies best how feed in braids and cornrows are the same thing.

Golden Twist Braids

Twist braids are some of the most beautiful protective hairstyles out there. Go for a creative color like this golden brown!

Rose Gold Box Braids

The age of rose gold hasn’t gone yet, which means you can still sport this gorgeous color.

Feed in Braids with Purple Highlights

Sometimes, less really is more. Just look how well a spot of purple offsets the natural brunette!

The Crown Braid

This neat hairstyle can be worn at the office or even for a special even such as a wedding if you decorate it with flowers.

Jumbo and Micro Cornrows

Alternate the size of your cornrows for maximum effect!

Fiery Feed in Braids

This, of course, means a fierce shade of red hair. What color you choose is entirely up to you, but this is ruby red, which is perfect for summer.

Black and White Box Braids

Not only are these gorgeous box braids black and white, but one side of the model’s head is also shaved. Talk about edgy!

Black and Gold Feed in Braids

Yes, we know it should be black and yellow, but gold is just so much richer and more interesting a color, don’t you think?

The Side Braid

Perfect for formal events, the side braid can be worn to a wedding, receptions, office parties, and even to your prom!

Space Buns and Braids

Space buns exploded for the first time at Coachella and, since then, Instagram has been filled with these little balls of happiness.

Sporty Feed in Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for the gym, for working out, doing cardio, or even running a marathon. It’s your choice!

In the end, there is one thing that all these cool hairstyles show us. That feed in braids are super versatile and incredibly beautiful. You can wear them for any occasion from a wedding to a marathon to a red carpet and still look as if the best stylists in the world are wrapped around your little finger. What about you? Let us know in the comment section below which one of these was your favorite hairstyle!


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