40 Creative Full vs. Partial Highlights [Amazing Styles Covered]


The current fashion trend for women hairstyles has gotten to a point where women prefer having some highlights on their hair. The quest to dominate this sphere is between the full and partial highlights. Although they are distinct, some colorist can apply both to give you a dignified look.

If you’re looking at adding highlights to your next hairstyle, there is a tendency that these two coloring schemes can be a good choice. Before delving into the styles we have for you, it’s pertinent to understand the concepts between the full and partial highlights.

What are Full and Partial Highlights?

Simply put, the full highlight involves the use of flashy colors all around the strands. Full highlights usually appear around the face to offer a brightening or framing effect. On the other hand, the partial highlight only appears at choice areas of the hair to create a head full of highlights.

Now that you have an idea of the workings of these highlights, it’s imperative to go into details. We present to you, the 40 styles you can make out of the full and partial highlights.

The Best of Both Worlds

As we noted above, the full and partial highlights can interoperate for a classy look. Well, right here is a style to inspire you! You may want to use the partial aspect by the left or go all-blonde with the full highlights on the right.

A Head Full of Highlights

There’s no denying the fact that the color schemes herein are exceptional. Consider directing the colorist to use different hues, such as pink, silver, and brown to achieve this look.

Brunette Hair to Blonde

You must realize that the highlights work in unison with your skin tone. If you go beyond two steps of your natural skin color, the outcome is an immediate transition from a brunette hair to a full-blown blonde hairstyle.

Cropped with Red Highlights

Red colors are a nice way to pull off the intriguing look that comes with the full highlights. What we have here is an integration of red hues on a textured crop hairdo.

Partial Highlights on Medium Hair

Whether you have a long, short, or medium hair length, you are sure of pulling off a nice look with any of the highlighting formats. However, you may decide to settle for silver-colored partial highlights on your medium length hair.

Textured Hair with Partial Highlights

It takes hawk-like eyes to decipher the hidden highlights in this style. Interestingly, the color isn’t that hidden. The black-colored hair at the top paves the way to have an unrestricted view of the colored strands at the bottom.

Peach Waves

The beauty of the highlights lies in the fact that you can pull off any hairstyle you desire. If you love it darker, going for a partial application of the peach color can be an option for you. Take a cue from the style shown here and make the best out of your peach waves.

All Over with Layers

It’s time to prove naysayers wrong. This hairdo inspired by full highlights allows you to integrate enough silvers hues until the hair begins to shine. It’ll be a good idea to rock layered strands to drive home the beauty and uniqueness of the style.

A Mix of Highlights

You won’t be greedy to ask for an integration of both the full and partial highlights. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. The hairstyle shown here is a perfect way to bring in both highlights into one hairdo. You can see that they don’t conflict with each other.

Chunky Blonde

Whether you have a blonde or skin tone or not, it won’t deter you from spotting a fascinating hairstyle that will keep people in awe. Now, get started with this inspiring hairstyle. Make the best out of the messy strands by incorporating blonde hues into the hair.

Highlighted Knots

There’s no doubt that people will keep staring to find out the secret behind this hairdo. However, we must caution you about it! This is perfect for people with long hair. If you’re blessed with voluminous hair, you can proceed to weave back some strands and tie in topknot formats until they get to the base of the crown. Don’t forget to integrate partial highlights on each of the knots.

Creative Comb-Over

This hairdo is achievable even when you don’t have enough hair up there. Just remember to integrate mixed highlights to pull off an exquisite look.

Full Blonde

There’s no time to consider the options that come with partial highlights. Go blonde with the full highlights. For added styles, you may want to bring out the long strands by the sides.

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Balayage Highlights

Recreate the style by integrating the balayage vibe. You may also want to use the full and partial highlights for a unified look.

All-Over Blonde

Take over the scenery with your blonde hairdo. It doesn’t have to be messy to look cute. A little creativity that spreads the strands across the nape of the neck is the way to go.

Wavy at the Back

It’s worth mentioning that highlights/integrated colors look great when used on wavy hairstyles. The one shown here is a perfect way to pull off the great look. Start by weaving back some length before combing them down the nape of the neck. You sure can spot the mixed colors in the wavy hair.

Classic with a Part

You won’t have a hard time identifying the intersection between the highlights. The colorist did a good job by tossing the fully highlighted strands to the sides, thereby leaving the partial highlight in the middle, where it stays with the surgical line.

Partial Highlights + Creative Weaves

This is a job well done! The colorist was creative enough to integrate partial highlights at the tips of the wavy strands.

Wavy and Bronzed

There’s no denying the fact the golden hues inspired by full highlights are something that always keeps our eyes glued to the hairdo.

Angelic Highlights

Become the envy of your friends when you style this angelic look. The colorist can help you achieve the right blend by integrating the full and partial highlights at a go before combing the strands.

Full and Highlighted Weaves

No one that looks at this hairdo will fail to appreciate the good job done by the hairstylist. Worthy of more commendation is the colorist who took out time to integrate the partial undertones to the tips of the weaves.

Cool Toning

Many women now want to get a feel of the blonde hairstyle. Even when you don’t have the right skin tone to pull off the look, it can be an option to go for this cool toning. The style demands every level of commitment, which means that your colorist must have an eye for details. The idea is to forge interoperability between the partial and full highlights, so they would look good together.

Multidimensional Highlights

The style goes across the border to deliver a fascinating look that is the best. You’ll need long hair and textured hair to be able to achieve it like the one shown here. Furthermore, consider combing the strands evenly to the sides, while leaving some portion to cover a part of the eye.

Auburn Dark Warmth

Conceal yourself in the dark and golden waves in this creative hairdo. There’s also an option to make the style more fascinating by rocking wavy hair at the sides.

She’s Blonde

Everyone tends to conclude that this is a blonde hairstyle. The assertion isn’t wrong because the impact of the full highlights dominates the back and a greater part of the sides. Nevertheless, a concise look reveals the dark hues in the point of intersection/middle part of the front. That is where the partial highlight comes in to make this hairstyle perfect.

Flying on Highlighted Wings

What more could be stylish than a long hair tossed to the sides with reckless abandon? It doesn’t end at that! There’s the use of dark and red hues to recreate each of the strands into a perfect hairdo. The hairstyle then finishes the job with the side toss and demarcated middle.

Brunette Blonde Beauty

There tends to be commotion as people give you the treatment of a superstar. You deserve it because this hairdo is not the everyday style. The full blonde highlights and the silver lining make this a hairstyle to be sought after.

Full-Color Blend

Here is a perfect way to pull off the blonde hairdo without interference from any other color variation. It’s more fascinating because of the bold surgical line in the middle, which makes room for the even distribution of the side strands.

Classic All-Over Blonde

Show them how to hit the red carpet with style! The style showed here demands long hair to be able to pull off the great look. If you don’t have the desired length, you may have to go for the medium length version. Meanwhile, this version also requires a middle part to complete the job.

Highlighted Topknot

Some women may not want to use the brick and mortar coverage of the highlights. If you fall into the category of women that want to something different, the style showed here could be the inspiration you need to start. It entails rolling the front hair backwards, tie into a topknot while spotting the silver highlights.

Softened Brunette

Here is another opportunity to try your hand at the partial and full highlights. This time, both of them join forces to deliver this masterpiece. The rule of the thumb is to maintain a good texture on the hair before using the softened brunette hues to make the layers classy.

Heavier towards the end

It’s true that highlights dominate most parts of the hair. Nevertheless, the styles showed here has a lived-in approach that makes the highlight to get heavier/more prominent as it approaches the tip of the strands.

Partial Foil Highlights

The first thing that tends to attract people to this hairstyle is the perfect trim at the edges. Aside from that, the straight strands making a touchdown at the nape of the neck combined with the bronze color in the hair to deliver a brightened look.

Awesome Highlights

It can be a riddle for an onlooker to decipher the natural look of your hair. This full blonde hairstyle is a cutout from the fascinating input of the full highlights.

Innovative Side Sweep

Not one every doubts the impressive looks from a side swept hair. Make the most out of it by integrating the silver look on the side swept hair.

Dimensional with Face-Framing Strands

This is usually the outcome when a woman has enough hair. It’s interesting to note that the full and partial highlights make them look outstanding.

Full Highlights

Prove to the world that you can look comfortable in your skin without sitting under the sun willing the sun to bleach your hair. With a combination of the right colors, you can pull off this fully highlighted hairstyle without hassles.

Blonde and Dark Highlights

While the full highlights bring forth the blonde look, the partial highlights complete the job with dark hues that make the style perfect.

Natural with Curls

Curly hair has never looked so far with the application of the full and partial highlights. Don’t forget to keep in top shape with the use of the right hair styling products.

Make Your Choice

The highlights are at your doorstep waiting for you to make a choice. The style on the left-hand side has darker hues hovering above the middle part. If you prefer the blonde/full highlights, then the hairstyle on the right-hand side beckons on you.


Highlight your hair

The full and partial highlights can interoperate without hassles. You can choose to style one and leave the other or integrate the two at a stretch. The options are up for you to make an informed decision. You’re now good to style your first highlighted hair! Take a cue from our collections above and inspire your hairstylist on your next appointment.


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