Top 50 Ghana Braids That Will Make Others WOW!


Ghana is a legendary African hairstyle which looks notably interesting. Ghana braids are also known as cornrow, pencil or banana braids and also they make use of a unique braiding tactic. The weaving suits women with the frizzy hair which is hard to style, and even it matches flawlessly with all types of outfits. Pick the hairstyle which matches best with your requirements and offers yourself a hairdo change for this summer. Listed below are 50 top Ghana braids styles to make you inspired.

How Can You Maintain The Ghana Braids?

  • Protect The Hair During The Night:

Exactly like the hair in natural condition you really should be wearing a satin bonnet or satin scarf to bed. It will assist keep synthetic hair completely fresh, and your scalp/natural hair neat for a long time.

Simply tie up the edges of braids into ponytail and then tuck them in your scarf or bonnet. Easy as that! Whenever you get up in the early morning take out the scarf, remove hair tie as well as let the braids fall completely loose!

  • Moisturize The Scalp:

It can be difficult but there’s a very easy way to make this happen. You can also make use of dry shampoo for cleaning your scalp in case you find it’s itchy/dirty. If the scalp is actually in good shape hygiene wise, what you require is the best light oil. Not to mention, I use the “Mielle-Organics” almond oil as well as an applicator.

Also, I apply oil lightly to the scalp on parts. Rather than massaging the oil, I pat the parts gently to maintain them as tidy as possible. Massaging will certainly lead you to lose clean lines in the part.

  • Trim Flyways:

Be quite cautious with this action as you do not want to unintentionally cut your hair. Whenever you use the synthetic hair, the “straight-kanekolan” type then you’ll experience the flyways with time. For keeping the neat look of braid you may trim sides of your braids. It is simplest to try this at lower end of braid just where you find out that your hair won’t extend/reach to.

Top 50 Ghana Braids

  1. Silver Ghana Braid:

The hottest hair color of season is the gray. Truth be told, increasingly more ladies want to have a “granny look”. However, what will you do when you have the Ghana braids? It is simple: you decide to dye the braids silver. At the same time, nuance is pretty striking; therefore if you wish to amaze your buddies with a magnificent look, then it’s the perfect one for you.


  1. Different Ideas For Ghana Braiding:

Pick one or more design for the Ghana braids. There is a lot you can easily do with the hair. What you have to do is to be happy to try out them all. Now wear the Ghanas on a single side, in the bun, or even make a 1/2 updo. Make a “side fringe” from a few strands of the hair or even tie in the ponytail. Irrespective of your own choice, the final result is going to look exciting.


  1. Classic Ghana Braid:

Sometime the hottest hairstyle will be the easiest. Much like in the hairstyling or fashion less is far more. The hairstyle shown in the image above is flawless. If you possess a wonderfully round head as well as pronounced jaw-line, after that you must give it a try. Complemented by low bun at the back, these looks are both chic and elegant.


  1. Turban-Like Ghana Braid:

Nobody may even know that you have the Ghana braids! WOW! This complex hairdo gives an impression that you are wearing turban on the head. The length between braids is nearly inexistent; that is precisely why this hairdo is extremely lovely.


  1. Red Octopus:

Undoubtedly, an octopus-influenced hairstyle is almost everything you require for making an impression. While braided beautifully and red dyed, the style appears even more impressive. Women with long locks must give this hairstyle a try at least one time in lifetime. This is extremely chic and elegant. We enjoy the balance between braids, and also the size, shape and the weaving technique.


  1. Shaved Front & Jumbos:

Ghana braids which are thicker also are known as the jumbo braids. Get them tied in the high ponytail as well as shave some locks in front. The end result will surpass all your desires. The style can accentuate your jaw-line and cheekbones, and also your lips and eyes. Wear this hairstyle everywhere you move, and all the eyes will look at you.


  1. Hair Accessories & Spiral Ghana Braid:

The elegance of this hairdo is based on the design of weaving. Constantly braided and accompanied with the hair clips, this hairstyle is a great choice for the frizzy hair. Make sure you notice pronounced partings, as well as the gorgeous shaping, adds a lot more fluidity to this style.


  1. Ghana Mohawk:

The Ghana braids are wonderful! Although, if you think you have to change the hairstyle a bit, then you can quickly opt for the Ghana Mohawk. Quite simply, sides of the scalp weaved neatly, and then on the top, the hairstylist is going to make you an awesome braided Mohawk.


  1. Purple Bun On The Top:

Top buns tend to be the sexiest! But when they are available in an extremely impressive color, somehow they look best of all. Ghana braids at the back will be exquisite too. Offer yourself a good start of self-confidence in this summer, and discover this variant. This will surprise you pleasantly.


  1. Yellow & Red Mix:

They say yellow and red are 2 colors which don’t go very well together. But yet, here the combination is completely amazing. We like the shine of braids, and also the technique of weaving. These types of Ghana braids can frame the face flawlessly, and therefore all the eyes will look you wherever you go.


  1. Sharp Ghana Braid:

Give your hairdo a completely new charm and choose these “sharp-Ghana” braids. Make use of the smooth weaving to enhance your features – jawbone, lips, eyes and the face is going to look incredibly fresh and clean. Select a nude makeup but think about a more notable color for lips to make balance.


  1. Detailed Braiding:

The Ghana braiding really seems complicated. However, a specialist can weave ideal braids. The hairstyle in the image above is perfect, which is precisely why we enjoy it. These braids are weaved evenly, thus providing your head the excellent round shape.


  1. Thin/Thick Ghana Braid:

Do you desire the Ghana braids to be noticeable? Well, after that you must consider this awesome hairdo. The modification between thinner and thicker braids will offer your hairstyle a different but really attractive vibe.


  1. Native-American Ghana Braid:

Native-American influenced braids are just another smooth type of the Ghana weaving. Not to mention, the braids on scalp are slimmer whereas other hair features the thicker braids. This hairstyle looks truly natural, and this should definitely assist you to feel self-assured and more confident.


  1. Light-Brown Ghana Braid:

The light-brown having a little bit dark nuance at roots is still another gorgeous combination. This particular “caramel-like” hue is notably appealing, and very easily you can match this with any kind of outfit – casual and elegant braids, ideal for hot season.


  1. Micro Madness:

Allow the Ghana braids “speak” for themselves! Additionally, this small tiny weaving reveals your eyes as well as soft facial features. Outstanding with casual outfit, and also with a stylish dress, this hairdo should give you a sense of feeling like the most assured woman.


  1. Light Purple Hint:

Women who do not have sufficient will to dye the braids from roots ought to take the things slow. Only have the “top-bottom” purple dyed and see if you like it. We guarantee that the effect will please you.


  1. Blonde Ghana Braid:

This season goes blonde and decides to dye the Ghana braids “blonde”. You will instantly get some attention; in addition, light shade is going to emphasize the beautiful color of the skin.


  1. Low Bun & Side Braiding:

These double Ghana braids having a low-bun will be outstanding at an official event. The smooth, neat look of the hairstyle is quite sophisticated. The contrasting weaving and side parting add much more creativity to this look. It is a “must-have” for this particular season!


  1. Purple Zigzags:

Excellent braids are usually in trend this particular season. However, in case you desire to add some creativity to your own style, then get a switch of the color and then make the Ghana zigzag braids be noticeable.


  1. Interleaved Braid:

These interleaved “Ghana” braids are amazing. The hairdo is very original and this will fit your own style flawlessly. The 2 braids on back have ideal symmetry. Wear this with an informal outfit and you will feel as if you’re the most self-confident woman.


  1. Separated Ghana Braid:

Make the Ghana braids look neat and pick this incredible hairstyle. On the other hand, separation between braids gives your look an innovative and new vibe. This will allow you to appear incredibly elegant and stylish.


  1. Low Ponytail & Ghana Braids:

To get a more “urban-like” appearance you should check out these amazing Ghana braids right now. The low ponytail and spiral effect go wonderfully with military jeans, jackets and aviator-designed glasses.


  1. Micro-Ghana Braid:

This summer go micro and pick an amazing hairdo that does not look just good. Additionally, it feels great. The hairstyle shapes the head perfectly, safeguarding the locks from the damaging Ultra violet rays, and maintaining the locks looking shiny and healthy.


  1. Spiral-Influenced Ghana Braid:

Sleek hairstyles are the finest at a public event just where you wish to exude the beauty. This spiral-influenced Ghana braids hairdo is almost everything you require when trying to find an elegant style. It appears splendid!


  1. Top Bun & Purple Braids:

We love the high buns since they are practical. However, we also appreciate them as they add some beauty to any sort of outfit. 3D weaving made at roots is also impressive. Wear this hairstyle with an attire of your choice and get ready to make a remarkable impression.


  1. Side Braid:

These sided big Ghana braids will be perfect in the daytime. They are easy but chic that will let you to easily match them with most stylish outfits. If you are trying to find a playful, easygoing hairstyle, then it is exactly what you need!


  1. Purple Ghana Braid:

Purple is a stylish color, irrespective of season. This works flawlessly with braids because it will truly enhance the “chocolate-color” of the skin. Wear these braids quite loose by shoulders or even tied at the back.


  1. Center Parting And Compact Weaving:

This may seem uncommon to have center parting, however in this situation it simply works. We like the effect made; these Ghana braids can cover the head entirely, therefore making the hairdo look awesome.


  1. Ombre Effects:

Give the Ghana braids a great touch of the glam as well as choose an extremely “light-shade” on the tips. Pick a very thin weaving for making your hairstyle appear smoother and you will surely appreciate the final result.


  1. Thin Ghana Braid:

Take a look at these slim Ghana braids! They’re going to shape the head beautifully, therefore emphasizing your jaw-line and cheekbones. The hairdo is suggested in the summertime when ladies with frizzy locks have troubles maintaining their hair organized.


  1. Low Ponytail And Artistic Ghana Braid:

Ghana braiding is particularly innovative. The “weaving” we admire in picture above is “hands-down” the best type of hairdo we have ever seen. This seems avant-garde but simultaneously linear and truly interesting. Now, top-off the hairstyle with low ponytail plus you will look awesome!


  1. Loose Locks & Top Bun:

For an easy sort of hairstyle, you should check out this awesome top-bun with the loose hair at the back. This will cause you to appear most sophisticated and taller. This is a “must-have” at almost any social event or beach party.


  1. 3D Effect:

This awesome leaf-like hairstyle is a piece of art. This is original, sophisticated and artistic. If you desire to make a good impression on a person, it’s the hairdo you should choose. We really like 3D effect as well as contrast between thinner and thicker weaving.


  1. Micro-Ghana Braiding:

The micro Ghana-braids are outstanding if you possess long hair. This is a great hairdo which highlights your features and even makes you really feel appealing. Choose a zigzag separating in the center, and prepare yourself to shine!


  1. Ghana Braid With Twist:

Think about giving a twist to the normal Ghana braids as well as have them easily braided on sides. For making things extremely interesting, go for extra micro-braiding. This effect will undoubtedly make a great impression.


  1. Elegant Ghana Braid:

Whether you are attending a wedding or party, these stylish Ghana braids can definitely turn many heads around. Not to mention, the cool look of weaving is completely gorgeous. Chic and simple – just what you will require for making an impression.


  1. Elevated Braiding:

Are you in mood for very long braids? Take a look at these luxuries Ghana braids together with stunning side parting. On the other hand, the “X” in front tends to make the hairstyle appear considerably more fresh and ingenious.


  1. Shaved Side And Ghana Braid:

Now it’s time to give a beautiful “twist” to the Ghana braids and also shave some tresses in front. It will emphasize the figure of the face and enhance your top features – lips, eyebrows, and eyes.


  1. Blue Hints And Ghana Braids:

Super smooth Ghana braids can be a perfect hairdo for stylish women as well. The hairstyle highlights a female’s gorgeous facial features, in addition, it lets them to experiment and wear the most avant-garde and craziest earrings.


  1. Neat “Ghana” Braiding:

The Ghana-weaving is an incredibly elegant sort of braiding which many African ladies adore. The hairdo in the image above looks notably sleek and neat. Big on top of head and somewhat thinner by the shoulder, this hairstyle is a great option for females who love casual look.


  1. Chic, Long Braids:

Instead of cutting the hair and even be sorry in the future, why don’t you have this braided in a few chic and neat Ghana braids? This hairstyle highlighted above offers a wonderful urban allure. At the same time, we really like the “spiral-effect” in front!


  1. Shiny Braid:

The shiny Ghana braid with a concealed bun is definitely a hairstyle ideal at a beach party or wedding. The hairdo appears compact incredibly, and in this way, you will have the chance to protect the locks from terrible sunlight in summer.


  1. Double Effect:

Females who are ill and fed up with classical Ghana braids must consider a new hairstyle. This octopus influenced hairstyle created from thick and thin Ghana braids will be unquestionably fabulous. The heavier aspect of bigger braids merges perfectly with thinner ones. Finally, the ultimate hairstyle will have an amazing effect on individuals.


  1. Blonde Braids:

It is time to get a big change in the hair color for this season. In case you love the Ghana braids however you would like to offer them a new allure, choose blonde braids. Particularly, the cornrows are pretty interesting; they’ll 100% replace the way you generally look, also they will emphasize the color of the skin in the most elegant way.


  1. 3D Ghana Braid:

Embossed “Ghana” braids would be the latest trend in the hairstyling. Pick thicker or thinner braids as well as ask your hair stylist to provide them with the 3D effect. Quite simply, it is the “embossing” of all these braids which make the hairstyle work and look so cool. There is no hesitation that the effects created can make folks turn heads anywhere you go.


  1. Low Bun & Bulky Braids:

The bulkier “Ghana” braids can be great whenever you do not desire to spend lots of time in the salon. They are simple to create, and topped having a bun they’ll complement flawlessly any sort of outfit. This style is wonderful for females who want to wear the over-size earrings. Highlight a unique look and offer your hair a makeover it should get.


  1. Spiral Braids:

A great alternative to traditional Ghana braids out there. The weaving starts in front, therefore, creating a visible, spiral effect. However, we enjoy the thick/thin alteration of braids, and also the low-ponytail which add maximum continuity to this hairdo.


  1. Cornrow Braid In The Bun:

This gorgeous hairstyle starts in front. Again, the cornrows proceed from a very slim weaving to progressively more notable braids. Now, top-off this style having a higher bun to provide your hairstyle an additional touch of the glam. The end result will definitely surpass all your desires.


  1. Zig-Zag Ghana Braid:

These red “Ghana braids” in zig-zag tend to be quite awesome. The braiding is compact and neat, which makes this hairstyle perfect for the summer. As for color, in case you think it is the perfect time for getting a change then you should absolutely check out red. This works best with any sort of attire, and it is going to immediately bring the color out of your skin.


Get yourself noticeable this season as well as give your hairdo a comprehensive makeover. Particularly, the Ghana braids are perfect in case you have the frizzy or curly hair, and you do not want to waste hours every day to style this. This hairstyle is incredibly original; this can be differently styled, so you have a number of choices. Choose the one which you love most by looking at our top Ghana braids styles listed above, and get ready to embrace the new hairdo. This will fit your personality flawlessly!

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