Flattering Ghana Braids You Should Definitely Try in 2019


Ghana braids are practical and extremely appealing. At the same time, they are all the rage at the moment, which makes them a very fashionable option, particularly if you have frizzy hair! That is not all, though; another great thing about Ghana braids is that they are the ultimate definition of versatility and you can wear them with various outfits. Not to mention that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the morning to take care of them.

This is many women now wear Ghana braids. On top of that, they suit women of all ages. If you still need some convincing to give these hairstyles a try, you can even adorn them with beautiful flowers or beads.

The options you have at your disposal are definitely countless. By scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest, you will soon notice that everyone’s wearing them, from Beyonce to Tina Savage and other fashionistas. With that in mind, we would like to suggest the following Ghana hairstyles that will make you feel and look great!

Ghana Braids

  • Medium-Sized Braids

If you hate waking up in the morning with your hair all frizzy and out of place, then this hairstyle will help you leave these problems behind. At the same time, if you want to stick to the classics, then these medium-sized braids will definitely be down your alley. You can also put your hair in a ponytail whenever you get tired of this look, and not only. In fact, you can always use your imagination to spice things up. The best part about the hairstyle is, of course, its high level of versatility.

  • Medium-sized Braids with a Twist

Moving on, another variation of the classic Ghana braids would be mixing them up with some colorful thread! In fact, by using this colorful thread, you will definitely stand out of the crowd.

This trend has been probably influenced by Kenyan celebrities, who have definitely done their part when it comes to the growing popularity of braided hairstyles. You can choose your favorite color – it can either be a bold shade if you want to try a different look, or something more versatile if you want to play it safe. Regardless of your choice, the thread will certainly add that specific je ne sais quoi to your braided hairstyle.

  • Half-braided and Half-curled

If you went for the classic Ghana braided hairstyle for a while now and you feel that you want to try something new, then perhaps this option will appeal to you. For one thing, it is something different. Secondly, it will keep your roots in place while allowing you to challenge your creativity when it comes to styling the ends of the hair.

You can wear it curled, or you can put it up in a ponytail when you feel like it, you name it. At the same time, you can finally say goodbye to the frizz that comes with having curly hair!

Truth be told, you have so many options to choose from when it comes to styling the classic Ghana braids. This is why so many women opt for this hairstyle. For example, as you can see in the picture above, you can combine various hair accessories, depending on your preferences, to add a bit of spice to an otherwise typical hairstyle. The contrast in textures and colors is amazing and eye-catching!

On a different note, if you want to make your Ghana braids look shiny and polished, then you might consider applying shea butter to your hair, as this has an excellent smoothening effect, which will make you shine bright like a diamond!

  • Get Creative

Creativity is the source of all things beautiful. This can be clearly seen in the hairstyle above. Just as it is the case for most Ghana braids, these look effortlessly cool while keeping your hair in place and easy to maintain. We could also say that they have a specific 90s vibe. With that in mind, next time you’re opting for a braided hairstyle, consider this option! You’ll definitely stand out of the crowd!

  • An Ounce of Color Never Harmed Anyone

A new color puts a different light on things and can highlight your best features. Therefore, if you’re tired of the same old Ghana braids, perhaps dying your hair in a bold color is the right thing for you – just be sure that you can pull it off. Confidence, of course, is the key to mastering this hairstyle. So, are you confident enough to wear it? Only you can answer this question!

  • This Isn’t Something You See Every Day

If the hairstyles we included above are still too common for you, then you can try this look that takes Ghana braids to a whole new level. Now, this is what we would call a unique up-do. It’s quite extreme, so to speak, but it also takes all the hair out of your way. This means that you don’t have to worry about it not staying in place. You can also forget about frizz, or anything of the kind. Not to mention that you can either dress it up or dress it down.

In other words, such a hairstyle can be successfully worn to a party or a special event if you want to stand out of the crowd.

  • Jumbo Ghana Braids

While it is true that this are not exactly the typical jumbo Ghana braids, they fall somewhere between a regular-sized Ghana braided hairstyle and the renowned jumbo Ghana braids.

Once again, the thread detail makes the world of a difference. It is extremely versatile, as it can be applied to larger or smaller braids, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The sky and your imagination are the limits!

  • Looking Like a Goddess

If you’re looking for Ghana braids hairstyles to inspire you, then this particular updo will definitely do the trick. It is more than ideal for any special event you might have to attend. This is what we would call intricate styling. Not only that the style of the updo itself is unique, but the flower adds the much-required pop of color whereas the hair accessories make the entire look much more glamurous. It is a great idea to adapt your makeup options depending on the color of the hair accessories, to keep things within the same color palette.

  • Braided Ponytail

It’s no secret that a ponytail is one of the most effortless hairstyles you could pull off. However, when your hair is the very definition of frizz and doesn’t stay in place as you expect it to, then braiding it before putting it put in a ponytail is the way to go.

If you want to make it look even better, then you can ask your hairstyle to leave two small braids on each side, just for kicks. Now, this is what we would call a carefree, modern look that goes perfectly on a day-to-day basis.

  • Perfect for Summertime

It’s no secret that summertime comes with a whole new set of challenges for women with curly hair. This has to do with the high humidity levels. But you can easily keep your curls under control with the right hairstyle. For example, you can try the look above.

Not all Ghana braids have to be medium or large. You could definitely opt for a different look, such as these sleek and shiny braids, that are embellished with these unique hair accessories. To maintain this look intact, our advice to you would be to use a shine spray, which will also have the role of keeping your braids in place, so that they look excellent for a long time!

  • Jumbo Ghana Braids all the Way

This hairstyle featuring jumbo Ghana braids is ideal for summertime. To make it even more appealing and unique, you may consider incorporating elements such as the thread and the golden accessories. Of course, your hairstylist might have other suggestions as well – the sky is your limit, as far as hair accessories go. You can try different alternatives until you find something that fits your style. We also like the combination of thicker and thinner braids, as well as the overall shape of the braids that’s quite unique.

All in all, this is a great hairstyle that is worth trying!

  • Ghana Braids with a Twist

What does this hairstyle make you think of? Does it make you think of a perfect day at the beach or the perfect summer day? We could say yes to all these questions, as this hairstyle seems like the ideal choice for summer days. For one thing, it doesn’t look as put-together and neat as other Ghana braids hairstyles. With that in mind, if you’d much rather be going for the more effortless look, then this is the way of accomplishing it.

Of course, you can adapt this hairstyle to your hair length. Your stylist might come up with a bunch of suggestions of customizing the hairstyle as well. As you can see, the hairstyle combines different types of braiding techniques with a bit of thread. So, how would you adapt it to your style?

  • Braided Bun – Effortless and Chic

If your hair inspiration is limited to the classic Ghana braids ponytail, perhaps it would be the right time to update your preferences a bit and give this updo a try. What we like most about is that it seems quite effortless to make. For one thing, it doesn’t look polished or put together, which makes it suitable for wearing it on a daily basis – especially if don’t want to look as if you were trying too hard. At the same time, since the hair is pinned in a bun, it is out of sight – hence, it won’t get in your way when you’re trying to do your chores.

  • Braided Ponytail

Many women search for inspiration when it comes to Ghana braids to the side, but you can also pull off a cool, fashionable style by going for a more classic look – namely this hairstyle, which successfully highlights the hair’s different shades of color.

We could say that the braids look especially nice if the hair is dyed or treated, but you can definitely pull this hairstyle off even without the highlights. It will be just as outstanding.

  • Unicorn Hair Inspiration

What better way is there to highlight your colorful hair than by putting it up in a braided hairstyle? By only looking at this hairstyle, you might end up in a mood to dye your hair this way – especially since summer is just around the corner. This type of hair will naturally put you in a good vibe.

Of course, if pink is not your color, you can always go for a different shade, such as blue, purple, red, or even a combo – as you probably know, combos are all the rage lately. Adding a bit of shine spray will definitely make the world of a difference in styling the hair easier and give it that “unicorn” look.

  • Large and Small Braids Combo

If you lack inspiration and you’re browsing for Ghana braid styles 2019, then perhaps mixing narrow with larger braids might be worth trying – granted that this style appeals to your taste. These braids will secure your hair, protect it from the elements and give you a put-together look. Now, this is what we would call an impeccable hairstyle because the hair is perfectly in place and won’t get in your way.

  • Side Braids – Why Not Go a Different Way?

If you want to do things a bit differently, this hairstyle might be the way to do that. Many women prefer wearing their hair on the side, as it adds a bit of edge to the entire hairstyle. Still, on the whole, the hairstyle preserves its simplicity.

Of course, the spiral pattern makes the entire hairstyle even more appealing, especially if you appreciate small details that eventually make the world of a difference. Imagine this exact hairstyle in highlights! Just think of the color combinations you can get with this look!

  • Intricate Braiding

For the most part, this type of braiding is applicable to long hair. However, most girls assume that if their hair isn’t long enough, they couldn’t possibly pull this style off. This is not exactly true, though. Many of the hairstyles we included in our post – including this one, can be applied to medium-length hair as well.

Also, one thing we like about this particular type of braiding is the bun. As opposed to putting all your hair in a bun, you can consider putting half of your hair in a bun, and the rest can just flow on your shoulders. This way, you can do things your way and look and feel special.

  • Chunky Braids

We could argue that this particular adaptation of Ghana braids is the definition of an effortless, yet chic style. This is a perfect alternative to the classic Ghana braids, which we tend to see all over the place. The highlights are the seashells that make this hairstyle the perfect match for beach time.

As usual, before considering this type of braiding, which is a tad out there, you should determine that it suits your overall style and personality.

  • Neat and Put-Together

If you’re a big fan of sleek braids, then this look might be your cup of tea. We could say that it works both as a casual and a laid-back style, which is great when it comes to versatility.

At the same time, whenever you feel that the hair is in your way, you can easily put it up in a classic ponytail and get the freedom you need. You might even consider fixing it in a bun if you want to pull off a different look. You can always search for inspiration when it comes to the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles and customize yours as you please.

  • A Different Take on Ghana Braids

If your hair is long and you want to try a different style, then you might think of partially keeping it up a bit – but not in a classic bun or ponytail. Without a doubt, this type of braiding can be easily adapted to classier occasions as well. So, you can pair it with an elegant dress, a glamorous makeup and look your best!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Ghana braids offer a lot of versatility, which means that you can customize the style you prefer and adapt it to your individual preferences. The best part is that you can find a lot of inspiration for styling your hair online.

With that in mind, whenever you feel a tad bored and you have an urge to try something new, you can consider some of the suggestions we included in our article or simply browse the Internet and you’ll find plenty of ideas.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too afraid to experiment with different hairstyles. It’s only hair, after all, and if you don’t like it, you can always go back to your previous look.


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