150 Hairstyles for Long Hair You can Wear on Any Occasion

Long hair has been a symbol of femininity since times immemorial. Women have loved and taken care of their long locks to showcase their status and power. And it just so seems that today we have more hairstyles for long hair than ever before. Which is quite a fantastic thing! But that’s the beauty of long hair. It’s extremely versatile, allowing you to style it any way that you like.

Therefore, in this piece, we will tackle all the latest trends and hairstyles for long hair that are fit for every occasion you could possibly think of. Long hairstyles for your wedding, prom, festivals, for school or for every day wear. But we also have some tips on how to care for your long hair as well as a few celebrities!

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The History of Long Hair

Women have always worn long hair. That’s a fact. In different hairstyles of course, that’s what we’re here to talk about today, but long hair nonetheless. It’s enough to take a peek down the long lane of history and see that this statement is as true as they come.

Some of the earliest recordings in history come from the Ancient Egyptians. In the 10th century BC, women used to grow their hair long and then style it into various updos. They even had hair products made from animal fats that worked in the same way that hair gel or pomade work today. Even when they shaved their heads because of lice women still wore long wigs.

In the 1st century BC, Roman and Greek women grew their hair as long as possible so that they could braid it in extremely intricate ways. This was a symbol of their high status. If they had complicated braids, it meant they also had servants to do them. Therefore, they were rich and could afford it. Long, braided hair meant power and wealth to Greek and Roman women of the ancient times.

Hairstyles for Long Hair in the Middle Ages

Let’s jump straight to the Middle Ages when long hair was also crucial to how a woman presented herself in society. In fact, for the maidens of those years, their hair was one of their most precious treasures. They too wore thick braids which they used to coil around their heads or their ears. Women who had more money and a higher status would also decorate their updo with pearls and gemstones.

In the 1500s, Queen Elizabeth established a whole new trend, successfully becoming one of the first trendsetters in the world. Yes, we could even call her an influencer, with a little indulgence. The idea here is that she had a very particular hairstyle. As we probably all know by now, the Queen of England at that point in time was a fierce redhead with kinky curly hair and a very high forehead.  Therefore, women everywhere rushed to copy this hairstyle. They would actually color their hair red or orange, they would curl it and even pluck at their own hairlines to make their foreheads appear wider. Just like the queen had!

But the 1500s were also the mark in time when very elaborate headdresses became fashionable. The wigs were, of course, hairstyles for long hair. An interesting thing to note here was that the wigs were not only esthetically pleasing but also quite warm in those cold and drafty medieval English castles.

Hairstyles for Long Hair in the Next Centuries

We couldn’t possibly talk about the 1700s and hairstyles for long hair without mentioning the one and only Marie Antoinette. Even though she didn’t actually put her real hair to good use, she still wore wigs that gave the word ‘long’ a whole new meaning. Her wigs were so high and wide that she actually used model ships and small birdcages to decorate them.

A single hairstyle took hours and hours to make. However, something good did come out of this. The hairstylist was born. She hired the first professionals to tend exclusively to the design and caring of her hairstyles. Up until then, the servants or ladies in waiting had to do women’s hair. If they didn’t do it themselves, that is. Marie Antoinette was an influencer as well, so women all over France copied her hairstyle.

The end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s saw the rise of the famous ‘Gibson Girl.’ And the hairstyle for long hair that went with it. It was a type of classic pompadour at the front with a small chignon at the back. It could also have a few curls. The whole hairstyle was unkempt but highly feminine, as was the Gibson Girl herself.

Hairstyles for Long Hair in Modern Times

Believe it or not, after the Gibson Girl look, women did not return to long hair until the 80s. Yes, that’s right, it would be a good 70 years until women all over the world would discover the joys of long hair once more.

The two main reasons for that were the women’s emancipation movement which started in the 20s and the World Wars. When the emancipation movement started, women slashed everything – the length of their dress, the length of their hair and their inhibitions. The flapper girl was born. She had short hair and that was seen as a symbol of freedom and independence.

The World Wars followed soon after that and women kept the short hairstyles simply because there was no time and no money to cater to long hairstyles. Therefore, all throughout the 30s and 40s hairstyles were closer to a modern bob.

After that, the 60s brought with them the invention of the now ultra-famous pixie. Therefore, it wasn’t until the 80s that women rediscovered how wonderful it was to have long hair once more.

The 90s brought us the ‘Rachel,’ Jennifer Aniston’s look from Friends, while the 2000s saw the rise of the gorgeous beach waves thanks to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, a style which is still much appreciated today.

How to Maintain Long Hair

Long luscious locks. You have them or you want them. But do you know how to take care of them? Don’t worry because we have a few tips that will make taking care of your long hair a breeze.

  1. Choose the perfect brush

And by that we mean a wet brush or one made of boar bristles. When you have long hair, it’s super important to find the right hair brush that will smooth out the strands so they don’t break. Therefore, you will need one made of all natural materials. In this way you can minimize friction, get rid of those pesky knots, and not risk pulling out any of your precious hairs. Instead, your hair will be smooth and silky!

2. Hydrate your hair once a week

Hydration is key when you have long hair but especially if you’re fond of using heat when it comes to hairstyles for long hair. You can use hair masks or conditioners already on the market or you can make some on your own right at home.

If you’re fond of the latter, all you have to do is mix coconut oil and honey. Or you can just use Vitamin E or a mixture of olive oil and avocado oil. Mix them up and warm them slightly. Do not bring them to a boil because they will literally fry your hair. Apply them to your locks, wrap up in a fluffy towel and allow them to soak in for an hour. Wash using a clarifying shampoo.

3. Always use heat protectant products

This piece of advice is also for girls out there who love using hair dryers or straighteners. The heat protectant acts like a barrier between your hair strands and the excessive heat you apply to it every day when you style your hair. In this way it won’t dry out and it won’t become frizzy.

4. Use appropriate hair bands

This means the ones that won’t pull your roots out and that won’t add extreme pressure on your scalp. Therefore, avoid elastic bands and go for old fashioned scrunchies instead or silicone coils. They don’t damage the hair and you will be protected from bald spots.

5. Don’t use towels to dry your hair

Here’s a secret you might not have been aware of. Towels make your hair frizzy. It’s the fluffy fabric and the way you use it to pat your hair dry that does it. It gets caught between the strands of the fabric and frays. Therefore, instead of a towel, use a smoother fabric such as an old t-shirt. You will get the same result, except for the frizziness.

6. If your hair is long, don’t over wash it

Despite popular belief, you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, especially if it’s long. Your scalp secretes natural oils that are meant to protect your hair. Therefore, if you clean it incessantly, you will also strip off all the oils that keep it safe. Depending on what type of hair you have, you will only need to wash it twice or three times at most per week.

However, if you still feel like your hair isn’t clean enough or it doesn’t look that good in between washes, use a high-quality dry shampoo. It will make it seem clean and add some texture and volume to it without drying it or damaging it too much.

7. Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet

When it’s wet, your hair will get softer and thinner. It will also stretch a lot more than when it’s dry. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to break it off, either in pieces or straight from the root. Therefore, if you notice you still have some knots even after you shampooed and conditioned, work them out with your fingers as gently as you can. Or wait until your hair has completely dried out naturally and then comb it out with a soft brush.

8. Trim your ends on a regular basis

Yes, we know that sounds counterproductive for long hair, but it’s actually not. Cutting out the ends of your hair will, in fact, make it healthier and help it grow faster and better. The ends of your hair are always the most damaged part. They have been with you the longest, they have been exposed to the sun and elements the most and they suffer a lot of friction with your pillow and clothes. They need to be trimmed off!

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9. Don’t use cotton pillowcases

As comfortable as they are, cotton pillowcases are not useful when it comes to hairstyles for long hair. Instead, you should go for silk or satin. They are a lot smoother on the surface and can keep your hair from frizzying out in the night. They will also help your hair remain hydrated and not get any knots or tangles.

10. Protect your hair at all times

This can mean a number of things. For example, if you can, try to braid you hair at night in one or two simple, classic plaits. Like the ones you used to wear when you were a little girl! But don’t make them that tight. The purpose here is to protect your hair from breaking off, getting frizzy or tangling while you sleep.

You can also wear hats outside when it’s very sunny, when it rains or snows. All these natural elements are very damaging both to your scalp and the locks themselves. Stylish hats are a simple solution for what could be permanent damage.

But protecting also means not putting your hair up in very tight ponytails that pull at your scalp. Or super tight buns or updos that feel uncomfortable or can actually pull out several hairs. Which brings us to this.

The Best Hairstyles for Long Hair Fit for Any Occasion

Now that you know everything there is to know about how to take care of your long hair, let’s take a look at the hottest hair trends this season!

The Messy Ponytail with Braids

This one is quite self-explanatory but gorgeous nonetheless. The best thing about it is that you can wear is absolutely anywhere as long as you make a few tweaks to it. For example, wear it as it is to school or the office, but decorate it with a few flowers if you’re going to a wedding. A few metallic rings say festival!

Messy Jumbo Plait

If you’re as much in love with this hairstyle as we are, you should know one thing. You might need some hair extensions. Not so much for length as for volume. The rest is all up to you! This is a messy French braid with a few unicorn touches and a lovely half-moon pin on one side.

The Low Bubble Braid

This unique way of doing a ponytail is called a bubble braid. And if you think it’s strangely familiar, you’re right! We’ve all seen it before because it’s what Princess Jasmine wears in Aladdin. However, to you it can be a wonderful way of breathing new life into your classic ponytail. Not to mention that it’s super easy to do!

Rose Gold Hairstyles for Long Hair

Rose gold was the supreme color a few seasons ago. The world simply could not get enough of it. Everywhere you turned, everything was colored in rose gold – makeup, nail polish, phone covers, clothes, and yes, hair colors. The craziness has died a bit since then, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a superb hair choice which you can wear proudly every day!

Ponytail with Braided Fauxhawk

It sounds complicated but it’s actually super simple and incredibly awesome! This hairstyle is a medium high ponytail with a fake Mohawk made of a jumbo French braid. To get the Mohawk look, pull at the braid until it gets to the volume you need it to be. Add a little volume in the front as well by creating a small pomp.

Celebrities Wearing Hairstyles for Long Hair

We have arrived at the topic everyone loves the most – celebrities! We have a small but exquisitely selected list for you. It was difficult, as you might have imagined because there are a lot of famous ladies who grace the world’s red carpets with flowing long locks. But we have chosen the ones who will inspire you most on a day to day basis!

Our first stop is British singer Cheryl Cole. She has been wearing this long hairstyle for years. It’s a good thing too because she looks amazing. The chocolate brown hue strewn with caramel baby lights matches her dark complexion and coffee-colored eyes perfectly. She also likes to pouf it up as much as she can, creating something similar to a lioness mane around her head. It’s a style inspired from the 60s which you can definitely recreate at home by yourself and wow everyone around you!

However, if it’s a more minimalist approach you’re looking for, we also have supermodel Elle Macpherson. If you’re too young to remember her supermodelling career, then you might remember her from her days on Friends. She played one of Joey’s love interests, the only one not impressed by his famous line How you doin’?

But going back to her hair, Elle wears the typical supermodel hair we all love and want. Soft beach waves with a straight part down the middle. The color is champagne gold blonde with darker roots that looks super natural. It’s only there to highlight her iconic beauty.

Rihanna Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you’re in a rush in the morning, just pull a Rihanna. There’s literally nothing simpler. The singer is wearing all her hair down and completely straightened out in her natural dark brunette color. Although we have to warn you that hers might actually be a wig or extensions. Rihanna doesn’t actually have hair that long. But she is certainly an inspiration to us all in essence.

Another one of our favorite celebrities when it comes to hairstyles for long hair is Olivia Wilde. Here she is on the red carpet wearing an exquisite bubble braid and looking fierce. She also has her iconic bangs and 60s inspired makeup with heavy eyeliner, and powder baby pink lipstick a la Priscilla Presley on her wedding day with the King. We love it when celebrities channel other celebrities!

Pink and Purple Unicorn Braid

The unicorn trend is still going strong, especially if you plan on wearing it as your festival look. This is just an example of the colors you can combine. Hot fuchsia with cotton candy pink and inky purple will create a striking pattern that you can display with the help of a loose French braid. Remember – keep your makeup to a minimum for this one! Otherwise, you risk looking too dramatic or theatrical.

Mushroom Brown Hairstyles for Long Hair

Sometimes the simplest things are also the most beautiful ones. You know what they say after all – less is more! And this is exactly what this hairstyle is all about. Beauty in simplicity. The color is what attracts the eye as it’s the perfect color for autumn and making the transition into the winter season. It’s a mushroom brown shade that melts into a warmer tone of dark caramel. This combination of colors is autumn itself and you will not regret getting it!

Cinnamon Brown Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cinnamon and brown? Where do we sign up? Has there ever been a better combination of shades for Halloween or Thanksgiving? Of course not! And here’s the best part of all! If you already have brown hair, half the work is already done! All you need to do is add a touch of cinnamon red to the tips of your strands. Or get your stylist to give you some peekaboo highlights. The fiery cinnamon shade will catch the light and add more value to your eyes and the shade of your skin!

Platinum Hairstyles for Long Hair

Platinum was the big trend of last year but it is still going strong. Everyone has now bleached their hair and is proudly wearing it all over Instagram. However, we do advise you not to try do it on your own at home. Bleaching is a very dangerous process that could result in you damaging your scalp or in severe loss of hair. The best thing to do is see a professional hairstylist. They will be able to bleach your hair in the correct fashion until you get the desired results!

Bohemian Hairstyles for Long Hair

Let’s face it, bohemian is more a lifestyle than anything else. But it all starts with your hair! And you cannot possibly be bohemian without a few well-placed braids, some loose curls or beach waves and, of course, a messy top knot. This is the golden trifecta when it comes to bohemian hairstyles for long hair. The rest is up to you. This means you can choose any hair color you want, as well as accessories and embellishments. Go for dream catchers, feathers, as many beads as you can find and don’t forget about jumbo flowers!

As you might have noticed, there are many hairstyles for long hair to choose from. That is because long hair gives you the unique opportunity to style it any way you want. It has enough length, body, and volume to allow any kind of updo you and your stylist might come up with. Therefore, all you need to do is let your imagination and creativity run wild! Express yourself and use your hairstyles as a way of sending a message about your personality! And don’t forget to write to us in the comment section below. Let us know what you favorite hairstyle is and why! Also, if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer!


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