132 High and Tight Haircuts that Won’t Leave You High and Dry


You might be wondering exactly what I mean when I say high and tight. Well, a high and tight haircut refer to the length and the a high fade. Tight means short and neat the high refers to the size of the fade. High and tight hairstyles are great for those people who want a low maintenance hairstyles that won’t get in the way of activities like sport or mixed martial arts. In this list we take a look at the good, bad, and ugly high and tight hairstyles. Sit back and prepare to be enlightened into the wide world of high and tight haircuts.


Crew Cut High and Tight Haircut

The classic crew cut was adopted by ivy league rowers way back in the day. Long hair was popular with jocks back then until the crew cut came along and replaced it. Rowers were the first ones to rock the crew so hair wouldn’t blow in their face when they were competing. The footballers soon shaved their long hair off and adopted the crew cut as well.

The crew cut is still going strong to this very day and people all over the world are standing proud and loud with their crew cuts. If you ever decide to join the armed forces, the crew cut is the standard issue hairstyle. But there is no need to go to extreme measures like joining the armed forces to get one. You can always pop into your local hairdresser for one.

Side Swept Fade High and Tight Haircut

The high fade and the side swept look is a winner if you ask me. This chap in the image above is looking ready for action with his sweet haircut. His fade has been blended in with his beard which looks hella cool as well. This is a pretty stock standard high and tight haircut.

When it comes time to sit in the barber chair and get your hairstyle have a good chat with your barber as they are the ones in the know and will have a good idea of what will and won’t work for your hairstyle.

The fact is that some hairstyles look better on different people. It has to do with the shape of the face and the what type of hair you have.


High Fade Shaved High and Tight Haircut

This style has been favored by basketball players over the years and is still a staple hairstyle in the NBA. It’s distinct characteristics incorporate a high shave around the back and sides and then the top is left a little bit longer to create a mushroom effect.

This is a great no frills haircut if you play a lot of sport or you need to be extra aero dynamic for whatever reason. Maybe you’re a sprinter or an Olympic swimmer.


Short and Sassy High and Tight Haircut for Men

This dude is rocking out the marine style haircut or the short and sassy as I like to call it. He looks ready for battle and there is no way his long hair will get in the way of him and his target.

This G.I Joe wanna be can be seen on the front lines fighting a war that is not his. Fighting a war that is about money and oil all the while he is told he’s fighting for the freedom of his country. Before you jump into any altercation that you don’t know the reason behind you should do some research.

Most of the wars of our time are over money and power and have nothing to do with the safety of our fine nation. Now we are all connected by the internet the truth is likely to come out eventually. Be a critical thinker and don’t follow the masses. Always ask the question Why?


Tracks High and Tight Haircut

When I was a kid I always wanted tracks but was never aloud to get them. As soon as I left home I hit the barber chair running and got me some fine ass lightning bolt tracks. They would have looked a lot cooler when I was a kid. But it was nice to get them as adult and it really marked the occasion of being independent.

Tracks are hands down one of the coolest things you can shave into your head or eyebrows. They are not everyone’s cup of tea though. If you are thinking of getting tracks don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it. You only get one life so live it for you.


Ryan Reynolds High and Tight Haircut

I used to think Ryan Reynolds was a bit of a pretty boy half baked actor getting by on his looks. He has proved himself to be force to be reckoned with since he helped produce and star in the Deadpool series.

After the filming of Deadpool Ryan Reynolds wanted to keep the suit. The Hollywood execs wouldnt’t let him but that didn’t stop. After the last take he marched out in the suit and never returned. I don’t know where it is now. Maybe him and his wife do role play and she dresses up as Deadpool and they role around in the hay.

Did you know that Ryan Reynolds was once married or partnered with nineties singing sensation Alanis Morrisette. Those were the good old days where the music was real and people weren’t always glued to their phones waiting for their Facebook page to light up with notifications.


Undercut High Tight Haircut

This hairstyle is a bit high and loose. The loose part being the long hair at the top. It’s a style of undercut that is high and the long hair is swished back with gel. I actually got one of these haircuts this morning. Not that I’m too happy with it. One of the hardest things in life is finding a decent hairdresser. When you do find one hold onto them with all your might. They are few and far between.

The high undercut works well with medium to long hair and if your hair is long enough you can tie it back into a man bun or a little ponytail to keep it out of your face.

The Pompadour High and Tight Haircut

This is a classic and has been around since the eighteen hundreds. It was named after one of King Henry’s babes. The pompadour refers to poofy bit that is combed into a wave at the front of the head.

Is that Chris Isaak in the image above? It sure looks like him. This hairstyle is a favorite for those nostalgic times of when Dean Martin and James Dean were getting around. They used to rock this style of haircut. The pompadour is still going strong in the modern era and I often wonder will it ever go out of fashion. What do you think? Hit us up in the comments box below and let us know.

Get Colorful High and Tight Haircut

Go high, go tight, and get colorful. Here’s an idea that’s not for the fainted hearted. Rock the high and tight look and get some crazy colors in there to finish the job.

What color would you get? I think I would go for a neon blue. To really bring the color to life you will probably have to bleach your hair first. This can cause damage so a hair treatment plan is essential.

Bleaching your hair will make your hair dry and lifeless and that’s why a hair treatment plan is necessary. After bleaching you should always condition your hair on a regular basis to restore the natural oils and moisture. A hair mask is another treatment worthwhile considering. You buy them or you can make you own.

There are many different recipes on the internet that will help restore your hair to it’s natural condition post bleaching. If you don’t treat you hair after bleaching it can become brittle and the ends will split. Then you will have to go back to the hairdresser and get the chop and nobody wants that.


The Connor McGregor High and Tight Haircut

The man of the moment. Connor is one of the richest fighters in UFC history and has racked up a series of impressive wins. Last your he fought Money Mayweather in a boxing match and got defeated. He still took home a truck load of money. Many millions ain’t bad for a day at the office. Anyway his hairstyle is perfect for his profession.

When he steps in the ring he doesn’t have to worry about his opponents pulling his hair, or his hair getting in his eyes when he goes for a big haymaker. The Irish bad boy knows how to talk up a fight and that’s why the promoters love him. He builds the hype which gets the money flowing in on bets or pay per view.


Super Quiff High and Tight Haircut

Wow this is one serious quiff. I don’t know whether to surf it or comb it. Hang ten dude and get loose. The super quiff is high maintenance so if you don’t like fluffing around for twenty minutes in the morning to get ready this may not be the hairstyle for you.

If you do wanna rock the super quiff make sure you have a good brush and lots of product on deck. You need long to medium hair on top with a high fade. Then you need to brush it into a big wave that has been swept to the side. Put a bucket load of product in there to hold it there. Now you are ready to rock and roll all the way to the disco or the swing dance club with all the other greasers and quiff wearing patrons.


Mustache with High and Tight Haircut

Check out the mo on this champion. He has put a lot of time and effort into his stache and deserves some credit. As you can see from the image above he has twirled the ends and used some sort of beard oil or wax to hold it in place. He also has the flavor savor or goatie down below. It’s called the flavor savor because after you go down on a girl the her flavor will be saved in the hair folicles. This can said for after eating meals. Not everything has to revolve around sex or does it?

Freud seems to think so but he was a little rich kid with too much time on his hands and made outlandish claims to substantiate his own twisted thoughts. He also had syphilis which made him crazy towards the end. If you have ever read any of his last few books you can pin point where his rants turn into absolute madness.

I Think Freud Went Crazy

Maybe he had some good ideas at one stage of his life but they were clouded by the nonsense he started dribbling later on his career when he went proper mad.

Mohawk High and Tight Haircut

Finally a Mohawk. The mohawk is one cool high and tight hairstyle that first came to light in the punk era. Punks would use a whole can of hairspray to get their mohawks as high and as loud as possible.

Mr. T was another famous man who loved a mohawk. He was in the eighties T.V show the A team in which he played a the heavy of the bunch B.A Barachas. B. A was scared of flying so before they had to jump on a plane they would always knock him out one way or another. Usually if was a matter of them saying, ” Hey B. A. look over there”. Then thwack he would get knocked the hell out by a fist or a paddle.

They would then push him into the plane and by the time he woke up they were about to land.

High and Tight and that’s alright. Well we made it to the end of the list. There was some seriously sweet hairstyles in there and we hope you got some ideas for your next trip to the barber shop.



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