Best 47 High Top Fade Hairdos That Will Make A Big Impact!


While the majority of people are not able to differentiate between a high top fade and Flat Top Hairdo, each trend is exceptional. From a technical perspective, flat top hairdo is actually a “variation” of high top-fade that includes any style wherever the “hair” on the top is as well as the “sides” are usually cut short.

Flexibility is the particular highlight of high top-fade. For those who have straight or curly hair, this style works well. For example, high-top with the curls (also known as curly top-fade) can leave the curly hair longer on top whereas the sides can feature a higher skin fade. Similarly, black men with or afros, dreads, or twists can also look for this amazing style from the barber.

This high top hairstyle complements the hair designs flawlessly, letting men customize their hairdos to suit their character. If you have enough time, then you should check out this amazing post “Top 40 Caesar Haircut Trends That Will Make You Amazed.”

How To Style The High Top-Fade Hairstyle?

Particularly suited to texture of the black hair, the high top-fade hairdos come up with a statement while keeping a newly made appearance. Usually, buzzed or shaved sides are actually the norm. This fade starts above temple and then transitions into top. This hair also can be buzzed straight, curly, or even shaped in an edgy way.

As this style depends on the crisp edges, daily upkeep and maintenance are recommended. However, high top-fade is an excellent way to showcase a bold personality. Here’s a short video for you.

Best 47 High Top Fade Hairstyles!

  1. Long Hair With High Top Fade:

For a haircut which will fit your individual character, wear the natural texture. The look is designed from a model’s organic afro hair and flows properly with his overall attitude. Kinky “curls” on the top are actually well-cut as well as the “taper” fade delivers that into the focus.

  1. Taper Fade With Brush Forward Hairdo:

We understand that awesome teens love “brush forward” look; however, any guy can pull this off. This is a flattering and practical men’s hairdo which suits everyone regardless of the texture of your hair. This brush cut can be achieved while hair is “brushed-forward” from the rear to front. Just apply any “hair-product” (optional) to brush forward as well as air dry.

  1. Mid-Bald Fade With Curly Haircut:

A curly “taper-cut” with mid fade is an excellent hairdo for bold black man. Additionally, you can easily add different shades of the colors to display your incredible curls as well as pair this with this traditional cut. You’ll need to maintain your locks tangle-free, however, if you do not mind the “tangles” then prepare yourself for a “dread” that will look superb too!

  1. High Fade And Sectioned Pompadour:

Pompadours are an awesome 50’s look and best for classy males. This model includes a “tinted-top” as well as sectioned the tresses to give this an arty look. The tresses will need some upkeep with extra styling and hair products.

  1. High Top With Clean Razor-Cut:

A “razor-fade” pompadour is definitely a signature hairdo which only males with style will be able to pull off. Not to mention, the hair will be about 4″ on the top with high “bald-fade” on them. This hairstyle looks spiky, however not quite due to the length. All shorter and you will have a completely different hairstyle.

  1. Amazing Designs With Curly High-Top:

Cut the curly locks into the high-top as well as style forward. You can shave the back of the head and sides to boost your curls just before creating the artwork. On the other hand, designs are outstanding and bold, however, you can choose any amount of subtlety that you prefer. Keep the curls free from tangle and you will keep this hairstyle looking new always.

  1. Curls With Drop Fade:

High tops were revered and common in the 90s and nowadays we can easily see why. It is for males who desire to come up with a stunning statement. This features a different “taper-fade” and the ultra curly “Afro” hair which very few may pull off! This will look excellent with beard, however, a “clean-cut” look will work as well. The step to having this particular look is simply to grow your hair as much as 5″ or even more and create a fade across the temple.

  1. Temple Fade With Curly High-Top:

Take your amazing “look” back to all those days of hip-hop and street rapping with a lineup and high top, but now, add a “taper-fade” for contrast. You’ll exude sophistication as well as a confidence which only a genuine gentleman can easily have. This particular hairstyle will need some interest to keep this looking shaggy constantly.

  1. Lineup & Part With Textured Hair:

Ideal for any event or man, this particular textured hair will look full and lineup offers the “model” a sharp boyish look which is enviable. Not forgetting, maintenance is required to keep the style looking unique always.

  1. Deep Part With High Flat-Top:

A mixture of high top and flat top is an innovative way of revealing yourself and displaying your style. Whenever you add a “deep” part you’re effectively making a “game-changer” hairdo. This hairdo is not an ideal choice for the formal occasions; however, have a great time wearing it!

  1. Short-Crop Razor Hairstyle:

Short-hair having a “razor-cut” is a vintage look which is incredibly easy and sleek to keep. This version offers a regular “high-fade” with the “sharp-razor” finish to divide the style. At the same time, the hair will be brushed forward as well as gives a classic laid-back look. Lots of barbering skills are needed to have this fantastic look.

  1. Buzzed Sides With Mini-Afro:

If you need a hairstyle which displays all the top elements of your curly, natural African locks, this “mini-afro” is perfect. It doesn’t need any maintenance, simply a proper comb will keep this looking great and free from tangle.

  1. Temple Fade With Curly Top:

Combine 2 unique hairdos, for example, the Afro and Mohawk to make a look which is funky and innovative. Style your hair high on top of the head to get the desired fashion. Combining 2 unique hairdos (high top and taper fade) will help you get the best results. The appearance is creative and funky for males with curly locks and will help you save lots of time on the maintenance as you won’t have to do a lot to keep this haircut look superb.

  1. Side Design With Tinted High-Top:

Pair the organic texture of the hair using a “flaming” color to get the effect! The look of this hairdo is an example of boldness and indicates that you’re a man that is not scared to be noticeable. This is an amazing hairstyle, particularly while paired with the designs from lineup to side of your head.

  1. Deep Fade And Part With Spiky Curls:

Quite short curls look spiky often. These tresses do not need to be “curly” always, you can also gel this down flat to get variety. Style the hair into straight “brush-up” for an individualized and distinct look.

  1. Bald Fade With Curly Hair:

Busy males love haircuts which are to the exact point and short. With the curly hair, it is easy to get the top style to fit your lifestyle. Active or sporty, regardless of your preference, it is the finest haircut for males who do not like frills. At the same time, brush spray of the gel will do all right; when it comes to maintenance.

  1. Lineup With Wavy Hair:

A lineup and wavy hair isn’t a common hairdo. But this particular “edge-up” is defined perfectly with right angles and straight lines. You’ll have a lot of fun having this as well as you do not need to bother about spending a lot of time on the maintenance.

  1. Taper Fade With Pompadour:

What creates this pompadour wonderful is the larger volume of tresses (the pomp) in front. It is ideal for any hair type or occasion. If you choose a very conservative look with bit of maintenance, then try keeping the pomp short.

  1. Fade With Spiky Quiff:

To get an edgy appearance, try this unique “spiky” quiff with the fade on back and sides. The tresses are wavy naturally and cut to ensure that it seems to stand upright. You can easily get this amazing look with a few hair products in case you do not have the naturally wavy locks. But remember that you’ll need to sustain the look having frequent air drying and styling.

  1. Part With High-Top Afro Fade:

There’s no better illustration of the high top-fade along with hard part compared to what this model is sporting. You can easily keep the locks short or choose a deep, detailed part. You can also choose the shorter hair; however, the unique feature is the hard part which defines high top.

  1. Neymar’s Curly Top:

The majority of undercuts go with the straight hair; however curly afro locks can equally do the miracle. The Afro-undercut is stylish and simple. It looks excellent on black guys with the natural curls. Whenever paired with design, this hairdo is an advanced marvel.

  1. Curly Top With Undercut Fade:

A “medium” high-top fade provides you a number of styling choices for the hair. Additionally, you can easily braid, twist this or choose temporary dreads. However, the nice thing about it is that the maintenance is a piece of cake.

  1. High Fade Temple Afro:

Let the African, natural locks grow to approximately 4″ to 5″ high and after that cut the sides into high-top fade. Sporting this kind of Afro indicates that you are creative and even professional at the same time.

  1. Moderate Flat Top:

Fairly straight high-top receives certain oomph from slightly “asymmetrical” part. On the other hand, the “flat-top” stays denser, however, shorter to balance the “statement” part. Ultimately, the “sides” transition on the top gradually.

  1. High Fade With Cropped Haircut:

A slight curl or small quiff in the front, offer this hairstyle some big individuality and is similar of a super-hero. First of all, shaving the sides totally is needed. Then style the longer locks in a “tousled” trend, and gel just one curl at forehead utilizing the product.

  1. Wavy Layers With High Top:

For people that have wavy locks, this hairstyle helps to keep its form while revealing natural waves. First of all, shave the sides down to your scalp for keeping the look and feel from getting shaggy or untidy. Due to close shave as well as “clean-lines” of fade, appropriate maintenance is very important.

  1. Low Fade With Afro Curly Hair:

Combine the afro hairdo with taper fade to get a fresh, modern look which is exclusive. Curly hair makes a boxed form with unique lines which shows a “sharp” sense of the style.

  1. Curls With Tight And High Haircut:

A playful and fun style which features “curls” on the top, this haircut offsets a surge of the top curls having closely “shaved-sides” as well as brief fade. Due to the “close-shave” around the neck and ears, make sure to get the regular trims.

  1. High Fade With Textured Haircut:

A “high-fade” pulls concentration completely on top of your head. Give a few textures with the comb-over for getting a “faint-quiff” look. On the other hand, maintenance is required to keep the hair in position, therefore add a few hair products as well as air dry to get perfection.

  1. Modern Flat-Top Cut:

This “flat-top” is famous due to its sharpness and simplicity. Sides are usually kept tight and high in an army style. Now spike the long hair straight to get an optimum edge. Coarse or gray straight hair will works effectively with this particular style.

  1. High Top Afro Fade:

A “high-top” fade hairdo for males with the afro hair will look amazing if it is cut by an experienced barber. Pick an impressive, structured and striking high-top fade hairdo such as this one. Try keeping it simple, yet high sufficient to make a direct effect.

  1. Rounded Edges With High Top:

Following the style of a classic “flat-top”, this haircut sets itself aside due to its curved edges. The gentleness of edges still provides structure across the head. On top of that, sides are usually kept tidy as well as smoothly transition in a “close-cut “at nape of your neck.

  1. Temp Fade With Curly Short-Hair:

Curly hair may be hard to handle, but simultaneously, this will always make you look original and cool. If you possess curly hair, after that this “stress-free” hairdo may possibly be the only one. Add a few hair products for giving this some shine, or else, you do not really have to perform any upkeep.

  1. Taper Fade With Flat Top:

The silhouette and structure of a “flat-top” hairdo are distinctive, and in a few ways is similar to other famous haircuts. The inclusion of taper fade pulls focus to “flat-cut” on the top and is going to be a “head turner” regardless of where you decide to go.

  1. Will Smith’s High-Top:

Trying a “faux-hawk” high top out may be an excellent way to have straight locks in game. Buzz the sides up beyond crown of your head for height as well as comb your hair on the top backward. Not forgetting, this hairstyle is really a subtle method for making bold a statement.

  1. Curly Top With Fade:

If you spent your youth in 90’s after that your enchantment with curly “high-top” fade is completely understandable. This hairdo was the “rage” in those days and is helping to make a comeback. Aside from having a trim, really you do not have to do any other thing for keeping this hairdo looking sharp.

  1. Temp Fade With High Top:

A thick “flat-top” makes a bold statement even while keeping the things stylish. A “high-fade” transition in the temple, however, the hair will be cut straight. Doing this makes a “squared-off” boxy appearance which can match a rounder shape of face. On top of that, all the “straight” lines provide a fresh feel to this style.

  1. Fade And Lineup With Kinky Hair:

Kinky hair “taper-fade” is a trendy choice for the black males of all age groups. The gradual decrease of the “hair-length” in this particular fade hairdo merges with facial lineup for giving this model a well-shaved and clean look. No upkeep is needed; just keep the natural hair free from kink.

  1. Cutting-Edge Flat-Top:

An excellent style for people who wish to keep the things easy, a tight and high haircut needs less maintenance and precision than some other styles. At the same time, high fade changes to somewhat lengthier hair well over the temple. Last but not least, the “fade-tapers” at crown toward your neck.

  1. Bald Taper-Fade And Wavy Hair:

Your all-natural waves can be very useful if you select this hairstyle. The hottest looks are actually embracing the natural textures of hair, therefore if you possess curly to wavy locks; make sure to try out this amazing look. It is perfect for males who don’t desire hair maintenance problems, simply comb and you’re all set!

  1. Long Hair At The Top With High Fade:

For people with the straight hair, “high-fade” pompadour mixes the charm of a “high-top” fade hairdo with vintage style. First of all, a “high-fade” transitions neatly into the curly hair. After that, comb your hair on the top of forehead for completing the look.

  1. High Top Temple Fade:

Showcase kinky curls having this thick “high-top”, where a low temple fade includes a larger size of hair as well as maximizes the high top’s height. Curls are completely defined and even flow easily from top of this cut. At last, shave the ear and neck areas to get a clean look.

  1. Curly And Loose Flat Top:

To get a smoother look, this curly and loose flat top may match the bill. However, the severely “shaved-sides” offset the smoother curls on the top. Do not use a lot of product for giving it a flyaway, less structured appearance. Free spirits and Artists are enthusiasts of this particular style.

  1. Design With Textured Taper-Fade:

Men’s hairstyle with the side designs will be eclectic and also this particular textured “wave” is no different. The texture and waves add volumes to your hair as well as the design give this dapper look. In order to style, you just have to add some “hair-gel” and then comb in position before the air-drying.

  1. Short Dreadlocks With High Top:

A more informal look, this “high-top” fade includes tight and high sides which gradually changeover on the top of your head. On the other hand, the hair is “medium” sized and also twisted into little dreadlocks which are colored for personality and emphasis. A popular of numerous sports star, the cut provides character without being very outrageous.

  1. Part With High-Top Fade:

A properly “defined” hard part will make any hairdo stand out. This side part actually defines the comparison between tapered side and textured hair. This hairstyle is ideal for events but you will need a few hair products for keeping the style. Make use of a hair dryer after use for the best results.

  1. Curly High-Top And Straight Across:

The “high-fade” on this haircut begins at crown as well as wraps around your head with same level. Additionally, this “high-top” stays free, curly and is also combed upright. Last but not least, buzz the short hair of the fade near to your skin to boost the clean appearance of this cut.


Last but not the least, the high top fade hairstyles are exactly what that will make you look awesome. You can make others amazed with such beautiful hairstyling ideas. These ideas are perfect for any event and special day.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed this special post. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, we will be happy to see you share this post on social media so that your friends can get such amazing hairstyles as well.



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