Top 45 French Inverted Braids You Need To Know


All French inverted braids hairstyles are usually influenced by the now extremely popular French braid that is the easy version of “three-strand” braid. Its 2 variations, if you desire to “branch out”, are the Dutch and fishtail braid. You should not worry; we have provided instances of the two in this post, to ensure that you can easily find the best inspiration for almost any occasion.

Listed below are 45 amazing French inverted braids hairstyles which you can certainly wear night or day. Keep reading this post with care and get yours! Here’s a short video for you.

Top 45 French Inverted Braids

  1. Bella Thorne Hairstyle:

The first belle on this list is the “Bella-Thorne”, who decided for the tight and slick version of French braids hairstyle. She has 4 of them, nicely stacked “two-by-two” on the top of one another. Also, we love her dark brown, ombre hair descending into sweet and light caramel.

  1. Ruby Rose Hairstyle:

Here is model transformed actress “Ruby Rose” proving that a good “pixie-cut” can result in a great set of the French braids having a little imagination. Obviously, when you are this gorgeous, everything will meet your needs, won’t it?

  1. Lea Seydoux Hairstyle:

Before Emma Watson, there was Lea Seydoux as Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and we can see why. Her natural beauty is enhanced by this wonderful mess of French braid that makes her look like she just got up from bed and simply rolled up on the red carpet.

  1. French Bride Braid Hairstyle:

A perfectly executed French braid will serve you effectively on your wedding day. Not to mention, you can think about this sophisticated “side-swept” hairstyle with little “braid” on one side as well as sophisticated curls on other. This will display the unique jewelry you’re intending to “wear” on a remarkable day.


  1. French Wrapped Hairstyle:

It is known as wrap and also the causes are obvious. This goes completely around the head, wrapping this like a “halo”. In case you desire, you can easily use a smooth brush for teasing this out and even make this a bit boho looking and messier, all set for any music festival.

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  1. Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle:

As much as the French braid hairstyle goes, this one may be probably the most popular in the globe. Jennifer Aniston may be responsible singularly for making the French braids awesome again a couple of years back by being dressed in this little “forehead-number” on red carpet.

  1. Selena Gomez Hairstyle:

Selena has an incredible lock and she enjoys using this as a top secret “beauty-weapon” anytime she finds the opportunity. She usually wears quite a “dark-chocolate” color which complements the coffee eyes she owns.

  1. Brittany Snow Hairstyle:

Everyone knows and loves her as a “singing-sensation” in the Pitch Perfect. The delicate beauty of Brittany Snow is complemented perfectly by a “messy” plait that she chosen to “pair-up” with nude eyes and “coral” red lip.

  1. Sarah Hyland Hairstyle:

This darling of “Modern Family” looks completely stunning and fierce in her fishtail and French braid. On the other hand, her “makeup” is via the roof too with gorgeous smoky eyes, flawlessly tanned and contoured face as well as nude lips.

  1. Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle:

With hair similar to that, who will blame “Jennifer Lopez” for seeking to showcase this in an eye-catching French messy braid? We really like her nearly natural “hair-color” here too. Her makeup is matching too with the pinky lips as well as wintery “gray-eye” shadow.

  1. Double Purple Hairstyle:

French braid hairstyle becomes even more exciting if you choose to dye the hair in a non-traditional color. We became adoringly obsessed with this particular “candy” shade of the purple which features some “creamy” strands of the “white-streaming” casually through this.

  1. Faux French Hairstyle:

If you closely look, you’ll notice that it is not a French-braid actually. However, this is executed so perfectly that it can make anyone fool. Let’s say it is the “lazy-girl’s” French braid hairstyle. Or that it is intended for ladies who never truly mastered to braid “French” way.

  1. Triple Braids Hairstyle:

With this unique hairstyle, you obtain not just 1, not 2, but 3 French braids. At the same time, the primary two are elegant and slim and also they tend to go around the head like small headbands framing the face. The 3rd one is really on the back, in the “shape” of messy bun.

  1. Faux-Hawk “French Braid” Hairstyle:

A proven way through which you may do a phony Mohawk is simply by teasing the hair up in pompadour and after that tying this up in the French braids on the back of the head. Make sure to create 2 hard parts on both sides of head to boost the impact of Fauxhawk.

  1. Rachel Mcadams Braid Hairstyle:

The gorgeous “Rachel McAdams” is a darling of Hollywood who looks spectacular whenever she wears the hair in a messy and long French braid. Also, we love exactly how she mixed it with quite a teased and high Pompadour, thus, making this Fauxhawk French-Braid Hairstyle much more age suitable.

  1. Scarlet Johansson Hairstyle:

Black Widow loves her gorgeous braids as well. Here she’s with a straightforward back-side “French-braids” with ends tucked inside neatly. In this manner, the neck is uncovered, making her appear taller and slimmer also.

  1. French Braid Prom Hairstyle:

Braids at the prom you’ll ask, doubtfully. Of course, we are going to answer. Simply check out this pair of triple “French-braids” which go completely around your head. When you pair off them with the statement earrings, “diva” makeup, as well as a backless gown, you’ll be a Prom Queen without a doubt.

  1. X Marks Hairstyle:

This is exactly how the French braid hairstyle stops being on the list of easiest braids available and becomes something truly imaginative. Although this might be somewhat tough to accomplish this one by you, since it is on the back as well as it requires accuracy, a hair stylist will get the job done wonderfully.

  1. Bows And Plaits Hairstyle:

The “finish” is simply as significant as the beginning point, keep in mind that. Consequently, while you might be beginning with a great French braid, the way you choose to end this hairstyle is significant equally. For instance, you can decide to bring this into a wonderful classic plait as well as mark separation in between the two having a fantastic bow.

  1. Plenty Of Flowers Hairstyle:

Not just does this particular “French braid” appear in a completely incredible blonde “icy-grey” color, but this continues to be “braided” all to just one side and adorned with the white flowers on the top to the bottom. We’re getting an incredibly strong “Elsa-vibe” here and we love this!

  1. French Jumbo Braid Hairstyle:

This French jumbo is a little bit more complex to achieve. You will have to utilize all the hair. However, truth be told, you can easily learn how to do this on your own, by tugging all the hair to the front as well as doing braid backward. Just take a look at YouTube!

  1. Nina Dobrev Hairstyle:

Celebrities love the “French-braid” hairstyles too. Here is an actress “Nina Dobrev” who is taking a split at half down and a half up French. She is wearing her “signature-dark” chestnut wavy brown locks too. We must give her reward points for sticking to a color always which tends to make her look awesome.

  1. High Buns And Fishtails:

Oh, we love a great fishtail. Although it’s more commonly noticed in the flowing plaits, also fishtail braids tend to be turf of the “head-level” braids. It is exactly what they appear like. They look knit very tightly, sophisticated, and blended in a trendy way.

  1. French Horizontal Braid Hairstyle:

If you do not think that you can easily pull this off on your own, you can ask a buddy to assist you. Here is a tip. You will find a lot of lessons on exactly how to get it done online.

  1. Space Buns And Back Braids:

We have seen what space buns with front braids look like. It is time for the back braids now as well. You’ll observe that they have an infinitely more impressive effect on eye. They’re considerably longer and even leave far more space for embellishments and glitter.

  1. French Wedding Braid Hairstyle:

It is probably the most gorgeous hair choice for a “wedding”, even though it is yours or not, needs to be braid. They are just so romantic and feminine that they can fit this event perfectly.

  1. Natural Headband Hairstyle:

If you have the ability to learn exactly how to carry out a “French braid” properly, after that you can easily learn the craft of making this seem like you possess an all-natural headband. It is one of the wonderful perks which “French-braid” hairstyles include. No more unneeded hair accessories.


  1. Easy As They Appear:

The “French-braid” hairstyles do not need to be complicated overly. You can easily have the similar preferred effect simply by braiding 2 of them on your own and binding the loose “ends” on the back of the head in an easy low ponytail.


  1. Boho And Cute French Braid Hairstyle:

It is very simple to transform an easy low-messy bun and French braid into a wonderful “boho-chic” hairstyle. What you have to do is just to style this appropriately. Wear the proper outfit and include some flowers in the hair.


  1. French Side Braid Hairstyle:

This is exactly where the beauty of the French braid hairstyle resides. In contrast to other kinds of braids out there, you can get these on almost any “side” of head you desire. Vertically, horizontally, across, right or left. They tend to “lend” themselves to every type of the braiding you may be longing to behold.


  1. Cream And Coffee French Braid Hairstyle:

What we definitely admired about this concept were the “colors”. It is a great mix of the dark brown coffee which dissolves into a somewhat light tone of the cream beige as well as ends with icy-shade of the platinum blonde.


  1. Half “French-Braid” Hairstyle:

It is an extremely exciting take on the “French-braid” hairstyles. This is specifically designed for wedding or other very particular occasions in your own life. It is half French braid which goes diagonally throughout your head as well as half a quite low and “voluminous” bun, embellished with the white pearls.


  1. White And Black French Braid Hairstyle:

Here is a pro hint – if you possess 2 distinct colors of hair, then the braids will perfectly showcase them. It will make a perfect blend of two colors, showing them from the “root to end” in almost all their spectacular glory.


  1. Beach Plait Hairstyle:

When you are at beach you require a hairstyle which will maintain the tresses out of the face in sea breeze as well as which will also safeguard it a little against seawater, sand, and wind. It is where “French-plait” comes in. It is your best ally in the summertime.


  1. French Romantic Braid Hairstyle:

French braids combined with the long hair make a wonderful result. They’re very feminine and romantic. Here is an illustration of straightforward French which continues to be teased out just a little to ensure that it offers more volume as the remaining hair continues to be given some waves.


  1. The French Braid, The Waves, And The Bob Hairstyle:

It seems like a “fairytale” as well as it appears like one as well. It is a jaw size bob with the “beach-waves” and a 1/2 up “French-braid” in this which goes around your head just like a “crown”. Also, we adore the color of hair that is a rich and dark chocolate brown.


  1. French Little Girl Braid Hairstyle:

Little girls in the braids are adorable absolutely. There is simply something special in this classic mixture of munchkin along with her locks all braided-up which melts the hearts. In case you desire more tips about hairstyles for little girls, you can check out our other posts as well.


  1. French And Fishtail Braid Hairstyle:

Here’s an incredible hairdo which begins with a volumized and textured French braid which descends into the fishtail slowly. You will have to turn into a bit experienced at braiding just before you pull this off, but this will be worthwhile.


  1. High School French Braid Ponytail:

If you are trying to find more traditional “French-braid” hairstyles, then you can usually go for 2 simple ones, such as the one you might use for space buns as well as end them in an old-fashioned ponytail. Even you can wear this design at school.


  1. French Braid And Space Buns Hairstyle:

Double “top-buns” are now called the space buns also. Particularly, whenever you pair off them with the “French-braids” on the top of the head. The pastel colors will assist you considerably in creating this modern and wonderful look.


  1. Long French Braid:

Occasionally, a “French braid” may wow not just by the intricacy but its length also. It is legitimate that it’s a most basic and simplest type of braid available. However, if you have “Rapunzel” long hair, then you can leave the “crowds” gaping still.


  1. French Top Knot Braid Hairstyle:

Mixing a split “French-braid” with the “top-knot” is probably the most desired trend of a previous couple of years. This is transformable easily from a modest office look into festival look simply by including a few adornments and a few hair glitters.


  1. Common French Braid Hairstyle:

Braids are a really versatile hairdo which you can easily wear them on a daily basis. Here’s an easy edition of French which goes neatly across the head as well as ends in the slick ponytail. However, you can easily find tutorials on the internet to try it for yourself or even you can request a pal to assist you.


  1. French Messy Braid Hairstyle:

Here’s a “French-braid” which goes around the head just like a headband or a crown. To spice the things up slightly, you can certainly tie a messy and pretty knot at the back of the head. It will work particularly well in case you have “ombre” hair.


  1. Dual Braids In Bun Hairstyle:

We end this list of “French inverted braid” hairstyles with an easy French braid, each on a single side of your head. However, the tails neatly have been brought with each other in “low-chignon” on the back of your head. If required, use a “doughnut” for chignon.




To conclude, listed above are the impressive French inverted braid hairstyles that will blow your mind. All the braid hairstyles are loved much by many people. If you find your perfect match then you will just enjoy it. Have we been able to astonish you?


Expecting that we are successful, we would want to read your comments in the “comment box” below informing us more regarding your best type of the braids and exactly how you prefer to wear them.






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