197 Fresh Styles for Light Brown Hair


Long luscious locks of light brown hair blowing beautifully in the breeze. Does that sound like a heavenly vista? You bet it does. We love light brown hair so we have compiled some of the best light brown hairstyles the internet has to offer. Prepare to be bedazzled by the glamorous hairstyles worn by people from all over the world.

light-brown-hairWaves Light Brown Hairstyle

Check out the locks on this stunner. She has gone from a dark to light bayalage and added some strawberry curls. This hairstyle is reminiscent of the hairstyles worn by princesses in fairy tales of old. This hairstyle is great for those who like to let loose and still look glamorous at the same time. What would you call this hairstyle? I would call the it the Island Godess

Bangs Light Brown Hair

Bring back the bangs! Well, there is no need to bring them back because they never left. Bangs are the go to babin’ hairstyles. As you can see from this beautiful women featured in the image above. She is rocking the straight fringe with long rock and roll style hair. This alternative hairstyle looks great on a night out with the girls or in office.

If you want to get creative why not add some curls or even tie your hair back in pig tales for a cute fresh look.


Shoulder Length Light Brown Hair

This model is rocking the messy shoulder length hair. The contrast between the formal dress and the messy hairstyle compliment each other well. She had kept the fringe long and swept it to the side for that beach wind swept look.

When choosing your outfit take a holistic approach and think about what colors will go well with your beautiful light brown hair. Neutral colors look great with light brown hair and have the tendency to really accentuate the hair.


Side Swept Light Brown Hair

This lady has gone with the side swept long fringe and a simple braid at the back. This is a great hairstyle for a woman on the move. It takes no time at all to achieve and looks great in the club or office.

Light Brown Hair to Blonde

Color can really make hair pop. As you can see from the style above this hairstyle uses color to accentuate the low lights and really make those curls shine.

This is a nice wavy beach babe look that has the potential to be done up for formal occasions.

Although you do need to be careful when adding color to your hair. The die can mess with your hair and makes it brittle. Therefore you need to condition your hair on a regular basis. This will ensure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Hair masks are another good option. There are plenty of natural remedies on the internet that you can make from house hold items or you could always buy a pre-made mask. I always suggest to go the natural route to avoid being exposed to unwanted chemicals.


Full Light Brown Hair

That is some serious volume right there. This gal has used waves and color to create the appearance of volume. The highlights bring the curls to the front of the hairstyle and add more depth and dimension.

The curls also add body and textures to the hairstyle can be achieved by using big rollers. Don’t leave them in too long or you will end up with an eighties perm.


Blunt Bob Light Brown Hairstyle

This one is a bit sexy. It’s the blunt fringe with a bob. This hairstyle was made famous by Linda Evangelistia back in the eighties. She was supermodel in the days of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. It was also featured on the movie pretty woman. Julie Robert’s character wore this same hairstyle as a wig.

Those were the good old days of movies. The eighties and the nineties really were the golden period where classic hit after classic hit were churning out the of the studios. Movies like the Karate Kid, Rambo, Pretty Woman, the Goonies and the list goes on and on

If your ever stuck for ideas for your hairstyle it might be worth checking out some old classic movies for inspiration.



Long Bangs Light Brown Hair

Bangs are my favorite. Long, shirt, medium it doesn’t matter they all look great as you can see from the image above. This lady is sporting the long bangs and swept it over to side. It’s the fresh out of bed look and it works.

This type of hairstyle requires very little maintenance and looks outstanding. There are highlights in the long bits to create the appearance of more depth and dimension.

Part with Curls Light Brown Hair

This woman is famous. I think it Sophie Viagara or something like that. Anyway she is rocking the straight down the middle part with beautiful big curls nestling so elegantly on her shoulders.

She is one of the stars of Modern Family. A hit sitcom that has gone from strength to strength from humble beginnings.


J Lo Light Brown Hair

It’s Jenny from the Block. No matter all the rocks that she got. She’s still Jenny from the block. Jenny sure does have a hell of a lot of hair. It so thick and luscious. This look is an 70’s early eighties disco throwback. It was made famous by Farrah Fawcett back in the day and here is Jenny recreating the look in style.

What is your favorite J LO movie or song? Hit us up in the comment box and let us know. We love hearing from you.




Textured Light Brown Hair

If you don’t want to color your hair to add texture you can always get a textured cut to add vibrancy and fun to your hairstyle. The model above has the ends of her hair at uneven lengths on the fringe and the back and sides to create more depth and dimension.

This frees up your style to wealth of more styling options. You can wear it out messy like the goddess you are or tie it back for work. Get creative and have fun with it.

Long Light Brown Hair

Sometimes simple is the best. This lady is sporting elegant brown hair in it’s natural state. Of course she has a slight part at the front but that’s about all she has done and she looks spectacular.

The image below is another simple hairstyle reaps amazing rewards. It’s a simple long straight hairstyle with bangs. She has used a straightening iron to get that silky smooth look.


Hippy Light Brown Hair

This is the classic hippy look from the sixties. All she is missing is a joint in her mouth and a flower in her hair. She has used black low lights and caramel color high lights to add a sparkle and beauty to this hairstyle. She looks like a girl from an early Russ Myer movie. If you want some sixties hits and inspiration check out some of his movies. They are filled with beautiful women rocking out super sexy hairstyles.



Frosted Blonde Light Brown Hair

Wow this is a dramatic gradient of colored hair indeed. She has kept the unruly look and has gone for some deep coloring. It’s quite an alternative look but I think I like it. The colorist really would have had their work cut out for them.

If you do want this hairstyle make sure you have the afternoon free because a style like this can take some serious time in the hairdresser’s chair. First they have to do the tips and this light color can take a few rinses of color before it finally goes light enough. Then you have the caramel middle section. Already that will take a few hours. Do you think the result is worth all the trouble? That’s a question you need to ask yourself. I think it does.



Shoulder Length light Brown Hair

Dark roots are back in these days. It’s a bit of punk rock look happening at the moments. This lady has gone for the straight clean part smack bang down the center of her hair line. The sharp lines create a frame for her face. You can take advantage and really make your eyes pop with a little eye shadow and mascara.

Alternatively you can get the ends textured so they are not so straight and a little more rock and roll. This hairstyle also compliments bayalage nicely. If you have dark hair you might want to get a light brown color throughout to add a volume and depth.



The High Pony Light Brown Hair

The high pony is the no mess no fuss hairstyle for girls with an active lifestyle. This is one of my favorite ways to tie up hair. Grab a bunch of hair pull it back on the crown of your head and away you go into the day. You will be ready for whatever comes your way.

Some yogis believe that the higher your hair is the closer you are to god. If god is above us this would make sense but unfortunately I don’t think anyone knows where god is. He or She could be anywhere or nowhere at all.


Front Wave

Here is a something a little retro. This hairstyle was common in the early nineties particularly in the sitcom world. If you look back at Friends or even Seinfeld you will see chicks rocking out with the front wave. It’s kinda of old school and geeky but it’s making a come back in a big way.

All you need to do is grow out your hair and make a wave at the front. It’s that simple. What was your favorite nineties sitcom? Were you a Friends fan or maybe a Seinfeld fan? Personally I couldn’t get enough of Seinfeld. The character were so lovable yet annoying at the same time. A friends of mine once asked which Seinfeld character I am and I told that there is a little piece of each one inside me. Not literally. I don’t have George Costanza taking over my brain. Thank god.


The Lob Light Brown Hair

The lob is like the bob but longer. The above image is prime example of the lob in all it’s glory and greatness. She is rocking the relaxed part down the middle and some waves to add body and texture.

The lob sits just past the shoulders and because the hair presses against the shoulders, it give it more volume and bounce.

You could always add some highlights to really make the hair come to life and more volume. This goes for any style of hair as well.


Tay Tay Rocks the Bangs

Even Tay rocks the bangs. The bangs have never gone out of fashion as you can see that this high profile celebrity has embraced the bangs. She has an uneven fringe which makes it more rock and roll. This is done by cutting the hair different lengths. Ever so slightly though, you don’t want it to be too uneven. Or maybe you do. It’s up to you in the end. If you are unsure you can always consult your hairdresser as they will be the ones in the know.

Hairdressers are constantly keeping up the latest fashion and trends and are a reliable to keep in the know about what’s hot and what’s not.


Curls Curls and More Curls

Here is some picture perfect curls that have been done ever so neatly. It looks like something out of fairy tale. You will probably need a trip to the hairdresser for a job done with so much precision.



There you have it folks. Another list of amazing hairstyles for your enjoyment and inspiration. If you are looking for a fresh new look don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Express yourself however you  please and watch your heart sing as you strut down the street with confidence and sass.




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