94 Long Hairstyles for Men, Long Hair Don’t Care!


Long Hair, Don’t care. We have compiled an amazing list of long hairstyles for men. Gone are the days where you had to be hippy to wear long hair. Now men all over the world are embracing their long hair in many wonderful styles. This list is a tribute to all those men out their with long luscious locks that blow gently in the breeze. It features some of the worst hairstyles, the best and more. So get ready to be blow dried away as you scroll through this list of long hairstyles for men.

If you are looking for a fresh new look for your long hair, look no further. We have nearly every style and length covered from long to short, from man bun to undercut.


Medium Long Hairstyles for Men

This dude is rocking a long hairstyle with a fade. It’s a classic look for this length hair. Think of Marlon Brando before he got fat in some of his earlier films. As you can see from the image above this cut is fresh. He still has the barber color on.

You will need some styling product if you do opt for a hairstyle like this. The product will help the hair hold shape and prevent it from getting all up in your grill. The wave gives the hair height and style. The ladies will be swooning with one these.


Undercut Long Hairstyles for Men

I love me an undercut. It is a classic hairstyle that re emerged in the grunge era of the early 90’s. All the hard rockers were running around sporting undercuts and pushing the boundaries of music. I remember those days fondly when you had to buy CD’s and it would be event. You get all your friends around and have a few puffs of the wacky and chill out while listening to the sweet tones of Nirvana or Soundgarden.

That reminds me, we lost a true hero of the grunge world no too long ago. He goes by the name of Chris Cornell and was the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audio Slave. He also teamed up with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam on a side project called Temple of the Dog. They made some sweet tunes together and if you haven’t heard them they are worth checking out. Who was your favorite grunge band or band from the 90’s?


Short Sides and Long Top Hairstyles for Men

The old short back and sides and bit off top treatment. Another classic long hairstyle for men. I’m sure if you asked a barber or hairdresser how many times they have heard that phrase the number would be up in thousands range. This style works if you don’t want to go full rock and roller. It’s also good in hot climates and keeps the hair off your neck and shoulders. There are many different ways to get the short back and sides.

You could go for the fade or you could go for the hard straight crop it’s entirely up to you of course. The best thing to do is sit down with your barber as they are people in the know and will know exactly what suits you. When getting a haircut always take the shape of your face into consideration. If you have a round face it’s best to keep a bit of length on the fringe and around the side. Doing this will elongate the face and make it seem less round. If you have a long face you can do the opposite to add a bit of girth and you will look less like a horse. Jks.


Medium Length Temp Fade Long Hairstyles for Men

Check out the temp fade on this cat. He’s rocking a super tight temp fade with a medium to long boosh on top. If you look closely the temp fade is a high temp fade. You can tell by the gradient and blending of the hair.

It’s the ideal hairstyle for a black men with this sort of hair or anyone with this style of hair for that matter. He reminds of one of the dudes from the Cosby Kids cartoon or the Arnold’s best friend on Hey Arnold.

Straight Long Hairstyles for Men

Some people love their straight hair and some people hate it. Regardless you have to work with what got gave you and that’s exactly what this chap is trying to do. He has super straight hair and he is working it heavy to the right with some serious combing and product. He’s also rocking the temp fade that gives the hairstyle a cleaner look. It’s party by night and business by day.

Quiff Long Hairstyles for Men

Woah Momma! Check out the quiff on this guy. He wears his hair high up to the ceiling like a badass disco man with a beard. High hair was big in the 80’s when in the disco era. You would see men strutting along in their white suits and dancing all weird and disco like. Then hip hop came along and gave brought back some credibility to the music scene.

This guy doesn’t now whether to dance to the Bee Gees or go into the woods and chop down trees with an axe. He is the epitome of the disco lumberjack style.

Pompadour Long Hairstyles for Men

The pompadour has been around since the 1920’s and has remained a popular haircut to this modern era. It is usually a shorter hairstyle but as times have changed so has the length of the pompadour. This guy is rocking a seriously long one with a big beard and mustache. The classic coffee drinking hipster look. You will see a this man or one who looks like him riding a fixed gear bike down a local street near you.

Hipster often sport beards in the middle of summer and can be seen wearing big boots. They are kind of like an urban lumberjack who doesn’t chop any wood. They love social media and usually have a million so called friends. Their occupation is usually some sort of promoter. I have joke for you.

How much does a hipster weight?

An instagram.
If you have anymore hipster jokes we would love to hear them. Hit us up in the comments box below.

Long Fringe or Reverse Mullet Long Hairstyles for Men

The long fringe is usually related to the whole emo music scene. When emo music came the bands wore all black and sported a super long fringe. The handsome chap above is doing just that. It’s not a bad looking hairstyle. What do you guys think?

Hi Top Fade or Flat top Long Hairstyles for Men

This badass has one serious Hi top fade. It’s similar to a flat top but they usually a bit shorter although has all the same characteristics. He has had some stylistic work done on top and would make a great silhouette in the sun.

This kind of haircut requires the barber to have some serious skills and the precision of surgeon. This haircut is ideal for black men, with thick hair or anyone who hair as thick as this guy. You will be hard pressed to find a white dude or Asian with really thick hair. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist. If you are Asian or Caucasian and have hair as thick as this we would love to see. Hit us up in the comments box below.

I’ve always wished I could have hair like this. Unfortunately I have straight hair and there is no way I could off this look even if I put my finger in a light socket. Maybe in another life I will be reborn with a nice afro.


Undercut Side Part Long Hairstyles for Men

If you have a long undercut you are a bit limited to the styles you can choose to wear it. You can either tie it back into a top knot, pony, and part it to the side or down the middle. That’s four options. I guess it ain’t that bad after all.


Vanilla Ice Long Hairstyles for Men

Ice ice baby. Stop collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new invention. Yes that’s right folks this man has clearly taken inspiration from Vanilla Ice with his flat top and golden streaks. Do you remember when Vanilla Ice burst onto the scene all them years ago with his crazy hair and even crazier baggy pants. His song went to number one then he quickly faded from the scene.

He later tried to sue his management for making him dress up like clown. And that my friends is a life lesson right there. Don’t try and be something your not even if it means going number one on the charts because later on in life you will regret. Just like Vanilla Ice.

Suge Night (the owner of Death Row Records) and his thugs went into Vanilla Ice’s hotel room and threatened him force if he didn’t sign a contract that made him hand over some royalties from Ice’s hit songs. There are some cool documetries out there on hip hop that go into further detail. Go check em out.

Burst Fade Long Hairstyles for Men

The burst fade is a relatively new kid on the block as far as hairstyles are concerned. It’s a cross between a mo-hawk and a temp fade. This guy is rocking it out blonde rooster style with some sweet tracks shaved into the back of head.

It’s a fresh new look for those with thick hair. If you had thin hair it would be completely different look because there is no way you could get that much lift without using a whole can of hairspray. Although the punks seemed to do alright in the early eighties with their iridescent colored mo-hawks but they required, as I said before a whole can of hairspray.

Beiber Long Hairstyles for Men

Justin Beiber is always seen in with this haircut. It has gained popularity since the man burst onto the scene all them years ago. It’s a wave with short sides and back. It’s a great hairstyle for all lengths of hair.

Another Sweet Burst Fade

This homie is has got his stuff locked down with an amazing long burst fade that features some cool tracks carved into the side of his head. He has super thick hair and the sheer volume allows it to stand high on his head.

Undercut Long Hairstyles for Men

This is the classic undercut with long hair. This dude has a tremendous beard that reminds of Aquaman. It’s like if Aquaman swam out of the ocean and went to the barber to get temp fade and undercut. If you want long hair that is a little more manageable this is the hairstyle for you. It has been adopted by fighters and heavy metal musicians around the world.


The Mega Wave Long Hairstyles for Men

Woah surfs up dudes. Now it’s time for the mega wave long hairstyle. I’m not quite sure if that’s the official or even if this hairstyle has an official name. The mega wave usually involves parting flicking your long luscious locks from one side of your head to the other creating a super high wave in the process. It works well with straight or wavy hair as you will see from the images above and below. The surf it or comb it scenario you make the decision. If anyone knows the name of this hairstyle hit us up in the comments below.

The mega wave looks great with a beard. I think I’ll dub this style the Honolulu Lumberjack. He cuts trees down for half the day and then goes surfing for the rest.


The Asymmetrical Wave with a Fade

The asymmetrical wave refers to the hair being cut so if favors it’s longer on one side so it can easily be flipped over to the favored side. This guy is rocking it out in fine style. Emo style that is. Yes, it’s pretty famous in the emo world. Emo is short for emotional and refers to a genre of rock that is very in touch with feelings. Then there Screamo. Screamo is music of an emotional with a heavy metal influence where the singer is literally screaming into the microphone with a bit of growl.


Curly Mop Long Hairstyle for Men

The mop is the no mess, no fuss, unruly hairstyle. You could even say it’s an unkempt. There is not need for brushing or preening. This hair is full rock and roll and has been adopted my many great musicians around the globe. I could rattle off hundreds of great guitar players and singers who have this style off the top of my head.

One of the most famous, and one of my favorite musicians Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wears this was seen wearing this hairstyle all the time although he had straight hair. That’s the beauty of the mop. Anyone can have one whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair. There is no upkeep or maintenance. All you have to do is let grow farmer Joe and you have yourself a mop.

Long Hairstyles for Men

The above image features a man with the Elvin pixie type look. He’s fresh out of the forest and play pan pipes whenever he can. The plaits or braids are a nice touch and a good way of keeping the unruly hair out of your face while you are in action whatever that may be. By the looks of this guy, his action is hunting with a bow and arrow and protecting the forest from harms way.

If I had long hair I think I would go this style. What is your favorite hairstyle on the list? Hit us up in the comments box below and let us know. We would love to hear from as per usual.


Top Knot Long Hairstyles for Men

This haircut has been quite popular in the past and it’s great way to get the hair out your face when you are doing sporting activities. The top knot is the hipster with long hair style of choice. Many Yogi’s can also be seen wearing the top knot. It’s practical and easy to achieve. All you have to do is throw your hair back into a tie and that’s about it.

The man in the image above has gone for the half in half out look which is kind of cool. Wear it with a beard and the ladies will come knocking at your door. You will have to fend them off with stick. Obviously not literally.

Tied Back Long Hairstyles for Men

If you have long hair and have to go to a formal occasion you might need to do something with your hair. Tying it back is a great way of sprucing up for an event like our main man Jared Letto who is in the image above. Jared Letto is an actor and musician. I’m not really a fan of his music but he has been in a lot of great films such as Requiem for Dream which follows a couple of junkies and their spiral downward to rock bottom.

It’s quite eye opening and will turn you off hard drugs for life. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend that you check it out.

Long Curly Hair

This dude looks like the late Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audio Slave. Let’s take a minute to remember this legend and the awesome body of work that he released while he was alive. His voice was so distinct and that you just knew a Soundgarden song from a mile away.

He had a huge body of work and his bands were seminal. They influenced a lot of the music that is getting released today and he will forever be in our hearts and his big voice will forever be in our heads.

The Epitome of Long Hair, Don’t Care

This guy has it going on. The long hair don’t care vibes. It’s a very carefree look and you will often find this guy at the beach or at a festival moshing out to his favorite hard rock band. He can also been seen doing Yoga or blazing up in the park.

Back in the day when the hippies dropped a bunch of acid and realized the current system of government wasn’t working, free love was practiced, the days of Woodstock, they nearly over threw the government. A key figure in that era was a writer named Hunter. S. Thompson who famously wrote the book Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter ran for sheriff of Aspen on the notion of the freak power movement. He shaved his head so he could call his conservative opponent a long haired freak.

The logo to his campaign was a six fingered hand holding up a peyote button. Peyote is a cactus that, when consumed, brings on psychedelic experiences. The long hair is a throw back from that era. The golden time when the wave rolled in and nearly toppled the current system although wasn’t powerful enough to complete the job.

Well folks you have done it again. You’ve made it through the whole list of long hairstyles for men. We hope you have enjoyed have a geez at all the different options you have if you have long hair. There are so many. You may have noticed that most of these long haired freaks are sporting beards as well. Once you get a hair addiction under your skin you just want to grow hair everywhere. haha. Save money on hairdresser fees and let your grow out like rocker on the big stage.  But seriously I hope this list has given you some inspiration and ideas for your next hairstyle because that’s what it’s here for. It’s all for you baby. It’s all for you.


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