81 Man Bun Hairstyles For Man Bun Fan Fun


The man bun is a bit of a controversial haircut. It is either loved or hated and there is no room in between. It has been adopted by many celebrities and football players over years and leaking it’s way into the mainstream. Now, even teenagers are getting in the act. For a man bun, all you need is longish hair and hair tie. Regardless on your opinion of the man bun, it’s a practical solution for people with long hair when they need to look smart for a formal occasion or simply get the hair out of their face. The man bun haircut may have lost some popularity but it still worn by long haired folk around the world.


Man Bun Hairstyle

The man bun can be worn in many different shapes and styles. As you can see in the above image this man is wearing the half out style. It where you leave half the long hair at the back out. It’s like a hair curtain for your neck. I don’t really know what’s going on in this image. The guy is looking like a messiah gazing off into the distance while three pigeons fly away. Maybe he threw some bread out to the right off camera and the pigeons are going hell for leather toward it.

Positioning of the Man Bun

Getting the right position for your man bun is crucial if you don’t want to look like a twat. Obviously everyone is different and will have a different preference as to where they would like wear their man bun. Some people like it high on the head above the crown. Some people like to wear it low below the crown. The best place to wear it, is just below the crown. The man above is wearing his pretty low and it kind of looks like a ponytail. Where is the best place to wear a man bun? Hit us up in the comments box below.

High Man Bun

This man who looks a bit like the second coming of Jesus Christ has opted to wear his man bun high. What do you think? I think it looks alright on this gentlemen and goes with his style. The higher the man bun the more closer to god you are. Don’t take that last statement as the gospel. I don’t really know if a man bun has the ability to get you closer to god. Who even knows if there is a god. Does anyone really really know? But just because you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I may not be looking directly at the ocean now, but I’m 99 per cent sure is that it will be blue. Mind equals Blown.

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Low Thick Man Bun

This man has a hell of a lot of hair. Look how thick his low man bub is. Which do you prefer, the high or the low man bun? This guy looks exactly like John Butler from the John Butler Trio. They are an Australian three piece folk rock trio that had many top ten hits in the early 2000’s. If you haven’t heard them I highly recommend checking them out. John Butler was a wizard on the guitar and the drummer and double bassist were no slouches either. They crafted masterful pop rock tunes and were played extensively on the radio.

Man Bun with Undercut

The man bun with the undercut is quite a popular style which was adopted by everyone from hippies to metal head across the globe. I’m not sure who rocked it first. Which came first the hippy or the metal head or the chicken or the egg. We may never know the answers to this age old question but it’s something worth pondering. If you know the history of the undercut man bun hit us up in the comments box below.

Mother of all Man Bun

Check out the man bun on this badass mofo. It smaller than a mountain but way bigger than a mole hill. It has to be fake. This dudes trying to be cool with his man bun but we all know it’s a clip on, not that there is anything wrong with that. If you clipping a big piece of hair the shape of penis onto your head floats your boat, sail away into the sun set my friends.

Then he’s got the geometrical tracks shaved into his undercut. He really does take it to the next level. He’s got to be one those neo hippies that you would find in a bush doof in Australia. A doof is a music gig held out in the bush that consist of electronic music acts. Psy trance is the music of choice at these sorts of gigs. There you will find numerous man bun freaks dancing in Yoga pants while high on MDMA.

Low Man Bun with Beard

The man bun and the beard go hand in hand. Like cigarettes and coffee, peas and carrots, and a new couple on a pier in the moonlight. Well, something like that anyway. You get the idea don’t you? You will notice as the list progresses that facial hair seems almost mandatory if you have man bun. So if you’re looking to adopt the man bun style start growing facial hair, the longer the better.

Low Undercut

This guy is rocking the low undercut with a man bun to boot. He has done the half out bun style. This is where you don’t wrap the bun and leave the end of the hair poking out the side of the tie. It makes a little bow tie. Well, kind of, to me it looks like a bow tie but you might see something different. Like one of those rawshak tests or ink blot tests. What would you say his man bun looks like? Hit us up in the comments box below.


Celebrities with a Man Bun

Boy oh boy don’t these celebrities love a big of the old man bun. They are all having a go. So Jake Gylenhaal saw that Leo had one so he was all like “If Leo has one, I want one”. Before you know it they are all wearing the hairstyles. Hollywood went bananas and you couldn’t walk two meters without running into someone with a bun. Times were tough back then, I spent most of my time indoors and grew a slight phobia of man with a bun. I couldn’t even turn the T.V in fear of seeing a man on the screen with a bun.

Thank god those days are over. Don’t get me wrong the man bun is not a bad haircut but it went through a stage of being over exposed. The vibe has died down since then and people have returned to normal. You can almost go a whole day without seeing a man with a bun. It all depends on your geographic location.


It’s Leo the man of the moment. Leo is a fine actor and would have to up there with some of the greatest. From Basketball Diaries to the Revenent, Leo has been a consistently good actor over his long career. But he did go full retard in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. According to the boys in Tropic Thunder that is career suicide. But not our Leo, he bounced back from going full retard and onto make some of the best movies of his generation. What’s your favorite Leo film? Let us know in the comments box below.


How to Do a Man Bun Hairstyle

Somebody once said you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Well, you don’t have to do that.

First gather your hair in your hands from front to back and pull it back to where you would like to position your bun. Simply take the bunched hair and apply the hair tie to make a pony tail. Either fold the pony tail in half or twirl it around into the bun. Then all you have to do is tie it off with the tie.

Hey Presto you have yourself a bun. There are man options such as the positioning of the bun and how tight you pull it back. For a formal occasion you might want to pull it back really tight for a cleaner look. Some people say it is best to tie the hair back when it is wet and then add some product of that extra gleam.


Really Long Hair with Man Bun

This chap has gone with the half in half out approach with super long hair. You could even say that he has more out than in. It’s fresh, unique take on the conventional man bun. If you do have really long hair you create a big bun or do what this man has, and leave half of your hair blowing freely in the breeze.

It’s another weapon in your bun cache. Variety is the spice of life and man bun styles are the spice rack.



The Lumber Jack Business Man

On weekends this man spends his time out in the forest chopping down trees and wrestling bears with bare hands for the thrill. And when he’s not fighting bears, he’s wrestling gators down in the bayou, so he can skin them and make a pair of boot. During the week this man is the CEO of a corporation. He finds that his time in the woods is good training for when he has to transcend the concrete jungle and navigate sharks in the board room. This guy sleighs the field with his sweet beard and bun. The haircut of choice for people on the move.

Man Bub with Braids

This is the one you have all been waiting for. Yep this guy has the triple threat going on. Braids, bun, and undercut. What an absolute legend. The blonde is a nice touch and adds definition and sheen to the motif as a whole. You go boy. I bet he gets all the babes with this hairstyle. If he can sing, act and dance this guy will be unstoppable.

The bun can work with most styles of hair such as braids, dread locks, curly, and wavy hair. All you need is for your hair to be relatively long and you’re in business.

High Bun

Here is a classic example of the high bun. This man has it right up on the top of his head in front of the crown. I don’t know how I feel about this look? I’m not really that impressed but this man isn’t trying to impress me. He’s doing it for himself as a way of self expression. Self expression is important and everybody should be allowed to do it freely. But sometimes I wonder what mirror these people are looking in or what goes through their head when choosing a style?

I guess it’s an amalgamation of all the things they are into and represented in the physical world by their style. Life is a bit funny like that. I have always said that it’s a lot more trippy than any acid trip I have taken. People are weird. But that’s a good thing.


The Screaming Eagle

No, this is not a screaming eagle but a man with a bun, with an undercut and temp fade. As you can see, he has even undercut his fringe. This guy is cutting edge when it comes to the weird wide world of the man with the bun. The temp fade is the ice cream on the cake. This guy is more than a triple threat. He is a quadruple threat. I never thought that was possible until now. You people out there on he internet are lucky to witness this image that clearly shows a man, a quadruple, in his own habitat.
He is a hit with the ladies, because, let’s face it, who could resist a man with all this going on his head. He is an absolute stunner and should be awarded for his willingness to push things to the edge.



Now That’s What I’m Talking About

This man is rocking out the dual bun. Now that is some funky look. He has the whole kit going on. The cool fluffy clothes and the dual man bun. I’m impressed at this guys ability to accessories and make the most of what god or whoever gave him.

Although I do think I recall someone in the Stars Wars movies having a dual bun. Maybe I’m confused with Darth Maul’s hons and dual saber. It doesn’t matter anyway. But maybe you could try and dual wield the bun or triple wield  the bun. Don’t  be afraid to push the boundaries because rules were meant to be broken. I can’t remember who said that. I think it was Vin Diesel in one of the Fast and Furious films.


Rasta Look

Rasta’s love a good man bun and can often be seen wearing their dreads curled up into a man bun. They smoke some ganja and then pray to the Rastafarian god with music and smoke. As far as religions go it seems like a fun one.

What’s your favorite reggae band? Let us know in the comments.

Connor McGregor

Is that Connor McGregor huffing on a cigar sporting a bun and three piece jacket. Smoking is not the best thing for performance athlete. This could be the very reason that he lost the fight against Mayweather. He seemed to run out of steam. I sure there were many other contributing factors but for the sake of argument lets blame the cigar and him being over confident.
It was all just hype really, so that people would dig into their wallet, bet and watch the fight. Who did you back? McGregor or Mayweather?


Asian Man Bun

I think the Japanese were first to wear the man bun back in the day well before the hippies and football players. Back in the days of the samurai men and women used to wear the man bun. It was tradition for Japanese people to wear their hair in this style.

Japanese people really do have nice hair so it would be a shame to cut it off. If I had hair that nice I would never cut it and let it grow all the way to the ground. Like that Repunzel girl but instead of letting princes climb my hair I would let hot girls climb it instead. You dig!?



That was one crazy list of man buns. I felt like I had warped back to 2010 and was surround by men with buns. From baristas to celebrities, it seems like almost everyone has given styling a man bun a go. It’s a sweet no fuss hairstyle for those with long hair. It’s practical especially if you’re playing sport or need to go to formal dinner.

We hope you enjoyed the list and have received some inspiration and ideas from the man bun gods for your new look. If in doubt, grow it out and then tie it back.


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