106 Mega Hot Medium Hairstyles for Men


Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

If your hair isn’t long and it isn’t short and you’re a man, you have come to the right place. This list is full of medium length hairstyles for men. It can be tough finding a decent hairstyle when you’re in the in between phase so hopefully this list give you some ideas for a fresh new look.


Part Medium Hairstyles for Men

The classic part down the middle. Kinda of what Jesus supposedly did to the red sea except with hair. The part is a simple hairstyle that works well for medium length hair. This guy above looks like he hasn’t scene a pair of scissors in a few years. Not to worry, for the big occasion he whipped out his comb and parted his locks down the middle. It’s not the best hairstyle but I think it’s the best he could have done with the mop he’s got. Good job old sport. Good job.

Side Swept Medium Hairstyle for Men

The side swept look is another hairstyle that is easy to achieve and looks great if you have mid length hair. This guy above has done the old short back and sides, and a bit of the top. Then he has brushed it all over to one side. He obviously consulted with his hairdresser because you can see his hair has been cut asymmetrically to suit his side part.

If you are going to go for the side part, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair according to the which side you wear it. You want to keep on side a bit longer than the other. This will turn an average part into something special. As you can see from the dude in the above image. One side of fringe is longer than the other. His style looks good for formal and casual occasions.

Wave Medium Hairstyles for Men

The wave is in at the moment. Take your brush and flick you fringe over to one side in a wave. Surf up my bro’s. The higher the wave is at the front the better. Think about Elvis and all the women he got with his wave. That could be you. Chicks won’t know whether to get their surfboard or take you home.

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Tapered Sides Medium Hairstyles for Men

This lad has the tapered side happening. It’s a little more subtle than a full mushroom, but kind of looks like a mushroom. He has the front wave happening as well. His hair reminds me of Jack Nicholson a little bit. It has a wolf type look from the film, The Shining.

The Shining is about a man who has to manage a hotel with his family but the hotel is haunted and through the film Jack Nicholson gets progressively crazier and crazier. Eventually he tries to kill his family. That’s where the classic line ” Here’s Johnny”, evolved from. He hacks through a door with a fire axe then pokes his head through the door and spouts that line.


Slicked Back Medium Hairstyles for Men

Medium length can be hard to tame. If you have a formal occasion or need to look clean cut for work you might want to try the slicked back look. All you have to do is put some product in your hair and brush it back. The more formal occasion the more slicked back you want your hair to be.

Celebrities have been using this technique and walking the red carpet for many years. It’s quick and easy to do and will have you looking your finest in no time at all.



Short Back and Sides and a Bit off the Top Medium Hairstyles for Men

Short back and side and a bit of the top is your standard medium length hairstyle. If you go to the barber they will usually give you one of these cuts by default if you don’t have a particular style in mind. It’s not a  bad hairstyle but it’s nice to create a unique look of your own. So next time you go to the barber plan ahead and take in some pictures of what you want.

This will make both your lives a lot easier. The barber will be happy because he will know what to do. You will be happy because you get to walk out of there with exactly the hairstyle you want. Alternatively you could get short back and side and a bit off the top like everyone else.

Undercut Medium Hairstyles for Men

If you ask me the undercut is the perfect hairstyle for medium length hair especially if you are trying to grow it out. It gives a bit of edge and style to the in between period where it usually looks a bit dicky. The undercut is a favorite of rockers and musicians from around the world.
It first came to prominence in the 90’s during the grunge period and is still kicking around. Now girls and boys are rocking the undercuts and you don’t have to be rocker. Hippies, EDM freaks and all sorts of people have adopted the undercut.

So if your ever in doubt, and you don’t want the standard issue short back and sides. The undercut is the hairstyle for you. It’s versatile and if you have to play sport you can always wear it back into a pony tail or man bun.


Temp Fade Medium Hairstyles for Men

The temp fade is another you beaut hairstyle for men with medium length hair. The temp has the ability to clean the unruly hair up and make it look presentable for formal occasions. It’s called a temp fade or temple fade because the hair tapers down gradually and evenly from the temples. They barber will usually keep the lines nice and straight around the temple and this gives it a nice clean appearance.

It’s a great haircut if you work in the corporate world and you need to keep a clean appearance. Yet you will still have some rock and roll unruly hair on top. This can be slicked back for formal occasions and left messy when you’re off to a gig.

Long Fringe Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

How can this guy even see where he’s going? The long fringe looks pretty cool if you don’t mind looking through your hair curtain all day. Having a long fringe can be quite annoying. I used to rock this hairstyle back in the day when being an Emo was cool. It still is cool but it’s highly in practical.

Each to their own I guess. If you wanna rock the long fringe, you go my son. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Your hairstyle is an extension of your personal expression and everybody should feel free to be able to express themselves however they want without fear of ridicule. The people who do ridicule you are more than likely insecure themselves. How is that for a wisdom bomb? If you have any nuggets of wisdom let us know in the comments box below. We love hearing from you.

Greaser Style Slick Back Medium Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is a throwback from the Greaser era where people loved American cars and wore black. They would usually have a cigarette packet tucked into the arm of their shirt. Think about the movie Grease and all the male characters in it. They were all greasers.

More recently Josh Homme from the band The Queens of the Stone Age is a big a fan of this hairstyle. If you watch some of his live shows he is always rocking out with a Gibson guitar and his hair all slicked back like the chap in the image above.

It’s easy to achieve. All you have to do is put a bucket load of product in your hair and comb it back. You will channeling the greasers from yesteryear in no time at all. So get your muscle car ready and your hair product and your ready to hit the streets.


Asymmetrical Shag Medium Hairstyles for Men

The asymmetrical shag gets it name from in manor in which it is cut. The hair is cut to favor one side as you can see from the image above. This dude has a hard core asymmetrical shag paired with a fade. It’s an emo haircut but that doesn’t matter too much. In this day and age it’s good to be an emotional man. The ladies love it and so will you. This is definitely a medium hairstyle worth considering next time you want a fresh new look or just a change from the norm.

Shaggy Medium Hairstyles for Men

Just let it grow farmer Joe. The shaggy look is a winner and so simple to achieve. Just do nothing. All you have to do is roll out of bed and your ready to rock and roll.

It gets the name from the Shaggy from the Scooby Do cartoon. If you haven’t seen the show it’s about a crime fighting team with a dog called Scooby Do. Scooby and his friend go onto solve a bunch of mysteries. Check it out.


Undercut with Temp Fade and Wave Medium Hairstyles for Men

Yes that’s right folks, it’s time for the triple threat. Three great styles in the one hairstyle. How does one achieve this you may be asking? Well, find a good barber and show the picture of the man above and they will be able to go about their business. Within a matter of an hour you will strutting down the street with your triple threat. Passers by will be enamored by your new found beauty and come at a knocking at your door.

Well, maybe not but you will look super cool in the process and if you work on your game you may very well take home a lady. You can’t rely on triple threat haircuts and good looks alone. You must have a decent personality too. The person might want to work on that last one if you think your lacking. There are many self help books out there that will steer you in the right direction.


Vanilla Ice Medium Hairstyles for Men

I thought this hairstyle died with Vanilla Ice’s career all those years ago. It has made a resurgence and you will see men strutting their stuff on the catwalk sporting one these crazy, high, quiff style haircuts.

It’s a cross between an undercut and a flat top but for white guys with thin hair. Vanilla Ice first burst onto the scene in the early nineties with his smash hit ice ice baby. Then he appeared in a really bad movie and also did one of the songs for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle soundtrack. Not long after that his career was over and the fad died down. Everybody who bought a pair of those stupid baggy pants and had one of his haircuts quickly changed style.

But like all things in fashion it goes in cycles and the Vanilla Ice is back and badder than ever. So if you want a haircut similar to the image above, just google Vanilla Ice when you’re at the hairdresser and show him. He will probably laugh and then cut your hair.


Lumber Jack Medium Hairstyles for Men

The urban lumber jack always has to make an appearance on our lists. You can tell the urban lumber jack by the thick beard they are always sporting. They have never touched an axe in their life and can be seen riding fixed gear bikes down the street while sipping on a latte.

The lumber jack is a very popular look for baristas and music promoters. This look was also adopted by the twins out the band Good Charlotte for a brief period. The lumber jack was very popular in capital cities all over the world a few years ago but has since died down a bit. So now is probably a good time to get this look because you won’t look like every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street.


The Pompadour

The pompadour was a popular hairstyle for the high flyers and gangsters of the 1940’s. It has recently made a come back and people all over the world have been rocking the pompadour. The pompadour first came into inception at ivy league schools. Their rowing team adopted the hairstyle. It kept the hair out of their face while they were paddling down stream.

The football players of that era had were long haired freaks. Would you believe it? Once they caught wind of the pompadour the long hair hit the floor of the barber and since footballers have been sporting this hairstyle. You get the occasional one with long hair but it’s not very common.

Man Bun with Braid Medium Hairstyles for Men

The man bun is man fun. The man bun is great for controlling your medium length hair and is an easy way to get it out of your face. All you need is a hair tie to tie it back and your in action. The man bun has been ridiculed over the years. It’s one of those love hate things. You either love it or you hate it.

Regardless of what anyone says, it’s practical and some girls do love it. An undercut and a man bun can work well together then again it depends who you ask. The man bun was first worn by Yogis and Samurais back in the day. Then made a resurgence in the early 2000’s and you couldn’t walk fie meters without running into a man with bun and beard. It has since cooled down a bit.


Crew Cut Medium Hairstyles for Men

The crew cut would have to be the quintessential medium length hairstyle. It is the classic and it’s standard issue when you join the armed forces. You don’t have to join the armed forces to get one of these hairstyles. You can simply go to your local barber and ask for a crew cut.

The armed forces should be your last resort. Why would you want to fight someone else’s battle over money or oil or whatever they are fighting for. It’s always some bullshit under the guise of terrorism. But under the surface it’s about something completely different.  Be a critical thinker and do some research and make your mind up for yourself. The world needs more critical thinkers.

Straight Fringe Crew Cut Medium Hairstyles for Men

The straight fringe is a neo geek fresh new look. You can call it what you will but the image speaks for itself. It’s a no fuss haircut that allows you to be ready for the party in seconds and it’s worth considering when it comes time to get the chop.



There it is folks. Our list of medium length hairstyles for men. Medium length hairstyles can be a bit tricky to manage but if you get a good barber and some good product it will be a breeze. There are many hairstyles to choose from and we hope you got some ideas and inspiration from the list for your fresh new look.



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