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Everybody wanna come get some plum hair. I’m not too sure about that but it would be a great opening line for a hip hop song. If you haven’t already guess this post is all about the plum. The hair color not the fruit. We have compiled a giant list of different color plum hairstyles for your enjoyment. Who knows? You might even get some ideas for you next hairstyle. So get comfortable and prepared to amazed by the purple hair also known as plum.

plum hair color

Wavy Plum Hair

This lady has got it going on. She has a lot of hair and what better way to color it than with some plum. She be getting some of that mighty fine plum. This color is ideal for those with darker hair as you won’t have to bleach it as much for the color to take hold.

As you can see from the model in the image above she has gone for the waves to add volume and body to her hairstyle. This really puffs it out. She could join the my little pony crew with a head of hair like this.

The Many Shades of Plum Hair

Over the course of this list you will see the many different shades of plum. The color featured in this image is a darker shade of plum and is barely visible. But in the right light the plum color glistens and opens up a whole new world of purple and add an extra twist to the plot of this woman’s hair.

If only your hair can tell tales? Well it can. Scientists can test your hair and it will reveal what you have been up to over the past few months. It can tell if you have been smoking the wacky tobacky with the girls. Or tell if you have been up all night partying in the disco.


Violet Plum Hair

Violet is another shade of plum and it gets its name from the beautiful flowers that grow in peoples gardens around the world. If you ask me this is a goth look and color. She is summoning inspiration from the dark lord himself.

She asked the widgy board which style she should get next and the results are in with some dark purple locks. As you can see she has opted for the purple tips. The hair goes from a neon purple at the roots to dark in the middle and then purple tips again.

The stylist had their work cut out for them in this hairstyle. It would have taken a long time in the coloring chair. If you are going to dye your hair in an intricate manner make sure you have the afternoon free. It can be a mighty big job.

What are your experiences with weedgy boards? Hit us up in the comment box and let us know. We love hearing from you.

Plum and Plum

This babe is rocking the plum hairstyle and showing off that hard earned booty. There is so much junk in that trunk. I’ll bet she had to do a million squats to get that ass. Hard work does pay off in all aspects of life. Not just asses.

If you put in the hard work and keep going eventually it will pay off. That’s not to say that if you have no talent at all in the given arena you might want to dust off your hands and admit defeat. Sometimes it’s all about knowing when to let go.

But let’s face it with a bit of exercise and motivation everyone can have the booty of your dreams. I don’t know why people put so much emphasis on it. You have to turn around to see it.


Plum Streaks

Sometimes less is more and more is less. Less is more in this case where this woman has got some plum streaks going through her hair. This is a cool look and suits those with darker style hair.

It’s a bit goth. Have you ever wondered where goths come from. The goth sub culture spawned in England in the eighties. It’s an offshoot of the post punk era. I guess you could say that the cure had something to do it with all. They jumped on stage wearing black and with pale white make up.

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To Plum or Not to Plum that is the Question?

As you have probably noticed that the people on the list with plum hair have dark hair to start with. This is because plum itself is a dark color and lends itself well to that hair type. But don’t be afraid to be daring and get some plum in your pretty blonde hair either. You never know until you go plum and once you go plum you might not return.

The point of no return is sometimes a comforting place because the only option is to go forward. You don’t have choice and same goes with life. When things get you down sometimes the only thing left to do is to keep going forward through the quicksand and muck and search for a better way to do things. Keep your head up and above water and you will come out swimming on the other side.

Perseverance is key.

Neon Plum Punky Brewster Style

If you going to go plum why not go all out and get neon plum. This woman could very well be a pokemon trainer or in a Mysiaki cartoon with Hal and his moving castle. This look is a very anime style. You can tell by the big bold color and she will be on her way to the next comic con dressed as street fighter character.

She would make a great Cami as she already looks like her a bit. If you want to make a statement when you walk down the street this could be the look for you.

A Stream of Grapes

Grape Scott Batman is that a river of grape juice. Would you take a look at this ladies hair. It looks like a torrential stream is flowing down the back of her head and taking over. But seriously, this is cool look. The different shades of plum give the hairstyle a lot of depth and dimension. You could get lost gazing into to this woman’s hair. It’s like fire.

This is done by bleaching some parts of the hair and leaving other parts dark. The color takes hold of the lighter color hair and creates a neon sheen. The darker parts make the varied shading and give it the texture.
The curls lend well to give the hair bounce and volume. I call it the fresh out of the salon look where you can step outside and give a hair flick as the breeze gently blows your hair around.


Paint the Town Plum Hair

Plum hair is hot right now and it’s being worn by celebrities and normal people all over the world. The celebrities seem to dictate what is hot at this given time. You don’t have to follow the celebrities though. They are just normal people who happen to be on a screen and that makes people go ga ga over them.

This treatment causes them to think they are special because everyone wants to know their business. But we should focus more about making our world a better place than be distracted by celebrity culture. It’s a mere distraction to take your mind off the real issues and make you feel that you need to be famous to have any self worth. All of this is bullshit of course. Everybody is worth something you just have to find out what your good at and run with it. Work hard and climb to the stars my child.

Before Plum Hair After Plum Hair

We love a good before and after shot especially when it comes to hair. She has transformed like a beautiful butterfly. The hair salon is the cucoon where the metamorphisis takes place. After a two hour incubation period the once worm emerges as beautiful butterfly spreading it’s wings in the sunlight in preparation to take flight into the sky.

Only to live three days before departing to the heavens above. It’s a metaphor for life really. Once you find the true beauty of life it’s time start crafting your own coffin. Jks. That’s kinda of grim. Maybe it means live your life to max.



Plum Hair with Straight Bob

The classic and classy straight bob had to make an appearance on the list. This hairstyle is razor sharp and could get you in the Robert Palmer music video for simply irresistible. You could squeeze into one of those tight black dresses and own the night.

The bob is a no hassle haircut for those on the go, for those who like to scale mountains at the drop of hat. For people who go on roller skating dates on a knifes edge. This is the hairstyle for you. Although if you want to have it straight like this girl you will have to use a straightening iron.

This of course can damage your hair so make sure you stock up on quality conditioner to nourish the hair follicles.

Amazing Color Work

This colorist deserves medal in her fine work in the arts of coloring this person’s hair. The colors are so vivid and deep and reminds me of a neon on sign out the front of dive bar in a dodgy area of town. As you walk past the club, the sound of electricity fizzes past your ear from the neon sign that’s above your head.

A man approaches you from behind a dumpster and tries to sell you drugs. You consider it then realize that your sober and you don’t do those things anymore. You tries to compare life with and life without and they both come up dead even. A siren wails in the background and you both turn to see a cop arresting a man in a black hat. A scuffle breaks out and then a gun shot blasts off into the night echoing on the walls of the alley.

Wait, now where was I?

Oh yeah the colors are amazing.


The Urban Jungle

This woman is bringing out her inner goddess with this jungle inspired hairstyle that flow gently in the breeze while she is riding her pet cougar.
Imagine the cougar and her galloping into battle and her mane is thrashing in the wind.

This style utilizes lowlights and highlights to give the hair more texture and a touch of something a little different. If you are looking for a dramatic change this year, this one maybe worth considering.

I love the way the soft curls interweave with one another creating a beautiful harmony of color and texture. One could get lost looking at the shapes and patterns created by this beautiful color work.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are an unsung hero of the hair world. They add an extra element of creativity when shaping your style. The model featured above is wearing a simple white bow tie that compliments her plum hair perfectly.

Don’t limit yourself there are plenty of amazing weird and wild accessories out there so why not give them a try. I’m a big fan of the jewels and clips. Send us a picture of you wearing you favorite accessory.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

When in doubt color it out. That’s exactly what this model has done and it looks superb. She is the rainbow queen rocking all the colors of the rainbow. A nice cute straight fringe compliments the hairstyle well and gives it that rock and roll edge.

The colorist would have had their work cut out for them with this job. The precarious coloring would have taken a long time. So good work whoever you are.



Plum gets it done. Are you ready for a new look? Plum could be exactly what the fashion doctor ordered. I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the list and hopefully you found some inspiration for change in hair and in life.


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