Top 55 Plum Hair Color Ideas That Will Make New Look For You!



Plum hair color is gradually but definitely transitioning into probably the most endeared hairstyles of this year. With celebs like Justin Skye or Katy Perry flaunting their rich violet hair at A-list occasions, we are sure that the increasing trend will be a “hair” staple earlier than we actually think. You can be a step further with the latest hair trend and make others say wow! Listed below are top 55 Plum Hair Color Ideas for you. Keep reading to find your best match. Here’s a short video for you.

Top 55 Plum Hair Color Concepts

  1. Purple And Red Hair Color:

A hair shade that appears purple, really looks red while viewed in the sunlight? Sure, please! Exactly where will we sign? This glossy effect is one more thing which you can appreciate and we can’t stop!

  1. Opera Mauve Hair Color:

This amazing “Pantone” color, well-known as “Opera Mauve“, is regarded as probably the most wonderful mauve in this world. This is completely theatrical and dramatic, which explains why it most likely got this name “opera mauve”.

  1. Psychedelic Hair Color:

It is a rebirth of the old trend and the styling habits will go further compared to the 90’s. Now, think of psychedelic age, its colors as well as how you actually can combine this with today’s style. Pick a “winged” eyeliner from 40’s and 50’s and a few face “piercings” from the 2000’s and then you are done.

  1. Space Bun Hairstyle:

One of the top hairstyle trends which has truly taken hold during the last couple of seasons is the one which we have returned to since the 90’s. Needless to say, we are talking about the Space Buns actually. Not just are they funny and bizarre, additionally they look delightful in plums.

  1. Light To Purple Dark Hair Color:

This is one of the best and trendy hair colors out there that will give you an amazing look. In contrast to “dark to light” examples we’ve talked about before, this takes the “color” melt another way around. Begin with the lavender roots, then transition to moderate purple and finally end in the dark plum.

  1. Plum Hair Color With Blue Eyes:

You will often see women with the mild-colored eyes and rocking the plum hair gorgeously. A primary reason why this combination is extremely prosperous is the light eyes and dark hair contrast remarkably. Think of a deep hair color in case you have green or blue eyes.


  1. Weave Plum Hair Color:

Do not think twice to use the plum hair dye for wigs, weaves or extensions. We believe it is awesome for trying out a new bold hair color devoid of applying this directly to the natural hair. However, you already realize that we are keen on this tone particularly for our females with dark skin tones.

  1. Thick Purple Hair Color:

If you are fortunate enough for sporting thick locks and you wish to highlight this quality, constantly try to find an “out of the box” color. The Plum is an excellent idea for achieving your goal, due to the fact it is one of the craziest hues you may try out.

  1. Plum – White Hair Color:

White has gained popularity like insane over a previous couple of months, therefore why don’t you fit this into your hairdo? Even though completely white hair can be excessive for some, you can utilize it for tips of 4-levels purple ombre.

  1. Magenta Plum Color:

Speaking of catching attention, why don’t you do so via a “magenta” plum hair dye? Instead of standard magenta, plum-infused edition is much more wearable. However, it will certainly draw affection from all over, because of the unique tone.

  1. Purple And Pink Blend Hair Color:

Show your shiny persona to the maximum with a purple and pink color mixture. Although it appears to be quite similar to the peach and plum example before, it is way livelier. On the other hand, the colors possess an increased contrast and even are definitely attention-grabbing.

  1. Plum Subtle Hair Color:

Of all the best examples in this list, it is completely the most delicate one. Not to mention, the plum color is nearly unidentifiable, however, it has a really huge effect on the element of your locks. We suggest this option particularly for women who desire to maintain their beautiful look as organic as possible.

  1. Peach And Plum Hair Color:

Just the idea of blending peaches and plums as the hair colors will be definitely tempting. For an outgoing and youthful hairdo, you can begin with “plum” at your root and then melt into the “magenta” at the center and peach on the tips.

  1. Plum Peek-A-Boo Hair Color:

The Peek-a-boo highlights are undoubtedly among the current trends that we are down with. Also, we agree that it is an innovative way to enjoy the colors in the strands. Not to mention, you can easily get a universal plum coat as well as add a few peek-a-boo blonde highlights beneath, or another way around.

  1. Plum Hair Tint:

From time to time, you will encounter a deeper hair color which has the smallest shade of a supplementary color. This may appear to be a minor detail, however, have faith in us that it’ll make a big difference. At the same time, a “plum tint” on dark brown or black hair will work wonders.

  1. Plum Hair Color With Curly Hair:

All our curly young ladies are certain to fall in love irrevocably whenever they see exactly how the plum hair color appears on this particular texture. The corkscrew curls can look even more lovable with this amazing color, not forgetting that they will appear as more highlighted.

  1. Blue Steel Plum Hair Color:

The metallic pastels tend to be extremely popular nowadays, and we all know why. One other way to mix plum hair dye is with the steel blue. This experiment will lead to an extremely aesthetically-pleasing dye which will bring the hair to life.

  1. Electric Indigo Hair Color:

We are turning almost everything up a level for this instance – an incredible tone of the bright indigo. It is basically a highly saturated edition of the plum hair color having just sufficient blue to have that awesome indigo shine.

  1. Plum Tips With Hair:

In some cases, all you have to get is simply a “spot” of the color in proper area of the hair for leveling your look up. In this scenario, you can appreciate how the dark brown appears with the plum bright tips. Also, you should pay attention to the entire dark plum shade in your hair.

  1. Plum Hair Dye With Blonde:

Nearly all women choose to use the plum with dark colors in the ombre hairstyles. But, that does not stop you from experimenting with plum and blonde combinations. You can easily see in this instance how a “reddish” plum will mix out to the platinum blonde.

  1. Orchid Radiant Hair Color:

Even though the radiant orchid had been the “Pantone-Color-Of-The-Year” in 2014, it is still as stylish as ever. Also, you can easily use this amazing color in every area of your beautiful life, from the makeup to home design and even your nice hair. Select this one for your upcoming hair appointment so that you can shine magnificently.

  1. Plum Cherry Hair Color:

We are back to the red tints mainly for this hairdo idea. We describe this amazing color as “cherry cola”, however you can additionally find this as the cherry plum. This features a “velvety” soft hue which equally blends purple and red shades for an outstanding result.

  1. Intense Plum Hair Color:

If your target is to grab awe and attention, look no more. A medium but “intense” plum hue can help you to leave a memorable impression whenever you meet with someone. Not to mention, the lengthier your natural hair is, the greater the glam can be emphasized.

  1. Bangs With Plum Hair Color:

Whether they are side-swept, choppy or blunt, bangs look extraordinary with the plum hair. Getting a hairdo with bangs can make the “color” pop a lot more, because of the large frontal coverage. Now rock the plum with almost any bangs trend!

  1. Satin Plum Hair Color:

Although the shininess of the hair highly is determined by your standard hair-care routine, actually there are a few nuances which sparkle more compared to others. As an example, you can consider a “satin” plum hair color for getting the shiny look you have been longing to behold.

  1. Purple Lowlights Hair Color:

There are not any limitations to how you choose to create your hairdo. Even though you have already a few highlights in, it is possible to complete them having some head-turning lowlights. It is a unique way to be noticeable with the plum hair color.

  1. Plum Black Hair Color:

You understand that a hairdo is extremely cool whenever you see this on the red carpet celebs. Here, we’ll appreciate Katy Perry along with plum black hair, a preference that matches her light eyes and pale skin exceptionally.

  1. Highlights With Plum Hair Color:

We are up always for some elegant highlights. However, there are 2 techniques you can easily rock the highlights with your plum hair. First of all, you can have plum “highlights” on a dark brown or black base. On the other hand, make the plum your main hair color as well as add your preferred highlights over this.

  1. Raspberry Hair Color:

Girls with moderate skin tones will certainly go insane for this particular hair color. This enhances the abundant plum foundation having a little raspberry red. It is a wonderful way of matching a summertime tan or getting into a new “season” just with the perfect makeover.

  1. Lavender To Plum Hair Color:

Not to mention, if you want to experiment with one or more color in the hair, then you can think about mixing several purples. As an illustration, you can begin with a darker plum hair dye on the roots and also dissolve the color as you go before you obtain the lavender tips.

  1. Plum Chocolate Hair Color:

Now it is a hairdo which will leave the mouth watering. This takes a “dark-chocolate” base and even sprinkles in the smallest bit of the purple to get a classy tint. You will not get any noticeable amounts of the plum in hair, simply a smooth glow in sun.

  1. Balayage Plum Hair Color:

Flashy “ombre” hair is not for everybody. For females who choose a subtle blend of the colors in the hairdo, we have the “industry-reforming” balayage. Since the method surfaced, increasingly more women are choosing a discrete changeover for their awesome hair colors.

  1. Emo Plum Hair Color:

We discussed all about the emo hairdos for young ladies a couple of months back and exactly how pretty they’ll turn out. In case you are a lover of the lifestyle and haircut, you can consider changing up the conventional black to get a more exciting color. Undoubtedly Plum is simply what you require.

  1. Plum Ash Hair Color:

Plum ash comes pretty near to the dusty purple; however, it is just a little darker. This takes the mild gray “tint” of the dusty purple as well as darkens this until it will get close to the charcoal. Purple hue stays pretty much similar, just blended in a different way.

  1. Ombre Plum Hair Color:

Ombre hairdos are as popular as ever before, with a number of colors out there for blending. As much as the “plum hair color” is involved, it looks completely fantastic when blended with darker purple or black in the 1st part of ombre.

  1. Dusty Purple Plum Hair Color:

All of us are well-aware right now that the gray locks have caught the beauty graphs by storm. In case you are not about to going completely granny with the hairstyle, then you can beautifully blend purple and gray for a dusty, innocent and cute outcome.

  1. Plum Rich Hair Color:

I must say, if you truly wish to draw curiosity to your unique look, always attempt to step out of the “comfort zone” with a bright color. While plum rich hair color does not mean going the electric purple, this will actually be livelier compared to any dark options.

  1. Dark Amethyst Plum Hair Color:

Recently, amethyst is beginning to become a lot more well-known than lavender just for the hair colors. As the “tones” are very similar, lavender features a light approach, although amethyst is usually darker. Also, we adore the preference of hair styling in this picture.

  1. Plum Deep Hair Color:

In terms of any type of Purple-influenced hair colors, it is often recommended to move as deep as you can with the color. For instance, if you have tan or olive skin, then a deep plum hair color can flatter your tone amazingly.

  1. Pale Skin With Plum Hair Color:

Even though females of color actually look glowing with the plum hair color which does not mean that the fair-skinned women will not look simply as terrific. The truth is, it is probably the main reason why the plum is now so well-known among the hairstyles: its excellent adaptability.

  1. Wine Plum Hair Color:

We must agree that darker “plum” hair is charming, however, not as charming as the wine hair dye. This edition adds a lot more red “sub-tones” and ends up warmer compared to conventional deep purple. It is expected to be on the list of “top-trending” hair shades this autumn.

  1. Dark Lavender Plum Hair Color:

Lavender will almost certainly stay the most beloved pastel for the hair colors. In case you are not up to powdery effect which the normal lavender offers, you can easily color yours down slightly until you achieve a dark hue. Now, think of this as a softly light plum hair color.

  1. Dark Skin With Plum Hair Color:

African American ladies can rock the plum hair color devoid of any care in this world. On the other hand, the “intense” hair dye will enhance their rich complexion, particularly if you pick a more bright plum shade at the beginning. You can additionally try a dark plum, based on the particular tone of the skin.

  1. Purple Braid Hair Color:

After you grab your latest hair color, you are almost certainly dying to reveal it off. The most effective way of revealing your unique look, regardless of what color actually you may have, is definitely with an amazing braid. You will find numerous braiding styles to pick from, such as the trendy fishtail method.

  1. Plum Dark Brown Hair Color:

Another most trendy shade which goes superbly well with the plum is actually brown. If you maintain them dark, blending these 2 colors can lead to a stunning blend which will reveal the perfect in your all-natural features.

  1. Pale Plum Hair Color:

If you adore following styles on social networking, it is difficult not to have run into this beautiful shade of the pale plum. This features bits of the gray implanted in the entire color, lightening a darker purple base. It is a great choice for women with the light-color eyes.

  1. Plum Pixie Hair Color:

You can effortlessly get a fairytale-like, dreamy hairstyle by utilizing 2 main elements: plum hair color and pixie cut. The haircut will set the mood, as the charming color will take the entire hairdo to a different level.

  1. Plum Burgundy Hair Dye:

A bit of red will work magic for any “piercing” hair dye. In our scenario, it is about including a “burgundy” hue to the basic plum color. However, the outcomes will be glowing, mostly because of the “reddish” detail you put. If you select this as the final color, think about getting this in a dark version.

  1. Plum Light Hair Color:

Although some ladies prefer a darker approach particularly for their latest hair color, some others enjoy keeping this sweet and light. For this, we’re recommending a light tone of the plum that will almost lean towards the lavender. Metallic tint can make your hair shine.

  1. Mahogany Plum Hair Color:

Want to add “earth tones” into the new hair dye? Mahogany is undoubtedly for you. Not forgetting, this extremely rich hair dye combines colors of purple, red and brown to create the best mix. The result is impressive in the finest way possible.

  1. Plum Dark Hair Color:

In case you need a more loving glow to the hairstyle, then you must choose a plum dark hair dye. The “darker” the color, the greater mysterious allure this will offer. Dark plum wonderfully works well for ladies with all the skin tones.

  1. Eggplant Plum Hair Color:

Eggplant is probably the sexiest hair shades of 2018. Just like you guess from the name, it displays the shade of the darker purple plant. Additionally, it features a charcoal shade to this all around. Finally, you can test out this color regardless of what type of hair you have.

  1. Moderate Plum Hair Color:

Occasionally, the perfect plum hair color that you select is actually a well-balanced one. Not very dark but not very flashy, this moderate plum shade is perfect if you desire a unified approach to the hairdo. The darker purple tint can look fantastic in the natural sunlight.

  1. Ombre Sunset Hair Color:

You did not think that we would conclude our post without a cool idea for the beautiful and bold ladies, did you? Besides being an incredible mix of the colors, this ombre sunset also features a feminine touch and chic to it.

  1. Plum Heliotrope Hair Color:

The purple shade receives its title from heliotrope flower. This is an extremely light shade that also blends with a few purples on the top. The refined blend offers some otherwise ideal pastel hair dye some depth and texture.


Last but not least, “plum hair color” is definitely a pure pleasure to wear. However, we really like that it is an extremely versatile tone which will go well with almost any facial elements, hair textures or skin tones. Whether you choose lighter purple or deep plum, we support the variations of this outstanding color.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you have found your best hair color idea from this post. Now, make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends.


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