229 Pompadour Hairstyles from Classic to Greaser


The pompadour haircut was named after King Louis the fifteenth mistresses.The pompadour is the basic idea of the hair swept up and over the head and is usually accompanied by short back sides. You can also incorporate fades into the hairstyle as well. It can be worn short and neat, or messy, it’s totally up to you because there are no real hard and fast rules to this game. So sit back and get ready to be bedazzled at the this huge list of different pompadour hairstyles.


The Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour looks great with short to medium length hair. They are generally short around the side and the top hair is brushed back into a wave type thing. But of course you can make it your own and brush it however the hell you want.

It’s a versatile and practical haircut that looks good in formal and casual occasions. So if you need a haircut that is business and party the pompadour haircut maybe the style for you.


Wranger Pompadour Haircut

Wrangers have souls to you know. Wrangers can even get pompadours like this gentlemen featured in the image above. Another famous wranger with a pompadour is Josh Homme from one the best bands on the planet. Queens of the Stone Age. He is the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist and is one of rock and roll music’s heroes. You can even say he is the last of a dying breed as electro music has stolen the spotlight and rock music is hung out to dry.

This pompadour has a fade on the sides. The fade is very blunt, but if you wanted to go for a smooth fade it’s also an option.



Slick Back Pompadour Haircut

The 1980’s saw are resurgence of the pompadour within the car culture. People who were driving around in classic cars were also seen sporting a head full of product and super high pompadours like this chap in the image above. He is riding high with his slicked back pompadour.

If you want to achieve that sort of height you better get your hands on some good hair product. The best way to go about it is brush your hair when it is wet then spray in hairspray. If you are more of a wax person wait until the hair is partial dry then apply wax and then brush your hair. You want to brush it back but with a lifting motion at the same time so you achieve that big old wave.


Justin Beiber Style Pompadour Haircut

I’m not sure that sure that it’s the official name for the hairstyles so lets just call it that for the sake of the list. Beiber has been seen rocking this hairstyle on many occasions since he was just a wee lad. It seems the higher the better.

It’s a great look for those with medium length hair. The best part is that it keeps the hair out of your face while you are getting down on the dance floor and getting jiggy with it. Like the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.


How to Pompadour Like a Pro

First you need to get a pompadour hairstyle. It can be anything from a crew cut to short back and sides and bit off the top. Leave the front longer than rest so you comb back into a wave.

The secret lies in getting the big wave at the front. As I said before you need a lot of product and then you need to comb it back and lift at the same time. Then simply apply some more product and your pompadour should be good to go for the night. Choosing a hair product is important and you might want to do some research and see what works best for you. Hairspray works well because you can styles the hair and then apply product without having to touch your hair which make ruffle the style. Apply liberal amounts of hairspray then gently blow dry it.


The Swing Dance Pompadour Hairstyle

This is the classic rockabilly swing dancing look. I’m not a big fan of the swing dance, or rockabilly but there is quite a big following over the world. It’s a sub culture that sprang out of the car culture. Basically Greasers learned how to dance all fancy like with a partner. Swing dancing is done to a jive beat and is usually quite athletic.

They do crazy moves where they throw their partner through their legs then back over the top. You should Youtube it and check it out. You might like it.


Tracks with Pompadour Haircut

This dude is fresh out of a boy band. He has the track nice and straight on the hairline. This guy is also rocking the temp fade and he looks like one of the dudes from the backstreet boys. They were a prominent boy band of the early 2000’s and they used to make the girls go wild.

If you get a haircut like this you too can make the girls go wild. All you have to do is learn how to sing and dance. You will be a shoe in. You could even start a boy band with your friends. Create individual looks yet look uniform at the same time. You don’t need a lot of talent. Just use a lot of auto tune and you will be fine. Good luck.


Beard with Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour lumber jack style is on the rise. Men from across the globe are rising up and growing a beard and getting pompadour haircuts. The lumber jack style goes with almost any haircut and it goes especially good with the pompadour as you can see in the image above.

The urban lumber jack used to be thought of as a myth. A fictional character that roamed the streets at night performing acts of vigilante crime busting. Kind of like batman without all the money and the suit. The urban lumber jack is real although they don’t bring any bad guys down. They sip coffee and work as baristas. Their vehicle of choice is a fixed gear push bike that they ride at top speed through the busy city streets.

Side Pompadour Haircut

You have a few options of which way to brush your hair with the pompadour. You can go straight back or either side. This chap in the above image has opted for the left side swish. It’s a good look and a nice change from the straight back look.

This guy is also rocking a low fade. A low fade starts near the top of the ear and gradually fades up to the top. It goes really well with the pompadour. The best thing to do is have a conversation with your barber and they will know which pompadour is the best fit for you. They are the people in know and have cut hair of people of all different shapes and sizes so they have a fair idea what you will look like before the you even sit in the chair.


Old School to New School Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour hasn’t changed a great deal over time. In the modern are people are adding more dramatic fades. It is also common for people to add tracks or hair art such as geometric patterns and lines. Essentially the pompadour is a crew cut with the front left longer than than the rest of the hair so it can be combed up into a quiff at the front.





Side Tracks and a Pompadour Haircut

The side tracks were big in the eighties and have come back in a way. Looking back on the tracks for a little green bag. The famous song from the sound track to Reservoir Dogs.

This film is an absolute cracker. It was written and directed by Quentin Tarrantino and it’s about a bank robbery gone wrong. If you want to see some banging pompadour’s check out that film. All the character are into Dean Martin and Marlon Brando so they are all sporting the slicked back pompadour. You might be able to get some inspiration for your next haircut from the movie. Regardless you should definitely check it out. It’s a nine out of ten.


Product and Pompadour Haircuts

My god this man uses a lot of product. It’s pretty standard to see men with pompadours greased back with bucket loads of product. They keep the hair product companies in business.
Pomade, hairspray, wax, gel, taft, whatever your choice and flavor is you need it. If you get a pompadour don’t forget to carry around a satchel full of hair products for fixing your it on the go.

It is essential to find a good product. You hear me. Don’t settle for a flaccid pompadour. It should be riding high and proud, towering over the competition. The higher your pompadour is the more status and credibility you have in society. Well that last bit may not be true but you get the idea.


Salt and Pepper Pompadour Haircut

This dude is rocking the salt and pepper. Also know as grey and dark hair. I don’t think he is doing it by choice though. The boy is turning into a man and getting old. Oh, to be young again.

Salt and pepper can look distinguished like this gentlemen featured in the image above. What do you think? It’s definitely one of those things that works for some people and not for others. This dude is pulling a weird face. He looks like he’s taking a dump and is scared at the same time. Caption this image. Hit us up in the comments box below and let us know.



Long Pompadour Haircut

This guy has long hair and is rocking the pompadour. Long hair works well with the pompadour but requires a lot more maintenance than medium to long hair. You will have to use a lot more product than you would normally. Hairspray is great for this length of hair because you can brush to suit then apply the product without messing up your hair.

Pompadour Haircut with Streaks

The pompadour is literally one of the most versatile haircuts you can get. You don’t have to get the run of mill pompadour. Put some of your own style into it by utilizing all the tools available. You can get things like streaks or if you’re feeling a bit sassy you might want to do as the man in the image has done and get a nice streak at the front.

By putting color through your pompadour you are adding more depth and dimension to your haircut. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Color is a great way of taking your hairstyle to the next level. You will stand out from the crowd and the ladies will be circling like sharks.


Medium Length Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour looks best with medium length hair. The haircut is pretty much design to worn with this length of hair. You can still pull it off with short hair but you won’t be able to get the big quiff happening at the front. You have short hair but try to keep the fringe long and you will be able to get the big wave happening.


Alternating Hair Length Pompadour

Check out the results from this unique take on the pompadour with tracks. The interesting thing about this haircut is that the beard is has been left long than fade and goes up onto the side of his scalp to create a pattern.
This technique can be applied in many ways. You are limited to your imagination. You could even go some lighting bolts or other geometric patterns. He has also paired it with an undercut. If you look closely at the back of his you will see he has some sort of growth growing out the back.

This isn’t a result of the pompadour haircut.



Celebrities and Pompadour Haircuts

The pompadour is popular in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. You see from the image above that Elvis was fond of pompadour. He’s not the only one. High profile celebrities have be rocking this hairstyle since the early days. It seems that every celebrity has had a pompadour at some stage in their life. The early pioneers such as Elvis, James Dean, and Marlon Brando have been rocking the pompadour and this trend has carried through to the modern era with everyone from Leo to Brad Pitt getting their pompadour on.

The Japanese have a tendency to take a sub culture to the extreme. The psycho billy sub culture in Japan has boomed over the years and if you go to Japan don’t be surprised if you see a big group of Japanese in leather jackets swing dancing in full leathers, sporting pompadour haircuts.

Psycho Billy is a type of music. It’s rockabilly on speed. This stye of music uses heavy guitar and it’s more punk orientated than it’s predecessor. Patrons still love to have a bit of swing dance but they incorporate more moshing into the action.



Red Beard Pompadour Haircut

Red beard was a pirate that was pledging back in the day. It is unclear on whether it is a myth or not. Anyway someone wrote a book about him and then later on a movie was made. If you have never seen the film, I highly recommend it. It’s hell funny.

The man featured in the image above could very well be red beards reincarnation. That beard looks like about six months growth. This guy has gone full jungle man style and now he looks like a pirate. A clear demonstration on how a pompadour can transform your look.


Smooth Temp Fade with Pompadour Haircut

This is one of the smoothest temp fades I have ever seen. See how the hair is goes from long to short in a very gradual step. The temp fades has been shaved extra close and it really accentuates the quiff at the front. The barber has also taken the hair line high around the ears to really clean it up.

The smooth fade is great if you need to keep your hair relatively conservative for whatever reason. It may be for work or you want to look like a pillar of the community. This guy could run for congress with his conservative take on the pompadour.


Check out the sweet patterns shaved into this mans beard. If you not a big fan of getting tracks shaved into your head, you might want to consider getting them shaved into your beard or eyebrows. It’s alternative unique look that will separate you from the pack and the ladies will be swooning. It’s not guaranteed but it will help.


Oops, we did it again. We made it through this big old list of pompadour hairstyles. I think we have covered the pompadour down to the very last follicle. Hopefully your head is full to the brim with ideas for your next hairstyle. The pompadour doesn’t have to be stock standard. Add some extra touches such as some color and tracks and you will be on the cutting edge of fashion.



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