Best 68 Prom Hairstyles That Are Perfect For You!


As the season of prom draws near we know exactly what you’re thinking about. You need the best prom hairstyle! Also what type of dress you are going to purchase and even how you’re planning to do the makeup. Not to mention it is not only about the “date” you’re likely to bring to prom; it is also about your hair. Actually, the hairstyle which you pick for the evening is fairly a big deal as it will highlight your makeup and dress as well.

It is a perfect package deal. It is a thrilling time to suit your needs and we realize how you’re feeling. You desire all the things to be best and you wish to look wonderful for your particular night. Young ladies think as well as obsess about the prom as it signifies a great deal to them.

At the same time, you desire to have an exclusive night and also having the hair done is part and parcel of that adventure. There are simply so many options for ways to do the hair which it can easily make this challenging for you to choose how to proceed.

You must find the ideal hairstyle and the time is sliding away. However, we can assist you. You also have many choices available based on your own style. You may wear the hair up or down or maybe a partial “updo”. Truly the sky will be the limitation for exactly what you may create.

You will find a lot of different styles which you can pick from to make a wonderful look. Making a perfect look may be labor intensive however at least we can assist you to come to a decision. We will assist you to filter some choices to ensure that you do not feel so confused by the options offered to you.

You will find plenty of choices that include updos, twists, curls, waves and even buns.

We must say that the straight hair can be quite rare in terms of prom styles. The curls are usually popular on the subject of picking a style, particularly for prom. It is because it provides it an intimate air as well as an air of beauty. There is simply something about the curls which can perfect the prom hairstyle. It is so lovely and whether it is down or up, it creates an incredible overall style.

It is now your turn to take a look at a variety of styles for the big night. Not to mention, check out all these 68 Awesome Prom Hairstyles which will blow your mind:

Best 68 Prom Hairstyles

  1. Great Love For Bow:

This hairstyle is genuinely precious and it is certainly guaranteed to catch the eyes. It is an innovative style which showcases a little creativeness with your entire style. It is pretty and can give you a sweet air of purity.

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  1. Gorgeous Looks:

There’s a lot happening with this particular updo. Also, there are loose tendrils and braids and we like the huge volume on the style. You require lots of hair again to pull off this; therefore, extensions may be a little something to think about.

  1. Creative Design:

We appreciate this style as it requires a typical partial updo as well as creates something incredible with it. Again, the interesecting “layers” on back are really beautiful.

  1. Sweeping Styles:

It is a stunning style which looks very attractive. It is a spectacular style which will truly make a great impression for the prom.

  1. Flower Styles:

It is a sensational updo which has more of the messy style instead of a sophisticated look. It is all in exactly what type of style which you desire. You can easily make a simple look more elegant by adding the accessories.

  1. Formal Style:

This particular bun is quite fancy and will be ideal for a “ball-gown”. A great deal of work had been placed into this particular style. Also, you can find a brief heading up across the base of head and also across the bun. It is beautiful but also you need to have an extremely fancy outfit to fit it.

  1. Icy Style:

This color is very stunning alone. But with partial updo along with the twist braids, this creates one more excellent prom look. It is a bit more informal if you are not trying to find something that is really formal.

  1. Prom Styles:

All these partial “updos” are usually popular in terms of the prom. They’re the classic styles which are always gorgeous.

  1. Gorgeous Styles:

Not to mention, these hairstyles are super famous and “Taylor Swift” is definitely rocking this half down and half up style.

  1. The Swirl:

All of us love exactly how this “loose-bun” concludes in the swirl. It is stunning and it is a sort of updo which would look excellent with the strapless dress.

  1. Braided Top:

It is an outstanding braided look as this braid is usually on top that creates a new look. The others are in the ponytail which has a few waves to this.

  1. A Fairytale:

In case you have an impressive dress after that you need spectacular hair to opt for it. This particular style is romantic and soft, perfect for the prom.

  1. Curly Bun:

We simply love this amazing bun because it is a vintage style. You will never go wrong with a classic style. There are curls and braids and really that is all you require.

  1. Sweet Braids:

It is one more style which is basic and it is a lovely look. If you are not trying to find an official style, after that this one can be a great choice for you.

  1. Soft Designs:

It is quite a soft look. It is a style which is wavy and loose. If you desire a simple and easy style which you can easily make at home after that it is the best one to suit your needs.

  1. Lovely Braids:

It is another excellent example of exactly how you will have a “partial” updo which has waves and braids.

  1. Braided Design:

We cannot say enough good stuff about this particular hairstyle – it is magnificent. It is nearly like a “fishtail” but it is not. It is gorgeous and you’ll definitely be the subject of talk at the night.

  1. A Lot Of Curls:

Needless to say, if you desire an attractive style which is rich in romanticism then it is the best style to suit your needs. You will feel as if you’re a princess having this stunning partial updo.

  1. Multiple Braids:

You will find dual braids intersecting with each other here and this creates an incredible look. Also, you can say here that it is a look which will certainly draw the eyes.

  1. Bold Braids:

An excellent style which is beautiful and loose. This braid is gorgeous and it should make her seem like she is living in a new era.

  1. The Soft Bun:

We must say, this particular bun is beautiful and soft. This is a type of the updo which will give you a sense of feeling like you’re a princess. In case you want the tresses up for evening then it is the best style to check out.

  1. Gorgeous Elements:

There is no chance that you can ignore this amazing style. It is voluminous as well as it features a crowning “braid”. It is an updo which anyone will love.

  1. Intersecting Braid:

If you prefer braids then you’re sure to cherish these gorgeous designs. It is an easy style however it is going to be a talk of evening without a doubt.

  1. Twisty Style:

An easy style which is guaranteed to make you cheerful if you desire something a bit more casual. In case you are not into the fancy styles after that, it is the best one available to you.

  1. Glamorous Style:

It is a fantastic style which will amaze the crowd. This “partial” updo offers lots of volume to this and it is perfect for prom.

  1. Stylish Braid:

It is a fantastic updo as there are lots of elements to this. It is stunning and you’ll feel as if you’re a “Greek” goddess whenever you step into prom along with this particular style.

  1. Mermaid Look:

An excellent style which has lots of “flowing” waves. It is definitely the style of mermaid.

  1. A Soft Bun:

Have you noticed a bun ever which looked so soft? You could possibly bounce a “coin-off “of this particular style. It is polished and gorgeous.

  1. Beach Wave:

It is a basic style which creates a beach look. In case, you desire something that is pretty, however, not overdone, after that it is the perfect style that will blow your mind.

  1. Country Style:

In case you want the style of a country singer, after that, it is the best look which you need to take to a salon.

  1. Curly Design:

It is a “partial” updo which looks amazing. It is straight fairly on the top with the bouncy curl cascading down the rear.

  1. Voluminous Curls:

An excellent style which features a lot of curls. It is a “partial” updo having lots of curls. Once again this particular style can’t be generated without plenty of hair.

  1. A Crown Only For You:

It is a great style which is left loose and long. Include a jeweled “crown” to this and you’ll love it.

  1. Royalty Hair:

In case you possessed this “partial” updo, wouldn’t you simply feel like the royalty? Needless to say, you would as it is an epic hairdo.

  1. Cascading Tendrils:

An incredible style which offers all the curls and volume which you require. We enjoy the style as well as if you’re trying to find an updo, after that it is the best one suitable for you.

  1. Celeb Style:

If this works on red carpet after that it is sure to give benefit to your prom. If yes, then why don’t have some celeb style in case you have a chance?

  1. Cascading Curls:

It is a great style in case you like the curls. They’re piled up higher as well as cascading down your back. It is a lovely style which is quite formal.

  1. Loose Braids:

The loose braids will always be great for the updos as they look quite romantic. You’re intending to prom, therefore, you feel like you are in a superb romantic mood.

  1. Glorious Updos:

An awesome style which is absolutely beautiful. This updo is voluptuous and curly. We all love the accessories and you’ll love this unique style too.

  1. Front Crown Style:

The spectacular braid trails directly to the backside and there’s a bun made. We enjoy this style as it is breathtaking. Again it will also need lots of hair.

  1. Beautiful And Bold:

It is an awesome style which is guaranteed to draw the eyes. It is glamorous and elegant all folded into one. You will find lots of volume to above portion of hair.

  1. Crowned Braids:

It is a “crown” glory which makes an easy hairstyle really be noticeable. We cherish the style as well as it is a special one, therefore, give it a try.

  1. Jewel Designs:

It is an easy design, a basic wave to whole look. On the other hand, the jeweled accessories look fantastic with this particular style. An easy accessory can make the entire look pop.

  1. Stunning Updo:

Not to mention, we really like this updo due to all of the curls. This is drawn up beneath and the remainder is braided. However, the “accessory” is really the last piece of magnificent puzzle.


  1. Bouncy Curls:

This wonderful woman has some quite awesome “curls” to this amazing style. They’re bouncy and large! It is a lovely partial updo which would look incredible for prom.


  1. Long Length:

This breathtaking “partial” updo is curly and shiny. She has pretty long hair as well as it is gorgeous with curls.


  1. Stunning Styles:

It is a similar style simply in various stages. In case you need “partial” updo or even a “full” updo, then they’re both awesome choices. It is a messy hairstyle which will look superb in any kind of dress which you choose. It is always a great thought to try your style out before you decide to visit the “salon” on the particular day of the prom to make sure that you prefer a particular style.


  1. The High Buns:

You are about to require lots of hair for making this quite high bun. There’s lots of “thickness” to this particular style. In case you have the thin hair then it is unlikely that you’ll have the ability to create this style again.


  1. Simple Style:

You do not need a gorgeous style to make something attractive. It is magnificent and it is simply comprised of the braids.


  1. High Top:

It is an extremely glamorous updo which would be best if you have a “gown” or even an outrageous dress. There’s a lot of volume to this and we obviously love it.


  1. Braided Flowers:

All of us simply love this amazing style due to its attractiveness. The “fishtail” braids on sides blend to make a gorgeous flower at the back.


  1. Curly Bun:

An awesome updo which has a few braids and also a gorgeous bun. If the updo is exactly what you possessed in mind after that you cannot make a mistake with this beautiful style.


  1. Plenty Of Volumes:

It is an amazing style which has loads of volume. Additionally, we have “loose” braid as well as plenty of “loose” curls in the partial updo.


  1. Flowing Curl:

Another sort of a “partial” updo and it is filled with curls. All these are the gorgeous styles which you can easily make more gorgeous by adding a few accessories.


  1. Flowy And Soft:

It is a lovely updo and even we love just how flowing and lose it is. You will find pieces throughout which are just left loose and also we really love it. In case you want to knock socks off your “date” after that try out this style.


  1. Bow Design:

In case you desire something lovely for the prom after that why don’t you try a bow design right in the hair?


  1. Braided Love:

The braids are generally a trendy choice as they give that romantic feel. What can be more passionate than prom? These “updos” are a little bit different however both very gorgeous.


  1. Braided Crown:

There’s more hair drawn up than it’s down in such a beautiful hairstyle. However, we love these braids which crown your head.


  1. Curl For Days:

In case you are trying to find a glamorous hairdo after that you have found it right here. It is fine to leave the hair down intended for prom and also it is a lovely style to pick. It is stuffed with curls and it is simply gorgeous.


  1. Wavy Style:

This wavy hairdo is quite simple to get but it is a very gorgeous design. We like the particular waves as well as the lovely hair accessory.


  1. Higher Pony:

If you desire something a bit more polished after that why don’t you try a higher ponytail? This look is soft and loose and very stylish.


  1. A Stylish Bun:

If you’re trying to find grace and elegance after that it is the best style to suit your needs. You will get a soft braid having an incredible looking bun. It is an amazing hairstyle.


  1. Cascading Design:

It is a sensational design which will look stunning in formal dress. In case you desire something sophisticated then this can be the perfect match for you.


  1. Crowning Glory:

The two quite different crowns are of different sizes. They’re two quite different ideas however both are extremely beautiful. In case you prefer a tight or loose braid, it is under your control. One style is classic and tight, a very sophisticated style. Whereas another one is messier, it is still drawn together. There’s much more “volume” to this and also looks like that there’s much hair to this, although there may not be. Another style is simply more polished.


  1. A Surprising Updo:

This awesome style looks like a “high-ponytail” except it is all simply pinned up on the top. On the other hand, the “loose” layers simply cascade down your back. You will find lots of curls but it is a lovely style. The crown in front is additionally a good touch. This can easily make a huge difference to the style to include just a bit bling.


  1. Great Design:

Another excellent instance of a “floral-design” in the partial updo. All of us like the included colors here too. It is under your control if you wish to include various colors for the prom. It is something which can bring uniqueness to your appearance. This is particularly if you put a color which matches your outfit. It can truly make your entire look be noticeable from others. However, if you do not want a major commitment then make sure that you make use of a “semi-permanent” color to ensure that it will ultimately wash out.


  1. Big Fishtail:

This particular style needs lots of hair which means you either need to have this or even you require long extensions. This is stunning though and also we love just how charming a hairstyle it is. In case you desire a style having lots of body to this, you can easily include extensions, particularly for the special day to ensure that you possess more tresses to go with. You will find plenty of extensions which you can simply clip in with no commitment.


  1. Pretty Flower:

Last but not the least; this trendy style is somewhat more casual. If you are not trying to find something which is formal then it is the best style that will make others say WOW. It is a “partial” updo which has a back intended into flower. It is a unique style which will definitely pull some attention. This adds some creativity to your own look which would not be there in any normal updo.




To conclude, all the listed prom hairstyles are perfect for you. What you need is just to pick the best one which meets your needs. We’re sure that these prom hairstyles will help you draw much attention.


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