Head-Spinning Purple Hairstyles to make in 2019 [128 Styles Covered]

Hairstyles with colourful highlights make many positive impressions. When it comes to choosing the right colour tone for your hairstyle, purple hair colour remains one of the best hues you can lay your hands on.

Now that you’ve loosened your old hair and looking for a new style to make out of it, you may consider setting for a purple hair dye. This is not your everyday style. So, it’s pertinent to have an eye for details to choose the right purple hair highlights that suit your hairdo. In this article, you’ll discover the 128 unique ways you can put the purple hairstyle to good use.

Neon Purple

We know that the purple hair colour is all about lighting up the chosen hairdo. You now have it on a platter of gold when settling for this style.


Dark Purple Hair

The style doesn’t always have to be with purple hair highlights before it comes out as you anticipate. Add dark hues to make it fascinating.

The Comb-Over Inspiration

The comb-over hairstyle entails styling your hair to another part of the head. Consider adding purple hair colour to add more style to the hairdo.

Light Purple Highlights

The secret here is to do things your way. Make the colour light while adding wavy curls at the bottom.

Flashy Look

Purple hair colour is dazzling but it gets better when you rock the darker format.

Light Purple with Weaves

Consider light purple hair highlights to tag along with the long weaves at the sides of the face.

Short Curly Hair with Purple Highlights

Achieve this look by maintaining short curls on your way. Consider adding dark or light purple hues to go with the style.

Straight and Curled

Make the best out of your long hair by patterning your purple hair highlights using this style as an inspiration.

Dark Purple Hair with Middle Part

There’s no doubt that the middle part in this style makes a lot of impressions when combined with the dark purple highlights.

The Topknot and Light Purple Highlights

The secret is to tie the long hair into a topknot and integrate light purple highlights in the process.

Brunette Purple Hair

You can achieve this furnished look with a light skin tone.

Light Purple Lob

In addition to the light colour tone, the silky strands also bring a lot to the table to make this hairdo look perfect.

Dark Purple Hues

Maintain dark purple hair without adding any other colour variations.

Purple Hair with Braid and Side Part

Parting the hair at the side with a single braid cross through the crown is a nice way to compliment the long strands at the back.

Messy Purple Hair

The purple hair highlights here can be a way to conceal the messy undertones to the hairdo.

Knotted at the Back

Having a long hair can be a good way to bring forth the exquisite purple look that comes with knotting jumbo braids at the crown.

Bun with Purple Highlights

Slick back your wavy hair to the crown where you’ll secure it as a bun. Leave some sparse strands underneath and add varied purple hair highlights to disrupt the look.

Dark and Brunette

You can pull off a nice look when you make this style. Complete the look by styling to the sides – just a few inches before the eyes.

Comb-Over with Light Details

Toss those strands to a side while applying light purple hues to the hair.

The Confident Look

Purple hair highlights can inspire you to be confident. Consider making this style with a middle part for a dignified look.

Creative Purple Hair

It may be a hard task to decipher the beautiful woman behind the mask in this hairdo. That creativity comes with adorning purple hair highlights.

Purple Weaves

You can tell that rocking your hair to this length can be tasking. However, with purple highlights and the right texture, you won’t have a hard time achieving it.

Clean Purple Hairdo

This could have taken the messy style if the purple hair highlights didn’t come in to save the day.

Medium Length with Light Purple Hues

Throw your medium length hair towards the crown. Complete the job with light-coloured purple highlights.

Creative Dutch Braid

Explore the advantages of styling a purple hairdo by tying your strands into Dutch braids that make coverage of the crown.

Messy at the Back

Redirect the eyes of onlookers to the back where the purple highlights try to pick through the messy hairdo at the nape of the neck.

Full and Dark

Add enough purple highlights on your long hair to achieve this look.

Light and Dark Hues

Allow the dark and light purple hues to fight for dominance on your textured hair.

A Little Dark

We’re used to the flashy look that comes with a purple hairstyle. Now is the time to try something different with this dark version.

Purple with Dark Roots

It’s already noted that the hair is purple-toned but the roots/tips of the braids are all shades of awesomeness.

Medium Length Hair

Your medium length hair will never go out of style when you integrate purple hues into it.

Middle Part

Integrate a surgical line on the middle to create a dignified look.

Resplendent Purple Hair

Rock textured strands at the sides with a surgical line at the side to complete the unique look.

Purple and Curvy

It cannot be any better than when the purple colour comes into the curved and straightened edges of this hairdo.

The Look of a Goddess

Step into the shoes of a goddess when you style your purple-inspired hair in this format.

Purple Across the Face

You may want to get everyone to see your purple strands. Use this style as an inspiration.

Invisible Looks

Aside from the goggle, the invisibility of the purple highlights is another thing to look out for.

Arabian Princess

The cultural adaptation of this style is something worth looking back to. Remember to slick some weaved strands by the sides.

Fully Darkened

In addition to your full hair, you may want to integrate purple hues.

Curvy Edges

Bring your creative purple hues to lock down the edges of your chosen hairstyle.

Concealed Colours

It’ll take a lot of guessing to discover the purple highlights on this hairstyle.

Cute Purple Hair

There’s no doubt that the wearer of this hairdo is beautiful. The purple highlights and middle part make it cuter.

Left Comb-Over on Concealed Purple Hair

Tossing the hair to the sides works well to conceal the purple highlights.

Purple-Cropped Hair

Crop the hair a few inches away from the forehead. The purple highlights speak volumes on this hairdo.

Highlighted Roots

While weaving the strands backward can be a good idea, it gets creative with the application of highlights at the tips of the strands.

Side Braids + Purple Tones

Toss some braided hair to the sides and add purple colours to make them outstanding.

Light Purple on Wavy Hair

You’ll certainly the wavy hairstyle with purple undertones sticking out at the sides, front, and back.

Parted Back

Integrate a surgical line from the front to the base of the crown as a way to concentrate attractions on the purple on the hair.

Shiny Hair

Even though the colours try to burst out, the shiny look on this hairstyle continually blocks the way.

Titanium Streaks

If you don’t like “shouting colours”, you may want to check out the titanium aspect to the purple hairdo.

A Distinguished Look

Make use of a middle surgical line to disburse the purple-coloured strands to the sides.

Fading In

This style fades into the strands to help you pull off a distinguished look.

Light Hues

As can be seen from the style, only a few strands have noticeable colours. That means that you can be comfortable even with the few purple hair highlights.

All-Weather Purple Hair

Whether you want to have a taste of the dark or light purple hair tones, you have the assurance that this style will deliver the best of both worlds.

Dark + Darker Roots

While the dark strands make their way from the front, the darker roots pick up the race at the crown and stop at the nape of the neck.

Parted by the Line

This style is quite creative, especially with the incorporating of the surgical line at the side.

The Highlights and Lows

That’s the underlying secret! You have to prepare for highlighted strands at a side and lesser hues at the other. The length of the hair is not the same either on both sides.

Innovative Comb-Over

You just can’t get enough when the comb lines make an appearance on a hairstyle. This is an indication of what you can expect.

Messy Fringe

The fringe hairdo doesn’t look any good but the purple highlights do!

Light + Curled Bottom

Consider adding lighter tones of the purple hues to rhyme with the curls at the bottom of the hair.

Shiny and Long

Toss some volume with the purple undertone to the sides.

Big Crop

Cut it short before it extends to the face! That’s the idea in a cropped hair, such as the one highlighted by purple hues.

Creative Side Part

The parting is creative while tossing some hair to a side.

Purpled Topknot

Tie the nuptial knots on your hair by integrating the flashy hues of the purple colour.

Recreated Velvet Ombre

The traditional Velvet Ombre takes another dimension with the purple hair ombre. It comprises dark hues at the front and light dye at the bottom.

Back Weaves

Slick a good volume of hair to the back and finish the look with purpled tips.

All to the Side

Gather enough length of hair and toss them to the sides with purple highlights making their impressions on the style.

Purple Ponytail

Although this isn’t the traditional ponytail, it still looks good with the little purple hair.

Go Blonde

Recreate the brick and mortar purple hairdo by going for a lighter version.

Bright and Bold

Make sure you have medium or long hair to go along with this inspiring colour.

Kids can go Purple

Yes, there’s always a style for kids in every hairstyle. The short purple hair just showed what it has in stock for kids.

Messy Top

Everything about this hairdo is messy but the purple hair highlights and handkerchief prevent it from showing.

Shades of Awesomeness

You must realize that purple hair style have a soothing effect. Styling your hair in this format can be a way to get the soothing effect.

Long Wavy Hair

Prop the wavy hair to the back while hiding into the invisible colours.

Side Sweep

Toss the length to a side and rock highlighted purple edges to finish the job.

Angelic Look

Rock this style and get both humans and angels jealous of you.

All Shades of Purple

You can’t deny the fact that the different variations of purple hues make the style elaborate.

Medium Length and Textured

Texture the medium length hair with purple undertones before tossing backward.

Purple Updo

Bring the updo hairstyle into your purple-coloured hair to pull off this look.

Impressive Colour

It doesn’t have to be dark purple hair to look good. A variation like this is on a class of its own.

Dark Middle Part + Light-Toned Strands

Consider spotting dark hues at the spot of the hard part before distributing the purple tones to the side and back strands.

Full-Fledged Look

There’s no stopping you now that you’ve laid your hands on this exquisite style.

Made to Scare

The first instinct that comes to you when encountering this style for the first time is to make for safety.

Simple yet Unique

You don’t have to make the colour more noticeable to attract attention. Something classy like this is the way to go.

Cute Purple Hair Highlights with Loose Bangs

Bang hairstyles can form a synergy with your purple hairdo to pull off a fascinating look.

The Serious Look

Exhume confidence when you spot your creative hairstyle with highlights.

Tiny Braids

Incorporate purple highlights into the braids for a resplendent look.


Freestyle your new hairstyle but remember to toss the hair to the sides.

Curly and Messy

Although the hair looks messy, the curls come through the bottom to clean the mess.

Braided Sides

With jumbo braids at the sides and blonde-coloured hair at the middle, there’s no way you won’t achieve a clean look with this hairdo.

The Darkest of All

Some hairstyles with purple undertones tend to look flashy and creative than others. If that’s what you’re looking at, here is a style to inspire you.

Scattered to the Sides

As messy as it looks, you won’t deny the fact that the purple highlights live up to expectations by changing the looks of the hairdo.

Ebony Look

Ebony and blonde women can pull off this look. Nevertheless, make sure you integrate the middle part to complete the look.

Messy Topknot

Even though the purple colour is not noticeable from afar, an onlooker won’t have a hard time to spot the messy updo in the form of a topknot.

A Style for the Men

Contrary to the widespread perception that women dominate the fashion industry with intriguing styles such as the purple hairdo, men also continue to prove their mettle in the field. It seems they won this time, as this creative style with a surgical line and faded sides is all shades of awesomeness.

The Flawless Look

You’ll never take the back seat in a red carpet occasion when flaunting this intricate hairdo courtesy of the purple undertone.

Strawberry Look

Strawberry is not just a fruit but is also a styling basis for women that want to make the best out of their hairstyles. The synonymy between it and purple colours is a reason why you can pull off this look without much ado.

Disconnected Look

Disconnect the traditional purple hairstyle when you choose to do things your way. Bring in the lighter version and finish with a surgical line on the middle.

Black is Beautiful

Beyond the tempting and dazzling look of a coloured hair, you won’t fail to appreciate the black tone Mother Nature blessed you and other classy women with. A few shades of purple and middle with a hot comb won’t be a bad idea.

Textured Crop

You may have realized that cropped hairstyles look fascinating when some colours are part of it. Integrating texture and purple hues will take you the extra mile in the quest to look flawless.

Messy Topknot and Cropped Hair

Although this suits this kid well, adults can also take a cue from it to make the best out of their purple hairstyle.

Messy with Texture

The texture doesn’t make much impact on the hair as the purple hues do.

Ponytail with a Difference

Step out of the league of old horses and come onboard the flowing stream of trendy hairstyles. Recreate the traditional ponytail hairdo by tossing the strands about and adding purple hues to them.

Locked Away

There’s a feeling of negligence in this style. However, the colours and length of the hair is something to appreciate.

Purple Ponytail with Light Hues

If it isn’t a pony with purple, it won’t be any better! Make your hair into a ponytail while spreading the hues evenly on the strands.

Few Highlights

Only a discerning eye can spot the few purple hair highlights that hold down the tips of the hair.

Highlighting the Comb-Over

Nobody might take notice if it were to be only the comb-over. However, the purple highlights draw attention to the hairdo.

Dare for More

The daring look herein is no doubt, inspired by the coloured highlights of the hair.

A Long Way to Go

It can be a long walk to freedom when trying to express your fashion sense without the hues. Now that you’ve got it; flaunt it!

Inspirational Hairdo

You can tell that the wearer of this style is at home with all shades of awesomeness on the look.

Highlighted Look

You can still pull off a great look even without the visibility of the purple hair.

Highlighted Volume

The volume of the hair joins forces with the purple hair highlights to pull off a nice look.

Messy at the Crown; Knotted at the Top

Tie some messy strands of hair into a topknot and leave the rest to run down the crown.

You asked for it

You asked for this inspiring look and here it is!

A Style for Blondes

Blonde-haired women aren’t left out in the craze for a purple hairdo. Here is one of the many styles they can choose from to look good.

Bun with Braids

Maintain braided hair from the sides to the crown with a bun hairstyle at the center of the crown.

Red Hues

You may consider adding red hues for an arresting look.

Lengthy at the Back

Toss enough volume to the back but remember to add purple hair highlights to the bottom.

Side Curves

Curve the edges of the hair at both sides while rocking the purple undertones.

Dark and Peach

Maintain dark-brown hair at the top before applying the peach-inspired purple look on the strands starting from the middle of the crown.

Braided into a Bun

Braid the hair into a bun hairstyle and leave other strands of hair at the crown.

She’s Cute

That seems to be what she’s saying, “I’m cute!”

Messy Hairdo

Roll the messy hair/strands into a bun at the middle of the crown.

Dark Crop + Highlighted Sides

You can maintain dark hues at the top. Nevertheless, don’t forget to integrate purple hair at the bottom of the side strands.

Mesmerizing Shade

You can decipher that the purple highlights are trying well enough to provide shade for the dark hues on the hair.


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