127 Rose Gold Hair Designs Fit For A Princess


Love grows where the rose gold hair grows. I don’t think that’s a saying but it should be. Look how lovely the color of the rose gold hair beams brightly into our retinas radiating love and prosperity for all those in the kingdom. Woah back I got a bit Brothers Grimm fairy tale on you. This list is full of the best rose gold hair styles the internet has to offer. So enjoy this offering of rose gold hair.

Rose Gold Hair

Highlights Rose Gold Hair

These almost strawberry highlights really set the hair on fire. Not literally of course but they look amazing and really add a touch of shine onto the hair and create a depth and density that desirable. The waves bring home the look by adding depth and volume. This is a great hairstyle for those with thin hair. It will give you the body and the lift you need to give your hair that bounce.

Subtle Rose Gold Hair

Sometimes subtle is better than going vivid. As you can see from the model above she has gone for subtle shading of rose gold in the mid section of her hair. Its starts off flowing sunshine from the base and gradually goes into rose gold then back to a sandy blonde at the tips. The waves yet again add body and volume to her hairs. See the way it rests perfectly on her shoulders as she has her back to camera to show off the beauty of her long luscious locks.

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Unicorn Pony Rose Gold Hair

This is the opposite of subtle. This lady has gone out blazing with dark tint of rose gold hair while summoning the power of ten my little ponies in the process. There is something whimsical about rose hair. It makes you think of barbie and rainbows and my little pony and all the good things in life. Perhaps you want to look like a mermaid. Rose gold hair is the choose for you if you want to take a step back in time in a land far far away. Your life is your fairy tale.

Blonde and Rose Gold Fringe

If your not ready to make the full leap into rose gold stardom you can always use it sparingly for a great effect. Sometimes less is more and as you can see from the model above that this hairstyle looks amazing with just a touch of rose gold in the fringe. It really makes the rest of hair come to life and shine beautiful rays of sunshine to whoever may be lucky enough to be graced with the presence of this fine young lady.

Rose Colored Glasses Rose Colored Hair

Do you love rose gold as much as this lady? She loves it so much she is rocking out the glasses and the hair. It’s a throwback from the hippy era where everyone was dropping LSD and engaging in free love. They could be seen sporting rose colored glasses which is said to be how they perceived the world. Through rose colored glasses.

Perceiving the world like this makes sense because all in all it’s not that big a jump to look for good in your life or look for the bad. You may as well look for the good and this will ease the suffering of day to day life.

Princess Laya Rose Gold Hair

This girl is a Star Wars fan perhaps. She is rocking the princess Laya duel top knot and she looks amazing. She would be every fans boys dream. -This is a cool alternative look if you are after something a little different that will separate you from the crowd.

Top knots are great hairstyle for a girl that always on the move and doesn’t have time to mess around getting pretty. This is a hairstyle for the Lara Crofts of the world who don’t have time for hair and are too busy collecting treasure from Tomb around the world. You know who are and keep up the good work.

Little Mermaid Rose Gold Hair

Who doesn’t want to be like the little mermaid. She is an inspiration to us all the best part is she has cool underwater friends like that little crab that can sing and dance better than Michael Jackson ever could. I know what you are saying though, the crab isn’t real. No one really knows because he lives under the sea.

But seriously if you want to look like mermaid get rose gold hair and get some waves in there for good measure. Then let if flow free like a waterfall. The longer your hair is the better. You too can be like Ariel.

Bob With Rose Gold Hair

The bob is one of my favorite hairstyles and I don’t know why it isn’t more popular. It’s the epitome of sexy punk chic and pair it with rose gold and you have yourself a winner every time. It’s no mess no fuss and you can wear neat or messy for all occasions. The bob is where it’s at. Check this woman’s beautiful blonde and rose gold hairstyle. She looks so delicious like a candy or strawberry and cream.

Before And After Shot

Wow you can really notice the dramatic change in this model look from a trip to the hairdresser. I love before and after shots especially ones that detail the transformation so thoroughly like this. You see from the above image that her hair has gone from a damaged caramel type color to a beautiful full bodied rose gold.

It would be quite difficult to achieve these results at home so it might be best to toddle off down to the hairdresser and let the professionals work their magic. They have different shades of rose gold to add texture and vibrancy to the hair which was almost lifeless in the before shot.

Ditch the Big Glasses

It’s time to ditch the big glasses and rock out with the small cats eyes. That’s what the runway has told us this Summer or Winter which ever season you are in at the moment. I’m in Summer and everybody is rocking the small frames. Don’t be lame this Summer and get yourself into some small frames. That sounds like commercial but I was just trying to spice things up a bit and be clever. I don’t think it worked though. If you think it was clever hit us up in the comments box below. We love hearing from you.

The Middle Aged Lady Short Back Bit

This hairstyle went out in the eighties for good reason. It’s hideous even on the middle aged real estate agents who choose to wear it. If you see a person with a hairstyle like this tread lightly and don’t make direct eye contact because before you know it they will be taking you to an open house trying to sell it to you.

Don’t be fooled by their charm my friends. They will convince you that getting finance is the best option. The crippling monthly payments will see you stuck in your boring job for the rest of eternity cursing the real estate agent that sold it to you. As the value of your property drops and you sink into depression the need to get out will become more apparent.

Alternatively if you do have a spare million lying around you may as well buy a house because owning your own house is the American dream and the Australian dream for that matter.

Rose Gold Balayage

Check this fine piece of color mastery out. The hairstyle starts off nice and dark and goes into a beautiful rose gold color that will delight passers by as she is on her way to the disco and with that onsie you can tell she will be the bell of the ball. John Travolta will shimmy on up to her with his sweaty hairy chest pounding from doing too many pingers. Then they will dance the night away and then collapse in each others arms at the end of Beat It by Michael Jackson.




Here is Tip

If your not ready to swan dive into a full head of rose gold hair for whatever reason you may want to try dipping the tip. That sounds a bit kinky but when I say that I mean you may just want to get the tip of your hair done in rose gold. This will highlight the tips and add extra depth to your hair.

The best thing to do is sit down with your hairdresser and talk shop about which hairstyle will suit you the best. There are a number of contributing factors that make some hairstyles work on specific people that don’t work on other people. The shape of the face has a lot to do with it. If you have a round face it’s best to keep your nice and long and if you have long face get some bangs is my advice.

But your hairdresser is the person to talk to as they keep up to date on the latest trends and if you build a good relationship with your hairdresser they will know what looks best with your certain tastes and style.

A friend in the know is a friends in need. Shout out to all you beautiful hairdressers out there making the world a better place one hairstyle at a time.

Textured Rose Gold Hair

Do you like it a bit rough? Your hair that is. This hair was cut uneven on purpose to create texture and a look of rock and roll. You can see the way the uneven cut adds some volume as the hair puff out at the ends. I’m not too sure how I feel about this hairstyle. It’s bit dated I think but each to their own and she wants look like one of those hair trolls all the power to her.


Brunette With Rose Gold Hair

Here is another classic example of rose gold lighting up someones life with these beautiful foils. It’s another subtle masterpiece that really lifts this hairstyle to the next level. The hair starts off really dark and gradually goes light towards the tips. This is a great look if you want a hairstyle that is suitable for the office and suitable for kicking it with the homies.

First they will need to lighten the tips. This can cause damage to the hair and that is why it’s super important to condition your hair on a regular basis if you get it colored. You can always use a hair mask which are available from any good hair care retailer. Alternatively you can make them yourself out of house hold items such as oils and creams. There are a wealth of recipes online so go nuts and enrich your hair with the nutrients it needs.


Dark to Light Rose Gold Hair

This look is fire. That’s right folks it’s red hot. You start off with the front being a darker shade of rose gold and taper off to lighter ends. This gives it a sweeping look that has body and bounce. We all the want the bounce that see on the commercials. Try getting waves done to your hair as this will increase the volume.

You can also increase the volume of your hair by using conditioners that do the job. Look for one with natural ingredients as they are a lot kinder to the scalp. Some shampoos and conditioners contain unnecessary chemicals that can do you hair more harm than good.

We’ve done it again. Another fine list of fabulous hairstyles all in the color of rose gold. If you want to be mermaid or princess make an appointment with your hairdresser and color your hair rose gold. It’s the hot color right now and women from all over the world are embracing the bright and luscious locks adorned with the beauty of rose gold.

Express yourself in the best light possible with rose gold.


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