Top 39 Rose Gold Hair Colors That Will Make You Gorgeous


Somewhere between the redhead, strawberry blonde and full-on pink is our favorite new color: “rose gold hair”. Whoever identified that soft pink and shimmery gold mixed together this flawlessly deserves chocolate and hugs. The incredible thing about the rose gold as hair color is just how remarkably natural it looks. The gold colored undertones are extremely close to numerous natural colors which the pink mixes right in! At the same time, you can easily get a bit bolder by simply upping the depth of the placement and color, but the main point here is that it is gorgeous and will look nearly like the particular color your mom gave you.

Rose gold hair is a bold color craze of 2018, simply turn through any trend magazine and you will come across the celebs from Rita Ora to Kylie Jenner rocking the looks. Like getting highlights vs. going blonde, there are a number of variations on the trend which involve pretty much bleach. You will be taking the color away and replacing this with the rose gold hair color which demands a few chemical processing.

Undoubtedly leave this color to an expert. You could attempt to DIY, however, you may find yourself with hair that is more orange compared to rose and need to spend to have that fixed anyhow. Why don’t you pay a person who knows exactly what they are doing and even get amazing hair in no time?

Now, let’s speak about the maintenance. Find and use the color protecting conditioner and shampoo and also a weekly “color-safe” hydrating treatment or mask. This should truly go without stating, but utilize a heat protection on the hair just before styling. We all know it is summer but attempt to steer clear of salt water and chlorine which can harm your color. Here’s a short video for you.

Having the best maintenance, your most loved rose gold hair will certainly stay in great shape. Though 2018 is almost halfway over, let us get that color!

Top 39 Rose Gold Hair Colors For You!


  1. Rose Gold Drenched Ombre Tips Color:

You should not be scared to simply go for this with some exciting pink color. However, this ombre is proud and pink! Color similar to this appears so cute whenever it’s worn out in styles and in waves like twists and buns. You can easily tone this down or even ramp this up by modifying this color with highlights and lowlights as it will grow out.

  1. Rose Gold Dusty Crown Ombre Color:

Now, flip that particular ombre inverted with a few rosy roots. At the same time, lightening the locks to roots and including ombre rose gold from crown to across the cheekbone casts an attractive pink shine onto the hair color. Not to mention who does not wish to walk with their unique custom lighting? Try to be all set for regular “touch-up” with this amazing style.

  1. Subtle And Soft Allover Strawberry Rosy Blonde:

Isn’t it gorgeous? Just like the sandy blonde features naturally awesome blonde “highlights”, this type of red colorization pairs perfectly up with the rose gold highlight. This is so easy that you can barely say the “pink” is actually in there, however, if you take a look closely the light strands are really a stunning shade of the rose gold. Incredible!

  1. Naturally Redhead With Balayage Rose Gold:

We can’t get sufficient of these gorgeous redheads with the rose gold locks highlights! On the other hand, this red might look superb all by itself, but the delicate “face-framing” rose highlights allow it to be even more fun and playful. As always, get them to a styling iron to truly make highlights popular.

  1. Bold Rose Gold And Vibrant Bright Highlights:

In case you are looking for fast color as well as style then this can be a superb choice. This rose gold is actually set into the blonde highlights, mixing in quickly with all of those other colors. This style is straight blown and even curled with iron, after that tousled to loosen up the curls. Use the defining paste really to bring out individual pieces. After all, you are done!

  1. Perfectly Straight Rose Blonde Strawberry Hair Color:

In case you possess this type of blonde naturally straight hair then you owe this to yourself for trying this particular “rose-gold” look as it will certainly look best on you! Strawberry basic blonde is raised with a few rosy highlights simply a shade or 2 lighter which peek through as well as give that wonderful pink shine to your hair.

  1. Awesome Rose And Platinum Hair Dye Combination:

We are suckers for glamorous, big waves and even this style definitely doesn’t dissatisfy. The “platinum” blonde is actually crowned with the reverse rose ombre color from roots. A smooth blowout and glamorous, big waves will showcase the gorgeous color and glow of this ombre rose gold hair. The moisture treatments can be a precise must to maintain this color healthy and shiny.

  1. Messy And Sexy Nearly Violet Wavy Highlight:

Whenever you add the rose-gold over a dark color such as brunette, it truly reveals the bluish undertone in color and tends to make the pink rich and nice. In this instance, the hue will be violet. Mussed waves and choppy layers are an excellent way to display that color!

  1. Easy, Cute, Curly Hairstyles With The Rose Streaks:

Anytime you have got excellent highlights you simply cannot be a failure with curls. All these blonde rose gold hair highlights are balanced perfectly and also you can easily see exactly how they mix into each other faultlessly in those “cascading” curls. At the same time, a “curling” iron, as well as a 1/2 up pony, is usually all you require to look awesome!

  1. Beautifully Combined Subtle Highlights With Rose-Gold Redhead:

Is the girl a rose-gold or redhead? Who cares whenever your locks look this incredible? This is complete dark rose-gold locks color in blonde strawberry hue. The roots won’t be forgiving therefore you will need to go in to get touch-ups, however, come on. This is worthwhile whenever you have tresses this pretty.

  1. Subtle Rose Balayage With Strawberry Blonde:

So right now, you are getting the concept that pink and blonde hair go jointly really well. It is another excellent instance of how effortlessly rose highlights mix into the buttery gold blonde. Now, you have a large number of choices with concentration of color and ratio to the “blonde” which you can truly have enjoyment to try various ways to use this unique style.

  1. Rose Highlights With Light Auburn Color:

Auburn having its shimmery “red-tones” is another ideal complement to the rose-gold hair. This particular light auburn features rose balayage hair color used all over with a good deep tone of the dusty pink. This blends together quite perfectly and, just like most highlights, design in waves truly showcases the color.

  1. Reverse Vibrant Ombre With Pink Bright Roots:

We cannot decide if it is pop diva or punk rock, but we are on board in any case. When you have more extremely saturated color which means that pink is bolder and brighter. That is what you notice here with ombre reverse with pink bold roots mixing into the blonde ends. Simply ensure to do lots of TLC for preventing breakage.

  1. Rosy Gold Subtle Highlights On The Natural Blonde:

There’s nothing can beat a “blunt” bob. This is the best example of simple style, and it has simply a touch of the rose-gold with light subtle pink highlights blended in with the blonde highlights and lowlights. A colorist exactly who focuses primarily on balayage can provide this type of special hair color.

  1. Rose Gold Curly Hair With Glossy Shine:

So, what can be satisfying than the girly curls and rose gold hair? The glossy golden pink is complemented perfectly by “finger” combed curls. Not to mention, the result is shimmery and soft. Some dark blonde is additionally left in under layers that create contrast and depth. Make use of daily conditioner as well as weekly hair moisturizing treatment to maintain that shine.

  1. Medium-Length Sleek Ombre Rose-Gold Hairdo:

If your “base” color is actually a black or deep brunette, it makes an incredible effect with the rose gold balayage. It generates a darker rose-gold hair that is almost lavender while it tends to transition from roots to pink color. Include heat protectant and styling cream, then style this straight and smooth to exhibit your rosy shine!

  1. Brunette To Blonde Rose Gold Hair Transformation:

Feel your locks are too darker for the rose-gold balayage? Feel again! This beautiful transformation from almost dark brunette to excellent, rose-colored and golden curls is usually all the evidence you require. The colorist will lift the darker color from the hair and then replace this with a mix of rose balayage, honey, and warm caramel pieces to get this effect.

  1. Pink Ombre And Silky Blonde Glamorous Hair:

In case you possess the patience and time to keep this style and color, you owe this to yourself so that you can rock this amazing look! This color is an attractive, smooth ombre via blonde sandy roots to “rose-gold” to “cool-blonde” tips. All those large smooth waves will be the best way to showcase the color as well as glam the style up even more.

  1. Natural Ombre Blonde Bun With Rose Gold Tip:

As the rose-pink balayage finally grows out, this will always look superb (as the balayage does) and you’ll play with various styles similar to this bun. It is also worth saying that a “bun” is an excellent, heat-free fashion to give the hair a rest. Put in a few leave-in conditioners before pulling this up and this doubles as therapy!

  1. Color Correction Of Rose Golddone Only Right:

Therefore, let us call it a “cautionary” story. LEFT: what can happen whenever you attempt to DIY the ombre color? Instead of blonde or pink, it results in uneven, brassy orange that is not quite golden. RIGHT: the color properly done. This is the ideal shade of the pink with a color which transitions equally from the roots to tip. It is the reason why we give this to the professionals!

  1. Dirty Wavy Blonde Hairdo With The Rose Highlights:

It is an extremely pretty approach to do delicate face-framing highlight with the pink color. Also, you can easily see her “base-color” is blonde sandy and she features blonde sunny balayage highlights. On the other hand, the “pink” is concentrated strategically around the “face” and also gets far more “sparse” toward the backside, providing a delicate pop of the color which adds dimension and shape to this style.

  1. Rose Gold Soft Lob Hair Color Concepts:

Lob with the gentle pink hair? Of course, please! The rose gold soft color is extremely flattering – such as wearing a pretty “pink blush” on the cheeks. It is only a bit more maintenance than the platinum blonde however definitely needs salon and home maintenance. This particular style is an excellent candidate for the dry shampoo – have a few days of “wear” from just one heat-styling procedure.

  1. Rosy Subte Hair Highlights In The Choppy Layers:

Forget the “lowlights” and then go pink preferably! Light pink highlights are excellent with an awesome blonde color similar to this. Getting close to the color such as lowlights keeps this subtle and allows the “color” peek through light pieces on the top. At the same time, you can easily notice that pink on the top looks light than on bottom that is a great dimension you’ll get from light.

  1. Saturated And Bright Rose Gold Layers:

Prepare yourself to turn many heads! It is unapologetically, undeniably PINK. The rose pink locks are a smoother tactic to wear the bright colors. On the other hand, this color, as well as a great toner, are applied flawlessly to keep this color genuine (not brassy or orange) and the gloss of hair will shine through. Use lots of conditioners for keeping the pink hair nutritious.

  1. Dark Silvery Rose-Gold Hair With Waves:

If it does not inspire the hair envy genuinely we don’t understand what will do. The “base-color” is actually somewhere between the silver and sandy blonde, and the rose “balayage” is also applied throughout beginning at the root. The result is rose-gold color having natural depth and dimension, and loose waves will be the ideal canvas for whole shebang.

  1. Blonde Cute Style With The Rose-Gold Roots:

It’s time to shake up the go-to trend with the colorful roots! Based on the approach, you can do this easily with temporary or permanent color. This is similar to having your own lighting anywhere you go! In case you go with the permanent color, get ready for the regular “touch-ups” or even to replace pink whenever the roots start to show.

  1. Beautiful, Bright Blonde Rose Gold Hair Highlights:

The balayage classic highlights are certainly not boring whenever you include a “splash” of pink. If you have very cool, light blonde similar to this then utilizing a “pale” pink like it will blend in flawlessly. The pink mixes with shimmer of blonde for creating that cool golden look as well as those loose, big curls truly reveals the multidimensional color and highlights.

  1. Darker Brunette To The Ombre Rose-Gold Hair:

If you’re beginning with a dark shade of sandy or brunette blonde hair, the ombre is an extremely smart way to have adorable hair colors such as rose gold. Not to mention, this look mixes strawberry warm blonde as well as rose to accomplish that quite “fade to pink”. I must say, this unique shade can effortlessly turn orange in case not toned properly, so visit a pro now!

  1. Easy Hairdo With Allover Rose Color:

In case you are all set to jump into rose gold hair craze with both the feet then this style will be simple and cool. All you require is just a full color, classic bob, and some moxie. It is “full-color” therefore you would have to do the root touchups while it will grow out. Use the shine spray or hair oil to have that amazing shine.

  1. Sweet, Subtle Rose-Gold Hair Highlights & Blonde:

It is a great way to simply dip the toe into trend of the blonde hair having a “pink” highlight. The rose-gold is combined into the lowlights and highlights of blonde which allow the “pink” peek through, however it does not necessarily command the look. This is an excellent first step in case you have never completed a vibrant color before.

  1. Unique Blonde Hair Color And Rose Undertone:

Isn’t it the finest? What a gorgeous color and style! The warm, deep honey blonde features rose-gold undertones which just light the style up. Styling is smooth and nice like this can truly get the light as well as allow the color to shine through and shimmer. With the balayage touch-ups, it could be also a simple grow-out.

  1. Cute Hairdo With Curls And Rose Highlights:

If you wish to do a little rose gold intended for an exclusive occasion such as a wedding, then it is one of the cute simple hairstyles which let you play with the color temporarily. At the same time, you can easily have this look along with some spray or temporary in the color on some little sections of the hair. After that curl, crown & go!

  1. Warm Rose-Gold Balayage And Layered Blonde:

The texture and color of highlights are simply amazing. The rose-gold is actually a pleasantly warm, nearly coppery hue which flawlessly offsets the sandy bright blonde. Highlights are basically chunky sufficient to add a few dimension, however, mix together perfectly. In this instance, lighter roots and darker ends are reverse natural ombre that will beautifully grow out!

  1. Rose-Gold Hair Color And White Blonde:

So, this color and style are not exactly what you may call the “low maintenance,” however if you’re into the maintenance it is completely worth this. The “base-color” is proper between gray and platinum. Rosy locks highlights are colored throughout and blend in seamlessly with another color. Keeping it healthy and shiny needs serious hydration. You have to condition often!

  1. Shiny, Yummy Strawberry Rose Pink Blonde Hair:

This awesome blonde hairdo is so attractively highlighted that you’ll hardly tell exactly where this blond ends as well as the pink starts! Strawberry and rose gold blonde are quite close neighbors that the color looks (almost) natural. Try using lots of hydrating remedies and even daily serum or hair oil to have that pretty shine as well as try buns and braids for the “waves sans” heat.

  1. Sunny Warm Blonde With Rose Highlights:

If you possess warm, rich blonde similar to this, blending in the rose gold along with your regular dose of the sunny highlights can make this color a lot more luscious. Apart from that, the rose-gold brings some truly nice depth and luster. Braids can be a wonderful way to allow the “rose-gold” peek through as well as the curves truly highlight the glow of color.

  1. Stunning Pink Balayage With Red Hair Highlights:

As though the “red hair” were not gorgeous sufficient by itself! It is the perfect of both the worlds – rose gold and red. The underlying “red” gets a few rosy highlights which look absolutely spectacular and pop completely in all those “bouncy” curls. Not forgetting, this particular style is wonderful because you can also tuck the rose gold away as required with an easy bun or twist.

  1. Reverse Cute Ombre Blonde & Pink Hair:

I must admit this fast sassy trend is ideal for a lovely day at beach. As the pink will go completely to the roots, it offers an ombre reverse effect that is truly fun and even will be low maintenance while it will grow out. Stubborn “face-framing” pieces do not hold the style? It is a sweet method to “wrangle” them with no added heat.


  1. Contemporary Light Barbie Style Pink Hair:

Finally, between the rose, bouncy curls and the volume, gold hair color layered over the blonde, this trend is completely delicious. This color offers a little ombre to natural roots however its rose gold is everything. With much color, ensure that you have got a “mega-moisture” in the hair routine for keeping the strands from becoming dry.



As it ends up there is a “color” of rose-gold hair for everybody! No matter which style of the rose-gold hair you select, remember this: head to an expert colorist. In case you want the hair to appear like this in the head, then get in touch with a hair stylist who will make your desires become a reality. While you are there, you can do yourself a great favor and also make follow-up visits for root touch-ups and trims. When you are putting the hair through this processing, you have to show this some extra TLC, therefore stay on the top of it as well as return to the hair salon every 4 to 6 weeks.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post. Make sure that you share this post with your buddies on social media. Also, let us know what you are thinking about this post. Let’s start a conversation in the comment box below.


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