147 Short Hairstyles That Will Turn You Into Glamazon


Short hair don’t care. Short hairstyles are great if you can pull them off. It requires a lot less maintenance than long hair and more and more people including celebs are getting the chop and rocking short locks. Below is a list of short hairstyles for your consideration if you are thinking about sitting in the chair and getting the chop.

The Messy Sweeping Fringe

This hairstyle style is a funky fresh take on short to medium-lengthed, the sweeping fringe adds an element of rock star

The Boudoir Bedhead

This look is a stylised straight of bed look with messy flowing locks. Its great for shoulder length hair and maybe a little bit longer.

The Asymmetrical Bob

The Asymmetrical bob has been a solid staple in the world of hairstyles in the 50’s and can be achieved with a good hair dresser and a straightening iron.

The Alternative Rock Chick

This hair cut is a no fuss, low maintenance do that will have you ready for the rock show in now time at all. Rub a small amount of product in and mess it up. Keep the fringe longer than the rest of the hair and your ready to go.

The Art House Special

This hair cut will have you perusing the galleries of the world in style. It features a slight undercut that has been kept a long as not to provide too much contrast. The art house special works with most hair colors and types.

This is another view of the art house special when the hair has been let down and fancy free. You can really see the effects of the undercut. The orange color really sets this hairstyle alight.

The Bed Head Princess

A no fuss messy alternative do that has plaits running down the sizes giving this queen a natural halo. The regal nature and the messy look, compliment each other fanatastically.

Rappers Delight

This asymmetrical haircut is quite popular in the rap and Rn B world. The long fringe and two-tone color swept to the side elongates the faces and accentuates the eyes.

This is another view of the rapper’s delight. This one is a little neater and cleaner, maybe for that special date or a night out with the girl. It looks great with some smoky eye makeup and a nice necklace.

The Sassy Side Part

The sassy side part incorporates business with a bit of party on the side. The sweeping fringe and the seemingly unkempt look give this haircut the thumbs up for any occasion.

The Misplaced Highlighted Bob

The highlight in this haircut looks great as the blonde really accentuates the beautiful crimson curls. The messiness only adds to the style and seems to be the fashion this season.

The Messy Bob

The messy bob works great on people with thick hair. But don’t go two messy or you will ruin your beautiful natural waves. It’s a very simple yet effective style if you are short on time.

The Forward Thinker

This is a unique take on the traditional bob. The front is kept longer than the back and creates a sweeping motion. It’s a little bit funky and a little bit futuristic. Here are some great short hairstyles 2018 for thick hair.

Short Hair Don’t Care

This is a simple carefree do that requires minimal maintenance and has maximum style. If your tire of long hair getting in your way you might wanna try go short. This works better for people with thicker hair.

Dirty Blondes Have More Fun

This dirty blonde hairstyle will uses highlight to add vibrancy to the tips. As you can see the roots are appear to be untouched and a lot darker. This used to be a fashion faux par but know its a fashion yah yah. Here are some short hairstyles 2018 for fine hair.

The Classic Blonde

This is the classic girl next door blonde hairstyle. Ideal for the girl on the go or the sporty spice in the group. It requires little maintenance. Simply a quick brush in the morning and your ready for a session at the gym.

Short and Elegant

Forget short and sweet. Let’s take it up a level with this short and elegant number ideal for those strolls down the red carpet or maybe a date night with that special someone. This haircut also works for a night out on the town with girls.

short haircuts

Vaguely Vogue

This lady looks like she’s stepped straight off the runway with this shoulder length rocking hairstyle. The platinum blonde give her that rock star status and the unkept look looks like she has stepped straight off stage after belting out a power ballad.

Platinum Blonde With A Slight Shade of Purple

This coloring works on short or long hair although it works best on finer hair. This old girl is rocking the short and shaggy look and getting in the ready in the morning takes no time at all.

Surf it or Comb it

These beautiful waves really add texture and fun to this shoulder length hairstyle. As you can see the stylist has brushed the each side of the hair to meet in the middle in a rough way.

I’m Ready For Anything

This haircut suits the girl on the go. It’s simple shoulder length hairstyle that uses texture to give it body and bounce. It’s very easy to maintain and looks great.

Color and Curls

The highlights in this hairstyle really accentuate the curls and add to the asymmetrical aesthetic. Party on the right, business on the left. Not to forgot that it really brings out the colors of her beautiful eyes.

Off with the Locks

This lady has had enough of spending precious time brushing her hair so she went for the full the trim. The hair dressers has faded in the hair and it tapers down to give the top more lift and body. This one really suits the over 50’s.

Platinum Blonde is as Good as Platinum Record

We kind of……. It won’t make you as much money but at least you will look like a rock star. It also adds grace and poise to an otherwise plain style.

The Wavy Bob

I remember a time when the classic bob was considered basic. Not any more today’s stylists are bringing it back and adding funky little additions to it such as waves and curls.

Summertime Chic

This no nonsense hairstyle will have you looking your finest on those day trips with the girls to the park or an afternoon of shopping. This season looks are all about messy low maintenence styles.

Ginger with Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle works well with thicker hair because it’s able to give the hair more volume and lift. This can be achieved with product but natural is almost always the best. The long fringe give this haircut an edgy look.

Texture and Tone

This shoulder length haircut relies on the textured ends and the subtle highlights to turn an ordinary haircut into an extraordinary haircut. After your initial visit to the hairdresser you can relax because this haircut requires minimal effort and has maximum result.

Windy and Wavy

This lady appears as if someone is following her around with a blow dryer for that caught in the wind effect. What really stands out in this haircut is the deep red with blonde highlights. It’s great for people unlucky enough to be born with red hair.

Platinum Purple Future Funk

This partial undercut slash bob is banging and the tracks on the side only further enhance the futuristic dystopian punk aesthetic. It’s very cute, very hip and very funky.

Binge on the Fringe

Long sweeping fringes are back and gracing the red carpet all over the world. As you can see our beauty Jennifer Lawrence is rocking the long fringe swept elegantly to the side. The back is kept short and grungy. It’s a little bit awards ceremony and a little bit rock and roll.

Cutesy Collins

This is a short and cute number with a well styled flowing fringe. There is not a hair out of place and would suit a high tea with the ladies or a more formal occasion. They have used multiple colors to give the hair more definition.

Slick and Stylish

The wet look is back. This model is sporting it with a little black dress. The hair is cut short and neat then slick back with product to create a look that is similiar to girls in Robert Palmers addicted to love video.

Full and Fabulous

This shoulder length hair uses a curling iron to give the hair curls which in turn creates body and lift. The highlight in the curls really adds texture. Overall this hairstyle looks great and works for any occasion.

Many Shades of the Blonde Bob

The blonde bob is a sure-fire winner especially if your willing to put some highlights in there to give the appearance of depth and texture. The bob has been tapered forward which really helps frame the face and bring out those sexy eyes.

The Platinum Rock

This haircut is often sported by the famous pop singer pink and this lady really pulls it off. It’s ideal for people with long faces. Not people who are upset more like people who have elongated faces.

The Sexy Librarian

This shorter style haircut relies on textured and the hair is cut at different lengths to give it style and definition. It’s a funky take on the conservative short hair look. This is a great short hairstyle for round faces.

Street Smart

This woman is ready to rock and roll with her no fuss banging locks with a few slight highlights to add texture and the waves give it bounce and edge.

The Surfer Girl

There is nothing sexier than sun kissed dirty beach blonde hair. This lady looks like she has just come from the beach. I wish I looked like that after a day at the beach rather than a half-drowned rat.

Roll out the Red Carpet

Hit the lights because it’s ready to shine. This elegant and graceful haircut is one for special occasion and is ideal for those with a round face as the unruly curves cover some of those chubby cheeks and will have you set for a glamorous night out.

Punk is Life

This lady is tapping into her inner punk with a faux hawk and dirty blonde hair with dark roots. Even though she looks like a punk she could easily walk into a corporate function with her head held high ready to close that deal.

Short and Sweet

This haircut is as simple as it comes. More and more women are opting for shorter hair as they are starting to realize that short hair doesn’t have to be boring and is requires less maintenance.

Classicly Trained

This short number has been elegantly styled with a slight part off center. The shaggy side burns add an extra element of style and edginess. It works in casual and formal occasions so if your sick of messing around with long locks maybe give this one ago.

The Pixie

This hairstyle seems to be styled after the pixies of folklorica. The uneven fringe really frames the eyes and accentuates her cheekbone while the uneven cut creates texture and style.

Curls Rule The World

I think every girl in the world wishes they could have thick, illustrious beautiful curls like these. A sad fact of reality is that they can’t unless they spend hours in the chair. This model makes it look effortless. I think I’m in love and jealous at the same time. These are some great short hairstyles 2018 for black hair.


Bring Back the Quiff

Part quiff and part wave. Whatever you call this it works and looks great for all occasions although I would wear this hairstyle for work or more formal occasions. A great short hairstyle and not too daring for those transition from long to short hair.

The Toni Braxton

Ton Braxton made this hairstyle popular in the eighties and it’s making a come back. The short messy fringe gives the face an instant lift and really makes those beautiful eyes stand out from the crown. Bling it up with some hoop earrings and a nice choker chain.

Shoulder Length Loveliness

This is a classic shoulder length hairstyle that incorporates different shades of blonde to create the dirty blonde effect. There are even tinges of platinum in there to mix it up a bit. The end are cut quite straight and frame the face well.


Queen of Practicality and Grace

Michelle Williams rocking her signature do. The short and sweet hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks very elegant indeed. The fringe has been brushed heavily to the left to create a sleek look that highlights her cheekbones.

The Many Textures of Hilary

The colorist has done a fine job on this beautiful shoulder-length hair. The highlights really draw attention to this lady’s beautiful natural brown color and really give those cheekbones a lift.


Bed Head Extraordinaire

Omg, I’ve just woken up and now I have to play a show at Madison square garden. There is no time to do my hair so I’ll just throw on my boyfriend’s shirt and get out there and start playing. This lady is the queen of the messy look and the different color streaks add even more depth and texture.


Omg talk about volume. This model’s hair is huge. The lift is created by her beautiful natural curls with the help of some blond highlights. You too could achieve this look if you spent a few hours in the chair of a stylist as they painstakingly go to work with a curler.

Another Dirty Blond

Another dirty blonde number fit for any formal occasion. The slight ginger streaks give a more textured feel and short hair really accentuates those high cheek bones and facial features.

Life is All About Texture

This hair uses color to create texture and the messy waves give it the essential lift it needs to create a banging bob.

Ready to Play

This hairstyle says that I’m ready for anything. Ideal for a day date or an afternoon with the girls. It goes well with all sorts of casual dress and could be dressed up for formal occasions.


Short and Chic

This haircut is short, chic and feminine. The hair is cut at different lengths to give it textures and this model rocks it with some larger than life earrings. Short is hair is great to accentuate your facial features and show off what God gave you.

Girl About Town

This short and wavy number looks great pair some red lippy. This model is ready for a day of shopping. Remember short hair is a great way of showing off your high cheekbones and pretty eyes. Frame the face because you are prettier than a picture.

multi-colour is a Hairway to Heaven

Jessica Alba looks absolutely stunning with this multi-colored creation. From platinum blonde to ginger, it covers all the spectrum of the rainbow to create a look that will light up the room when you enter.

The Bowl is the Goal

This haircut is a derivative of the old bowl cut with a bit of a twist. Straight fringes are great for those girls with long faces and straight. This model rocks this bowl cut and has paired it with some red lippy for good measure. What an absolute beauty.

Brush! Who needs those anyway?

This model was purposely told just to role on out of bed and onto the set of this photo shoot. Although it looks absolutely amazing. I wish I look like that when I get out of bed. Maybe it takes a lot of practice.

Ride the Wave

Rhi Rhi is rocking the wave. Her beautiful thick black hair is perfect for this style and no one pulls it off like she does. The sharp pixies side burns add an element of fun and this haircut is ideal for business or pleasure.

Mess with the Best

This haircut is a little bit messy and a little bit groomed. The highlights really accentuate the curls and give them lift and body. It’s a little bit country and little bit rock and roll.

Loose Plaits are for Cool Cats.

This hairstyle embodies everything that is cute and relaxed and oozes styles at the same time. The loose plait is interwoven with the hair give some size and body. This babe is seriously banging and this hairstyle takes no time at all to achieve.

Concave to the Grave

This concave fringe give the face a lift and allows the eyebrows to really standout and frame her peeper. It also give you the opportunity to rock some larger than life jewellery on the ears and around the neck.


Funky Flicks

This model is rocking a funky flick to the left. The hair is short to medium and the flick adds dimension and body. This haircut is great for those with round faces as the added height on top of the head makes the face appear longer.

It All About How You Wear It

Obviously, not everyone can pull off this hairstyle. It takes a certain type of hair that not all of us are blessed with. Luckily this woman has been blessed with these thick frizzy locks and rocks it with grace and confidence.

Hold The Phone, Babies Got the Two Tone

This is an interesting little two tone number. The roots have dyed extremely dark and the tips are super light. The flick across the face reveals the dark under color and creates a unique effect.

Binge on the Messy Fringe

The messy fringe and uneven textured look is in and works well if you have a long face. But not like a horse. The fringe is cut unevenly just below the eyebrows to give it a messy, rock look but paired with the right attired can be worn anywhere from the red carpet to a foo fighters concert.

Lift and Color

This shoulder length hairstyle uses the natural lift created by the curls to give it body and the highlights and different shades of blonde add texture and depth. She’s paired it with some beautiful big earings to complete the looks.

The Off Center Side Part

The off center side part is happening right now. It’s short on one side with the top kept relatively long then its combed to one side. It really works well on this model. Her beautiful auburn hair does help it along a lot I must say.

To The Right, To the Right

Another version of the windswept hair. This time it’s to the right and it’s a little more styled featuring a few understated streaks. If you have dark hair try doing some smoky makeup around the eyes. The highlights match the complexion of the ladies skin and really make it pop..


The Bottom Curls

Who doesn’t love curls that bounce and bob up and down as your strutting your stuff in your heels on a night out on the town. To make the curls stand out, even more, try adding some highlights to really get some attention.


Cascading From Light to Dark

This model is cascading from light to dark. From blonde tips to dark brown roots and it works well. The hair has been given volume by using a curling wand to make some waves and it’s this too is a great haircut those with round faces.

The Nifty Fifties

This is a throwback from the fifties and still remains stylish and relevant today. It’s not the easiest hairstyle to achieve but if you can get it right the results are amazing. You will be the bell of the ball as the stars shine wherever you walk.

Bounce, Bounce and More Bounce

There is no denying that curls will give you more bounce and curls used at the ends of your hair will see you bouncing all the way down the catwalk. There fun and sassy the highlights add an extra element of sexy.

European Chic

This understated short hairstyle says french all over it. A very carefree look that requires little to no maintenance. Simply run a brush through it in the morning and your ready to go. The texture is created by roughly cutting the hair at different lengths.

Let There Be Rock

Rock is definitely not dead in the world of hair. This classy lady is rocking the messy look with textured ends and highlights and low lights. The straight fringe frames her faces and the shoulder length hair gives it body.

Straighty 180

Well, we haven’t seen too many straight styles, but this one is fantastically executed. It features very subtle color blending and is straight as an arrow but also maintains body and volume.

Sweet Sweet Candy

A lot a blonde and strawberry colored hair has been featured in celebrity circles this season and there is a reason for it. It’s fun, cute with a bit of sassy thrown in for good measure. The colorist has used many shades of pink to add texture.

The Power House

This short blonde number will see you strutting into the boardroom and commanding respect from your fellow peers. It’s a no-nonsense approach that is very stylish. This styles really frames her beautiful face.

Big and Bold

Hold the phone it’s Michelle Obama with her classic part to the right. How does she achieve so much body and lift in her hair? I think it’s a first lady secret and if I was divulge that information I would be probably be found dead in a hotel room dead.


Who Say’s You Can’t Be Cute and Elegant?

Well, this lady has pulled it off with flying colors. The sweeping fringe really draws attention to her big brown eyes. This is a very practical yet stylish haircut for all occasions.

Are you Ready?

Well, this hairstyle will have you ready for every occasion. Wear it back as a ponytail or wear down when it’s time to get glamorous. The uneven lengths give it texture and sass.

Big At The Bottom

And no I don’t mean below the waist. I’m talking a bout the sheer volume on this hairstyle. The top is purposely flat to accentuate the size at the bottom and the longer bits of hair add some curls and style.

Texture Doesn’t Have Come at a Cost

This is the dirty look. The texture is created by the hair being clumped together. You can get this look by not washing your hair or there are a number of products on the market that will help you achieve this look even if you are a clean freak.

Dream A Little Dream

The blonde tips really highlight the beautiful wavy sections of the hair and detract from the boring darker color. Waves are in this season and not the ones you surf on.

Punk is Rough

This cool little number looks great and is a unique take on the asymmetrical shag. It display some many different textures achieved from coloring and cutting the hair at different lengths. It’s a bit all over the shot but somehow works perfectly.

Cute as a Button

Cutify your child with these wavy extensions. The dark roots and the highlights really make the curls stand out and give it endless volumes.

She’s Always Got it Going On!

There is no doubt about it. Miley is a queen on stage and a queen at rocking the short punk hairstyles. She’s gone with an undercut and left the short part dark and the top light then combed it over. What a Goddess!!!

For Those Formal Occasions

This is a hairstyle that oozes class and can be worn in almost all situations. It has plenty of body and is not too outrageous. It’s simple, smart and sassy.

Next Level Bob

This bob has been taken to the next level and uses rollers to add lift and dynamics. Throw in a few sassy accessories and your ready for a night. It’s easy to maintain, but the most time consuming part is to get the hair in the rollers.

Some People Are Just Blessed

This lady has been blessed with some big, beautiful natural curls that would make any girl give up their Louis Vuitton handbag for second just to have them for the day. They are golden ringlets of absolute fire.

For The Discerning Lady

This haircut is elegant and the color gives an amazing vibrancy. Then of course you have the curls and waves at the bottom because we all love that bounce as we strut in our heels.

Strawberry Fields Forever

The colorist has done a tremendous job blending the blonde and pink in this hairstyle. It’s short so it require minimal upkeep and the pink is the icing on the cake. Well on the hair in this case.

Blondes Have More Fun

There is no scientific evidence to support this statement but this blonde bob looks great. It’s a little bit unruly but that adds to the charm. The shorter fringe frames her face and makes her eyes the focal point of her face.

Sassy and Ready to Rumble

This hairstyle is ideal for a woman on the go. It’s suited to work and won’t get in the way when you are sweating it out at the gym. It may be short but it’s full of body and lift and the highlights are a nice after touch.


Classic Beauty

Who says that you have to have long illustrious locks to be beautiful. This classic short style oozes glamour and star quality. It’s ideal for any occasion and is simple and effective.

The Yummy Mummy

This yummy mummy has gone for highlights or a simple short hairstyle. It’s cute, sassy and not too over the top. She’s ready for business and a day taking the kids to soccer practice.

Short and Shaggy Wins the Race

This short and shaggy number is full of texture and color and really accentuates those beautiful green eyes. Short hair is great for showing off big pieces of bling, especially earrings.

The Wind Blown

Cameron Diaz got caught unaware by a big gust of wind. Luckily it worked wonders on her and here she can be seen rocking the windswept hair. The dark roots paired with the sexy blonde locks create depth and dimension.

The Artist

This is a very artsy number. A simple short cut with long side burns and the uneven lengths only add to the look. This also works well with other colors as well. Try going for strawberry or platinum blonde.

The Two Tone Asymmetrical

This two-tone asymmetrical undercut style is hot right now. The red paired with the platinum blonde and strawberry tips looks great. It brash and out there but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to attract attention and make a statement.


Intersecting Waves

The intersecting waves in this ladies hair give it the volume and texture it needs. It’s a simple way to do it and the results are big, bold and beautiful.

Asymmetrical Is Now

Everybody from rappers to actors to singers to football players are rocking the asymmetrical hair. It works with most types of hair and is really easy to maintain. Oh and not to forget it looks freaking amazing.


Classically Short

Above we see Charlize Theron rocking a short and sharp number. The style is classic and reminds me of the movie stars of yesteryear. But don’t be fooled. Not everyone can pull this look off. If you have a round face I would try to avoid it.

The Mighty Boosh

For a short hairstyle, this model gets a lot of lift and volume. The hair and the eye make up work tremendously well together and one could even say her head is a masterpiece.


Lift that Quiff

Porshe is rocking the quiff. A very big quiff indeed. She wears it well and the dark roots give it a bit texture and contour.


Princess Curls

This is a simple hairstyle with curls fit for a princess. It’s elegant and not too out there although the simplistic beauty is bound to attract the eyes of some handsome prince.

The Girl Next Door

She maybe the girl next door but she is ready for action with this no nonsense hairstyle that is easy to maintain and to style. A quick brush and your out the door and into the streets.

The 90’s Mom

We’ve all seen these ladies getting around. This a classic middle class mothers haircut with highlights and plenty of volume on top. I thought this went out of fashion a long time ago. I guess some people have trouble letting go.


The Biker Chick

Get out your leather jackets and big black boots and rock this haircut. You will be either jumping on your Harley to get to your favorite punk gig. It’s a cool haircut but you will be going through hairspray like there is no tomorrow.

The Beach

Sometimes the beach is the best hairdresser and these sun kissed curls are evidence of that. They look amazing and are full of body and bounce.


Short Sharp Chic

This hair cut is short, sharp and a bit shaggy but works well paired with light makeup and deep red lips. It relatively low maintenance and will look great at all occasions.

Punk and Pixies

This model is rocking the pixie inspired haircut with a bit of punk attitude created by the roughly chopped look. If you look closely you will notice the different shades of blonde that create a little bit depth and texture.

Straight Fringe for the Win

This simple bob with a straight fringe works and works well. It simple and does the job while the waviness of the hair give it lift and body.

Short and Curly

Short and curly don’t usually work but this model has done well to pull it off. She looks like a classic actress from the 50’s.

Practically Curls

Charlize is the queen of practicality and keeps her short for that reason. But short hair doesn’t have to be boring. She given it some lift with product and added some cute little waves.

Messy and Wavy

The messy wavy look is popular these days and it’s no wonder why. It looks great and requires minimal effort.

Short and Sleek

The wet look also looks great in short hair especially for more formal occasions and it’s so easy to do. Put some product in your hair and comb it down. Donezo

Color and Texture

This lady is rocking a lot of different colors to create texture. She has also had her hair cut in a rough style which add even more texture yet she is still able to retain volume. I wonder what her secret is.


Another lady blessed with beautiful black curly hair. I’m jealous.

The Classic Crew Cut

Short back and sides and a bit off the top thanks, sir. This old faithful has been sported by women over 50’s since the early 90’s. It’s practical and frames the face.

The Undercut

This baby was popular in the grunge period and has made a resurgence. It’s great for keeping cool in hot weather.


Tapered Blonde

This ladies beautiful blond hair is tapered toward the front with textured ends. It’s a very fine display of healthy hair.

Short, sweet, low maintenance, no fuss because nobody got time for that.

Ginger Ninja

This lady has gone for the ginger ninja style with blonde highlights. A very nice choice and it matches her complexion.

If You Got Them Flaunt Them

This ladies natural curls set this short hairstyle a light. It’s big, brash and beautiful. Go girl.

This babe has some crazy waves going on but they work well and she looks amazing. The “I just woke up look”, is in this season.

Curls will always give your hair lift and volume, so if your feeling a little flat get out the curling iron and get creative.

This short hairstyle is choppy and as cute as it gets.

Another textbook blonde doing it right and no doubt having as much fun as possible.

They are some seriously nice ringlets on the ride side of this girls hair. I like it how she kept the other side straight to really mix things up.

This straight cut bob blowing in the wind is a nice option if your face isn’t round.

Messy on Purpose

A messed up frizzed look is a great way to give your hair more lift and volume. Oh yeah and it looks rock and roll.

Scarlett Johannsen is winning the hearts of people around the world with this short hairstyle filled with highlights of multiple shades.

Tay Tay rocking the straight fringe with shoulder length hair. I like the fact that she kept it simple and didn’t go overboard with the color

For the Active Girl

This is a great short hairstyle for the active girl. Short and cute but will not get in the way when your at your kickboxing lesson.

This is a great example of the use of curls and highlights to create body and definition.


Depending on the style short hairstyles usually needed to be styled to look fabulous. There are numerous products out there that you can use. It’s best to use the ones will natural ingredients as they are better for your locks.

For a spikes look definitely go with hairspray or a strong hold styling Taft. If your hair doesn’t need to be rigid use a gel or coconut oil can be used to obtain a wet look. Is there anything coconut oil can’t do.

Be honest with yourself because let’s face it, some people can pull off short and it looks great. On the flip side some people can’t. It’s all about the styling. Try cutting a small amount off to get a general idea of what you might look like with shorter hair. Then if you are happy with the result go the whole hog and go short.



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