255 Chicest Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Make You Look Awesome!


Women’s “medium” shoulder length hairstyles are available in all colors, sizes, and shapes. All you need to try is just to make the proper choice. This sounds easy, still is this truly so? The shoulder length hairdo is the easiest way to try your hair experiment due to the flexibility. The “hair” is lengthy sufficient to be organized into different exciting designs while short sufficient to prevent a lot of hair care.

Therefore if you think you are all set to have a Medium Shoulder Length Hairstyles, where will you start? Females across the world are searching for innovative ways for making their hair fashionable and simple to maintain. It’s time to join them!

Best Tips To Care For Medium Shoulder Length Hairdos

If you come to a decision to stay with a “medium” shoulder length hairdo, you can easily join a large number of women who’re doing the hair styling every single day. These simple tips can assist the hair-care simple while allowing you to understand how much you have been getting left behind. Here’s a short video for you.

  • Wear This Down:

The majority of females dream of the longer hair so as to wear down them. But the truth is, they adhere to simple braids and ponytails. Battle the desire to make an easy updo. Wearing the hair down may take some subtle care but this will certainly give you a beautiful look. In order to prevent scooping your mane up and twisting this into some simple updo, think about a layered hairdo or something similar to an “A-line” bob. These kinds of cuts will drive you to look after them as you just cannot collect them in just a neat “ponytail”.

  • Now Include Some Volume:

Until you have the voluminous curly or wavy hair, don’t miss to add the shoulder length hairdo some volume. Now make friends simply with hairspray and hair gel. They will let you lift up the ends slightly. Make use of the “hairdryer” to direct the hair upward as well as secure this with hair gel.

  • Think About Upward Styles:

If you missed a “hair-wash” or simply feel very tired to cope with the hair but wish to stay away from an updo, then think about the upward styles. They’ll include leaving some of the hair down as well as experimenting with side and upper strands. You may start with the side braids that you sweep in reverse or just an easy high ponytail. Constantly leave some hair touching the shoulders for an attractive appearance.

  • Study Your Hair Products Carefully:

Make sure that you have the complete arsenal of the hair items for your medium shoulder length hairstyle. Depending on the type of your hair, get heat protection cosmetic, hair gel, a conditioner and a shampoo for the periods you simply have to utilize a flat-iron or hair dryer. If the locks are colored, make sure that you have hair products which seal your color inside.

Best 41 Shoulder Length Hairdos For Females

If you believe that there’s nothing exceptional about the “medium” shoulder length hairdos, then you just have not discovered the suitable one for you. If you’re one particular woman who is so occupied in the morning that you can’t fathom investing one minute extra in front of the mirror, then there are several options which can support your occupied lifestyle. We’ve collected 41 exciting haircuts which may seem complex at first; however, the truth is they can easily make your lifestyle much simpler. No matter if you have the shoulder length hair or just considering growing them; all these hairstyles are for your needs.

  1. Smart Subtlety Hairstyle:

“Subtle layers” on the shoulder length hair do not just offer you volume and freedom of different hairstyles; they also let you keep the hair-care to the lowest. It is a superb hair experiment just for females with all types of hair.

  1. Asymmetrical Strands Hairstyle:

A couple of lengthy strands look amazing with the medium-length bob. At the same time, this hairdo does not need a lot of maintenance. This looks unique regardless of how you actually style it. In some cases, a few thin strands will make a big difference.

  1. Outlining The Tips:

An easy straight bob will gain a lovely look with simply a splash of the hair-dye. The perfect combination is blonde and brown however you can experiment with any blend of the colors. The ideal part is actually a deficiency of regular touchups.

  1. Teased Waves Hairstyle:

The key to make teased waves truly look amazing rather than messy is just to maintain the top of hair straight. In case you have the wavy locks, then use a hair straightener to straighten the top out. If your hair is straight then curl the bottom up.

  1. Beautiful Blonde Hairstyle:

Blonde “hair-color” is a great hit among females of different ages. If you’re trying to find a means to enhance your medium length hairdo, consider different colors of blonde. The blonde will help pump the volume up and give you a younger look.

  1. Eye Covering Bang Hairstyle:

Long “eye-covering” bangs are just what you require to make an appealing and romantic impression. You may not be very comfortable sporting them in this way constantly, but occasionally the efforts are worth the result.

  1. Round Them Up Hairstyle:

It is an excellent shoulder length hairdo for females with heart-shaped or long faces. Rounding the hair up on sides and bottom lets the “face” to look nearer to oval. Think about crisscrossing the “strands” on the top for additional volume.

  1. Hidden Bangs Hairstyle:

If you possess straight and fine hair and chose to try long bangs, then they may frustrate you sometimes. When you seem like picking out something unique, conceal the bangs below side strands.

  1. Modern Teasing Hairstyle:

This hairstyle may be difficult to get at your home if you have never tried this before. Consult your hairdresser for completing the amazing look for an exclusive occasion. The step to this picture is actually the “volume” on the top as well as straight “strand” on the bottom.

  1. Pump This Up Hairstyle:

Sometimes it is safer to spend a few moments with flat iron in front of you than walk all day stressing about the insufficient volume. Make some efforts to make the layered “medium-length” locks more voluminous.

  1. Wispy Bangs Hairstyle:

Wispy bangs will always be an excellent addition to almost any hairdo if you design them the proper way. The lengthier the bangs, the harder they’re to look after and more appealing and interesting they look.

  1. Smart Dyeing Hairstyle:

Shoulder length locks look impressive if you choose the proper way to dye it. Have a closer look at how the “hair” is dyed on this picture. Sometimes it is enough to color the ends for creating a voluminous look.

  1. Asymmetrical Bangs Hairstyle:

Asymmetry is overcoming the planet as well as it is time for you to get onto the “bandwagon”. In case your hair isn’t as amazing as you desire it to get and making this voluminous and striking takes a lot of effort, be satisfied with making the bangs shine.

  1. Be A Redhead Hairstyle:

Boisterous and rich red color appears spectacular with any “shoulder-length” hairstyle. Redhead ladies have been always well-known because of that unique twinkle in the eyes, this particular color usually brings.

  1. Let It Down Hairstyle:

Sometimes to make the medium length hairdo shine, you simply need to let this down. In case you have thicker but straight locks, it is enough to design the bangs. The rest will flow easily for your pleasure.

  1. Romantic Waves Hairstyle:

Anytime you think you must add some love to your picture, the waves will get the job done. Whether you are doing them across the “full-length” of the hair or simply on bottom, the outcome is guaranteed to impress.

  1. Stack Them Hairstyle:

This incredible haircut for the shoulder-length locks is a great favorite among ladies with thin hair. If you cannot make them thick, why don’t you get them to appear this way? Check with your hairstylist for adding some “asymmetry” to your layers.

  1. Highlights Hairstyle:

If you do not want to trouble with some unique haircuts and simply want to display the length, a simple haircut can do. However, in case you still wish to be noticeable, you can easily go for different highlights. What you need are just monthly or perhaps bimonthly touchups.

  1. Wisely Layered Shag Hairstyle:

This particular shag is an ideal haircut for ladies who aren’t big followers of styling. What you need to perform is simply to create this hairdo look fresh daily is brush this. The drawback is you must touch this up once per month at least.

  1. Long Layers Hairstyle:

Long layers can be a straightforward approach to add the shoulder length hairdo some volume. At the same time, they make this hard to make an updo which can damage your incredibly womanly look. Make use of the hair straightener for giving this hairdo some volume.

  1. Middle Part Hairstyle:

The middle part will be easy unless you include some artistic waves for making side-swept bangs. Except if the hair is quite curly, this hairdo is easily accessible for you personally to test out. Experiment with color too.

  1. Medium “A-Line” Bob Hairstyle:

This “medium-length” hairdo is an excellent choice for ladies with fine and straight hair. It permits you to get long hair while including a few volumes at the back. In the meantime, it is hard to utilize this hair for making a ponytail.

  1. Low Waves Hairstyle:

If you possess straight locks but desire to add some volume to it without investing quite some time with flat iron, then you can make low waves. Not to mention, the “contrast” between low waves and straight top looks very trendy.

  1. Eye-Reaching Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

Straight “eye-reaching” bangs are usually a great addition to an awesome hairdo which is somewhat curly at the ends. Just one drawback of this method is the bangs must be styled almost every day.

  1. Windblown Simplicity Hairstyle:

In case you have the straight hair, then this easy shoulder length hairdo can be quite exciting. So as not to create it very simple, think about this messy design. Brush the locks from a side to another as well as secure this with the hair gel.

  1. Wavy Lob Hairstyle:

Angela Basset features a quite fun “wavy lob” (the long bob) which is an excellent length for the African-American females. It has an attractive texture and also the layers provide it a “wilder” look that is somewhat easier to maintain.

  1. The Bob Shoulder-Length Hairstyle:

Lorraine Toussaint showcases an extremely sleeker edition of bob and it is “shoulder-length”. Taking the traditional bob 1″ or 2″ down can truly elongate the face and even that inner “curl” on the bottom attracts the eye back to the face. Having your locks this smooth and straight will need some support from things such as relaxers and flat irons, but the beauty is worthwhile.

  1. Natural Long Curls Hairstyle:

It is a superb way to display natural curls devoid of them looking unkempt and frizzy. Julia Louis has kept the hair long in recent times, and although she went straight, she frequently goes with the natural curls.

  1. Classic Flip Hairstyle:

Camilla Parker-Bowles is sporting a “Farrah-Fawcett” flip which would not benefit everyone, however, looks gorgeous on her. Exactly what is effective for you sometimes may not work on another person.

You must find the best cut. However, you can do this with the support of an experienced stylist, a friend, or simply by having faith in your gut as well as choosing a hairdo which you love, regardless of what the “naysayers” may say.

  1. Youthful Cut Hairstyle:

Volume in the hair is vital. Lifeless, flat hair is a little something you may battle while you age. Not forgetting, the key to the voluminous hair is based on a great cut and excellent styling (curling irons, styling sprays and so on).

Michelle Pfeiffer shows off gorgeous hair that is a bit lengthier and even rich in volume. Always remember, it is difficult to keep the volume in your hair that is long. The smaller you go, the greater your hair can be at keeping its shape.

  1. Gorgeous Wavy Hairstyle:

Jaclyn Smith is looking so younger here; it is difficult to believe that she is nearly in her 70’s. At the same time, her “hair” is thicker & wavy and given that the average 24 years old. Exactly how does Jaclyn Smith look so wonderful at her such age?

We must admit that hair is an important part of Jaclyn Smith’s career. Jaclyn hosted the 1st two seasons of “Shear Genius”, the reality show about aspiring the hairstylists, and also she had been a hair “model” in her early career. She features thicker curly hair which is usually dry and never too oily (this would “fall-flat” if it was), therefore a great cut is important to her amazing look.

  1. Long Bob Hairstyle:

This particular “long bob” on Carla Zampatti – the fashion designer is favorite since it is unaffected by age. The hair of Zampatti is thick, features a beautiful color and sheen and is pretty flattering on the face shape.

This long bob is effective with all hair textures and face shapes. In case you have the curly hair, you will need to straighten this to get the gorgeous effect.

  1. Go Edgy Hairstyle:

A hairdo must fit the type of your personality. For instance, if you’re sporty and laid-back, you may consider a hairdo that will not take considerable time to master. Or even better, go for a design that is “wash & go”. If you’re classic and stylish, think about a long-bob that is blown out for perfection.

Carine Roitfeld exhibits “edgy” shag which matches her position: cool, edgy and trendy. As the ex – “editor” in chief of the Vogue Paris, “Roitfeld” handles to sport a cut which epitomizes the trend she already worked with.

  1. Mussy Shag Hairstyle:

The “shaggy” look of this hairdo on “Kate Capshaw” tends to make her look significantly younger compared to her years. It is due, simply, to the rather younger cut. This shag is accomplished through ideal layering. Ensure that your stylist will keep the ends chunky and textured.

  1. Bring Out Curling Iron:

For adding some sexiness as well as dress up the straight hair, draw out the curling iron. Now, curl your hair from the face by turning hair across the barrel of curling iron. Finally, leave the ends out to get a more fresh and modern look.

  1. Handling The Frizzy Locks:

Blythe Danner comes with wavy, thick hair which can easily get frizzy. Of course, you can even fight this as much as you desire, or just you can go with this. This hairdo is stunning on “Blythe Danner” as it showcases the volume of hair she features, which is quite a lot. In case you have the thick hair, then show this off! Grow this out as well as fluff this up.

  1. Show Off The Eyes With Bangs:

You have an option in terms of bangs. If the “side sweep” is not good for you, think about fringe bang or have the hair-stylist cut layers which begin at the eyes.

Glen Close possesses lovely eyes as well as her side-sweeping, long bangs perfectly highlight them. The angle extracts focus to her eye and they support both curlier and wavy locks at this particular length. Additionally, bangs can camouflage a few of your below flattering features, for example, some wrinkles or a “high” forehead.

  1. Bangs Can Easily Take Years Off:

If you do not have bangs, look at getting them. Thick, long bangs sweeping to the sides can creatively enhance your look. Needless to say, they bring much attention to the eyes and also keep the attention off the neckline that will probably get saggy, also on ladies with the ideal plastic surgery.

However, bangs may be higher-maintenance. You must cut them every couple of weeks or perhaps learn the way to cut them at your home for keeping the look up.

  1. A Simple Hairdo For The Straight Hair:

In case you have the straight hair which requires little or no upkeep and you are low-maintenance, after that it is a superb classic hairdo. The “side-part” adds much volume to thin hair and this can be designed with a middle part for the face-framing beauty.

  1. Embracing The Waves Hairstyle:

Many females possess a “wavy hair” texture. In case yours is naturally thick too, this is an outstanding length. Any smaller and it will puff out. Again, any lengthier and it can draw a round face down, potentially causing her to look significantly older than actually, she is.

  1. Grasp The Pure Hair Texture:

Over the years “Kate Capshaw” has worn a number of styles; however, her curly hair which is natural is probably the best look for her. Consistently, many ladies fought their organic hair “texture-straightening” curls as well as curling “straight hair”- however, it has become stylish to embrace the natural hair texture.

It is much simpler on the hair. As soon as you ditch excess heat and chemicals, you will find that the hair is significantly healthier. The key is learning the way to use the particular “texture” you were created with.

In case you have the naturally curly locks, chances are that you understand the challenges which come with hair styling and taking care of it. Learning the way to “tame frizz” on the humid days and proper conditioner and shampooing can truly make a positive change.



To conclude, all the shoulder length hairstyles mentioned in this post are excellent and perfect for you. Just make a choice and start turning some heads around you. However, make sure that you seek advice from your hairstylist if you face any problem while sporting a particular hairstyle.

Hope you enjoyed this post to a great extent. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great time.


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