134 Straight Hairstyle Ideas for Your Best Look Yet


Straight hair! Don’t care! In this post, we take a look at the hottest hairstyles for those blessed or cursed with straight hair. Depends how you look at the situation. We have compiled the best and most beautiful hairstyles for you peruse and get ideas for your next trip to the salon.


Banging Blonde Straight Hairstyle

This is a classic blonde straight hairstyle. Think back to the fifties when blondes ruled the screen. This lady has had color done to give her more texture and definition. It’s a great style and can work for all occasion. Wear it in a ponytail for a quick fix when you having lunch with the girls or wear it down for a sexy sultry look.


The Classic Part Straight Hairstyle

People have been rocking the part for eons. It’s simple and cute to style your hair no matter what length it is. Long or short it doesn’t matter. If you want to make your part a little more stylish for a formal occasion you can try straightening it.

Bangs Straight Hairstyle

This lady in the above in image has had an extreme makeover. She went from super curly and super straight. Both hairstyles look great. It just goes to show how much difference a straight hairstyle can make to your appearance.


Salon Straight Hairstyle

You can really see the difference a trip to the salon can make when straightening your hair. A trip to the salon will make your hair straighter, shinier and give it more body and texture. This girl is lucky to have such thick beautiful hair. I may even be a little bit jealous.


Angled Bob Straight Hairstyle

The angled bob is a great hairstyle if you’re looking to go short but not too short, this may be the style for you. It looks great nice and straight and you can also tie it up for a session at the gym. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s so easy to maintain. All you have to do is brush it in the morning and you’re ready for the day. Also washing your hair isn’t a half day event.



Foils and Straight Hairstyles

If your sick of your hair, try changing color. A change is as good as a holiday as they say in the business. What business that is, is entirely up to you. Foils will give your hair texture and make it appear to more body. Foils are a relatively cheap way of achieving a new look and you can do it yourself at home. Better yet you can get the girls over and make a night of it.



Blue Straight Hairstyles

If you want to look a bit edgy, a little bit punk, or need a dramatic change from your original style, go blue. As you can see from the image above this girl has gone all out. To go this blue it requires serious bleaching. It’s not the healthiest thing to do to your hair but sometimes you have to suffer for fashion. If you do color or bleach your make sure you use lots of conditioner on a regular basis to minimize the damage. Hair masks are another treatment that will prevent your hair from becoming brittle.


Subtle Color

If you’re after a color a little more subtle like the woman in the above image you can do it by getting layers. It’s a nice way to add a subtle change and looks great when in a plait. It works well with straight hairstyles.

Off Center Part Straight Hairstyle

If you like the center part. You are going to love the new and improved off-center part. But seriously this is an easy hairstyle that takes little to no effort. Simply part your hair to one side.


Black Sleek Long

This is a classic straight hairstyle. It’s a nice length, it’s black, it’s straight and it’s beautiful.


Just Got Out of Bed Head

This messy do has many layers to it. The messiness gives it texture and so do the highlights that have been scattered throughout her hair. The messy look is hot right now. All you have to do is go to bed and wake up, not do a thing to your hair and your ready for the catwalk.


Platinum Blonde

If your going blonde you can step it up a notch by going platinum blonde. The platinum look is a great look that goes well with straight hairstyles. Short or long it doesn’t matter when you go platinum.

Plastic Hairstyles

I don’t know about you but this lady with the straight hairstyle seems a bit fake. She doesn’t even have a body. Hit us up in the comments box if you know what happened to the rest of her. Her hair is amazing though. How does she do it?


Banging Balayage. It’s one of the best straight hairstyles you can get in my opinion. Bayalage is a French word for sweep or paint and that’s is exactly how the hairdressers apply the dye. They paint it on and the results look the like the picture above. This lady has started out dark and gradually gone light at the tips. It’s a beautiful ombre effect.


Black with a Touch of Burgundy

This straight hairstyle utilizes subtle color superbly. It the right light the burgundy shines through like a beautiful sunset in Bali.


Long Layers

This straight hairstyle uses layers to give it definition and texture. This woman has some beautiful long hair and she wears it like a vixen. The get up from the hair to outfit work and work well. She is hot property.

Shiny Mid Part

That’s one seriously shiny black straight hairstyle. This woman has gone with the textured cut rather than a straight cut for a bit of edginess. It does the job nicely.

Layered Medium Length Straight Hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle yet looks fantastic. It’s a nice and manageable hairstyle that can be worn to work or a night out. It’s easy to maintain and looks sexy yet elegant. The ends have been textured to add a bit of a wild style.



The Spiked Swirl

The beauty of straight hair is that you can style in any way. It can be manipulated into a plethora of different styles. This starlet has a spiked swirl. All these styles, with some practice, can be achieved in the comfort of your own home. It’s fun to get together with your friends, crack open a bottle of champagne, watch some YouTube videos and try and do the hairstyles for yourself. The key is to practice and don’t be disheartened if you get it wrong the first time. All things come to those who are persistent.

Layered Bob with Bangs

Bobs are cool, bobs are great. Layered bobs with bangs are even cooler. They are a little bit rock and roll and a little bit Sex in the City. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from you may be spoilt for choice. Have a chat with your hairdresser and they will inform which style works best for you. If you consider yourself a fashion icon you may be able to come up with your own unique straight hairstyle creation.

The Ponytail

The ponytail is an oldie but a goodie. It can be worn up for a day at work or down for a night out. This straight hairstyle has been saving women time getting ready since the dawn of time. It looks hot too.


Ombre Layers

Celebs have been rocking the ombre layers recently. Especially those celebrities with super straight hairstyles. This lady is rocking the middle part with beautiful golden ombre layers highlight throughout. They shimmer in the sun as she walks down Venis beach without a care in the world.


Half Up and Tied Back

This classic straight hairstyle looks great with or without braids.


Sandy Blonde Layers

Remember Olivia Newton-John in the movie Grease. The hairstylist who made this look was channeling Sandy. The blonde roots spill out to golden layers of sunshine and then into sand like the beautiful beaches of Australia. This is a perfect example of a layered straight hairstyle.



Short and Textured

Are you sick of your long straight hairstyle? Get the chop and go for a short and messy look. This hairstyle is so easy to maintain and looks cool. Make sure you get layered lengths and colors as it will give the style body and texture.


Super Bob

This is the best bob in the history of womankind. Notice the way it curls in at the back. It’s big and bold and one of my favorite straight hairstyles on the list. She almost looks like a cartoon character. You need really thick hair if you want a style like this. You could always wear a wig in the same style. 🙂


The Wave

Comb it- Don’t surf it. This lady is rocking the layered colors and the front wave. It’s easy to do. Just take your brush and with a flick of the wrist, you can have a wave. The bigger the better I say but that’s just me. How thick is this girls hair? It would take a full day just to wash that main and another day to dry it.


Half and Half Goth Party

If you want to get away from the norm and let your inner goth shine through this straight hairstyle is for you. The half and half look is popular with the metal and goth scene. The more extremely opposed the colors are the better.


Vertical Layers

This straight hairstyle consists of many vertical layers using dye and the natural color of the hair. It’s amazing how much texture and definition it gives to hair. You see by the different views how it looks all over. It’s like being at the hairdresser and they flash the mirror around your head too quickly and asked what do you think.

Long Layered Elevator Fun

Going Up! This lady has a layered straight hairstyle and she is living it up while going down in the elevator. Elevators are the perfect selfie opportunity after you get your new do. Make sure you have your make up on and a tight dress and your Instagram followers will love you.




Many Shades of Strawberry

Like the Everclear song strawberry hair. This ladies straight hairstyle reminds of strawberry fields forever. It also has a touch of vanilla as well. Two of my favorite flavors. The ends have been cut straight for a sophisticated look. I love the multi-dimensional texture that the highlights bring to this straight hairstyle.


From Dark and Curly to Light and Straight

This lady has done the complete 180. What a major transformation? If you’re looking for a change, maybe you broke up with your partner, or landed a new job and need a fresh new look. A straight hairstyle



Long Black Straight Hairstyle

The classic long black look is one my favorite straight hairstyles. It’s simple and looks glamorous and can be worn up for something quick and easy, or straightened and down for a formal occasion. Did anyone notice the booty on this model? It looks like Kim K if she was storing Kanye in her ass. I don’t know if this is Photoshopped or not. But that is one hell of behind.


The Seventies are Making a Comeback

That’s right folks the seventies are back in fashion as you can see from these next two straight hairstyles. The classic part looks the part. It’s simple to achieve and will have you rocking in a Russ Myer movie before no time.

Straight Up Banging Bang

Bangs will never die. The above model is rocking the super straight hairstyle with super straight bangs, and super straight hair. Just because your hair is straight it doesn’t mean you have to be. Bangs are totally rock and roll.



Side Ponytail

Are you sick of your straight hairstyle when it’s tied up in a straight pony? If you want to add a little eighties sass to your style, rock the side ponytail. You won’t regret it. Check out Jessica Alba above. She rocking the side ponytail with dark roots and highlights tips. The side pony is fun and ideal for keeping the hair from your face when you’re busting out on the dance floor.

The Princess

Long blonde straight hairstyles are that of a fair maiden. Wear a tiara and you will be the belle of the balls. Prince charming will be lurking just around the corner waiting to ask you for a dance. You could always hang your delicious golden locks out the window and hope that a prince climbs them to save the day. Maybe he will take you out to dinner. Maybe he will pull all your hair in the process of climbing. It’s risky but some times you have to risk it to make the biscuit.


Swift Long Bangs

Be like Tay Tay. Long bangs with shoulder-length hair is another straight hairstyle to go for if you want a change but not a drastic change. Mid-length hair gives you more options than going all out short. Get some highlights and you will shine.


Tuck Under Part

This is a straight hairstyle throwback from the days of Woodstock. The hippy era where love was free and the music was heartfelt and meant something. A lot of good things came from that era and the vibrations still propagate today.


High Ponytail

J Lo has beautiful straight hair tied up in a high ponytail. Her locks have an array of colored layers that add texture and dimension to her lush thick hair. You too can be like J Lo. Just get this hairstyle, sing pop music, hook up with Ben Affleck, then marry a dancer.


Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is the hairstyle of a dystopian future. Think the Fifth Element. If you want to go really futuristic color your bob neon pink. It’s one of the more daring straight hairstyles.

The Lob

Like the bob, the lob is a bob but a bit longer. Try saying that three times really fast. It’s the perfect straight hairstyle for a mid-length trim. If you want to add a bit of rock and roll to your look go crazy with the color.

Sunset, the Best in the West

The sunsets in the west are usually the best. This lady has taken inspiration from nature and colored her hair the beautiful orange and red hues of the sunset. When choosing your color don’t be afraid to step outside the box and go for something a little different, a little unique, and little out there. It will brighten your day and those who have the privilege of crossing your path.


What a list? I hope you enjoyed perusing the diverse array of straight hairstyles. There are so many to choose from. Hopefully, you got some inspiration to book your next hairdressing appointment and change your look this year. A change is as good as a holiday is what they say.



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