Top 47 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles That Will Make You Gorgeous!


Strawberry blonde hairstyle is a tempting combination of light-red hair colors and blonde shades. In time, the “strawberry blonde” has grown to be a “signature” look for a number of celebrities. Because of strawberry blonde icons such as Nicole-Kidman, this particular hair shade has turn out to be a “must-have” for the summertime in the past few years. Yet it is not only throughout the sunny months that fashionistas all over the world display this amazing hair color. The strawberry-blonde hair having all its splendid hues warms every season up. Darker, nearly copper shades imitate the “colors” of fall.

Who is going to try out this amazing hair color? Anybody. It is very important to get the ideal shade for the complexion and skin tone. Find out the loveliest hairstyle which emphasizes the elegance of strawberry-blonde locks and your own features. Listed below are 47 strawberry-blonde hairstyles bound to make you look amazing than others.

Can Anybody Become A Strawberry-Blonde?

Simply because you enjoy a hair-color does not mean that it’s going to fit you. All the colors aren’t flattering on everybody; in fact, a few colors frequently look excellent on some individuals and awful on others. The strawberry-blonde hair is usually most complementing with ladies who have freckles and pale skin. That is usually the “skin tone” which would best match the hair color.

Nowadays with the miracle of colorist as well as even a few of box dyes, it is possible to achieve nearly any color which you desire. If you’re searching for the conventional strawberry-blonde hue, then it best suits warm-toned, fair skin. The similar skin color will also look great with the cool and neutral strawberry-blonde hues.

In case you possess a dark skin tone and are typically sporting dark shades of the hair color, it is probably better to adhere to a dark shade of strawberry-cloned look. You will find dark versions which hold really a reddish color to this. This is something which will look wonderful with dark tones. On the other hand, excessive light of a “hue” will just wash out you and also leave you appearing less than you’re. Dark shades additionally make your eyes pop.

5 Ideas To Dye Your Hair Strawberry-Blonde

All set to grasp a reasonably strawberry blonde color for your hair? Follow the tips listed below before you decide to dye the hair. Here’s a short video for you.

  • Find The Inspiration:

The wonderful thing about the strawberry-blonde hair is there are a great number of different editions of it. It indicates that you actually have lots of available options to pick from. Additionally, it implies that it may be mind-boggling to figure out which tone of the strawberry blonde can enhance your features perfect. If you are going to a salon, then bring in a few pictures for the colorist. All these examples can help you have the hue which you want.

  • Figure Out Your Base:

The strawberry-blonde hair is simplest to give life on light-red hair and blonde hair. In terms of darker hair-colors, dyeing process will get a little more complicated, as you will need to use the bleach on the base color initially. Although you can easily execute this at your home, it may be better to get an expert to ensure that the process will go as easily as possible.

  • Schedule Your Time And Have Patience:

Whether you dye your frizzy hair at your home or even get this done at salon, you are looking at heading strawberry-blonde taking between 2 hours to 2 or 3 days-based on exactly how much “lifting” should be done. Often, if the colorist lifts the hair color substantially, you’ll be expected to accomplish the “look” at another appointment in order not to overwhelm the hair in a single sitting.

  • Get Ready For Diy Or Book A Scheduled Visit:

Just like any dye task, the issue of whether or not to get it done on your own or even with the aid of a “colorist” is necessary. We already discussed what you ought to do depending on the base color, yet there is more to this than simply that. If it is your first-time going “red” (irrespective of the base color), then possibly you may wish to make a scheduled appointment with the colorist. You will find a large variety of “at-home” hair color products available on the marketplace, so it is really under your control.

  • Choose Darker Than The Desired Hue:

The red hair often can fade quickly; therefore think about coloring your hair some shades “darker” than you actually want this to be.

Top 47 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

  1. Short Curly Strawberry Blonde Bob:

The easy voluminous curls and light-blonde highlights boost the gorgeous strawberry blonde hair-color.

  1. Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair:

So are you trying to find the best flirty hairdo? Try the flawlessly styled “layered” curls in the softest shade of strawberry blonde.

  1. Short Hairstyle For Strawberry Blonde:

This short hairdo for the strawberry blonde hair can be another spectacular example of exactly how this “warm” hair-color does miracles in producing the elegance of the porcelain skin. The intense hue is not too complementing for further tanned skin.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Hairdo:

Notice the skilled hair coloring which renders the best strawberry blonde hair-color with the pinks – just a “pink” overnote.

  1. Natural Hair For Strawberry Blonde:

This summer, wear this gorgeous shade of the strawberry blonde and you will not regret it. The sun-kissed hair makes this particular hair color a lot more attractive. Faultlessly flowing waves bring even more elegance to a presently romantic and chic look.

  1. A Pure Shade Of The Strawberry-Blonde Hair:

This is a nearly red tone of the strawberry blonde which looks magnificent with any special occasion. This will make the porcelain skin glowing.

  1. Rose Gold Mix And Strawberry Blonde:

This dazzling hair-color is consistent with the trends of this summer. If you possess a fair complexion, do not think twice to try this on. It is chic, flirty and sweet.

  1. Lowlights With Strawberry-Blonde Hair:

Deciding to darken the strawberry-blonde hair is one more way to refresh your look. This is best accomplished by not renouncing the “warm” hair-color completely, however by adding the lowlights simply a few shades darker compared to the base hue.

  1. Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde Dark Curls:

Beautiful natural coils and waves and the appropriate hair-color are exactly what it requires for a wonderful look. This picture is genuinely inspiring as much as picking the proper shade of the dark strawberry-blonde goes. It is undoubtedly on the top 10 list of desired hair colors for this summer.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Light Hair:

Not to mention, this sweet charming look can easily be accomplished by dying the hair in the moderate strawberry-blonde tone with light “platinum” tints. After that, if you prefer to have versatile bob hairdo, style this to get these spectacular curls which frame your face perfectly.

  1. Shades Of The Strawberry Blonde:

Mixing “fiery” reds with mildest strawberry-blonde hair shades, this hairdo is an obvious element of surprise for a bold look. If you are feeling brave this summer, then try it out for size.

  1. Lob Strawberry Blonde Hairdo:

Lob hairdos are chic and versatile despite the length of hair. They can easily be turned in hairstyles perfect for a particular date or styled flawlessly for official business meetings. Again, “lob” cut on the strawberry blonde hair easily doubles the style credits.

  1. Pixie Strawberry Blonde Haircut:

Do you desire a women’s hairdo that is easy to style and maintain this summer? Choose a pixie haircut. This particular haircut is excellent for just about everyone and will get you out of house very quickly. Also, are you trying to find a hair-color that is consistent with the trends of summer? Try this traditional shade of the strawberry blonde. Sassy and sweet.

  1. Bob Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle:

This can be a “toned-down” shade of the strawberry blonde. However, layered bob beautifully pairs with the “warm” hair-color.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Short Hairdos For Fine Hair:

The blonde hair along with strawberry highlight does not require a hairstyle that is so hard to maintain if you can easily have this pure-looking “strawberry blonde” hair-color with the pale ashy-pink accents. In addition, it is definitely the ideal match for the short hairstyle. This color is simple to wear as well as cute; the hairdo is simple to style.

  1. Strawberry Long Dark Hair:

The strawberry blonde hair is an extraordinary sight. However, this nearly ginger hair-color is one of the organic strawberry-blonde shades; in spite it being a little bit darker.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Gorgeous Long Haircut:

Scarlett Johansson is sporting a different shade of the strawberry blonde. Now, the color inches nearer to the dirty “strawberry blonde” hair.

  1. Balayage Strawberry Blonde On The Caramel Hair:

This is one more stunning example of shimmering “honey brown” superbly complemented by the strawberry blonde. No matter if it is ombre, balayage or highlights, strawberry blonde just looks as beautiful and natural.

  1. Balayage Strawberry Blonde:

Isn’t “Cara Delevingne” looking amazing with this skillfully done balayage? Although strawberry-blonde hair seldom happens naturally, this picture might make you think it is the natural mane of a model.

  1. Highlights On Strawberry Blonde Hair:

Remake this gorgeous, nearly bronze color simply by adding delightful strawberry-blonde “highlights” to the shimmery brown hair. It is a hairdo that is particularly suitable if your base or natural hair-color is usually a light-shade of the golden brown or simply a few hues darker as compared to a medium “strawberry blonde” shade.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Romantic Hairstyle:

Lovely curled hair highlighted by color palette. Not forgetting, the warm intimate strawberry blonde locks are highlighted with the pale blonde. It adds depth and luminosity to a genuinely romantic hairstyle.

  1. Auburn Balayage And Strawberry Blonde:

A wonderful play of the colors which combines smooth red hues along with darker blonde as well as a shade of brown to get a marvelous hair-color. At the same time, the “layered” bangs taken to the sides bring a “flirty” note to the entire look and show the special color blend.

Must Read:

  1. Strawberry Blonde Short Hair In The Layers:

Short Strawberry blonde hair will look as delightful and enticing as full, long tresses. Although there’s no game of the colors here, this look stays a trendy yet excited one.

  1. Playful Mixture Of Strawberry Blonde Colors In Halfdo:

You might have noticed this halfdo hairdo for ladies in photo shoots and bridal magazines. Well, it is definitely a lively twist for classy hairstyle accomplished by mixing light “strawberry blonde” hair color with the darker colors and simply a touch of golden blonde and pastel pink. A wonderful balayage mix.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Light Hair With The Pink Highlights:

Would you like to “refresh” your amazing look in this summer? Consider this hair color and hairstyle for size. The size of this “classic” bob will allow flexible hairstyles, as the light strawberry-blonde shade improved by the pink highlights will be playful, luminous and perfect for the long summer season.

  1. Strawberry Tints With Copper Blonde:

This particular hair-color is nearly metallic copper. However, this is “sweetened” by strawberry-blonde tints completely revealed by fine layers.

  1. Vintage Glam Hairdo For The Strawberry-Blonde Hair:

All of us love this charming look accomplished with the “strawberry blonde” hair-colors. Almost everything regarding this women’s hairdo is alluring and charming.

  1. Intense Strawberry Shade On The Long Hair:

Not to mention, this “medium” strawberry hair-color is eye-catching and intense. The excellent silky smooth hair styling adds a lot more to a classy stylish look.

  1. Highlights With Strawberry-Blonde Hair:

It is an ideal hairstyle for the classy women that mix dark strawberry-blonde with the lighter highlights to get volume and depth. We enjoy the natural transitions between different shades.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Shoulder-Length Hair:

We must admit that “Emma Stone” is another celeb that looks beautiful with any tone of the reddish hair. This can be her light eye-color and fair complexion, however, this tone of the strawberry-blonde is a thriving look for the “Hollywood” icon.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Classy Color On The Curly Hair:

This shade is not just classy, but also it is a classic one. It is the “strawberry blonde” hair made popular by “Nicole Kidman” and some other celebs. The free moving smooth curls glow brighter because of the warm shades of the strawberry blonde.

  1. Delightful Color Mix: Strawberry Blonde And Mango Hair-Color:

This may seem like a tasty fruit salad; however, this breathtaking balayage makes an exciting look that is bound to get some jealousy looks. Try this out for size in this summer.

  1. Ashy Braided Strawberry Hair:

Whenever “ash” blonde hair connects strawberry blonde, you’ll get this sophisticated hair color having a pink shade. We adore the braided hairdo.

  1. Strawberry-Blonde Highlights With Golden Blonde:

Strawberry-blonde highlights with Blonde hair are a perfect match that is made in the heaven. This is a hairdo that is flattering to everybody and even complements all the skin tones.

  1. Outgrown Light Strawberry-Blonde Pixie Cut Hair:

In contrast to the gentle strawberry-blonde tone before, it has a strong light-red overtone. However, it can make the adorable “pixie cut” look quite edgier but playful and sophisticated.

  1. Short “A-Line” Bob For The Strawberry Blonde Light Hair:

This is a flexible creamy color that is undoubtedly worth considering in this summer. The light colors tend to be an excellent idea for sunny season. At the same time, this sweet strawberry-blonde color will look simply as gorgeous with the sun-kissed hair.

  1. Loose Curls With Dark Thick Strawberry-Blonde Hair:

The dark tone of strawberry-blonde is looking awesome on loose curly hair which flows beyond shoulder line. On the other hand, the “depth” of color is also highlighted by voluminous and curly hairstyle.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Long Dark Wavy Hair:

Possibly most recognized for her part in TV series “True Blood”, Deborah-Ann-Woll usually looks incredible with almost any hair-color which has the red overtones. However, this strawberry blonde dark hair-color is not just perfect to enhance her fair complexion. It additionally emphasizes the thrilling color of the eyes.

  1. Golden Strawberry-Blonde With Wavy Long Hair:

We have to give this to “Scarlett Johansson”. She incredibly looks classy with any kind of hair-color she selects. This extreme golden strawberry-blonde is no exception.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Silky Hair With Choppy Layers:

This beautiful pink “overtone” of strawberry-blonde tresses is best to bring depth to silky thin hair. On the other hand, the choppy-layers had been made for a similar reason. This hair color and hairstyle create the ideal look for people who have the thinner hair.

  1. Smooth Silky Hair With Strawberry-Blonde Ombre:

This time, the shades inch closer to the classic strawberry blonde hair color. Having silky smooth hair draws even more attention to the perfect blend of strawberry blonde shades ranging from darker red to light blonde.

  1. Dark Strawberry Blonde To Light Strawberry Blonde Ombre:

This is undoubtedly an edgy and daring hairstyle which looks amazing on the curly hair. The changeover between the 2 shades of the strawberry-blonde in reversed ombre appears to be elegant and natural. However, this doesn’t chip the “edgy” note of the look.

  1. Half Down-Half Up Hairstyle For Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hair:

This stylish shade is certainly redder compared to classic strawberry-blonde which barely has the reddish shimmers. However, the base blonde-color can also be quite intense. A golden deep blonde with the red shades produces this wonderful hair color.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Subtle Highlights:

The strawberry-blonde “highlights” on the light copper-red hair bring depth for the color. The strawberry-blonde highlights make a sophisticated, soft note to this overall look.

  1. Straight Layered Hair – Pastel Pink And Strawberry Blonde:

This head-turning hairstyle is excellent to try out this summer. Talk to your hairstylist to have an ombre with an amazing twist, featuring pastel pink, strawberry blonde and platinum blonde on tips. The “layered” hair-colors are improved by choppy layers of this haircut.

  1. Copper Reflexes With Strawberry-Blonde Color:

It is a younger hair color concept that is easy to get nowadays. It is refreshing and bright and looks excellent on everybody with the skin tones in between medium and fair. This particular strawberry-blonde tone is outlined in “strawberry blonde” hair-color graph under various names, based on the hair color brand. If you are trying to find a refined but younger hair color, then it can be your best choice.

  1. Strawberry-Blonde Hair Color Idea- The Medium Hue:

This is probably not as shiny as others; however, this toned-down “strawberry blonde” shade appears stunning on everyone. It is a classic hair-color with a fresh strawberry overtone.



The best strawberry blonde hairstyles listed in this post are truly amazing. You can make your own choice and pick the best one which suits you best. Also, keep all the tips in mind before you get that particular hairstyle. Rest assured that all the strawberry blonde hairstyles mentioned above are guaranteed to give you a perfect look.

Thanks for your precious time. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends.


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