98 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles to Light Up Your Day


Strawberry fields forever as the Beatles used to sing so elegantly. That’s exactly what you will get from this list of strawberry blonde hairstyles for your enjoyment and consideration. The idea is to give you ideas and inspiration for a fresh new look. Who knows? Strawberry blonde may be exactly what your looking for. Get scrolling finger warmed up and prepare to head right on down to the strawberry fields.

strawberry blonde

Rows of Strawberry Gold

This hairstyle is amazing. It looks like rivers or streams of strawberry blonde. The rows of pink give the hair texture and depth. They also add volume to the over motif. Strawberry blonde is nice way of incorporating color into your hair in a subtle way. It’s a bit edgy but suitable for the office or environment. That’s not to say you can get the heels out and go for night out with the girls.

Style your hair for the occasion or if you are like me and don’t care rock it out however you want to. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion and as long as your comfortable that’s all matters. So if you want go for a full head of strawberry blonde you go girl and strut loud and proud.

Punk Strawberry Blonde

This lass is rocking the punk look with a super high undercut and a head full of strawberry blonde hair. Look out world because this girl is on the loose and off to a Frenzal Rhomb gig in the valley. The tracks make this ordinarily average looking haircut into a stunning triple threat that could send anyone into a frenzy of desire.

She would be beating them off with stick as lust takes over their brain and turns them into in brain dead morons. This may not be the case at all but it’s worth thinking about and pondering while you sit on the porch in a rocking chair with a piece of straw in your mouth.

Totally Babin’

Totally babin’ is a bit of lame compliment but in this case it’s fitting and it has meaning. This term, in this case is more of term of worship for this beautiful goddess featured in the image above. She is rocking a triple threat super hard with the strawberry blonde locks and the piercings and on top of that glasses.

This is cool look and I would put it in the category of struggling actor waitress and artistic goth person that collects dead insects. She would be an interesting character to talk to at a bar over a pint or two.

Strawberry Fields Forever

This is what the Beatles were referring to when they sung that song. This ladies hair is thick and wavy and one big ol strawberry field.

This is of course not true. The song strawberry fields is about a tough child and a Salvation Army run orphanage aptly names strawberry fields. The song is about Lennon’s struggles as a child in the rough old streets of London. It’s also about how he didn’t get to see his father as much he would have liked to.

Strawberry Blonde Bob

Do you always want to be ready at the drop of hat? Do you live life in the fast and have no time to worry about primping your hair. Ladies and gentlemen I present you the bob. The bob is the go to hairstyle for those inclined to the more extremes in life. With this haircut you will be ready for anything. Skydiving! No worries with the bob. This is perfect hairstyle to hurl yourself out of plane with parachute.

Yoga! No sweat on the mat. This hairstyle won’t get in your face while you doing ardo muhka sivasana and will dry quickly after you finish the session and are toweling down.

If you want to take your bob to the next level color it strawberry blonde and you skipping down the strawberry fields forever.


Strawberry Blonde Bayalage

Did you know that bayalage means to paint on in french? This technique of coloring involves the hairdresser painting the die onto the tips of the hair. This gives the cascading waterfall effect at the back. As you see from the image above this girl looks amazing with her bayalage strawberry blonde flowing down the back of her neck and into the center of her back.

The hair starts of dark brown and ever so gradually tapers down and into the beautiful blonde locks. The waves give the hairstyle more depth and dimension. The great thing about waves is they give you that salon fresh bounce as you strut down main st.


Short Strawberry Blonde

Are you at the age where it’s time to cut your hair short, buy a motorcycle and start wearing leather in the middle of Summer? This might very well be the perfect hairstyle for you. It’s common to find larger older women shaving their hair short and getting a crazy color. Next stop is the motorcycle shop to buy a beasty looking Harley Davidson look alike.

OnĀ  the weekends they get all kitted up in their leather outfits terrorizing the street with their loud motorcycles and ghastly appearance.

OK that was joke. If you want to get all dressed up in leather and ride motorcycles all the power to you.

Strawberry or Blonde

Blonde, strawberry, strawberry or blonde. Deciding on a hair color can be a daunting task. You should think of your style in a holistic manner and take the variables into consideration when it comes time to creating your look. Will your hair color match your complexion? What is the shape of my face?

These are questions you could ask yourself when you choose your look. If your like me and don’t give a crap what other people think rock out however you want to. Get creative and fun with it.

Express yourself like the beautiful piece of nature you are in all it’s glory.


Ice Cream Hair

Sally by day and Ice Cream Hair by night. Ice Cream Hair is a vigilante renegade that prowls the streets at night, ridding them of the dark and evil forces of Crime Cones. Crime Cones is the cities nemesis and he will do everything in his power to bring it down at all costs. The war between and Ice Cream Hair and Crime Cones has been waging on throughout the ages, one could say even eternity if you factor in the multiverse.

Anyway Ice Cream Hair’s super power is that she lures would be criminals in with her charm and hair that looks and tastes like strawberry ice cream. When the criminal is besotted and blindly starts licking her hair she pounces. She throws sprinkles in their eyes and pulls their pants down in front of large crowds causing them to die of embarrassment.

What do you think the model featured in the image above’s special power is? Hit us up in the comments box below we love hearing from you.


Beach Strawberry Blonde

If you are going for the sun kissed beach babe look this may be the color for you. As you can see in the image above this girl looks right at home with her sweet do on the beach.

She can often be seen holding community yoga classes where all are welcome to expand their minds and strengthen their body.

If you haven’t got into yoga I highly recommend it. It changed my life dramatically. I was over weight and hated my job. My health was deteriorating and I had rash that would go away no matter how many doctors I saw. Mind you I was drinking heavily and not getting enough sleep. Then on New Years eve I vowed to myself to get healthy. I discovered that I really enjoyed getting high and stretching. To be continued….


So naturally I put two and two together and started smoking weed and doing yoga. The feeling was heavenly and after doing that for three months and changing my diet I was back to one hundred percent health. The road to recovery wasn’t that hard at all. It was just a matter of exercise and clean eating.

If you eat healthy and exercise you will feel better and if you feel better you will be happier and if your happy the people will around you will be happy and the people around them will be happy too. The cycle of happiness continues. There is already too much suffering in this world. We must, as humans on the planet ease the suffering of other by anyway possible.


Mermaid Strawberry Blonde

It’s every girl’s dream to become a mermaid. So why not make your dreams come true and get your colored the same color as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Bring your mermaid dreams to life with this beautiful color and while your at you may as well buy one of those mermaid fins. Hit the beach and live the dream.

Make friends with a small crab that has the ability sing and dance under the sea. Join into one of his musical numbers by singing and playing bongos on a turtles shell. Under the sea is the life for me. You can ride around on sea horses while swimming with sting rays but watch not to get a bard in the chest.


Princess in Strawberry Blonde

Not only does this hair make you look like mermaid. You can look like a pretty princess in pink or should I say strawberry. This lady is rocking the hot pink locks with beautiful curls and head piece.

She is straight out of the forest. For she is Latifa Queen of the forest sprites. She protects the forest from would be plunderers who try and mine the earth of all it’s precious minerals.

The earth speaks directly to Latifa and informs her of what wrongs need to be righted. I guess you say it’s her special power. You too can join the fight to save the planet from annihilation by the evil corporations. Stop using plastic and start recycling. Pick up after yourself and cut down on waste.

The Spectrum of Pink

Pink comes in may different shades and colors and before deciding on the shade of pink for your hair you may want to sit down with your hairdresser and have a conversation about what shade will look best in your hair. Your hairdresser will have a wealth of experience when it comes to hairstyles and she or he will be able to tell you what will suite your face the best.

Lighter shades of pink work best with pales skin as they compliment each other well. It all depends on the look your going for. Go big and bold or keep it a little more subtle.

Two Tone Strawberry Blonde

Sometimes less is more. If you don’t want a full head of strawberry blonde some strategically placed touches can take your hairstyle to the next level.

This model in the image above has some dark patches scattered throughout to give her a bit of punk rock appeal. She is ready to hit the mosh pit and whip that pink hair around like it’s no thing. Slap a leather jacket on and away you. Take me all the way to the round up.


Before and After Shot

Another classic before and after shot. I love these. You really get to see the transformation of how color can change your look. As you can see on the left she is blonde. It looks great as well but the strawberry gives her a sassy edge that is not to be messed with. The color has taken well thanks to her light colored hair.

If you have dark hair and are going for the strawberry blonde you may have to bleach it first. This can be harmful to your hair so make sure you use a hair mask or conditioner on a regular basis after the coloring has been done.


Those strawberry fields did seem to go forever. That was one long list and we hope you got some ideas and inspiration for you next visit to the hairdresser.



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