115 Taper Fade Hairstyles for Miles


The taper fade is a classic hairstyle. It refers to the sides being shaved off to a taper. The taper starts short at the bottom of the sides and gradually gets longer the closer it goes to the top of the skull. The taper fade can be paired with a myriad of different hairstyles and it looks great. It’s business on the sides and party up top when you’re rocking the taper fade. High taper, low taper, fast taper, slow taper. Which ever taper you end up with you will be sure to look to good.


Classic Taper Fade

This man is rocking the classic taper fade. You see how the hair starts off really short around the sides and back, then gradually tapers up to the longer hair on top. He is wearing in a slicked back look, somewhat of a greaser style haircut and with the cross earring to boot. This guy must be fending off all the ladies with a stick? Well, I can’t say that for sure, but you get the drift.


Crazy Taper

Are you trying to get crazy with me punk? Don’t you know I’m loco. These are lyrics from the wise men from the rap group Cypress Hill. This cool cat has a flat top, fade and a sweet cross cut into his head. He is what we call a triple threat in the business. A triple threat has an upper advantage over other men. Ladies will swoon when they see the combination of all three hairstyles on the one head.

He is rocking it old school. Flat tops were big in the early nineties and late eighties. You don’t see them so much anymore but they will be back. Fashion has a tendency to be cyclical and you can be damn sure that the flat top and cross will roll around the fashion clock once again. It may not be this year but it will sooner or later.


High Taper

A high taper refers to the how high on the side of the head the taper goes. The man in the above image has a high taper with long hair. He is also rocking a temp fade which is a type of fade where the hear is shaved into a box like shape around the temple. Pair this with a beard and you have yourself a fresh new look. I dub thee the lumberjack ball player look. I don’t think that is what it’s called officially but it will do for now.

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Low Taper

The low taper fade starts the short very close to the ears unlike the high one which starts up closer to the crown. These two images are good examples of a low fade in it’s various forms. The taper on the above image starts short around the ears and quickly increases in length as it nears the top. Then it comes up to your classic quiff style like Elvis and Chris Isaak.

The image below is a different style of low taper. It is a throwback from the early days when prohibition was rampant throughout the United States and gangster were getting around slinging clandestine booze and sporting haircuts like this mans.

Badass Taper Fade

Check out the fade on this badass mofo. He’s got the temp fade going on. Some crazy tracks in the back the of his head one nicely manicured beard. He is another triple threat killing in softly with his style. Move over Lauren Hill and the Fugees because here come this man with the triple threat hair follicle madness.

As I said before the beauty of fades is that they work with a variety of different hairstyles and looks. There are so many different and unique takes on the fade. When it comes time to designing your fade the sky is the limit. Do be afraid to get creative and have fun with your fade. You could even go triple threat badass like this man in the image above.

Tracks and Taper Fade

This guy isn’t a track and field star, he’s a track star only. You won’t catch him running around an oval unless it’s away from the cops. Instead you can catch him at the club with a pocket full of bud and some Hennessy trying to mack all the women. He looks like the type of guy who would wear a leather jumps suit. You know like one from the eighties movie Beverly Hills cop. He also looks like a retired preacher that has set off to make it in the rap game.

Did you know that MC Hammer was a man of the lord. He was a preacher before or after his rap career. I can’t remember. If you can remember let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you. We also love useless facts about 90’s pop stars like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Both acts were one hit wonders and they faded out of the spotlight as fast they were in it. Maybe it was to hot under the bright beam of stardom or like most novelties, people are intrigued at first and then they realize that it’s a useless thing hiding behind a gimmick and move on.


Low Taper Fade with Neck Tattoo

This is an interesting look. The man featured in the above image has a business hairstyle and the neck tattoos of a gym junkie or biker. He is a tough guy who could easily sit in the chair at the end of table at a board meeting.

This is the new breed of business man. Rough and rock steady on the weekend and during the week he is all about contracts and crunching numbers. Of course this all just speculation. He could have those tattoos so he looks tough and in reality he gets picked on all the time. The tattoos are like a natural defense mechanism to ward of potential predators.

He could be really dumb too and have no clue of what to do in an office environment. There is a lesson. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or a men by their tattoos.

Anyway, the haircut is is pretty cool and will give you some ideas for your next look and maybe your next neck tattoo.

Classic Taper Fade

This is the stock standard issue fade that you get when you rock up to the army. Short back and sides and a bit off the top thanks sir. That’s exactly what this guy asked for then he also gets the comb over so he looks pretty neat. Comb overs usually refer to bald men brushing their remaining longer hair over their bald patch. Not in this case my friends. This man has a full head of hair.

The comb over in this case merely refers to brushing the hair to the side. Personally I love seeing balding men do a comb over. Hopefully we get to see a few on this list for a laugh.














taper fade for kids for men and womentaper fade for kids for men and women – Right HS

Kids Taper Fade

Do you want your child to grow up into a fine upstanding citizen? Or do you want your child to be a punk? The haircut you give your child will shape them as a person. Take this child in the image above for example. His taper fade hairstyle says that one day he will grow up to be a good tax paying citizen.

If he were to have a mowhawk, he would probably grow up to be a punk and recreational drug users with no aspirations.

By the way, none of this text has been researched and it is not necessarily true. I don’t think a haircut would impact a child’s life too much. If you have any stories about how your haircut had an affect on childhood hit us up in the comments box below.

Taper Fade with Glasses and Beard

This is the triple threat if you want to look like you read or are going to film school. The glasses give the look a distinguished demeanor and the beard says that he’s serious. The fade says he means business and completes the look.

This guy has it all going on. If you look closely you will see a temp fade happening as well. If I didn’t know any better it would be fair to say this guy is a quadruple threat. That’s one better than the triple threat and it makes him a downright Don Juan Lady Pulling Machine. What do you think?
It’s hard to say just off appearance though. He might not have any personality which is no good if your trying to get the girls.



Taper Fade with Long Hair

This is more living proof that the taper fade really can go with any hairstyle. This dude has long curly hair and a fade. He looks pretty dapper with his long curly hair and shaved underneath. You could also call this hairstyle an undercut as well.

Undercuts were popular in the grunge era of the late eighties and early nineties. People were getting around in flannel shirts with long hair with the underneath shaved in. The music and the stimualants were good back then. Everything was a little more pure. Nobody had mobile phones and if you said you were going to meet somewhere that was word enough. Everybody would meet somewhere before the gigs and get a little loaded before sneaking more booze through security and into the gig.

The shows were fire. Grunge acts were synonymous for putting great shows and keeping the audience on the tip of their toes. There was something dangerous in the air. The front man of the band could leap into the crowd at any moment or the band would start smashing up their instruments. They were the good old days.


Taper Fade and Hair Products

You may have noticed that most of these people with hair products except black males who don’t need it, use hair product to keep their unruly mops in order. The thing with hair product is that you have to find one that works well with your hair. After all, every one is different and different products work better on different types of hair. Do you a wax? Are you a gel man? Are you a styling Taft person?
Luckily we were all made a bit different. It adds variety to our life and makes it less boring. When it comes to hair product try a few different types and find out one that resonates with you. Once you find your product you are good to go and if you get a fade and you have thin hair you will need product so you can step out looking your best.

Put a small amount in your hand then rub them together and with a sweeping from front to back motion gently rub it in your hair.


blowout haircut taper Elegant 23 comb over fade haircuts taper fade haircuts and mens hair

Back View of a Taper Fade

We have seen plenty of side views, now lets take a look at a back view of the a fade. As you can see this man has slicked it all back and the long hair on the top is blending nicely with the taper on the bottom.

The fade has been done so well it hard to even see the hairline on this guys neck. That’s some seriously good barber skills right there. The back view also gives you look at how your silhouette will look. Most people won’t think this is too important but that’s OK.

Curly Thick Hair with Taper Fade

This is a classic look for a black male. These guys have the perfect hair to nail this style. The hair is naturally thick and sits up nice and high while the curls give it definition and style.

The fade is bordering on high and the taper isn’t gradual at all. That’s the beauty of fades is that they are so versatile and you literally do anything you want. You want some sweet hair art shaved in the back, go for it. Do you need some jagged edges on your hairline, go for it. Get a  fade with braids you do that as well. Nobody is judging and if they do, don’t worry about them they are probably just jealous of your cool and unique style.

Taper Fade with Afro

Now this is what I’m talking about. A fade with a fro. That’s what up you know. This guy is rocking the slim fro with the tracks cut into the fringe.

It’s a unique take on the classic taper and the fro. What a champion the barber must have been to pull off such a cool and clinical job. As you can see from the image above there is not a hair out of place on this man’s head. The lines are perfect and the barber deserves a medal for his patience and perseverance. Of course this haircut only works on certain types of hair.

If you were a white dude with thin hair you may as well give up your dreams of ever having an afro. It’s not going to happen. No matter how much product you use or even if you stick your finger into electric socket. You should get a hairstyle that suits your hair and head type.

The best thing to do is have a chat with your barber and he will know the best options for your hairstyle. They have been in the game and have cut thousands of people’s hair. Let’s just say they know what they’re doing.


Here It Is

This man is rocking a triple threat like no other we have seen on the list. He has a burst fade, tracks, color and a temp fade. I though I had seen it all until this beautiful man came along with his hair wizardry and literally blew everyone out of the water. This hairstyle is like a piece of fine art and should be preserved at a gallery. God Damn!

It’s all going on from the temp fade to the straight fringe. It’s a very unique take on the fade and props should be given to the barber for pulling off such a masterpiece. He absolutely it in the best way possible. It’s like Craig David had a baby with Mr T and Wesley Snipes if that were possible. We all know that men and men can’t have babies unless they adopt or do something like that but if they could they would have hairstyles like this chap.


Mohawk Taper Fade

It’s Jared Letto rocking the Mohawk with a taper fade, although it doesn’t taper that much. You could say it’s more of an undercut mohawk. Jared Letto is in a really bad band and I can’t even remember their name. Luckily his acting chops are up to par and he has been in some good movies.

Requiem for a Dream was a classic movie that starred Jared Letto early on in his acting career. It’s about the pitfalls of recreational and pharmaceutical drugs. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth watching. What’s your favorite Jared Letto film? Hit us up in the comments box and let us know.

Quiff with Taper Fade

This guy is riding it high with this wave straight from the north shore of Hawaii. I would hate to be around when the product wears off and this wave comes crashing down crushing everything in its path. This is your classic greaser look. The higher the wave the better apparently. Greaser culture grew from the fifties car culture. Have you ever seen the movie Grease? All the dudes in that were your typical greaser dudes.

They were in a gang and they also had chick greasers in the film called the pink ladies. The greaser culture was centered around hair, gangs and cars. When you think about it’s all kind of shallow and they were just lost souls trying to fill some sort of void. Oh and the men carried around combs in their back pocket to fix their hair if it ever got messy. Lame.


Mid Taper Fade

It’s not high, yet it’s not low. It’s the mid taper fade. The mid taper fade starts off around the middle of the side of the head and tapers gently upwards to the long hair. It’s ideal style if you have a round face or a box head.

The mid taper fade is for those who don’t want to go too low or for those who don’t want to fade too high. It’s just right. Like that story about that girl who broke into the bears house and ate their food and slept in their beds. Then the bears ate for being such a thief. Well at least I think that’s how it ends. That story is so old. Does anyone remember?


Gingers Can Taper Fade As Well

Just because wrangers or gingers have no soul it doesn’t mean they can’t sport a nice taper fade. As you can see this hairstyle does really suit everybody, even wrangers. Wrangers get a lot of flack for having red hair and not being able to go out into the sun.

I have no idea of the history of it all but I find it quite funny none the less. Teasing a wranger could is borderline racist. Well kind of. If you are a wranger out there can tell us the wranger roasting line that has ever been used on you.


We did it. All of the taper fades are in the bag. Hopefully this list has given you a wealth of ideas and inspiration for your new look. Remember, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your look. Get creative with it and have fun because you only live once so live it the way you want.



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