Best 47 Tapered Haircuts That Will Make You Love Yourself!


The clean appearance and accurate lines of the taper fade hairstyles have created them a preference among the modern, stylish men. Whenever done by an experienced stylist or barber, a “faded haircut” is an extremely precise masterpiece of design. From the traditional low fade used by experts in “suits” to the high top, Mohawk ad braided fades well-liked by the young trendsetters, faded or tapered haircuts with accurate lines and creative hairstyle designs are highly customizable and versatile.

There is significantly a limitless amount of creativity and styles which can easily be accomplished. To assist you to select which of numerous styles is appropriate for you; we have gathered a list of top 47 tapered haircuts for black males. We wish you will enjoy a lot.

For men who love the fades but desire to rock the natural texture a lot, this textured super high-top is a vital style. For keeping this texture appearing polished, set the hair overnight in twists, after that undo in the early morning as well as add the preferred hair butter for emphasizing texture, offer hold, and guard against the humidity. Here’s a short video for you. You may also enjoy this post “30 Mind-Blowing Faux Hawk Hairstyles You Need To Check Out”

Best 47 Tapered Haircuts For Men!

  1. Blonde Patches With High Top-Fade:

A new haircut that is full of the flair of 90’s, this offset “high-top” cut is extremely trendy without even the additional blonde contrast. Desire to get much more creative? In case you desire to go a lot more over top, experiment with patches in several colors, and combine this particular style with classic clothing as well as your much-loved gold ring (Pinky rings can be totally 90’s), gold bracelet, gold watch and gold chain.

  1. A Genuine Super-Bowl Style With The Haircut Designs:

Exactly how huge of a soccer fanatic are you? Can you have your beloved team haircut into the next design? In case wearing the logo of your team on the shirt does not seem like dedication enough, and then you can easily wear this in the hair, as well. Tiquan Underwood – The NFL player had “New England Patriots’” logo shaved at the rear of his “high-top” fade, in an amazing style which takes some critical skill to accomplish. This is excellent if you wish to support the school’s sports team or possibly you are attending “super-bowl” and what greater way to display that you are a die-hard supporter!

  1. Curved-Line With Mohawk Fade Haircut Style:

Here we get a gradient “Mohawk” having a “clean-edge” line up. Not to mention, this curly “Mohawk” is framed nicely by long “curved line” which gives this style a fresh yet edgy look. In case you are feeling fancy, think about adding patterns as well as haircut designs in line, or additional details in “faded-hair” below this.

  1. Taper Fade Mohawk Mullet Haircut:

Even though there are not a lot of people asking for the revival of a mullet, this haircut can clean up 80’s party style having a “tapered-fade” on sides as well as clean lines at the front. For making this haircut standout and pop, cultivate the “curls” in your back long sufficient to put in dreads or twists, or even add your own choice of the color to your nape area.

  1. Low Fade Mohawk Haircut:

A new take on standard Mohawk, the cut mixes the “hawk” with an antique “low-fade” hairstyle. The “hairline” is actually cut in the geometric shape which gives this hairstyle quite an avant-garde standard, but it can be too unusual and daring for males who prefer to merge with the amazing scenery.

  1. Taper Fade Platinum Blonde Haircut:

Whenever Chris Brown first showed his infamous platinum locks, the Internet has gone crazy. In stunning comparison with his dark facial hair, it is an “edgy” look which you can easily copy even though you are not a “tabloid-figure” or even “multi-platinum” recording artist. The platinum color definitely looks perfect on light olive or cool skin tones as well as men with the deeper complexions must choose a warmer “honey-blonde” as an alternative.

  1. Aztec Print Hairstyle Designs:

An art and fashion icon, “Kanye West” has made his head end up being the canvas while he sported this “Aztec” design fade. In case you are into some other fashion print – then think paisley, zebra or leopard – your talented hair stylist can easily make your locks a masterpiece of design, as well.

  1. Triangle Fade Haircut With High Top:

This super “high-top” haircut is the best example of 90’s hairstyle revival with contemporary twist of trimming hair at nape in a faded “gradient” triangle. All these horizontal, clean lines add attention to your look while staying more refined and simple than styles which feature complex haircut designs. In case you truly want to come up with a statement as well as turn some heads then this is an amazing style which will get the job done.

  1. The Rough Taper Fade Hawk Haircut:

A little bit edgier edition of “faded” Mohawk, this particular cut features the curls of different lengths on the top, although the “fade” is far more focused on the sides of head compared to the back. All of us appreciate how “Usher” combined this cut with casual look.

  1. Tapered Natural Locks – Faded Mohawk Haircut:

Even though “Mohawk” style once was a symbol of counterculture, it is now famous in a variety of forms. This unique style signifies a fairly delicate version, where the hair tapers at the back as well as the sides tend to be faded rather than being shaved down to your scalp. Additionally, a beard provides an additional level of attention but is not essential to make the “faded” cut meet your needs. The “Cuban” link-chain gives a feel of 90s era with the red “Adidas” jumpsuit.

  1. Short Dread Faded Haircut:

A unique style that has become dramatically trendy, this haircut reimagines the 90s high-top fades having twists or short dreads on the top instead. In case you browse through Instagram and Tumblr you will find hipsters rocking this amazing style with awesome retro clothing and crazy kicks. For the complete retro-cool look, you have to style with the thrift store such as military-style coat, Levi’s “cutoff” vest, and old-school athletic sweatshirt.

  1. Long Half Fade On Top Mohawk Haircut:

In this particular rockstar-influenced style, the hair is usually left quite longer on the top as well as styled straight, as the sides and back is “shaved” in close fade. To get extra styling opportunities, hair on the top is usually braided, twisted, or even left in the natural curls.

  1. Star Haircut Design With Low-Fade Hairstyle:

One of Mr. Chris Brown’s numerous standout hairdos, this particular haircut features pretty short hair having star details and precision line added in. In case the “star detail” does not excite you, then a talented hair stylist or barber can assist you to develop your own special design ideas.

  1. Curved Line With Low Juice Hairstyle:

This juice hairstyle adds additional detail and dimension by utilizing different heights in front of cut, emphasized by curved-line details. The particular low-fade hairstyle seen here showcases texture of the natural curls which are held defined by utilizing product and curl sponge.

  1. Sharp Line-Up With Low-Fade Hairstyle:

This specific low-fade haircut design features a totally connected beard which puts an exceptional spin on your look. At the same time, a fade keeps the hair looking standard but considerably more clean-cut than in case hair at sides and back were kept the similar length like on the top.

  1. MiB Taper Fade – The Black Guys’ Haircuts With Classic Look:

This is a classic gentlemen’s haircut and Mr. Will Smith’s trusted style, this “short cut” is somewhat longer on the top with slight “fade” at temples. The black natural hair is usually styled with the product to assist define the curls and offer some glow to match Mr. Will’s excellent diamond earrings and dapper suit.

  1. Tapered Afro With Tapered Fade Haircut:

This style blends the accurate lines and talent of tapered-fade cut with long curly Afro locks on the top. Formed in an angle, the curls are maturing rather than sideways that adds the impression of height, although the “faded” sides make a gradient impact that is obviously the masterpiece of an experienced stylist.

  1. Platinum Fade Mohawk Haircut:

In case you are seeking to have an already bold haircut like the “Mohawk” fade to another level, then adding in the color can be a great technique to create your hairstyle much more of standout.

  1. Tight And High Fade Hairstyle:

This military-motivated haircut features extra high-fade which makes this style extremely low maintenance intended for men who are not interested in having fun with the styling techniques.

  1. Sponge Tapered Twists:

The sponge twists provide an amazingly simple way to include a few textures to any kind of tapered haircut and do not involve the pre-planning or same time as a “twisted” hairstyle you need to set.

  1. Boxed Taper Haircut:

Keep the things looking vintage-inspired and sharp with a flawlessly performed boxed taper haircut.

  1. Vintage Mohawk Fade:

Having a long band of the hair that is wider than the most Mohawk hairstyles, this haircut reflects the “Mohawk-mullet” hybrid haircuts which were popular back in 80’s.

  1. Curved Part With Bald Taper-Fade:

If your vintage bald fade haircut needs simply some extra “pick-me-up”, then try this smooth looking “curved” part. It is somewhat more fun compared to its straight alternatives while still including definition to the style.

  1. Long Twists Tapered Fade Haircut:

While plenty of fade and taper cuts are usually on shorter side, the blowout style shows the best way to take advantage of the strategies to frame your long hair which you have spent a lot of time to grow out.

  1. Taper Fade Asymmetrical Haircut:

Not forgetting, this “asymmetrical” taper is probably the most daring styles on this list, and even we suggest visiting a hair stylist or barber you rely on to accomplish the look. The angles and clean lines are important to maintain this cut from looking unintentional or sloppy.

  1. Temple Fade With Textured Afro:

Give the hair some amazing texture with curl sponge and even by placing them in the twists and you will be honored with an appealing contrast between the long curls on the top as well as a tight “temple-fade” on the sides.

  1. Top High Tapered Fade Hairstyle:

A high top tapered haircut provides the best combination of “sky-high” hair with the geometric shapes which prove your hair stylist has some major skill. Simply by tapering from top and after that fading carefully on the sides of head, this hairstyle creates lots of shape and depth.

  1. Mohawk Twisted Fade Haircut:

If you are trying to find a style that is trendy and modern with some edge, mix a “Mohawk” silhouette with the twisted texture as well as well faded sides.

  1. Tapered Smooth Temples Fade:

Maintaining things uncomplicated, this haircut offers a standard length everywhere other than the nape of neck and temples. These 2 faded areas offer some texture which is effective like an immediate face slimmer.

  1. Low Fade Taper Blowout Hairstyles For Black Males:

This particular tapered blowout offers a nice “low-band” of fading across the edges for keeping it looking flawlessly shaped. Although a few guys prefer to sport this haircut with a lot longer locks on the top, we are loving this “controlled” blowout look just for males who are trying to wear an even more subdued edition of this style.

  1. Twists With Low Fade Hairstyle:

Long hair on the top offers some space to experiment with textures in this reasonably simple tapered haircut, while a “low-fade” haircut maintains things looking easy and clean to manage.

  1. High Fade Top Line Hairstyle:

This particular “high top” fade haircut displays that the vintage style is achievable even though you do not have a firmly coiled “curl” pattern. Professional fading in the sides and back maintains this tapered hairstyle looking well managed and clean, and assisting to make a look which will make the face look slimmer.

  1. Temple Textured Fade Haircut:

A focused fade that is low in the temples as well as the “nape” of neck assists to shape this tapered cut while leaving lots of hair on head to accomplish a “textured” look similar to these curls. A few males pair the “temple” fade with beard that is also faded at sideburns out, but this amazing look offers a “crisp-line” as well as length completely up the “beard”, making for a unique meeting between two different parts of hair.

  1. Fade Juice Low Taper-Fade Haircut:

Just with a smooth razor line which creates a delicate step in front of the hair, this “pared” version of 90’s era “Juice” hairstyle fade is ideal for modern men who desire some vintage flair to the style.

  1. Blowout Extreme Tapered Fade Hairstyle:

This blowout tapered haircut makes an intense shape with tight-faded band which wraps around sides and back as well as contrasts against a surge of long curls on the top. You should give this amazing look a shot if you are searching for a fun haircut that is popular among the younger men.

  1. Smooth Delicate Taper Fade Hairstyle:

Pick a cut which tapers smoothly in case you are looking for a vintage style which will not feel outdated in some years’ time. Additionally, we appreciate this amazing look for men who’re in conservative places of work, as it showcases dapper style devoid of being very flashy.

  1. Caesar Tapered Fade Hairstyle For Black Guys:

The straight “fringe” which cuts around the front side of this particular “tapered Caesar” frames your face as well as puts focus on eyes, but will not add a lot of time on your styling regimen. This look had been extremely famous in the 90’s, which makes it an excellent option for any men who are planning to restore a few of their beloved vintage looks.

  1. High Fade With Waves Haircut:

A little wave texture provides some dimensions to this “tapered-fade” cut devoid of looking too outrageous. In the same way, a slim “razor-line” cut into hairline is fairly straight and short, making a delicate impact devoid of being a massive statement piece. In case you are all about the low-key detail in a crisp and clean looking haircut, then it is an excellent choice for the next “tapered-fade” hairstyle.

  1. Top Textured Curls Taper-Fade Hairstyle:

With “high-skin” fade which keeps the things tight across the sides and back, the “textured” top of the haircut makes lots of height which can assist elongate the look of the face. For men who wish to get some styling choices, the texture on the “top” of this hairstyle lets you to use different curl techniques and twists.

  1. Drop Low Fade Haircut:

This super low fade hairstyle makes a fairly exclusive shape which we are not utilized to seeing frequently, making this perfect for men who like the tapered fade haircuts but do not want to sport the very same style like everyone else.

  1. Temple Rounded Fade Hairstyle:

A slick “skin-fade” at temples assists to maintain this curved afro haircut from changing the “silhouette” of the face or even making the cheeks appear more full and round. The final result is actually a style which combines the perfect of retro haircuts with smooth modern fades as well as is the ideal way to walk out of the hair “comfort zone” devoid of doing something which needs a chemical procedure.

  1. Top Curls High Fade With Taper Haircut:

Having a high fade than the usual, this particular tapered cut makes an extraordinary contrast between the long curls on the top and accurately shaved sides. A “razor-line” on every side of your head makes more definition in between two parts of hair, which makes it a daring look that is not for men who would prefer to fade into background.

  1. Hard Part With Lined-Up Fade Haircut:

There are a lot of different aspects in play which make this “tapered-fade” a haircut above more simple styles. The tightly “faded” sides, as well as long hair on the top, assist to make an appealing contrast while elongating and slimming the look of your face. At the rear of your head, the hair is tapered down softly in length for making a more curved appearance which can assist camouflage almost any problems in the “shape” of the head. The finishing details similar to an extremely thin “razor” part and shaped-up hairline put the best ultimate “touches” on this super stylish cut.

  1. High-Top Fade With Haircut Designs And Twists:

Leaving the hair long on the top offers you plenty of space to use different techniques and textures like this particular twisted look, whereas carefully faded sides assist to make structure in the haircut. For making things a lot more exciting, this tapered hairstyle features some severe line-details shaved in faded sides, which makes it more like a “statement” piece compared to your daily fade.

  1. Taper Fade High Skin Hairstyle:

With a fairly high fade hairstyle which begins above temples, this hairstyle keeps the things looking awesome by fading out into your skin.

  1. Curls With Blowout Fade:

With the hair tapering significantly inwards around sides and back, this blowout hairstyle strikes the ideal balance between the long curly look as well as the fade cut which looks clean across the nape of neck and ears. For men who have very loose curly pattern, it is a superb way to showcase your texture when sporting a style that is still simple to manage.

  1. Tapered Fade Smooth Haircut:

Clean lines and smooth fade make this particular tapered haircut a quick classic for males who want to look elegant without having to be a servant to the trends. This hairstyle requires frequent trims for keeping it looking ideal, but you will be honored with a hairstyle which requires almost no styling efforts in between visits to your barber.


Last but not the least; tapered haircuts are exactly what you need to enhance your beauty in no time. The above-mentioned haircuts are absolutely perfect for you. You can choose any and turn some heads.

If you enjoyed this post then feel free to share your opinions with us in the comment section below. We will be happy to see you share this post with your friends online. It’s time to give tapered haircut a try!



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