140 Temp Fade Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind


The classic temp fade also known as the temple fade is named so because the hair line around the temple is usually cut into a shape that gradually fades up. This style of cut has been adopted by celebrities all over the globe. The temp fade looks good in formal and casual situations. We have compiled a list of the best temp fades on the internet for your scrolling enjoyment. Are you looking for a new style? The temp fade might be the cut for you.


Sharp Temp Fade

This young man is rocking a sharp temp fade as you can see from the image above. The hair starts at a low gauge around the ears and the temple and gradually gets longer. He has also incorporated some nice lines at the back and it gives him a unique look.

Temp Fade with Beard

You got a beard? You got a temp fade? Guess what? You get the girl. Well, I can’t guarantee it, but it’s a good start on your quest. This guy has the long beard with a perfectly manicured temp fade. You can see from the image above how meticulous the barber was. They created almost perfect lines.

Temp Fade with a Quiff

This dude is rocking the temp fade with the quiff. The quiff first came onto the scene in the 1920’s and has re emerged badder than ever. The higher the quiff the better. Comb it or surf it. Ride the wave the baby.


Temp Fade with Short Afro

Do you have a short fro? Why not accentuate it with a temp fade? Temp fades have the tendency to really set your afro off and turn it into fire. As you can see from this guy’s haircut. The fade creates definition and can really turn an average hairstyle into something special.

Subtle Temp Fade

Old mate is rocking a subtle fade. It’s not as drastic as many of the other on the list but looks good none the less. Sometimes, like life, and fades, less can be more.

Temp Fade with Long Afro

As you can see the temp fade works with long or short hair. Especially if you are lucky enough to have an afro. When getting your fade you take into consideration the shape of head. The best thing to do is discuss it with your barber. They are usually in the know when it comes to this sort of thing and will have you looking your best in no time at all.

Temp Fade Variations

Fades vary in length and how they taper. You can go hard and fast with where the fade can be quite drastic or you can go slow and low where the fade is gradual. It all depends on your taste and head shape. If you have big ears your probably better off going for the low and slow unless of course you want to accentuate your car doors.


High Temple Fade

Here is a classic example of a high temple fade. The fade sits right on this guy’s temple. It’s a classy look when paired with some bling and a nice suit. It’s also a good way of cleaning up unruly hair.

Low Temple Fade

When I said slow and low before this is what I meant. The fade is a lot more gradual than the high fade. It’s ideal for those looking for a more formal look, or maybe for work when a high temple fade is a bit too out there. Also if you have big ears this is the fade for you.

Middle Temp Fade

This guy has gone for the fade that is not high nor low, right smack bang in the middle. The fade goes both ways as you see. It fades up to the scalp and down to the beard. It’s quite the dapper look and you will be turning heads and ladies will be melting at your feet. Not literally of course. Remember when the Beatles how the women used to chase them down the street. It will be something like that I’d imagine.

Sharp Temp Fade with Texture

Check out the texture of this guy’s hair. The fade really steps this hair style up to the next level. I really can’t get over the texture. How the hell does he do that? If you know hit us up in the comments box. We love hearing from you!

Braids and Temp Fades

Braids and temp fades will get you laid. It’s not a sure thing. A good personality doesn’t go astray either. Combine all three and you are a sure fire lady killer. This guy has got it going with the trifecta and the beard to boot. The fade is a high fade as you can see from the image above that it has a dramatic change in length and is very square around the temples.

Low Fade Business Ready

The low fade means business. This dude is ready for a day at the office with his sleek low fade with a nicely manicured beard. The barber has absolutely nailed it with sharp lines and a neat looking fade. The key to a low fade that is one point is how well the barber tapers the gradient. A low fade should taper nice and gradual, almost seamlessly.

Part with Temp Fade

This is a the classic gangster look from the 1940’s when the prohibition era was on. The gangsters will running around town in their suits all dapper like rocking one of these haircuts and slinging booze all around Boston and New York. One can’t help but wonder if we will look back at these times we are in now and call them the prohibition era. Soon marijuana will be legal all over the world and the future generations will wonder why they decided to make a plant that has so many benefits to humankind.


Low Fade with Long Hair

Like I said before the fade looks good with long or short hair. This guy is rocking the long wavy hair and looks sensational. The low fade gently tapers up to his his mighty boosh. The might boosh is a television show that was written and performed by Noel Fielding and friends. A mighty boosh was his mothers term for one of his friend’s thick hair styles and this guy’s hair reminds of that. Check the show out, it’s hell funny.

Tight Lines and Blow Waves

This guy is rocking the high fade with some seriously tight lines. The barber has the precision of surgeon and the eye of an eagle to perform such a task. Your local barber is the best man for the task and the unsung hero in the world of the fade. This guy also has a sweet line going from front to back which takes this haircut to the next level.

Temp Fade with Flat Top

Do you remember the show The Fresh Prince of Belair. Will Smith’s character had a similar hair style. Now I’m showing my age. What was your favorite 90’s television series. Hit us up in the comments box and let us know.

Boyz ‘n’ the Hood

Who remembers the classic scene when Cuba Gooding Jnr gets his dad to fix up his fade and they have a conversation about the birds and the bees. His dad gives him that classic piece of advice about women and raising children. ” Any man with a dick can make a baby, but it takes a real man to raise a child”. Wise words from Laurence Fishburn and that goes to all you young men out there. Do the right thing and raise your child right. Alternatively you could wear protection and not have to worry about raising a child, especially if you’re not ready for it. Sorry to get all Dad like on you but it’s an important part of growing up.


Spiky Hair with Temp Fade

You can have any style of hair on top and it will look great with a fade. This dude is wearing a spiky style that is set off by the fade. He is also rocking some blonde foils in to add a bit more depth and texture to the hairstyle. When you go for your next haircut try mixing it with a fade and something different on top for fresh new look.

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Low Fade

Even kids can rock a low fade. This little dude is looking sharp with his low fade. This is a really low fade as you can see from the image above. Sometimes a subtle low fade can look better than a big dramatic high fade. It all depends on the person and their style. That’s the beautiful thing about this world. Everyone is different with different tastes and likes but we all bleed the same. It would be a boring place if everyone looked the same.

Patterns and Fades

Woah Damn! Check this guy out with the crazy patterns shaved into his fade. The barber has done a tremendous job on this one. A good barber is like an artist finely tuning their skills and producing amazing pieces of artwork like this hairstyle featured in the image. Pair this funky hairstyle with some bling such as earrings and you’re onto something special that will set you apart from the pack and have you getting all the ladies or lads.

Making Shapes

Check out the shapes on this bad boy. He’s rocking some serious geometrical shape action and the fact that it continues onto the beard is a nice touch. This guy can be seen rocking the mike at your local battle. He goes under the MC name of MC Geo Metric. The high fade with the nice sharp lines really accentuates his afro. It’s a great example of some amazing barber magic. He’s got the skills that pay the bills.

Low Fade with High Fringe

This look has been popular since Craig David was seen with it on MTV all those years ago. Be a straighty 180 and get a fringe and you will be living on the edge. On the fringes of society, while rocking out with your sweet fade.


Long Hair Low Fade

This guy is looking swerve with his low fade, low fade, and beard. This bad boy is a triple threat. Not the singer, actor, dancer type. He’s the equivalent in hair terms. It might be a good idea to talk to your barber after you get the cut and get some product that is best suited to your hair. Does anyone have recommendations for hair product? Hit us up in the message box and let us know. We would love to hear your recommendations.


Elvis Likes a Fade Too

You can do anything but don’t step on my blue fade too. Or something along those lines of the Elvis song. This guy had the king in mind when he got this hairstyle. He’s looking sharp as a tack and cool as a cucumber with this Elvis inspired style.


Ride the Wave

Ride the wave of life and the wave of hair. Surf it or comb it. I can’t decide. This is the style and the higher the wave the better. The wave often looks good paired with a low fade or high fade, it doesn’t matter.


Crown of Hair

This man is a king. You can tell by the his hair that is styled into a big old royal crown. The nice sharp lines go well with the round top. He kind of looks like a mushroom in a good way.


There it is folks. We hope you have enjoyed this amazing list of temp fades hairstyles. There were some really good haircuts in there and it’s a testament to the barbers of the world who keep rocking up to work and creating masterpieces. We hope this list has giving you some ideas and inspiration for your next haircut. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative and make your style your own.


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