96 Tree Braid Hairstyles That Will Get You Back to Nature


Timber! The tree braids are falling. More like dropping on our list of some of the finest tree braids on the internet. Tree braids also known as invisible braids are fine style where the hair is braid in smaller sections creating a flowing a effect. So get ready to scroll through for some of the finest tree braids for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully you get some ideas for a fresh new look! Let’s take a look.

tree braids

Fine Tree Braids

First of the rank we some uniform tree braids. This kind of look is quite time consuming when you first get it done. But after that there is little maintenance. Naturally they will get messy over time and have to be redone. It’s all part of the fun.

Part Tree Braids

Tree braids lend themselves well to styling options afterwards. They are still malleable enough to style in most ways. This young lady has opted for the part down the middle. Observe how the hair tapers down in thickness and becomes smaller toward the ends.

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Long Tree Braids

Is this Rapunzel from the fairy tale? This woman has remarkably long braids and she has opted for the Princess Leia style.

There is also a cool sunburst pattern on the part, where the braids have been formed. In this case you will notice they taper from small to big.

Goddess Braids

This women is displaying her inner goddess with this feminine and sensual look that oozes class in every way. This simple yet elegant style lends itself well to an evening with the gals or a rigorous day crunching numbers in the office.

Hair jewellery and go together like pea and carrots. I think that’s a good thing but peas and carrots seem so far apart. Anyway braid jewellery is the bomb and it’s fun to add that extra element when creating your style.

High Pony Tree Braids

Ridin’ high little darling! The pony tail will have you galloping into the sunset on horse back. The dusts stirs as your silhouettes gets smaller in the distance, framed by burning sphere on dusk.

Picture that and tell me it doesn’t sound appealing. Where you pony high and the sky is the limit. Actually why stop there, reach for the stars baby. Reach for the stars.

This hairstyle is ideal for the women on the go, the woman who does make up in the car, the woman who is always putting on her high heels as she steps out of the car. This hairstyle is for you ladies.
As your late for yet another event, you spill out the car with one shoe in your hand and your hair in the other as you attempt to tie your hair in a flurry.


Sweet Style Tree Braids

I’m not sure if sweet style is a thing but it is now. I’m not sure what you call this type of hairstyle but  I am coining the term sweet style. If you don’t like it you can always suggest another name in the comments box. That would be great.

I especially like this do because the way she has interlaced the two partitions of hair. This gives it an overall elegant feel with soft sixties edge. The hair wraps really give it a street level look that can command the attention of those lucky enough to be in it’s presence. This hairstyle is a real head turner and is bound to put people in neck braces.

Colored Tree Braids

Color makes life interesting. It’s the essence that can put a smile on our face and everything seems fine with the world. The world is beautiful place full of color and vibrancy. It all depends on how you look at the world and this lady above is seeing color indeed. She has worked some caramel colored braids which gives the style more texture and depth.

If you are planning to color your hair think about highlights and low lights and how they interact with one another and the composition as a whole. Take a holistic approach to your hairstyle and take into consideration the dimensions of your face and hair type. Different styles work better with different people.



Whip it Good Tree Braid

This lady sure knows how to whip it and whip it good. This long mane could be used as a weapon. Perhaps she could become the next super hero crime fighter and her special power is using her hair as whip.

Maybe not, but check out her style. There are some amazing braids in there and I love the way she chose that color and hairstyle.


Unique Tree Braids

Check out these badass braids. Instead of going the full head of hair this lady has opted for the side swept fringe braids and she be poppin all the way to the da club. She is rocking a bit of fade on the sides with a afro and she has multi color braids making a face curtain down the side.

Hold the phone Eddie! This is a keeper. You could even call it the triple threat. This lady can sing, dance and act or way all the way to Broadway. Well maybe not but her hair is still fantastic.



Side Tree Braids

This girl is rocking the tree braids on the side. See how they flow like a fountain down the side of her skull with ease. If you look closely you can see how small the initial part of the braid is. It’s crucial to do nice tight braids when doing tree braids. This will ensure the longevity of your braids and save you time in the long run.

Blonde Tree Braids

The golden fountain of hair can be seen dripping down this ladies back in the form of braids. This golden ray of sunshine has been enhanced by the darker colors at the base of the hair. Contrasting colors can make the hair seem full and more voluminous.

She has tied it back using a simple fold technique and this is all that is needed to cap off an almost perfect style.


Part Tie Back Tree Braids

Can’t decide whether to part your hair or tie it back. Well you can have the best of both worlds with this delightful look featured in the image above. If you have long hair you can always get braids and part you hair. The secret is to part the hair loose so it falls to the side of your head and then take the long bit at the back and tie it off in a tight pony tail.

This will make it easier and more comfortable to wear. The best way to go about is to experiment with different looks. There are a myriad of combinations to try. Make an afternoon of it with the girls and break out some of your favorite beverage and have a night in.

Back Tree Braids

This young lady is business at the front and party at the back. She is rocking the braids out the back. When it comes time to go to the school disco she will be ready to rock and then the business up the front means that she will be ready for assembly as well.

This hairstyle is so versatile and suits almost every occasions. I love braids and feel they should be worn all the time.

Red Tree Braids

When in doubt color it out. If you are bored with your look you can always try a new color to freshen things up. A change is as good as holiday they say and hair color is no different. Treat yourself to a holiday at the hairdresser and change your color. It will be a holiday from yourself and may give you a new lease on life.

It’s quite common for people to go through drastic image changes in hard times in their lives. It represents a new change and for better times to roll on in.

The Artist at Work

Here we can see the work of art in progress. The left side is in the original state and on the right you can see the magic of the hair braid. You can see how the braids has really enhanced the volume of the hair.

Not to mention the amazing texture the braids create.


Thick or Thin?

Deciding whether to go with thick or thin braids is tough a decision. You should do some research by checking out our list before you embark on the braid journey. Think about how the hairstyle will compliment you. Try get a hairstyle that compliments your features. Just say you have amazing eyes, get a hairstyle that frames your peepers and shows them off to the world.

Alternatively if you have a round face you would avoid bangs at all costs. Bangs tend to make a round face look ever rounder. If you do have round face you should keep your fringe relatively long to elongate the face. There are many simple tricks so that you look your best.

Chat With Your Hairdresser

Do you have a close relationship with your hairdresser? If the answer is no to that question you should try and develop one so that they get to know you and your hair. Your hairdresser is the person in the know and the go to girl for the latest trends. After all, it’s their job.

The best thing to do is sit down and have discussion with your hairdresser about what to do with your hair. Take in pictures and samples of what styles you would like they will be able to inform you if they will look good. Take in a few different styles and if your hairdresser is savvy you may be able to create a fresh new look.



Adorn Your Tree Braids with Jewels

Be the princess of the party and adorn your hair crown with sparkling jewels that twinkle in the night. This adds an extra element of glam to the style and it’s fun to do when you are on night out with the girls.

You can get hair jewels online they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all tastes in the kingdom. Make yourself look like a princess and you pretty much are princess. A princess of the modern era that doesn’t need to prince to swoop her off her feet. She makes her way in this world for she is truly a goddess of this realm and can handle anything that is thrown her way.



Interesting Style

This is an interesting style of braid. The braid artist has gotten creative and made two rows going down the center of the part. That is the beauty of braids. They can be styled in anyway possible to person braiding. You imagination is the only limit so reach for those stars and never look down because you are a true beacon of light.


Tree Braid Patterns

The patterns left on the skull from where the braids were made intrigues me. They remind me of crop circles in the cane fields. You know the ones that people think were left by aliens. Braids patterns are probably cooler than crop circles because you can wear them around and impress your friends.

This lady has a criss pattern in her head as she has parted her braids four different ways. I’ve heard of the part with two different ways but four ways is cutting edge.


Big and beautiful tree braids a plenty. What did you think people? There were some badass braids on this list and we hope you were inspired to go out and get some. Braids can take some time to get in but once they are in you will have hassle free many months. It’s great for people on the go or for those who don’t like to fuss over their hair too much. So what are you waiting for, make an appointment at your hairdresser and dive deep into the wold world of braids.




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