Best 41 Twist Braids Hairstyles That Will Make You Beauty Queen


Whatever the texture” of hair you may have naturally, the twist braids undoubtedly are a stunning alternative to normal braids. Rather than a normal braid that uses 3 parts of hair, the twist braid makes use of 2 parts of tresses. However, the part “twist” comes in as each part is usually twisted by itself before it is twisted around other section.

It creates the feminine and soft look of twist and maintains its shape. The twist hairdos are available in all sizes and lengths, can be easily worn down and even as an updo, and (on top of that) they are simple to do! Here’s a short video for you. Read our another post “41 Chicest Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Make You Look Awesome!

Top 41 Twist Braids Hairstyles For You!

  1. Deconstructed “Half-Up” Style Twisted Braid:

Begin with the hair sectioned down the center. On every side have a little part from front side and begin twisting your hair (first of all, twist the pieces exactly the same way and after that twist together). Now take the “twists” back and then secure with the hair tie. Now twist other ponytail and then tie towards the end and pull softly to loosen.

  1. Easy Dual Twist Hairdo For Girls:

It is a sweet, simple solution to change from the French braids. Exactly like you include pieces of the hair with French braid, try doing the similar thing here however with two pieces. Begin in front like the “French-braid” pigtails, now twist your hair and then add some every time you pass your twist over completely to the other ends.

  1. Luxe And Long Twist Braid African Style:

All these “jumbo-twists” have this all happening. They are voluminous, thick, super long and high gloss. The style will look amazing. The drawback is that the heavy and long twists can truly weigh on the scalp; therefore, you may desire to save this intended for a particular occasion. Give the head a rest by changing the part, or even wearing ponytails and buns.

  1. Thicker Twists In High Ponytails:

Based on the “type” of hair you may need to secure the “ends” with the hair elastic’s that gives your hair twists some “grunge-rock” look. Complete with some awesome “hair jewelry” and you are all set. The “high-ponytail” will showcase the style as well as all of its features.

  1. “Criss-Crossed” Twists Into The Pigtails:

It is an excellent cute hairdo for young ladies with long or medium hair. Begin with a center part, after that get 2 parts of the hair into little ponytails. Part your hair in the back into “low-pigtails”. Create “rope-braid” with every upper section as well as cross them in back towards the “pigtail” on opposite side.

  1. High Bun And Inverted Twist Braid:

Rather than an “upside down” braid, try out an “upside down” twist! Turn the hair over as well as start from base by twisting a little section and including in the locks as you proceed. Once you get to the “crown” tie all your hair up and fan this out into high bun. At the same time, you can easily pull the twist softly to loosen this up.

  1. Black To Blush-Ombre “Twist-Black” Hairdo:

This is one more wonderful BoHo look which entered on the famous ombre “hair color” trends. Based on the size of the natural locks you can probably get this particular seem by twisting pink extensions in your hair. If not, you may need to find customized extensions. The “baby-pink” is a lovely alternative to blonde or white.

  1. Twist Warm Blonde Hairstyle:

If you prefer the light color but do not wish to bleach the hair, then these “blonde-hair” twists are an attractive hair idea which protects the locks from damage. On the other hand, you can easily do all over color similar to this, blend it with some different shades for creating a “highlight” impact or even add simply a few lighter pieces across the face.

  1. Black Braided Hairdo In Pigtails:

It is quite simple to get a truly soft intimate look with the pigtails. The section on the “side” is for additional sophistication. Just pull each part of the hair over the shoulder toward the front-side. Utilizing a single “twist” from behind the ear, wrap this around the “pigtail” once and after that loop through for making a “knot” or even secure this with pin.

  1. Long Black Twist Hairdo For Summer:

As an alternative to a long braid hairstyle, you may try these thin twists. This gives your hair a new texture that is a little smoother than the box braids however truly structured and also with lots of lovely movement. These “glossy-black” hair braids can be twisted into natural locks and look wonderful with summer ensemble.

  1. Side Part Style With Twist Cornrows:

In case a “side-part” is your trusted hairstyle, after that twist, the cornrows on a single side can save you enough time and even make the hair look “accomplished” every single day. These “crochet-hair” twists utilize a few lines of the twist cornrows on a single side only. The outcome is actually a “side-part” which directs your hair to fall on the left.

  1. Long Crochet “Hair-Twists” In The Half-Up Hairstyle:

You can easily notice that there are several sizes of the “twists” in this hairdo with large ones on top of your head and small ones closer to the bottom. It gives an awesome shape, movement, and definition to the hairdo. Collect the top part of locks in a “loose-ponytail” to have this style and volume.

  1. Black Shiny Twist Braids Hairdo:

It is an excellent instance of “twisting” into natural hair. All these stunning “high-gloss” twists tend to be extremely polished and also twisted into pretty small parts of natural locks. Putting in the many twists can take some time; however, you know exactly what they claim: good hair only comes to individuals who wait!

  1. Excellent Crochet Braids With Lovely Side Braid:

It is another amazing style for work or school. Simple “twist braids” such as this can be an excellent option to pull your hair back without needing to complete a “ponytail”. Sweep the locks over to a single side and part into 3 pieces. Now loosely braid 3 sections and then secure with hair tie approximately 4″ from bottom.

  1. Fine “Twist Braids” In The Crown Braid Updo:

The best thing about having lesser twists is you can easily do more subtle styles similar to this. Begin a part of hair over the “left-temple” and then braid this, directing the locks over to right. Gather the remaining hair into “low-side” ponytail. Exactly where the ponytail and braid meet, you should wrap the braid across the ponytail.

  1. Deep Side-Part With Amethyst “Senegalese” Twists:

Of all hair ideas, the “purple” twists should be probably the best one. These are glossy and nice that makes the “dark-purple” color glow. You can maintain the glow going by using hair oil for maintaining the twists. The color goes truly well with smooth feminine makeup as well as spring colored clothing. In case that is your thing after that, it’s your hair.

  1. “Ash-Blonde” Twist Braids Hairdo:

In case you have “color” in the natural locks and you desire to give this a rest from the heat styling then it is an excellent means to do this. Even if the hair is broken, twists can make the shade look much healthier and will give your locks a time and break to fix and grow.

  1. African Braids Hairdo Wrapped In The High Bun:

In case you have got the long twists then it is a superb way to blend the look up particularly when it is hot outdoors or you simply need a look that is put together and polished. Begin with a higher ponytail after that wrap this into the bun and then secure with the pins. Finally, go around as well as talk the loose “ends into” hair and you are done!

  1. Long Bob Senegalese Twist With The Hair Jewelry:

All these cute shoulder length “jumbo-twists” give plenty of lift and volumes to frame your face. The “gold-hair” jewelry is an attractive way to highlight the locks and give this some sparkle. It is a kind of truly cute hairstyle for women or girls who need something more fun and playful.

  1. Amazing Side “Twist-Braid” For The Thick Hair

In case you have lots of locks then it is only for you. Not to mention, this amazing “BoHo” look is a great match for a “princess.” Collect your locks to a single side after that begin the twist braid. As soon as you get approximately 3″ below your ear you must have all the hair included into your twist. Carry on the ends as well as secure with hair tie.

  1. Twists In “Tight-Box” Braids Hairdo Look:

An antique jumbo twist similar to this truly makes a “statement” and doesn’t need much hairstyling. The thickness and length give a full nice look. These may feel truly heavy particularly the longer they are in, therefore be ready with a few updo styles for giving the scalp a rest.

  1. Black-Hair Braids And Pretty Maroon:

The mixture of black and maroon twists in the African braids hairdo is a definitely flattering color combination. You can get different “half-up” styles by simply parting the middle down or even parting the side down like you find here for softer and more charming look. Secure the twists in back with hair tie or pins.

  1. Long Twisted Unstructured Romantic Braids:

This is a splendid Bohemian look which would be amazing for outdoor wedding ceremony or a particular date night. Begin with “crown-twist”. However, in this back twist, 2 pieces around each other using “rope-braid” method explained above. Now secure the ends with hair tie after that pull & piece “rope-braid” out to have that loose look.

  1. Golden “Crochet-Braid” Twisted In The Wrapped Ponytail:

It is a definitely pretty tactic to add beauty to a simple ponytail. Now you need to part out a few braids on just one side. Allow that part fall forward as well as pull all your hair in high ponytail. Now mop the front part across to another side and also behind “ponytail” as well as wrap the end around that “ponytail”.

  1. Flower Crown With Curly Twists Updo:

It is an incredible “bohemian” look. Put up your twists into half “ponytail” or in case you have “flower-crown” headband then you can just put the “headband” on and also pull a few of “twists” at the back a little bit to provide volume. Then put more blossoms to front-side along the size of your hair.

  1. Oversized “Twist-Braids” In HalfUp Style:

In case you have an incredibly thick hair then it is an awesome style for keeping it managed. Begin in front with 2 parts twisting around one another and include a part of hair while you move through each “twist” towards the back. Now secure the “back” using pins in the knot as well as allow the “ends” to hang down.

  1. Black Braided Hairdo With Deep Side-Part:

You can easily play with the part to have various looks with the twists. The deep “side-part” such as this is truly pretty and showcases your face. This looks fantastic with the statement earrings such as these large hoops or even something similar to a “chandelier” or metal tassel earrings. Finish the look having a bold, vibrant eye as well as neutral gloss.

  1. Pretty “Deep-Purple” Crochet Twist Hairdo:

The shade on these twists can be so dark that it appears black from distant but looks slightly closer and it is a lovely “amethyst” color. The “deep-purple” is truly flattering and this reveals the “olive-skin” tones. It looks gorgeous if you prefer to do the makeup-with browns, purples and pinks as it complements these colors perfectly.

  1. Long Natural Gorgeous Look “Twist-Crochet” Hairstyle:

Twists in the natural locks are a pretty, simple hairstyle that is simple to maintain. It is one particular and cute hairstyle for women or girls which you can easily wear every single day and dress up easily as needed.

  1. Cascading Loose Bun And Twist Braids:

It is a nice-looking everyday style which you can achieve in 5 minutes. Section the locks in the center. Take a little part from every single half in front to begin rope twist. At the same time, add a little piece to every part while you “twist” towards back. Get the parts together in “low-ponytail” at nape and then wrap into an easy bun.

  1. Twist Black Hairdo Styled In The High Bun:

For getting this particular high bun, begin by turning the locks over and also pulling this into “high-ponytail” with hair tie. Create 2 parts and twist them loosely before wrapping across the “base” of ponytail. Now tuck the “ends” into hair tie. Once you have the highlight pieces then it is an attractive way to showcase the craziness of color.

  1. Bubble Ponytail And Twisted “Dutch-Braids”:

Twists can be a lovely hairstyle to showcase the contrast within highlights. This process is similar to the rope twist; you are simply adding locks to each part as you move. Keep the parts larger for getting this particular loose look. Finally, secure the tresses at nape, after that add the elastics as well as pull the hair out between for getting the “bubble” pony.

  1. Cute Twisted Black Semi-Gloss Hair Braids:

This semi-gloss color and shine of all these “twists” look beautiful and natural. If you are “twisting” into your natural tresses rather than using crochet technique, you can get the sections like she has done here. The parts of the natural tresses are sectioned in a “triangle” style which adds an attractive design feature at the root.

  1. Long Twisted Braids Hairdos For Particular Events:

It is so simple that you will not believe this! Take two small parts from front and then loosely tie them like half-updo. Turn that ponytail around and up itself to roll or twist the hair. Now repeat with smaller part of locks under the first, however, roll this under the first “elastic”. You should repeat at the “end” of braid.

  1. Mid Length Senegalese Auburn Twist Crochet Hairstyle:

This easy style is exactly what you require when you need your locks off the face. Collect the “twists” from above the eyebrows to the ears. Take each part directly to the backside and then secure with hair tie in the nape. To get extra volume in the crown, lift up the twists gently under hair elastic.

  1. Elegant Twist Highlight With Modern Hairstyle:

You can easily add some attention to a simple updo with small twist. For getting this look, begin by softly back-combing your hair. Get a 2″ to 3″ piece from simply in front of crown as well as make a twist. Collect the locks into low chignon using the “twist” pinned in the nape.

  1. Shiny, Long Twisted Braid African Hairstyle:

A “ponytail” is an easy and cute hairdo to reduce pressure on scalp. Flip the locks to front-side. Get two parts from base of the neck, just cross them, after that wrap them across the front as well as meet in back for holding the ponytail. Now adjust to just where you need it, and then simply tie the parts with two “knots” to secure.

  1. Natural Senegalese “Twist-Crochet” Hairstyle:

Medium thickness tresses can easily twist in an organic deep “brunette” color look elegant and natural at any size. If you enjoy long braids hairdos then you can blend this up with the twists that give the locks a fuller, lighter look than the box braids. However, styling in the side part provides some additional volume.

  1. Side-Twist Braids With Scarf Hairstyle:

A “side-twist” hairstyle is a superb hairstyle for females with smaller front pieces which you desire to get from your face. Have some products in the hair, therefore, the pieces can stay. Begin from the front-side and include a bit more locks to the parts on each pass. Complete with a “low-ponytail” as well as wrap with the scarf.

  1. Classic Twist Chignon And Updo:

If you want to have this look, then start the twist in the front as well as add tresses to bottom part while you go. Secure “twist” in the low ponytail, after that pull this apart softly to get undone, loose look. Wrap the “pony” in a “low-chignon”, take out a few “face-framing” pieces and you are all done!

  1. Hair Jewelry And Pink “Crochet-Twist” Style:

The colored “crochet-twist” styles are an exciting way to mix the twist appearance with 2018’s trend of the bright colored locks. This unique look is actually on overall goddess status. The “rose-gold” hair is extremely flattering to nearly every complexion. This pink tone goes superbly with ethereal, light makeup to get a smooth glow effect.



You will find so many impressive “twist-hair” concepts! No matter what look you prefer most, you can easily rest ensured that the twist braids hairdo will look charming, blended, and provide you that awesome style that is modern and classic simultaneously.

So how are you going to sport the twist braids? What is your preferred accessory for wearing with these hairstyles? Tell us in the comment box below. We will be happy to see you share this post with your friends on social media.

Hope you get your amazing hairstyle from this post. Have a great time!





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