120 Impressive Twist Braid Ideas


One of the things that add to a woman’s charm is her hair. That’s why ladies all around the world are always looking for new hairstyles to stand out of the crowd. One such style is represented by twist braids – a unique type of braids that can make any female look like a goddess.

We are here to help, so here are some fun twist braids ideas that will completely change the way you look.

  • Short Braids

If you have shorter hair, you might think that twist braids won’t look that nice on you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they can look just as gorgeous as they would look on long hair, especially if you know how to make them properly.

For instance, you can start the braid from the root of the hair, and continue throughout the entire length of the strands to create a few braids. To make the look even cooler, you can make some knots on the top of the head and you’re good to go.

  • Long Twists

Have you been blessed with a long, thick, shiny and beautiful hair? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably already receiving a lot of compliments for your hair. But just imagine the compliments you would get if you turned your hair into a sea of twist braids.

The twists can be either thick or thin, depending on your tastes. This hairstyle is very chic, particularly because your hair will flow down in all its beauty. You will definitely grab people’s attention wherever you’ll go. Moreover, if you ever get tired of wearing your hair down, you can always stylize it differently.

  • Side Parting

The next idea for your twist braids would be side parting. Basically, the most common parting you see is in the middle. If you don’t want to settle for this, you can do it on one side. This will make your hair look “bigger” on one side compared to the other. So, this will turn into a beautiful and stylish look and it will also add volume. Moreover, it’s a style that is very easy to achieve.

  • Cute Knotted One Side Hairstyle

If you’re attending an important event, be it a wedding or a meeting, you need to look your best and make a good impression. In this case, we would suggest this hairstyle.

For this look, you must create as many twist braids as you can. After that, starting from one side, you have to create a few knots towards the opposing side, while leaving the rest of the hair flow. It will look very feminine, stylish, and will emphasize your facial characteristics.

Thanks to its unique texture, this hairstyle will look amazing with the right makeup and dress and can instantly turn you into the star of the night.

  • Blonde Streaks

Do you know what would make your twist braids look even cooler? A splash of color. However, you don’t always want to dye your whole hair, as you don’t want to ruin it or maybe you’re fond of your natural color.

So, why not consider adding some streaks? That way, you will have that beautiful splash of color in your hair and your braids will look more unique and attention-grabbing.

  • Pink Twist Braids with a Bun

If you don’t mind dying your hair or you’ve already dyed it pink by any chance, then you can try this hairstyle. To begin with, you will have a hair color that’s not so common. Secondly, if you add the twist braids in the mix, you will get a unique hairstyle.

This look will definitely make you look like a powerful queen. Not only that, but pink is a color that complements every skin tone. If you want to take this hairstyle on step further, you can make a bun at the top of your head, while the rest of the braids will fall down your shoulders.

In order to achieve this beautiful and unique look, you can start the braids at the roots of the hair, going all the way to the top and creating the bun. Moreover, you can accessorize the flowing braids with some beads and create a glowing makeup that will make you feel powerful and confident.

  • Golden Twist Braids

Golden dyed hair will make you look like a fashion icon – and if you decide to add some twist braids in the mix, then it’s even better. Starting at the hair roots and going all the way down until the ends of the hair, you can create a wonderful pattern that will look very flattering.

If you want this hairstyle, you will have to make a path in the middle and start braiding the hair on each side. It might be difficult to do it by yourself, so you can always ask a friend for help or go to an experienced hairstylist.

  • Twist Braids Bun

Maybe you don’t want to keep your hair flowing down every day. Not only that it can make you feel too hot in the middle of summer, but it can also get in your way when you’re trying to get certain tasks done. Even if your hair is braided, you will have the same issues.

So, the best way to solve this problem without grabbing the nearest scissor is by creating a big bun out of your twist braids. The braids will start at the scalp and will go all the way towards the back, being tied into a big bun that will sit on the top of your head.

It’s a great hairstyle that can be worn on a casual day, or if you’re going to work. Moreover, it’s very comfortable and the texture of the hair will make the entire hairstyle look gorgeous.

  • Ombre Style

Another beautiful way to style your hair is by getting an ombre on a few hair strands. It’s not a look that you see every day, so you’ll definitely turn some heads wherever you go. If you decide on colors such as blue, purple and white, you’ll look straight out of a fantasy movie.

To achieve this style, you must make one braid in the middle of the head, after which you make the other twist braids on each side of the head. They will flow nicely, highlighting the splash of color added by the ombre. You will look like a mermaid, and people will love it.

  • Twist Braids Knot

A great way to style your hair, whether it’s for an occasion or just as an every day look, is making a knot out of your braids while leaving some of them fall down in a ponytail. However, you must have quite long hair for this one.

The style will take quite a while to achieve, given the number of twist braids you’re going to make. It starts at the scalp, and they will go down towards the back of your head. Once you have your twist braids, you can tie them in a knot that will act as a support for the ponytail. If you choose this look, you will surely make a good impression wherever you go.


  • Twisted Dutch Braids with Bubble Ponytail

If you want a very feminine and delicate look, then this is the hairstyle for you. The best part about it is that it’s quite easy to achieve – it’s pretty much the same as if you were doing a rope twist, except with this one, you’re adding hair to each section as you go. You’ll get a loose look if you keep the sections larger, and your scalp won’t feel so much pressure either, thus you’ll feel more comfortable.

Once you’re done with that part, you have to secure the hair at the nape, after which you must add some elastics and pull out the hair between them. This will end up in the bubble ponytail that will fall on your back.

So, try this hairstyle and you will surely look like an angel.

  • Twist Cornrows

In case you’re looking for a twist braids hairstyle that will work on a daily basis, then you can go for twist cornrows. This particular hairstyle involves four thick twist cornrows that start from your hairline and end in four thick twist braids falling on your shoulders.

It’s a casual and chic hairstyle that you’ll want to wear over and over again.

  • Twist Braids with Curly Ends

A great idea for your braids would be to leave their ends unfinished. Basically, you can simply start the braids, then leave the ends curly to create a nice effect. If your hair has a lighter color, the curls will give an angel vibe as well, and you’ll look even more radiant.

A great way to make them look even nicer would be to have a side part so that you add more volume.


  • Back Flowing Twist Braids

This hairstyle is extremely beautiful. So, if you have a long and thick hair, it will look gorgeous on you, and whether you want to wear it casually or for a special occasion, it won’t fail to make people turn their heads.

You can achieve this hairstyle by creating some cornrows starting from your hairline and then go towards the back of the head. However, once you get there, you must make sure that the cornrows fade into twist braids that fall naturally on your back.

A great thing about this style is that you can add some accessories to make it look even more beautiful. All in all, these types of twist braids will add more volume to your hair and will make you look chic.

  • Crochet Braids

Maybe it looks like normal hair at first glance, but this is actually a type of braids. It’s a little complicated to achieve, but if you put in the effort, you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Crochet braids are also known as latch hook braids. This technique pretty much involves crocheting synthetic hair extensions to your natural hair with a crochet or latch hook – hence the name. This method is mostly associated with African hairstyles, and if cared for properly, it can even assist with hair growth.

If you decide to go for this style, you will have a glowing and fresh look.

  • Thick Twist Braids

If you want to add more volume to your hair, then you can make some thick twist braids. For this look, you must get a thicker strand of hair for each twist in order to add more texture to your hair. Moreover, if you have colorful strands, that’s even better, because the effect will be even more spectacular.

It’s one of those hairstyles that can be worn every day, no matter the outfit and the occasion.


  • Twist Braids Ponytail

Ponytails are so popular because they save you from the trouble of always having your hair in your way. At the same time, they can look stylish and fit for every occasion. Even if you settle for twist braids, that shouldn’t stop you from creating a ponytail that you’ll be proud of.

So, in order to achieve this look the right way, you have to create numerous thin braids, which will then gather at the top and fall on your back and shoulders. It might take a while to create this hairstyle because of the length of the hair and the multitude of braids, but you’ll definitely be proud by the result.

  • Twist Braids Tail

When they start from the scalp, twist braids tend to cause a lot of strain – especially if Mother Nature blessed you with thick and long hair. Therefore, when the hair falls down, the weight tends to drag the roots, making you feel uncomfortable at times.

If you want this hairstyle, but you also want to ease the strain it causes, you can simply tie the whole hair into a lower tail that will fall on the back. The elastic will simply decrease some of the weight and let you go on with your activities without feeling like it’s dragging you down.

  • Micro Twist Braids

Micro twist braids will never disappoint. Moreover, if you have some colorful strands of hair and you want to highlight them, you shouldn’t hesitate to try this trick.

Micro twist braids are very long and thin, and add a lot of volume and texture to your hair. One of the best things about them is the various accessories you can use to further style the braids. Some of the most popular accessories are small beads that are very delicate and will add a feminine touch.

Moreover, if you braid the strands towards the back, you will emphasize your facial features as well.


  • Purple Twist Braids

If you want to have a mermaid look that will get lots of attention and compliments from people, this particular hairstyle will help you achieve that goal. Purple is a nice and magical color and wearing purple twist braids that flow like a river on your shoulders will definitely make you stand out.

These twists are styled by creating some cornrows at first – thus, they start from the roots. When you get to the back of the head, though, you can start making the actual twist braids, which will then fall on your shoulder. The color will make them look dreamlike, and the best thing is that, with the right accessories, you have a higher chance of looking straight out of a fairytale.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of hairstyle ideas that include twist braids, and it can be quite difficult to choose one of them. However, no matter which one you end up choosing, you can be sure that you will look amazing and you will stand out from the crowd.

That being said, if you want to look trendy and attractive, any of these 20 twist braids ideas can be of help. Just make sure that you combine these hairstyles with the right accessories and outfits, and you’re set.


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