99 Two Braids and You’ve Got it Made


What’s better than one braid? Two braids of course! Double up on on the braids this year for an exciting new look. Double Dutch, double French, double cornrows, double fishtail and many more. In this post, we explore the best of all the two braid hairstyles the internet has to offer. Yes indeed folks, you are seeing double. Two braids that is.


Dutch Style with a Unique Twist

This is definitely not your run of the mill conventional dutch braid. This lady has put her own uniques spin on the two braids style. That’s the beauty of braids. There are so many different unique styles you can do. If you get bored you can change the color, style, shape, and size of your braids.


Cornrows are meant to be doubled or even tripled. They are called cornrows for a reason. Rows as in plural. A single braid looks great but two braids look even better when you’re putting cornrows in your hair.

Long Braids Hairstyle

This young lady is rocking some long beautiful braids. Two of them in fact. Blue and black go amazing together and give the hairstyle a punk rock appeal. It also adds some fun and color to this two braids hairstyle.


Dutch Pigtails

The classic Dutch pigtail braids are a no-fuss hairstyle to wear on a daily basis. They are great if you live an active lifestyle as they keep the hair out of your face. Dutch pigtails also look great for a night out on the town as you can see below. This girl looks glamorous, doesn’t she? She has tapered her braids from thin to thick and then back to thin again. Varying the thickness of your braids can really add another dimension to your hairstyle.

Braids with a Twist

Curling your braids is another way to make them stand out. It’s simple to do all you need is a curling iron and away you go. Take the wrap your curling iron in one half of your pony and in a twisting motion gentle curl them. As you can see from the model above, they look great and add a touch of glamour to your braids.


Golden Sands

Sandy blonde is hot right now! The woman above is blessed with beautiful golden sandy blonde hair. The Dutch braids are quite big and tight. You see that the highlights make the braids more prominent from the rest of her hair. Accentuating the braids using a lighter color with make them pop and add more dynamics and texture to your hair.

Triangles and Braids

If you have two braids running down the length of your skull try making smaller braids and connect them to the main braids. This cross-hatching technique created beautiful patterns at the base of the skull and also a lattice effect throughout the style. Of course like all of the hairstyles featured on the list you can add your own flair and style to them. Get creative and have fun with it. You’d be surprised by the creations you can come up with.


Dutch Ombre

Ombre is the hot color. The Kardashian’s and many other celebrities have been the dying their hair varying shades of ombre. Ombre is a beautiful golden caramel color that reminds me of a sun-kissed beach. It looks great with as streaks in darker hair and has the ability to accentuate the eyes and eyebrows. The model above has taken her braids to the next level by adding ombre. See how the colors compliment one another.

Long Dutch Braids with Hair Wraps

Bling out your braids with hair wraps or hair tyes. These can anything from string to material. The best part is that you can change color every day if you like. There are many different options such as beads, color extensions and pretty much any hair accessories you can get your hands on.


Braids- Three Colors

This tri-color effect is pretty cool. The colors don’t seem like they would look good together but they do. There is some really nice marbling, like and chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry. Yum.


Many of the lovely ladies on this list are wearing their braids with big glass with great results. It’s streetwear look that will see you bouncing around from club to club or simply having a late liquid lunch with the girls. Thick black frames compliment the braids well as do aviators. Find a pair that suits face.

Mastering the Art of Braids

Braids are can be rather tricky to do at first. It’s all about practice, practice, practice, and more practice. There is a wealth of information and instructional videos on the internet. Get the girls over and have some fun with it. Get some of your favorite beverages, pump some tunes, and practice your braiding. It’s a good form of entertainment when you want a night in. Plus you will be ready when you and girls decide to hit the town. You will a master of the braid. As you walk down you will turn heads with newfound braiding skills.

You should start by brushing your hair straight. This will make your hair easier to braid. It will also ensure that braids are nice and need when they are done up.

Then, depending on the type of braid, divide the hair into three different strands and braid away. Keep them tight and uniform unless you’re going for an alternative look.



If you want to try something a little different when braiding your hair. Try an asymmetrical style. This involves the part of the hair is on a diagonal rather than straight down the middle.  It’s unique and can be done in multiple different ways.

Braid Art

Explore the inner artist within when you are doing your braids. Check out the creation in the image above. They have done fishtail braids in a very unique and cool way. The red and blonde go so well together. What other color combinations do you think will work well together? Hit us up in the comments box and let us know.




Although braids originated in Africa, English women have taken the hairstyles and ran with it. Braids are really popular in England. The country has always been known for being innovative in the fashion and music world. Get on board the braid train. Choo choo.

Fluffy Ends

The model above reminds of a poodle with fluffy paws. Leaving your hair half not braided is a great way of adding your own individual style. These fluffy ends are definitely unique. I’m not sure if I love them or hate them but I will surely remember them.


For Men

Women aren’t the only ones who look great with braids. Guys, if you have enough hair to be braided give it shot. It’s a good way of keeping your hair out of your face and it looks super cool. Have a look at some rap videos and you will some cool braids.

Alternating Sides

Alternate your braid sizes and come with new and exciting looks. Different size braids add texture on the braid itself and at the roots. The lady above is a prime of example of what can be achieved using two different sized braids. She has even gone for the diagonal braid. It’s very nice work indeed.

Big, Bold, and Colorful

This little girl has some big, colorful braids. I’m surprised the braids don’t weigh her head down. Regardless they look amazing and the color scheme is simply divine. This little rocker has her braid game on point.



Kicking it Old School

This is a blast from the past. She has got the old fashioned milkmaid braids. This photo looks like it was taken about thirty years back in the good old days when cameras used film and photos were special. This old school two braid hairstyle photo will probably be used at this woman’s next birthday on the photo wall. How embarrassing!



Practice Dummy

If you’re serious about your braids it might pay to get a practice dummy so you practice all the time without needing to practice on someone. Dummies are a lot better to practice on than people because they more, they don’t complain and they will always be there.


Long Banging Two Braids

Check out this ladies lovely long banging blonde braids. That was a mouthful and half to say. If you don’t have long hair you can always get extensions and they come in all different colors, lengths, and styles.


Center Part

These two braids start in the center at the front of the head and taper out at the middle. Then go back together as they go down the back of her head. Another unique take on the ever popular and beautiful braids.

Multiple Parts

This lady has gone with the multiple braids into the part at the front then they go to two braids at the back. This is a cool look that you can pair with jewelry that looks great in formal or casual occasions.


Holy Hair Wraps

This is one hyper color hair wrap that this goddess has going on. The neon colors go really nice with her jet black hair. She also has the part off center that makes it look even cooler.


The braids in the above image start off really thick at the base of the head then get skinnier and skinnier as they progress. The yellow hair rope looks great with her blonde hair.

Three into Two Braids

This is a creative way to braid. The braids start in three parts and then go to big braids at the back. You can even adjust the number of braids to suit your liking. Perhaps you could start with four and then go back to two.



One of the beautiful things about braids is that they leave interesting patterns at the base of your skull. Box braids leave squares, and triangle braids leave triangles. The model above has some funky stripes running up the side of her head. There are many different patterns that you achieve through braiding your hair.

The Longest Braids in the World

These are some seriously long braids. Maybe they are not longest in the world but they very, very long and lovely and vivacious and all the other adjectives in the world. They are a traditional style of braid pigtails that looks amazing on the model in the above image. She looks like an anime character. She could be Chun Li’s long lost western sister.

A Crown of Two Braids

Do you consider yourself a princess but don’t have a crown? Well make your own or should I say braid your own. That’s right you can braid your own crown with a little practice and patience. You can be the princess you always wanted to be, without marrying a prince and without the need to shell out some hard earned dough for a crown.



As I said before you can make patterns at the base by braiding in different ways. This guy has got it going on with some very interesting styles. On the top, he’s got the criss-cross happening and not like the 90’s kids that rapped about missing the bus. The side looks like the rays of the golden sun. It has a Japanese feel about it don’t you think?



Tiara Two Braids

This is Tiara. Her braids also look like a tiara. Is that confusing? I little confused myself. But she has wrapped her braid around the front of her dome and it looks like a tiara. Tara is very creative for making a tiara out of her braid. What do you think? Hit us up in the comments section with fantastic braid creations. We would love to see them.


Cornrows and Cornfields

Cornrows consist of a few rows. Cornfields consist of many rows. Which do think looks better lots of rows like a field or minimal rows? This guy has four so I don’t know if you would call it a field more like a plot. Maybe a small farm. It doesn’t matter they cool anyway.


The Braidy Bunch

Not the lame family who are all goody two shoes. This is the badass family who good two braids. This Braidy bunch is hard hitting and gets down to heavy hip hop beats while riding their bikes safely down the street. Always wear your helmet when riding your bike. Remember safety first, second, and third.

Under Cut and Two Braids

This model is rocking the famous haircut from the nineties. The undercut. Remember the days when grunge music was cool, smartphones weren’t invented yet, and people were rocking undercuts left right and center. This lady is bringing it back and I’m with her on this one. The undercut is one of the most underrated hairstyles of the century.

Rocking it to the Side

Are you sick of braids hanging down your back? Well. New Flash. You can wear them down the side of your face for a welcome change. You too can look edgy with the side braid and big hoop earrings. It’s something to try at least once in your life.


All the Colors of the Rainbow

This lady has it going on with her crazy yet cool braids draped all over her skull. The colors go well with her necklace. She looks like a total gangsta in the best way possible. These are seriously tight well-done braids. Good job whoever put them in.



This is one seriously funky hairdo. The patterns the hairdresser created are amazing. She must be a true master of her craft. Or his craft, I not really sure who was the master.


Chocolate and Vanilla Two Braids

Am I seeing double? Well of course I am. I am seeing two braids and two images of this girl with two of my favorite flavors of ice cream in her hair. Chocolate and Vanilla. Mix it up with color coordinating your braids. They don’t have to be the color of ice cream but you will have more friends if you do because everyone loves ice cream. But seriously this girl’s hair looks dope. I love how she has left the longer parts black and the mixed up the to colors. It looks like some very intricate work.


Pink Hair

Pink is definitely a cute look. Get them pigtails for an even cuter look. She has started with strawberry at the top and has gone to blonde down the bottom for a classic two-tone look.


Once you have your two braids you can always tie them or style however you want to. This lady has gone for the bun and looks great.


That was another list of amazing braids for you to feast your eyes, and take ideas for your next hair transformation. Get creative and fun when braiding your hair. As you can see from these fine creations in the list that the possibilities are infinite. Think outside the box, get the girls over, and braid away the night.



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