42 Easy Updos For Long Hair That Will Blow Your Mind


Having “longhair” requires plenty of efforts, and a few ladies constantly love to show this off. However, if you are short on the “styling-time” or perhaps looking for a few easy unique tactics to wear the hair, the easy updos for long hair listed below will offer you some required inspiration.

The longer hair provides you with lots of options for styling, which means “intricate-braided”, messy “top-knots” updos as well as everything between is available in terms of styling the mane. Therefore, in future you do not feel “flat-ironing” or even styling the “Rapunzel” length hair, grab some elastics and pins and make these easy and cute updos for the long-hair! Here’s a short video for you.

42 Easy Updos For Long Hair

  1. High Ponytail Curly Updo:

I really like this particular high ponytail direction. She is significantly giving me “Selena-vibes” in this image. Probably the most popular tool this year is the “curlers”. For getting this trend start on hair washed freshly. After that blow dry as well as moisturize your scalp and hair thoroughly. Next put the hair into very “high-ponytail” and add the curls. Have no wand curler? Don’t worry; you also can achieve this design on the fresh braidout or twistout. Stick with natural makeup tones as well as don’t forget the bronzer. Keep it look glowing.

  1. Afro Puffs Updo:

For all my naturalistas having long locks, let’s take this back to 70’s. I’m a big devotee of the Afro puffs. They’re cute and simple. My key is to make use of elastic bands for preventing creasing in the hair and also it prevents breakage that typical ponytail holders often do. I really would like to see females rocking these updos in the bold “bright” colors.

  1. Sleek Bun Updo:

Take your easy “sock-bun” and make this ready for red carpet. “Eva Marcille” is definitely rocking this particular super-sleek bun. Exactly what took this particular style one stage further was so easy… braid. Adding braid make it so sophisticated. Keep the makeup all-natural with berry and earth tones


  1. Braided Beehive Updo:

This look jogs my memory of nature. However, I think it is unique and super different. It is ideal for females with the “heart-shaped” faces. For achieving this style, you have to part the hair down the middle. Next put this in two high pigtails slightly. Then braid individual “pigtails” into the smaller sections and pin as desired. It is super easy and quick.


  1. Bangs Tucked Bun Updo:

No matter if you have straight hair, curly hair or dreads you can easily get this style. It is very flexible because this can be casual or formal. This is a tuck and roll bun with “sweep” pinned bang. However, as you’re seeing in the picture, the makeup, minimal jewelry and with craft this look extremely elegant.


  1. Bantu Knot Updo:

Ok, these aren’t actually designed to be worn-out however who follows the rules anyway? To wear out these remember to part the hair perfectly. Accessorize with bold earrings and colorful lipsticks. Now, gel-down the baby hairs top off the look. All these can last for a few days with good care, and you’ll have a very cute “bantu-knot” out. Of course, for 2 styles in just one.


  1. French Reversed Braid Updo:

Add a twist on typical “French-braid”, do this backward. Of course, start braiding your hair from the nape rather than the temple area. It makes a very cute bun as well as when you get used to this you can easily do it very quickly. Include a “flower-crown” to this amazing look for making it fun. Te flower crowns tend to be an excellent DIY also. You can create one with sticks and fresh flowers.


  1. Easy Ponytail Braided Updo:

One more style which would bring you only 2 minutes for completing is definitely the “braided-ponytail”. Here you see that rather than using a “hair-tie” she applied a part of her hair. However, this style doesn’t need to be too boring “throw” on a few glitter studs, headband, as well as add the hair jewels!


  1. Bantu-Puff Updo:

It’s time to turn the old “bantu-knot” out into an adorable puff. Take the favorite gel for styling (Eco-Styler is my favorite one), add just a little to the edges as well as brush into the desired height. HINT: Make use of a “stocking-cap” as scrunchy and this will provide you with much more control. Consider “finger-combing” for keeping more of the curl pattern. Just re-twist during the night or perhaps throw this up into pineapple. A “satin-scarf” will keep the moisture in to ensure that you don’t get out of bed with the dry hair.


  1. Pineapple-Pom Updo:

The pineapple is my favorite style. You can begin on hair washed freshly, a braid out, twist-out or even wash & go. Now section a part of the hair off front side and then pull the remaining into the high puff. This sideburn “leave-out” on side is very cute too. The “geeky-glasses” add an excellent touch as well!


  1. Ballerina-Bun Updo Hairstyle:

Now we have got the “ballerina-bun”. This is an even more “toned-down” version of donut bun. Just brush the hair into ponytail (side, low, high). After that take “sections” of the ponytail as well as roll & pin ensuring that all of them go in a similar direction.


  1. Hassle-Free Ponytail Updo:

Obviously a “simponytailtail”! There’s a chance you’re pondering that a “ponytail” will be boring however it doesn’t need to be. To get a chic and sleek ponytail, put your preferred styling gel as well as brush this to the “crown” of the head. Now, glam this up with favorite “makeup look” or simply go natural having a colored lip balm.


  1. Crown Braid Updo:

If you desire a more wonderful look, particularly for summer/spring, try out a “braided-crown”. This particular style can keep the hair away from your face meant for those very hot days. It is also ideal for winter simply throw on the favorite beanie.


  1. Side “Braid-Bun” Updo:

Another style is easy and cute. Part the hair at crown on the desired side. After that, braid the hair into loose braid. Next, pin this into a “pin-wheel” bun. For making it a bit more relaxed, just pull out one or two pieces of the hair for “faux-fly” always.


  1. Messy “Top-Knot” Bun Updo:

Needless to say, this is one of the best “top-knot” buns on this article. All you require is a brush and hair tie. Brush the locks to your preferred height and tie the hair loosely in a knot. This enhances the beauty of your hair to a great extent.


  1. Fishtail-Bun Updo:

The “Fishtail” braids wrap across your head before creating a higher bun in the flirty however romantic updo design. If the fishtail braids tend to be too labor intensive for you, then give this design a shot using an easy 3-strand braid alternatively.


  1. Pin Up Bun Updo:

Adding this exciting retro headband can take your simple bun from basic to gorgeous in only a couple of seconds.


  1. French Side Twist Updo:

Situate off the French twist aside to put an exciting new “spin” on this traditional updo. The loose tendrils assist to make it look casual and soft, which means, you can easily pull this off for a normal day at the office or even a fancier occasion.


  1. Fishtail “Braid-Bun” Updo:

If you are trying to take the bun and braid styles one stage further, this “fishtail-braid” running up back of head provides the best romantic touch.


  1. Braided Dutch Spiral Updo:

Long hair will be essential for making this Dutch spiral braided updo. As soon as your “braid” is completed you can softly pull this apart to increase volume, but this may not be required if you are wearing extensions as well as have thick hair naturally.


  1. French Mohawk Braid Updo:

A “French-braid” going down middle of your head makes a great Mohawk silhouette, offering cool contrast with rest of the smooth chignon style. For getting optimum height in the French braid, make use of “texturizing” spray” prior to braiding as well as finish with the hairspray for keeping this from “falling flat”.


  1. Braided Bang Ponytail Updo:

This large ponytail appears anything but “bland” because of some messy texture and serious volume throughout lengths as well as braided French bands. If you have got an enjoyable night out however little time to wash the hair, then this “edgy-pony” will make your feeling “yourself” until the next day.


  1. Braided Crown Bun Updo:

This modified braided crown style sets your braid back from hairline and after that finishes with “jumbo-bun” in the center. If you have got thick, long hair that is hard to squeeze into a traditional crown braided style, you will love this particular “jumbo-bun” for the fancy occasions.


  1. Soft Twisted Updo:

Trying to find an easy updo that is unique and right for the fanciest events? This soft twisted style can have you perfectly looking romantic and sweet for any occasion. Add additional texture with smaller “crimping-iron”, or leave the hair silky and soft to get a very subdued look.


  1. Milkmaid Fishtail Braid Updo:

Dress up the basic “milkmaid-braid” simply by utilizing fishtail braids rather than a simpler 3-strand style. It will add some design time to the look, but give good result for fancier events like a prom or wedding.


  1. Scarf-Tied Bun Updo:

It is an easy but très-chic, tying a headband or scarf around base of the bun assists to add a few “European-whimsy” with no extra time invested looking at the mirror.


  1. Twist Braid Updo:

Start a “Dutch-braid” at a single side of the head, and then work in diagonal direction while you “braid” towards the back of your head. Once you have arrived at the end of hair, just pin “loose end” of the “braid-up” against your head to complete this nice braided updo.


  1. Sky-High Ponytail Updo:

Sky-high design of Beyonce is sufficient to banish this term basic-ponytail from the vocabulary of anyone. Place the “base” of the ponytail above crown of your head to get optimum effect, and then “curl” the ends of the “long-hair” together for creating a dramatic and deliberate look.


  1. Twisted Braid Bun Updo:

Long hair may make this hard to keep a large, “twisted-bun” in position. This style provides a fascinating alternative method, making a simple “updo” out of 4 twisted braids. Based on how thick and long the hair is, you’ll find that including pretty much buns assists this trend look perfect on you.


  1. Jumbo “Pull-Through” Braid Updo:

Looking to spice up the “long-haired” ponytail? Not to mention, this “pull through” braid is definitely an exciting updo which leaves the hair looking thick endlessly. This particular look is actually a bit more time intensive compared to a simple pony, and you will need lots of little elastics for pulling this off.


  1. Twisted Chignon Updo:

This simple, classic updo is ideal for days whenever you desire your “long-hair” to appear as professional and clean as possible. No matter if you are going for a meeting or trying to win over on the first date, then you cannot “go wrong” with this twisted, classy chignon style.


  1. Messy Crown Braid Updo:

If you are after a “braided-updo” which looks tousled and romantic, try this particular messy “crown-braided” updo. The loose tendrils across the face assist to soften this particular look further and give this an informal, “next day” vibe.


  1. Folded Braid Updo:

Another simple updo which looks complex, this “braided” style is ideal for regular days or weddings with “no-time” to spare. For getting the particular look, secure the hair into 2 “three-strand” braids, one at nape of neck as well as one above it slightly. Wrap “lower-braid” around it and pin it in place, after that wrap “upper braid” across the 1st braid, pinning in position also.


  1. Side Braid Ponytail Updo:

Add this particular braid to both sides of the ponytail for putting some “rock-N-roll” edge in the formerly simple style.


  1. Box Braid Bun Updo:

Protective styles include tons of choices for updos, such as this extremely stylish high bun. Needless to say, we really like this “look” for both informal days and even when you are hoping to showcase some statement jewelry.


  1. Knotted Updo:

This is a basic series of the knots which makes a stylish updo that works nearly every day of week. In spite of being simple to “pull-off”, this particular updo is special enough to be a head turner, and you will have folks asking about your unique hairstyle all day long or night.


  1. Wrap N Roll Fishtails Updo:

This rolled, low bun “hairstyle” is a stylish updo that is great for the weddings or even other particular events. The inclusion of the fishtail braids which wrap around your head provides a little time to the style, yet creates an extra affectionate look.


  1. Side-Twist Ponytail Updo:

If you are bored of simple ponytails but truly short on the time, then these side “twists” put a quick touch of love in only a few seconds. If you have got a lot of “layers” in the long hair, pins and product can assist avoid small pieces from “popping” out of the style.


  1. Spiral Braid Bun Updo:

Another simple but stylish means to wear the “long-hair” in updo, this braid bun is made by wrapping “3-strand” braid around it and after that pinning in position.


  1. Folded 2 Strand Braid Updo:

This braid updo is incredibly easy to make by yourself. Make a “twist” on both sides of your head as well as join them with each other on the back of neck, after that braid the hair “down” to the ends in 3-strand braid as well as secure with elastic. To complete, just fold up the braid and tuck this into itself, utilizing pins to keep in place.


  1. Twisted Dual Buns Updo:

If you are trying to find something more intimate than a “space-bun” style, then these twisted dual buns provide the ideal option to wear the hair in 2 buns while not looking too trendy or young. This updo is perfect for a daily look or even something on fancier side.


  1. Loose Braid Updo:

The long hair offers the ideal canvas intended for this “boho-braided” updo. Braids wrap across the middle part of your head, while the hair at back of neck is collapsed into “messy” bun. You must make sure to keep some flowing, loose tendrils around face for keeping this particular updo appearing “hippie” inspired.




In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this post with a large number of easy updos for long hair. We tried our best to fulfill your interest as well as give you the required information about adorable easy updos.


We think that it was better to offer you some pictures. Hope this article amazed you. Make sure you share this post with your buddies on social media. We will love to hear from you in the comment box below. Enjoy your hairstyle!

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