117 Wispy Bangs to Bring in the New Year


Wispy bangs and more wispy bangs! Bangs have been on the scene since many moons ago and they are still cool to this day. Bangs are the ideal hairstyle for the carefree woman who doesn’t want to fuss around with her hair for hours to get ready for the day.
Wispy bangs look great on short or long hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or thin you can achieve amazing looks by donning wispy bangs. If you have thin hair you might want to use some product to really make your bangs bang. We have compiled a list of the best wispy bangs on the internet to give you some ideas and inspiration for your next look.


Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are also called textured bangs. It’s the process of cutting a fringe with minor varying lengths which creates a textured effect. Wispy bangs have a more natural appeal than straight cut bangs and look a little edgier in my opinion.

Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

This lady is rocking the wispy bangs with long luscious locks. She has gone for the textured bangs and the layered color. The gradient from dark to light is a nice effect.

Short Hair- Wispy Bang

This woman is a fine example of wispy bangs with short hair. She has left her sideburns long to add more texture. Pulling your hair up in a ponytail with wispy bangs is also a hot look to try.

Really Short Hair with Wispy Bangs

Even if you have really short hair you can rock wispy bangs. This lady is doing it well with her short wispy bangs and short hair. She has foils running through her hair to give it more depth and texture.

Mid Length Hair with Wispy Bangs

Look at this stunner! She has long bangs that go past her eyebrows. It’s very seventies, Farrah Faucet in Charlies Angels. She has beautiful thick hair with highlights throughout which gives it texture.


Pulled Back Hair Wispy Bangs

This chick is rocking kicks and wispy bangs with tied back hair. You can leave it nice and messy and it still looks amazing. This look really suits the black framed glasses and the uneven wispy bangs are fire!




Thick Wispy Bangs

Eyebrow length wispy bangs have a mysterious appeal. They make you look sultry and sassy. This babe has had her ends end cut with a textured effect. The lengths are even and make her look like a punk in all the good ways.

Long Wispy Bangs

Bangs don’t have to be cut around the eyebrows. If you would prefer long wispy bangs go for it. You can always part your hair down the middle and your bangs too. This hairstyle has a rock-chic appeal. The above model has highlights in her fringe to really accentuate her bangs.

Alternating Length Wispy Bangs

This lady has the artist look down pat. She is rocking the wispy bangs and the glasses. I can imagine her sipping on a nice glass of red and typing away on her next novel. The alternating looks and messy look is in right now.

Wispy Bangs Straight Hair

Wispy bangs go amazing with straight jet black hair as you can see on the model above. She has such beautiful hair and the bang look banging.

Wispy Bangs with a Bob

Wispy bangs compliment bangs perfectly. They go together like peas and carrots, cigarettes and coffee and umm. You get the idea. She is looking fine with her super straight hair that tapers around her face accentuating her natural beauty.

Big Hair and Wispy Bangs

This lady has a serious head of hair. It’s so thick and luscious and looks great with her bangs. She is embodying her femininity loud and proud.

Thin and Wispy Bangs

The bangs in the picture above are quite stark. She has curled them into the face for a unique and interesting look. Think outside the box when coming up with your next look.

Neon Bangs

Wow! How great is this models hair? The neon pink really set it off paired with the wispy bangs. She has a range of colors going on such as orange and pink for the highlights and brown and black for the lowlights.

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Really Short Wispy Bangs

Really short wispy bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes. It’s an alternative style that looks great although if you have a round face you may want to get leave your bangs a bit longer. If not done correctly, bangs can make your round face appear rounder.

Wavy Hair Bangs

If you want a change from straight hair. Try some wavy action. They look great with wispy bangs and add a touch of glamour and elegance to your look.

Golden Waves with Bangs

What a beautiful head of hair. This model has the perfect look with her wavy hairs and bangs. Her blonde hair wavy has highlights and lowlights in it to add depth and dimension.

Doll Wispy Bangs

This girl has the barbie look down pat. Not your traditional barbie though. A more alternative type that hasn’t been made into a doll. She has the fairy tale blonde ringlets to boot. Short hair and bangs look great together then throw in some curls and a triple threat.

Rapunzel Has Bangs

This girl’s hair is so long she could have been the Rapunzel in the tower waiting for her prince to come and save her. The only way he could scale the tower was for her to let her down her sweet hair. Then he climbed her hair. It sounds far fetched but it’s a work of fiction so it’s to be expected.

Sandy Blonde and Bangs

Check out this blonde bombshell with her wispy bangs and sandy locks. She looks like she’s fresh off the beach. Well kind of, maybe fresh from a beach club after an afternoon of cocktails.

From No Bangs to Bangs

You can see the dramatic transformation that has taken place with this models hair. She from long and straight to wavy with bangs. The hair looks a lot fuller in the second image and her face is more prominent which is a good thing.

Red and Wavy with Bangs

Want a change? Red is a great color if you want something a little different, a little fiery, and a little sassy. Pair it with bangs and you will unstoppable and turning heads. Why not go the full hog and get some highlights in there to add texture. There have been many hot redheads on the screen. Which one is your favorite? Comment in the section below and tell us about your favorite redhead.

Dead Straight Bangs

This is a prime example of straight wispy bangs. The hair has been cut almost blunt except with a little bit of textured added by trimming in a vertical fashion. She has nice big loose curls on the long part of hair which look absolutely stunning.

Bangs and Accessories

Bangs look great with accessories. Try it with a bow, or maybe a headscarf. They even look great hanging out the front of your favorite baseball cap. The model above is wearing a pretty red bow in her thick black main and she looks cute. What do you think?

Before Bangs and After Bangs

From the images above you can see the transformation that getting bangs has on someone. It really opens up the face and shaves five years off her age. She looks a lot happier in the second picture. I wonder if it has anything to do with the bangs.

Long Blonde Bangs

This model has long blonde bangs. She has parted them down the middle for a retro look.

Asymmetrical Bangs

This lady has super short hair with an asymmetrical wispy bang happening. It’s a great look if you want to be bold and get the chop. Don’t be attached to the hair. Sometimes like a house, it needs a spring clean. This involves lopping it all off and starting fresh.

Wispy Bangs and Strawberry Curls

This is a tribute to the nineties rock chick. I can imagine this model rocking out on stage, blazing a solo or belting out a tune. She has dark roots with much different shades of blonde highlights. This is a definite winner in my book. Try something different this year and get a little crazy.

The Little Mermaid Had Bangs

Yes, that’s right. Ariel the little mermaid wore bangs in the animated film. She also had some seriously vibrant red hair like the model in the above image. This girl has amazing hair and the color makes it pop. She looks a little depressed or pensive if this picture. I’m sure once she looks in the mirror and sees her beautiful locks.

Bangs with Curly Hair

This lady has it going on. Little black dress. Check. Sexy pink hair. Check. Wispy bangs. Check. That’s all you need for a night out on the town with the girls. You will turning heads as you walk down the street.

Blunt Bob with Bangs

The blunt bob is cute hairstyle and a throwback from the early ’60s. Girls would be running after the Beatles when they landed with short dresses and a blunt bob and wispy bangs. Get your inner groupie on and go for the blunt bob.

Short Bangs with Hair

You don’t need straight hair to rock wispy bangs. This model is looking fine with her curly shoulder length hair with wispy bangs. Straight, curly, it doesn’t matter. Bangs go well with any hairstyle, color, length, and shape. It is the year of the bangs. Bring them back.

Bangs with Ponytails

Another perfect example of the versatility of wispy bangs. This girl is rocking the double ponytail with her bangs and she is smoking. Hot that is, like a fire in the night.

Punk Hair with Bangs

This lady is a bit of punk and she rocks the wispy bangs like a champion. Wispy bangs are great when you are in mosh pit. Your hair doesn’t get in your face and annoy when your crowd surfing to the front of the stage.

Mid-length Hair with Bangs

Emily Ratikowski or however you spell her name is rocking the wispy bangs so they must be cool. She is hot property in Hollywood right now ever since she got her kit off in that Pharrell Williams music video. You too could look like her with a quick trim.

Tapered Bangs

Wispy bangs are usually uneven. As you can see that this lovely lady has contoured her bangs to the shape of her eyebrows. You can also taper it on angle an from long to short. There are so many options with bangs you will be spoilt for choice.

The Straight Out of Bed Wispy Bang

This rock and roller look like she’s just woken up. It’s a cool look when you’re hitting the town for a gig. Pair it with your favorite band shirt and you’re in business or you could put on your snoopy shirt and stay at home and read a book.

Balayage and Wispy Bangs

Balayage is a French word that means paint. That’s how the hairdressers apply the dye. This model has the bangs and the bayalage. This is one  hot look.

Got Bangs and Loving It

You could be as happy as this young lady if you get bangs.


Wow! That was some serious list. There were so many great hairstyles it was hard to choose a favorite. When it comes time to choose your new look, try and pick a look that will work well with your bone structure. If you have a long face go for the bob. If you have a round face keep your bangs a bit longer. Hopefully, you got a bunch of ideas from scrolling the list and are ready to make your next appointment to the hairdresser. Don’t be afraid to get the chop and get some bangs it may even change your life.


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